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Guru Poornima 2006 Photos


Photos Guru Poornima celebrations at Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi.

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Below: Guru Poornima Srisathyasai org. official report.
Indian tradition accords the highest place of reverence for the Guru or preceptor, sometimes even higher than God for it is the Guru who leads one to God. The very first Bhajan that Bhagawan taught after He declared His Avatarhood was “Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam Dustara Bhavasagara Tharanam” (Meditate on the Feet of the Guru to cross the tumultuous ocean of worldly existence). For Sai devotees, this festival is of immense significance as Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is our Guru and God, the path and the goal of our life’s destiny. No wonder then that Guru Poornima is one of the most important festivals in the Prasanthi Nilayam calendar when devotees from all over the world come to offer their love, obeisance and gratitude to their Beloved Master.
The celebrations commenced on the evening of 10th July with a music programme by the Bailey sisters who rendered their compositions entitled “I Am Never Alone”, “Celebrate The Birth Of Sathya Sai”, “God Lives In India” expressing their love, devotion and gratitude to Bhagawan. The next day, on the morning of 11th, Bhagawan arrived in the beautifully decorated Sai Kulwant Hall at 7.15 am amidst Vedic chanting, Nadaswaram and Panchavadyam by the students of Swami’s College. A few minutes after Bhagawan was seated on the dais, the students sang Stotrams and songs in praise of Guru. At 8 am, Bhagawan blessed around 50 physically challenged people from the weaker sections of society hailing from various parts of Anantapur District with tricycles to enable them to lead a more independent life. The morning programme concluded with Bhajans.

The afternoon programme commenced at 2.30 pm. On the occasion of Guru Poornima, the Sai Symphony Orchestra consisting of 67 members from 22 countries performed in the Divine Presence. Beginning with the Bhajan “Murali Krishna Mukunda Krishna”, the Orchestra kept the audience enthralled with melodious pieces capturing myriad shades of emotions and by various well-known composers such as Handel, Rossini and Verdi spanning centuries of European history.
At the end of the programme, Bhagawan lovingly granted them photographs. He then descended from the dais and moved among them, speaking to them and blessing them with the joy of His proximity. The evening concluded with Bhajans and Arati.


Source- courtesy: Srisathyasai org.

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