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 Thursday , June 29, 2006 :: Volume 9, Issue 7
 (In its nineth year of publication.)

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FEATURE OF THE WEEK: No Children of lesser God!

Some hearsay, some documented evidence, some revelations and some imagination. He was a poor fakir who roamed the streets of Shirdi, and for a few, He was the medicine man. As the last century evolved along with it began a newer phase in the spiritual history of mankind. Moving across lands and oceans, as the distances belittled the phenomenon grows. Is this a new philosophy? A cult? A Movement? Or is this the foundation to the spiritual transformation of mankind?

Some thought He was aulia, the messenger of God; a few began seeing in Him God. Gods and Gurus of the vicinity, Akkalkot Maharaj to Vitthal of Pandharpur. He was the venerable Datta to Datta panthis and the sage of Naath Panth. He was Shiva to some and the Allah, Yesu, Buddha. Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Maaruthi and Sai Ganesh. He is Baba to some. Is one outlook superior to the other? Should there be an insistence on one way or the other? Isn't this how new religions are formed? Is there such a need?

"Our traditions are different", He said. Did what He meant refer to the way one chooses to see him, or was that the narrow path near the Barvi well that was shown to the Haji? Several great men evolved in His shadows, preached Sai gospel, guided all, made those who chose to learn, the power to seek the perennial bliss, to see Himself in the self. Any form of God or every God that one chooses to see Sai as, isn't it a mere conduit, the form? The intellectual conformity, the necessary evil?

How long is the circle? The peripheral appeasement to the "touch me not" senses? When does one escape into Him? The core of existence, all the knowledge and the bliss? When does one abandon everything and hatch on to His lap like an infant? When does the child seek the morsels leaving behind the logic of association for none are the children of lesser God in His path!



"If you always say "SAI", "SAI", I shall take you over the Seven Seas" - Sai Baba

While answering the question of Narada, Lord Narayana says, "Mad Bhakta Yatra Gayante Tatra Tisthami Narada". Neither I am available in vaikuntha nor triloka sanchari like you, I am always present in the place where my devotees sing my name wholeheartedly".

The significance of recitation of Nama Japa is very high in this Kaliyuga. In Vishnu Sahasranama it is said that "Sankirtya Narayana Shabda Matram, Vimukta Dukha Suknino Bhavantu". It means that if you take the name of Lord Narayana simply once, you will be out of the clutches of the Worldly Problems. In one of the instances in Sai Satcharita, Sainath suggests to his devotees to recite Vishnu Sahasranama to ward off all the difficulties.

"Mananat Trayate iti Mantraha". Any word, which is uttered with the firm belief, becomes the Powerful Mantra. The sacred name of 'Sainath' came out from the heart of an ardent devotee, Mahalsapaty, like this only. The strong tools of Sai's Dharma Prachara are Shradha and Saburi.

The nama mahima is well described in one of the instances of Kabir Maharaj, who is the greatest and ardent devotee of Lord Sri Rama.

Kabir's son Kamal was roaming on the banks of the Holy Ganges in Varanasi and saw a trader was taking number of dips in the holy water to ward off his disease. When he saw this action of the trader, he could not stop and asked the reason for his action. The trader explained him about the reason. Suddenly, Kamal laughed and advised the trader to recite the Taraka Nama of Lord Sri Rama. Despite the fact that the trader uttered the name of Rama number of times he could not get relief. In a fit of anger, Kamal whipped the trader on his back strongly and the trader screamed in pain while taking the name of Rama. Finally, he was cured.

Kamal narrated the whole story to his father when he reached back home. Kabir was furious and advised Kamal to consult Saint Tulsidas. Accordingly, he met Tulsidas and explained him about the whole story he witnessed on the banks of the holy Ganges. Tulsidas Maharaj laughed and then invited all the villagers immediately to assemble at his ashram. He took a glass of water and put some tulsi leaves in it and after uttering the name of Sri Ram; he sprinkled the holy water on all the villagers gathered in that area. Everybody felt excited and got a great relief. Those who were afflicted with diseases got cured after this ablution.

Kamal came back and narrated the whole story to his father. Kabir was still not satisfied and advised his son to meet Soordas. Kamal was a bit disappointed but he decided to meet Soordas as per his father's advice. He went and met Soordasji and explained the whole story about the Trader and the subsequent experiences. Soordasji patiently heard everything and advised Kamal to bring back the dead body, which was floating nearby, in the holy waters of Ganga. Kamal was astonished as to how Soordasji, the born blind, came to know about the dead body floating in the Ganges. However, Kamal obliged with the instructions of Soordasji and brought the body immediately. Soordasji sprinkled water on the dead body and uttered "RA", before even uttering the word "MA" the dead body became alive.

The incidents and miracles happened in several Sai devotees all across the globe are the strong witness to the fact that the undeterred devotion towards Sainath and recitation of His name with great faith has undoubtedly freed them from all the difficulties, which they were facing in life. Moving clouds cannot cast a permanent shadow on the bright Sun. Difficulties do come and go but your faith in the Lord Sainath should be undeterred. Utter the name all the time and He will take care of all your problems.

(Contributed by Prakash)



Hey Baba Koti koti Pranam. Baba thank you very much for everything you have given me in life. Baba you solved my physical problem and I promised that I will publish in Newsletter so I am doing that. Baba you are so merciful with your presence in my life I feel so much better. Baba I love you and please be around my family and me.

Thank you very much Baba for getting me a project. Please guide me in my work and see that I succeed in my Job. I am totally dependant on you Baba. Once again, you have shown me that you are the only god for me. You are my savior. My God, my Guru Sainath Maharaj ki jai.

Om Sai Ram, Baba thank you for helping my son to secure good grades in his 10th boards. I know it is your grace that is there on my family and me. Baba always stay with us and bless us. Keep my son in good company and away from all evil things and habits.

Can anyone please tell if there is any Shirdi temple or related activities in South Africa (Botswana or around)? Also, is it possible to order for Sai Satcharita in Africa? Is there any other book related to Shirdi Baba other than Sai Satcharita? My email id is

As promised, I am posting this in Sai Vichar. Thank you Sai for helping my brother to get a good job. Be with him and bless him always. Thank you Sai for helping my mother to get well soon. Be with us and bless us always.

Sai devotee
Baba thank you for answering my prayers. The MRI results of my son's tests have come out negative. Thanks for taking care of my son. Please give us all good health. My koti koti pranams.

I got to know this site from one my colleague and I went read all the newsletters. Then I thought to write a prayer for my brother here. He came to US nine months back but not getting any job. He is attending the Interviews but something or the other happens. When I saw the devotees experiences and prayers then I thought I to write my Prayer to Baba that please take care of my brother. But I could not write, then one night I thought if he gets the job, I would write this here. Then immediately he got a job. Baba thanks a lot. I am very happy for this. I do not know how to express my feelings. But I am happy and my parents too. Shower Your Blessings on us Baba.



Baba, I seek your help in resolving the tensions in my family. As always you have helped me, I am confident that you will bless me and resolve the tensions in the family soon. I have always believed that life is too short to be sweat over for all this small stuff. Baba I seek your blessings and pray that you resolve the tensions in my family soon.

I wish to make a 20-PC Internet Cafe as the central activity in my life. But much as I have tried to raise the money, I just appear not to make it. I need prayer support in this and direct help of Sai Baba.

I sincerely thank Baba for all the help. Please bless us with a child. Almost one year has passed, since our marriage. I sincerely pray to give us a child.

Baba my mother is suffering from arthritis and she is walking with the help of a walking stick. Baba I pray to You to cure my mother's disease and she should come to your abode "Shirdi" without the help of the walking stick.

Baba please solve the problems of my home, You know Baba that I am not against anybody, I just want to live happily with my family. Baba shower your blessings on me and my family. You are the only one who can resolve this matter. I request You to help me Baba.

Please help me in getting this job Baba. You know everything what I am going through to settle in my life. Please give me confidence and make me perform well in this interview.

My husband is trying for a new job in the same company he works. He tried three years back but he was late in applying. Again he is trying for the same job. We are praying Baba to bless that he should get this job.

I really want to change completely so that I am an ideal person for what she deserves, after all the sacrifices she has done for me. Please bless our small family so that we are never separated, please keep us in Your lotus feet and be with us always as You have always been. Bow to Baba, peace to all.

My elder daughter who is 11 years old is having white patches on her hand and legs ankle area. It was much more on most part of the body and we made lot of related treatements and most of them got okay but still remains this part and occurs new also. I came to know through one of my best friend suggested to put your feelings and offer your prayers to Sri Sai Baba and all the difficulties will disappear and accordingly he sent me one "Sai Vichaar" for the week of June 1st 2006. After that I thought to write about my daughters disease (vitiligo). Kindly help us and let my daughter get relief from this disease as soon as possible.



Many times I feel like a spoiled daughter of Baba when I make small requests to Baba and feel embarrassed later on. I am so thankful that Baba has not given up on me and accepts me with all my faults. I would like to share an incident, small but important to me. I attended a wedding at a posh hotel last week. Upon reaching back home I realized that I am missing an expensive diamond ring from my hand. I immediately called the hotel, talked to the security officer on duty to explain the situation, and followed up later after an hour. There was no news about my ring. I called again in the morning twice at different times but was told that no item was returned to the lost and found. It was not such a big deal, but the ring was expensive and I had bought it after much effort. So I prayed to Baba to get me back my ring and I will write my experience in Sai Vichaar to share with others. Then I called the hotel again. This time another officer picked up the phone. He listened to the details of the ring and told me that he has seen the ring. He called me back within the hour to let me know that he has the ring. I received the DHL packet containing the ring yesterday. Thank you so much Baba. Please give me wisdom not to be bothered by these little things in the future and ask You for such foolish materialistic things. I love you Baba.

While reading the last issue of Sai Vichaar, I came across the extraordinary experience described by one of the devotees - Ambika, where she has written about Saibaba drinking a glass of water and accepting the offerings of his devotees. My eyes were filled with tears of joy and love for Sai Baba on reading this. I mediated for a long time on this incident, wondering over the greatness of Sai Maharaj. And, I thought when will Baba shower His grace on me, when will He accept my love. My sister and I go to Saibaba temple everyday. The next morning, I got up at 8:30 am and due to some reasons we could not go to the temple. So I went off to sleep again. When I woke up at around 10:00 am, I realized that Saibaba visited me in my dream, I could clearly remember the dream. In my dream, I saw myself going to Saibaba temple where Sai bhajan was going on and the bhajan " Sai hare " Jai Sai hare", which is chanted on Thursdays, was constantly ringing in my ears . Baba was wearing an orange dress and I prostrated in front of Him. As I could not go to the temple that day, Saibaba came in my dream and gave me darshan. Proving his profound love for me, I am so grateful to you Baba. I know that Sai resides not only in temples but everywhere. This was the message Sai gave me through this beautiful dream. Bless me with the light of Knowledge and shun my ignorance.

Ramani S
I used to do everything only with remembrance of Sai Baba. I have experienced many miracles during the past three years of my worshipping Sai Ram. Last month I had to appear for an entrance examination for PhD. Due to official workload I could not prepare well. Adding to the fury, I had domestic misunderstanding with my wife and could not sleep for two days. With a totally upset mind, I proceeded to the exam center by local train. Due to heavy rush and a disturbed mind, I missed the destination station and got down at the next station. Ticket checking was going on nearby. When I checked my ticket, to my surprise it was valid up to that station due to slab tariff. Sainath was smiling at me in a photograph. Then I went to the exam hall and prayed to Sainath Maharaj that if at all I qualify in that entrance exam, it would be due to Him only. With full hope only on Sai, I opened the question paper. To my surprise, the very first section was from a subject, which I was currently teaching. I answered the questions with Sai's blessings in half of the time and I was hopeful of scoring just 50 percent. After two weeks when I saw the results on the web, believe me, my name was in the first position in that center with 78 percent score. Sai Baba is with everyone who thinks of Him always. He will never let down any of His devotees. Sri Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.



"God loves truthful people and becomes a slave to those who utter truth"-Shri Sai Baba



Q. Question of the week given below....

A. by Q.


Though Baba had all eight powers, "Ashta Siddhis" at His command then why did he lose to Tamboli in a wrestling bout?



Gurupoornima at Shirdi Sai Temple, Chicago and Suburbs, Illinois, USA
Gurupoornima celebrations will be held in Shirdi Sai Temple, Chicago from Tuesday, July 11th through Thursday, July 13th 2006. Program highlights: Maha Abhishek, Aarthis, Satcharita parayan, Sri Sai Satyanarayan Vratha, Sri Datta Moola Mantra Homam, Palaki procession and more. For program details please visit the temple website or contact the Temple office at 847-931-4058.

Shri Saibaba Mandir, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Saibaba activities in Minneapolis were conducted at Shirdi Saibaba Prayer center since the year 2002. Now, with the grace and blessings of Baba and the support of devotees, a new Saibaba Mandir will begin to function at 1835 Polk St NE, Minneapolis from July 11th, 2006, Gurupoornima day. The day program will include Sai satcharitha parayan, Sai aarathis, bhajans and Sai Naama jap. Please visit for all details.

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
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Shirdi Sai Satsang, Bay Area, California
Shirdi Sai Parivaar invites all to join us for Satsang every Thursday 7:30 pm at Odd Fellows Temple, 20589 Homestead Road, Cupertino, CA 95014. For Gurupoornima details please call 408-564-6704 or send email to or visit

Sai Satsang, New Jersey, USA
Shirdi Sai Dham, Inc regularly conducts Sai bhajans followed by Aarti and Prasad on every 1st Saturday of each month at Durga Mandir, Kendall Park, New Jersey. All are requested to kindly come and receive Baba's blessings. For more information, please call us at 609-275-1334 or visit or email us at

Gurupoornima in Toronto, Canada
Gurupoornima celebrations will be held in Toronto on Sunday, July 16th 2006 from 7:00 a.m. with Bhupali and Kakad Aarti to 8:00 p.m. Shej Aarti at Gur Mandir, 207 Queen's Plate Dr., Toronto. Program highlights: Maha Abhishek, Satcharita parayan, Sri Sai Satyavratha Puja, Sri Sai Palaki procession, Bhajan Sandhaya, Mahaprasaad and more. To participate in Annadaan (Charitable Food Drive), details to volunteer, for program information please visit events at or contact at 416-402-8089 or 416-895-7905.

Shirdi Sai Mandir, Toronto, Canada
The Shirdi Sai Mandir located at 2721 Markham Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1X 1L5 (Intersection of Markham and Nashdene) is open Monday to Friday from 6:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m. and Saturday to Sunday from 10:30 a.m to 8:30 p.m. Dhoop Aarti is at 7:30 p.m. everyday. Bhajans are on Saturday from 6:00 p.m. onwards. For other temple activities and information please call 647-444-4724 or send an email to

Shirdi Sai parivar, Vancouver, Canada
Shirdi Sai parivar in Vancouver invites you all for Sai satsang on Thursday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm and first Sunday of every month from 11:30 am to 1 pm, at 8571, 118A St, Delta, V4C 6L2. For further details contact (604)592 4182 or email at

Sai Satsangs in Singapore
Dear Sai devotees in Singapore, Shirdi Sai Baba Sansthan (Singapore) conducts regular Sai bhajans every Saturday from 6:30 p.m. at Shri Vadapathira Kalliamman Temple, Serangoon Road, Little India, Singapore. Please visit the web site for more details.

Guru Poornima celebrations in Auckland , New Zealand
Guru Poornina is celebrated on 15th July (Saturday ) at Mahatma Ghandhi Center, New North Road, Auckland. Program includes Sri Sai Baba Arathis(all four) from 6:30 am followed by Sai Abhishek, Guru Pooja, Sai Bhajans, a short play on Sai Baba Leelas, Maha Prasad and more. All are welcome. For details contact Sam at 625 2930 or visiit

Sai Satsang in Westborough, MA
Dear Sai devotees in Westborough and near by cities in MA, every Thursday from 7:30 pm to 9 pm we do Shirdi Sai Bhajans in Westborough, MA. Please email me at for more information.

Sri Shirdi Sai Akshaya Meditation, Malaysia
We have regular gatherings, bhajans on Thursdays at Sri Shirdi Sai Akshaya Meditation Centre, Brickfields, Kualalumpur, Malaysia. For more information please call 60322606030 or send email to



Gurupoornima is celebrated on July 10th to 12th 2006 in Shirdi. The festival celebrating Sadguru Sainath Maharaj's love and grace is important to all Sai devotees. Please share with your fellow devotees the details of Gurupoornima celebrations planned in your community.

A devotee Radhakrishna suggests the Question of the week as follows:

Q. Though Baba had all eight powers, "Ashta Siddhis" at His command then why did he lose to Tamboli in a wrestling bout?

Humbly Yours,
The Editor

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