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Sai Baba Travel update 7th April:
Swami may leave for Kodaikanal on the 9th April 2006 morning

Photos 9th April: Swami on the way to the airport etc.

9th April: The highlights of Swami's Divine Discourse: "...Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavati. Many of us question as to why God cannot transform us. God never does anything. Your thought and action..." Read more

Sai Darshan news 7th April -
updated (morning & evening darshan)

Preceding - Sai Darshan news 5th April  

Kodaikanal darshan news 16th April


 Today Swami celebrated Sree Ramanavami in Prashanti Nilayam with all the devotees. In the morning at 8:30 a.m. Swami came In His New car Mini Copper Open roof top a convertible Car. It is a very beautiful car with black seats( instead of the usual digits and alphabets, a number plate written “ BABA” was fitted on Swami's car;  the car is a European make actually UK and its called mini cooper a very popular and small sized vehicle in west Europe). Swami sat in front, the front seat appears bit higher than rest of the seats so everyone could see Swami even better. Today all the devotees present could see Swami with out any glass in-between. The seat of the car on the passenger side i.e. where Swami mostly sits tilts down and makes it easier for Swami to step out of the car. Today Swami got down near interview room (IR) and walked towards the centre stage i.e. Dais and sat on the chair which is at all times ready for Swami. Bhagavan blessed all the students (boys) and took there letters. Then Mirpuri Music College Boys started Veena recital after that at 9:15 the music college boys started Vocal Recital which ended at 9:45. Swami was interacting with the performers all the time, after every bhajan Swami was calling the singers and instructing them  how to present /sing etc, so the boys were following the instructions and sang according to Swami's preference, the bhajans were in Telugu & Hindi. The music boys sang Ramayana in Hindi; the songs were very emotive, and full of spiritual essence. At 9:55 p.m. Aarthi was given to Swami, after the customary Aarti Swami got up from His chair and walked towards the new car. The door was opened for Baba, the car seat tilted a little bit forward to ease the way in then the boys "supported" Swami so that Bhagavan could sit comfortably on the car seat. After that, Swami drove back to His residence thus concluding today’s morning program. Additionally,  Prof. Anil Kumar made and announcement that there will be Rama Katha (life story of Rama), a musical programme at 4:00 p.m. in Kulwant Hall, today evening.

 In the Evening Swami came at 4:30 p.m. This time Swami came in His Toyota Porte' His usual ride as usual Bhagavan took complete round and got down near interview room and went inside the interview room, after a short time, Swami came out and  took a round on His  Mobile Car chair however, Swami remained close to the  main veranda and in close proximity to where the students were sitting . Swami blessed all the boys and took all the letters from them and came to verandah from other side. After a small round Swami entered the bhajan mandir and subsequently went again inside interview room. roughly after 10 minutes Swami came out and called Dr.Gopinath a Doctor doing service for Swami in the general hospital; Swami talked  to him for 5 minutes, Swami also called Dr Gopinath’s wife  i.e. Dr. Hema a very sweet & gentle lady and gave them a brief interview, inside. Both the Dr’s came out from the interview room after ca. 5 minutes.  Swami came out as well and this time called Mr. Popat and his wife for Interview. After 5 minutes Swami was back, this time Swami came out on His mobile car chair and took to the centre stage i.e. dais after sitting there for a while Swami signaled that  microphones be set up. Swami then called the vice chancellor and told him something, perhaps to give a speech. Next V.C. Prof. Anil Gokak gave a small speech on Ramanavami and the Lord Rama, the speech was very enlightening. After the speech of V.C. Prof. Anil Gokak, Mr. Popat also gave a 15 minutes speech.


At 5:30 Swami wanted to bless us all with His divine discourse hence immediately students arranged the table and mike for Swami. As always also today Swami gave a spiritually potent discourse. The discourse covered lots of subjects and themes like the power of Rama, how to behave with our parents and  about positive thinking etc. At 6:10 p.m. Swami’s physical frame needed rest as a result Bhagavan sat down and continued discourse till 6:30 p.m. Swami ended His discourse with a melodious  Rama bhajan - Rama namamannu mithai edigo, Randi bhaktulara – a very old Bhajan then a second Rama bhajan,-  Rama Rama Rama Sita Rama Rama Rama. After Swami’s discourse, prasadam was distributed to the devotees, the prasadam today was  (motichur laddu) LADDU a round shaped Indian sweet , after Aarti Swami walked up to His parked car and left for His residence.  read more detailed news from Ramanavami

Rama Navami Sai baba theme E-greeting card

Photographs: Sri Rama Navami Celebrations 2006 Photos:     see all the pictures 

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Saraswati vina (Saraswathi veena) is the instrument associated with Saraswati, the goddess of learning and the arts. This instrument is common in south India and is an important instrument in carnatic sangeet. It is variously called simply vina, or veena, the "Saraswati" part being implied.

The saraswati vina has an interesting construction. It has a body made of wood, generally, this is jackwood. The highest quality vinas have the entire body carved from a single block of wood, while the ordinary vinas have a body which is carved in three sections (resonator, neck and head). There are 24 frets made of brass bars set into wax. (see "Fretting and Fingering the Vina") There is another resonator at the top of the neck. This is no longer a functioning resonator, but is mainly used as a stand to facilitate the positioning of the instrument when it is played. Because it is no longer functioning it is not unusual to find that this upper resonator may be made of acoustically neutral materials such as paper mache, cane or other similar materials. Unlike north Indian instruments like the sitar, the saraswati vina has no sympathetic strings. It has only four playing strings and three drone strings (thalam). (see also "Tuning the Vina") The main bridge is a flat bar made of brass. This bar has a very slight curve. It is this light curve which gives the vina its characteristic sound. A major centre for the manufacture of the saraswati vini is in Tanjore.