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1911 14 December Thursday

Wishing to go away I got up early, attended the Kakad Arati and praying somewhat in haste went to Sayin Maharaj at the Masjid with Madhavarao Deshpande. Sayin Maharaj said that I could go tomorrow or so and added that I should serve God alone & no one else. He said “What God gives is never finished & what man gives never lasts .”Then I returned, and saw Durveshasaheb Falke of Kalyan arrive. He is a very nice old gentleman of he old sort. Mr Shingne & his wife are with him. Mr Shingne is a High Court Varkerl of Bombay & has a law class also. He said that the partition of Bengal has been naturally modified, that Delhi has been substituted for Calcutta as capital & that some prisoners have been released, but their names etc are not yet known. I attended the mid-day puja & had my breakfast with Bapusaheb Jog. After it I lay down & fell asleep. I went to the Masjid a little late & then made my namaskar near the Chavadhi. Then I sat talking with Durveshasaheb & Shingne. Later on Bhishma had his daily Bhajan.

1911 15 December Friday

In the morning after prayer I sat talking with Mr Shingne and Mr Durvesh Falke. He is also called Hajisaheb. He has travelled to Baghadad, Constantinople and Mecca & all places near about.

His conversation is very pleasant & instructive. Sayin Maharaj likes him very much, sends him food & otherwise treats him with great consideration. I saw Sayin Maharaj go out & again at Masjid on his return. He was in a very pleasant mood & we all enjoyed his conversation. After meals I lay down for a while & then sat listening to an account of Delhi, read by my son Balvant. Then we went to the Masjid, received the blessings of Sayin Maharaj and later on went for Sheja-Arti.

1911 16 December Saturday

I find I have got a severe cold. I could not get up in time for the Kakad Arti. I got up at 3 am & then overslept myself. After prayer I sat talking with Durveshasaheb Falke whom they call Hajisaheb & Hajarat indiscriminately. He is a Karma Margi as we should call him in Hinduism, & has numerous anecdotes to tell. I saw Sayin Maharaj go out & later on after he returned to the Masjid. He was in a very pleasant mood & sat talking & joking. After Arti I returned to our lodging & had food and lay down a while, but could not sleep. From Amravati they sent me, besides the Amrit Bazar Patrika, two numbers of the Bombay Advocate. So there was a good deal to read.

There was also a telegram offering a Sessions ’ case. Three days ago there was a telegram offering the case at Wardha. I declined it as Sayin Maharaj did not grant permission to return. About todays telegram, the result was the same. Madhavarao Deshpande asked for permission for me & Sayin Maharaj said I might go the day after or a month hence. So the matter is settled. I saluted him as usual in front of the Chavadhi & after Arti in the Wada sat listening to Bhishma’s Bhajan. My wife went to a neighbouring village Rahata in the morning for renewing the bangles on her wrist. Among the new arrivals today is Mr Hate who has appeared for LM&S. He is a very nice young man. His father was judge at Avireli & later on Divar of Palitonia. I think I knew he uncle. He is a goldsmith what they call Daivajna Brahman. I am feeling unwell.

1911, 17 December Sunday

My cold is a little better this morning but not much, but my health looks worse. Mr Shingne gave me some soda & acid powder and I put it in milk & drank it. It relieved my bowels & I felt better. My wife is confined to bed on account of pains in the back & legs. After prayer I saw Sayin Maharaj go out & then again after he returned. He was in very good mood, & we enjoyed very much the jokes made by him. The breakfast was late as Megha raj had gone out to bring Bel leave.

He came back a little late. In the afternoon I sat talking with Hajisaheb Falke, Dr Hate, Mr Shingne & others. Gokhale went away today. He has on him & in his general conduct all the indications of a spy. He gave out here that he was a friend of Atre subjudge Nagpur. Towards evening I went to Masjid but Sayin Maharaj asked me & my companions to bow from a distance. He however called my son Balvant near &told him to bring Dakshina. We all saluted him opposite the Chavadhi & again at night at Sheja-Arti. Tonight Sayin Maharaj sleeps at the Chavadhi.


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