Puppet doll

"For the present try to grasp the meaning of this song in folk dance style; you will understand who this 'you' is, to a large extent. It is possible you will get Vairagya detachment to a large extent through this. Later, you will understand the meaning of what I have to say more clearly and with greater ease. Do not merely read this song but think well on the meaning of each word. The song will certainly turn your brain!"- Sai Baba

Swami: Listen, carefully.

  1. Thai! Thai! Thai! Thai! Thai! Dummy
    see the Tamasha play of this puppet doll.
    O Jiva, listen to the long, long tale
    of its past, its future, behind and front!
  2. It rolled at first in mushy mire
    of mother's womb, its prison dark.
    It came with a whimper, but all around
    they smiled in joy and feasts galore.
  3. 'O tragedy! I am born again',
    it knew and wept, both loud and long.
    But all the while, they caressed it
    and laughed to raise a laugh!
  4. In its own dirt it wallowed day,
    without a sense of shame;
    it rose and fell, at every step,
    acting daily a childish play.
  5. It runs and skips with gangs of chums
    and learns a hundred tricks and trades;
    it grows so tall and thick and broad;
    from year to year, very fast and fair.
  6. It moves in pairs, and bills and coos
    in rosy rainbow style;
    it sings in tunes unheard before,
    and quaffs the cup, unique and strange.
  7. 'Tis Brahma who makes these dolls in pairs
    and dolls and dolls in millions,
    but this our puppet does not know
    when it plays with dollies: Thim! Thim! Thim!
  8. This Maya doll like the holly bull
    has the Thamas rope in nostril hole;
    lust and anger are the scorpion whips
    which whack the back of the slave.
  9. It gloats with glee, when others stop
    before it shuddering low;
    it doles them pain; but cannot bear
    a microscopic share!
  10. It swears and shouts and waves its arms
    and frets and fumes with blood-red eyes;
    it is indeed a wondrous sight -
    possessed by devil ire!
  11. It scans and spells, it scribbles and swots,
    it does not know the reason why,
    it runs in panic trying to glean
    fodder for belly, willy or nilly.
  12. Ah, did you see this queer little dummy,
    with so many books in its tummy,
    turning and twisting in jealousy green
    when a learned doll encounters it?
  13. And, you should hear its secret cluck
    when a shameful sensual urge,
    a wicked lurking greed
    is satisfied in sin!
  14. It proudly pats; what? its own back!
    For beauty, brawn, vitality.
    While all the time and step by step
    it moves towards senility.
  15. It totters and blinks through wrinkles and folds;
    and when the children cry,
    'old ape', 'old ape'
    it gapes and grins a toothless grin -
    its bones do clatter so!
  16. Unto the last, it is lost in fear,
    wear and tear and many a tearsome fray!
    Of what avail, O dummy doll, your gasp and groan,
    your needs must meet the doom.
  17. Aha! The bird! It shakes its wings!
    It files out, brrrr, from out the cage of skin.
    Empty, it tightens; vacant, it straightens;
    o, drag it out of sight; it bloats and stinks.
  18. The elements join their parents five;
    the doll's desires are dust and ash;
    why weep, you fools, when one of you
    falls on the crowded stage?
  19. Uncles, cousins, aunts and friends
    march in gloom until door of room!
    The Maya doll, alas, forgot its kin,
    the divine name, redeemer true!
  20. O Jiva, do not lean upon this slender reed;
    just a sneeze! This frail skin boat
    endowed with thrice three leaks
    will plunge you, middle stream!
  21. This puppet weeps, it sleeps and wakes,
    When the string is pulled by unseen hand
    The Lord it is, who stands behind,
    But the dummy swears, it is I, I, I.
  22. Dharma, Karma are the hardy strings
    He tightens or He loosens.
    Unaware, the puppet swaggers
    criss-cross, on the planks.
  23. It takes the world as stable -
    this silly strutting dummy!
    A twinkle! He winds up the show!
    Exit the pomp and pride!
  24. O Jiva, you have waded
    through ant and snake and bird;
    seek and find without delay,
    the road to lasting bliss!
  25. Bless your luck! You now can see
    Sai Krishna, He has come!
    Be kin with him and you will know
    your what and why and how.
  26. A million words so clever and nice,
    can they appease your hunger's maw?
    Light the lamp of the soul instead,
    and, freed from bondage, run out and play.
  27. This song that tells of dummy doll
    makes Jiva sad and wise! I know;
    but, Jiva! See the Leela grand of Sathya Sai Nath
    and - Know Thyself!