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Sairam to all of  my brothers and sisters , My name is Mrs. Usha Sridharan and i live in Lloydminster in Canada. recently my son Suraj  was one among the 40 students chosen from 6500 students of 87 schools from the Saskachewan region to participate in the regional SPELLING  BEE COMPETITION in Saskatoon on  11th march. He was into the top 5 and got eliminated though he was given a medal. We left on Friday 10th for registration and stayed overnight in Saskatoon as they gave us hotel accommodation. The climate has been very bad both days in Lloyd and Saskatoon. We left on the 11th around 3.30pm as soon as Suraj was eliminated. Though the weather was bad we decided to leave. we were listening to Babas song and covered an hours journey, suddenly our car skidded swirled round went zigzag and landed into a ditch because of icy roads. we had no control over the car and my husband Sridhar kept saying Sairam whereas i screamed SAIRAM SAIRAM till it landed in the ditch. It was around 5.30-600 pm when we landed into the ditch. I was in tears and kept controlling my emotions. Only my husbands side the door was able to open the rest of the side was covered with snow. My husband got out of the car for help. IT WAS  WINDY, SLIPPERY AND ALSO SNOWING OUTSIDE. A passer by stopped the vehicle to help. As we were talking to call AMA (ALBERTA MOTOR ASSOCIATION) or phone a friend in Lloyd to pick us up. FROM NO WHERE A TOW TRUCK WAS COMING TOWARDS US AND STOPPED SEEING OUR CAR IN THE DITCH. THE OTHER PERSON WHO STOPPED TO HELP US ASKED IF WE HAD PHONED FOR THE TOW TRUCK AS IT WAS APPROACHING US. WE SAID NO. the car was pulled out on to the road safely. later both the strangers checked to see our car was OK to drive. Sridhar offered money but they refused to take but since we insisted they said we would take $20 each and shall have dinner on our behalf. This happened before Maidstone. A stretch of about 60 kms You have only single road. If any vehicle or truck had come in the opposite side it would have been a head on collision. Swami made us drive our car without any problem and also we were home without a single scratch .We had to drive another 1 1/2  hrs to reach Lloyd.

As soon as i came home I did 1008 names of Baba with Sridhar and while doing Aarti i was crying and choking with tears and could not sing. Also i felt  very sorry that swami would he have hurt himself by controlling the vehicle. Swami sent the tow truck at the nick of time other wise we would have been stranded in the cold and also saved our lives. I am terribly shaken so is my husband but swami is giving us strength to move on. i have no words to express my gratitude to  swami .as and when i see swamis picture i am choked with emotions.

Yours in sai
Usha Sridhar