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Shirdi Sai Baba Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde 15

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Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde - Part 15

“Hamsa ” had told all this to me also when he was our guest.. It turned out to be lie afterwards. He had never been to Manas in Himalayas. Acquired a reputation of being a bad character.

Gajanan Purohit was his accomplice. Both suspected to be police spies.

1911 30 December Saturday

In the morning after prayer, I wrote two letters one to my son Baba & the other to Bhau Durrani telling them that I am not likely to return for another two months. Mr Natekar went to Rada Krishna lady. She, it would appear was away. He sat there & felt so calm & nice that he spent the whole day there. I read Ramayan in the morning, and heard Bhagavat in the afternoon, and went to Sayin Maharaj a little before dusk. He treated me very kindly, called me by name & told a small tale calculated to impress the virtue of patience.

He said he went to Aurangabad on one of his wanderings & saw a Fakir sitting in a Masjid near which there was a very tall Tamarind tree. The Fakir would not let him enter the Masjid first but ultimately consented to his putting up in it. The Fakir depended entirely on a piece of cake that an old woman used to supply him at midday. Sayin Maharaj volunteered to beg for him and kept him supplied amply with food for twelve years and then thought of leaving the place. The old Fakir shed tears at parting & had to be consoled with soft words. Sayin Maharaj visited him four years later & found him there doing well. The Fakir then came here a few years ago & lodged at the Chavadhi. Motha-Baba Fakir looked after him. From what was said I gathered that Sayin Baba stayed twelve years to instruct the Aurangabad Fakir and set him up fully in the spiritual world. At night there was Bhishmas ’ Bhajan &Dixit ’s Ramayan. Natekar who came then also read a chapter.

1911 31 December Sunday

I got up very early in the morning, prayed & was walking in the verandah when Hamsa came downstairs & said that he could not sleep well & so wandered out & went to Khandoba Temple then to the house occupied at present by RadhaKrishna Bai in the hope of hearing her pray but found that there were no signs of anybody staying in the house. So he wandered about the village gate. Later on he went again & met Radha Krishna Bai. She kindly helped him so he bathed, prayed and had breakfast out of the Prasad sent to her by Sayin Maharaj. I stood talking with him. He went to Radha Krishna Bai again to say goodbye and she gave him a dhoti & a shirt as Prasad.

Then he returned to Bombay with the three young men that were with him. The name of one of them was Rege. All this made me late for everything & was further delayed by the Barber. I saw Sayin Baba go out but he did not permit any body to approach him & salute at close quarters. I went to the Masjid later on & sat there to attend the midday worship. During the Arti all the males had to stand today below the platform in the open, leaving the whole Masjid for the ladies. The arrangement was very good. On my return, I sat talking with the Mamledar of Kopargaon who happened to be here. Later on came Mr Deva Mamledar of Dahanu. Nanasaheb Chandorkar came before Arti. Our breakfast was as usual about 2 P.M. After it I sat reading the newspapers received today. The Conventionist Congress does not appear to have been an unqualified success. Towards evening I went to the Masjid but Sayin Maharaj gave “Udi ” soon.. So I sat on the plinth of the new building, talking with the Gujarathi Shastri who is with Govardhandas. We saluted Sayin Maharaj when he came out for his usual stroll & again at Sheja-Arti. Then we had the Bhajan of Bhishma & Dixit’ Ramayan.

1912 1 January Monday

I got up early in the morning went to the Chavadhi for Kakad Arti. I saw Sayin Maharaja’s face as the first thing and it was full of sweet grace I was very much delighted. After we returned to the Wada, I saw Upasani ’s brother. He has come from Dhulia. I saw him at Poona & Amravati before. He went to see Sayin Maharaj & was told about people bringing ties with them from a former birth & meeting now in consequence of them. He told the story of a former birth in which he, Bapusaheb Jog, Dada Kelkar, Madhavarao Deshpande, myself & Dixit were associated and lived in a blind alley. There was his Murushad there. He has now brought us together again. I saw him go out & then sat reading Ramayan. I saw him again at mid-day Arti, & he was very kind to me. Dixit gave a “Naivedya ” today & we had all our meals with him. I sat with Vaidya, Nanasaheb Chandorkhar, Mr Deva Mamledar of Dahanu, & others. I sat reading again & then went to see Sayin Saheb at the Masjid. He first dismissed me along with the rest but called me again saying that I was anxious to run away. In the evening we saw him opposite the chavadhi & had at night the Bhajan of Bhishma & Dixits Ramayana. Bala Shimpi came to the Bhajan.

1912, 2 January Tuesday

I got up very early in the morning. Upasani’s brother who came yesterday went away before day break. After I finished my prayer Kaka Mahajani, Atré & others went. More went later on. C.V. Vaidya went after midday Arti, with three other gentlemen Nanasaheb Chandorkar held a Dhanurmas, and all were invited. After meals it was that C.V.Vaidya went. Mankar, Mamledar of Kopargaon & Deva, Mamledar of Dahanu, also went then. Later on after sunset Nanasaheb Chandorkhar went with all his family. So the wada, which during these few days used to look full & very pleasant is comparatively empty now & we miss company. We saw Sayin Maharaj when he came out for a stroll, & again at Sheja-Arti. My son Baba & Gopalrao Dole came this morning to take me to Amravati. I said my departure depended on the permission of Sayin Maharaj. They saw Sayin Maharaj & said there was no difficulty about the permission. Bhishma is not well today So there was no Bhajan. Ram Maruti wished to go away today but Sayin Baba detained him. There was Ramayan & Bhagavat read at night.

1912 3 January Wednesday

In the morning I got up early, attended the Kakad Arti and finished my prayer. My son Baba & Gopalrao Dole went to Sayin Maharaj & asked for permission to return to Amravati. Sayin Maharaj replied that all my return. So my son Baba & Gopalrao Dole returned in great joy. They told me So I went with Madhavarao Deshpande & Sayin Maharaj confirmed the permission but as we were returning he overtook us near the Khind Khind & said that we may start tomorrow. I saw him when he was going out & again after he returned to the Masjid. Madhavarao started the subject about my departure & Sayin Maharaj replied that I had my houses both here & at Amravati & I may stay where I like and I may never return to Amravati. That settled the matter, so it appeared to me & I told my son Baba & Gopalrao Dole to return to Amravati. So they made ready & went to say “goodbye ” & receive the blessing of Sayin Maharaj when the latter told them to go tomorrow. In the afternoon he said he would give all of my family, permission to return tomorrow. Megha fed some Brahmans today in completion of his Anushtana of Gayatri Purashchamena. We had our meals with him. The meal was served in Sathe’s Wada. In the afternoon I saw Sayin Maharaj, both at the Masjid & when he came out for his usual stroll. He was in a very pleased mood and laughed & abused in one & the same breath. At night there was the Bhajan of Bhishma & Dixit ’s Ramayan of which two chapters were read .Tatya Patel ’s father died in the evening.

1912 4 January Thursday

I got up early in the morning, prayed, and wished my son Baba & Gopalrao Dole to go to Sayin Maharaj and obtain permission to return to Amravati but my wife intervened saying it was Pausha Paurnima & therefore a day sacred to our family deity. So no endeavour was made to obtain the permission required. I saw him go out as usual, & went to the Masjid after he returned, spending the interval in read Ramayana. We returned after the mid-day Arti, and after meals I sat talking with Bapusaheb Jog & then resumed Ramayan. After 5 P.M. I went to Sayin Maharaj in the Masjid and found him walking about in the compound. My wife also came there. After a time he took his usual seat & we sat near him. Dixit and his wife also came. Sayin Maharaj then told a story. He said there was a Princess living in a palace. A “Mang ” sought shelter with her. Her sister-in-law who was there also, refused it to the Mang. So the Mang with his wife was returning disconsolate to his village when he met Alla-mirya on the way and told his story, how, stricken with poverty he sought shelter & was refused. Alla-mirya advised him to return with his wife & seek shelter once more with the same princess. He did so & was admitted & treated like a member of the family. The Mang stayed enjoying all the comforts for over six months and then coveting gold, murdered the princess with an axe. The people round about assembled in large numbers & held a panchayat. The Mang admitted the offence. When the matter went to the King in due course, Alla mirya advised him to let the Mang go. The King obeyed. The princess murdered by the Mang came to be born of him as his daughter, & he came once more to the palace and was permitted to stay there in affluence & ease for twelve years. Then Alla-mirya inclined the King to avenge the murdered princess and the Mang was killed in the same way in which he had killed the princess. The Mang’s widow returned to her village, accepting the Mang ’s fate as just. The princess who was born as daughter to the Mang, came to the place, took possession of what belonged to her in the former reincarnation and lived happily afterwards. Thus was the work of God done and His justice vindicated. There was Sheja- Arti at night, then Bhishmas Bhajan & Dixits Ramayan. Ram Maruti today embraced Sayin Maharaj when the latter was going in procession to the Chavadhi for the Sheja-Arti

1912 5 January Friday

In the morning I got up early though I did not sleep well at night. I attended the Kakad Arti. Sayin Maharaj was in a pleased mood. My son Baba & Gopalrao Dole went to him. On seeing them he said “go ”.Taking this as permission to return they hired Baba Bhau ’s Tonga and went away. I prayed and saw Sayin Maharaj go out, & again after he returned. He was in very good mood. Many people came. After the mid-day arti, & after the usual meal, I lay down for a while and then sat listening to Ramayan read by Dixit. Upasani Bhishma & Madhavarao were also present. Then about 5 P.M. I went to see Sayin Maharaj with Bhishma & my son Balvant. He told how he was not well and humorously discribed his ailments. Balabhau Joshi brought parched gram. Sayin Maharaj ate a few and distributed the rest. Then we stood near the Chavadhi when he came out for his stroll, & then we had the usual arti in the wada Bhishma ’s Bhajan & Dixit ’s Ramayan of which two chapters were read. Today some people from Dhulia came &went. The forna forna with the ailing girl got permission to return today.

1912 6 January Saturday

I got up in the morning a little before day break and finished my prayer as usual, & saw Sayin Maharaj go out. After he passed on I went to Balasaheb Bhate and borrowed from him his copy of Ranganath Swami ’s Yogavashishta in Marathi, returned to my lodging, but resumed the reading of Ramayan. We all then attended the midday arti and had our meals as usual. I did not wish to lie down, but somehow sleep overcame me & I slept for hours nearly. Then Dixit read Ramayan & later on I went to the Masjid & saw Sayin Maharaj. He was in a pleased mood & there was talk. In the evening there was the usual Wada Arti & later on we attended the Sheja-Arti at the Chavadhi. Sayin Maharaj was in an exceptionally pleased mood made mystic signs to Megha and did what are known as “Drishtipata ” in yog. An astrologer has come from Dhulia and is a guest of Upasani & is staying in the Wada. At night there Bhishmas Bhajan & the Ramayan of Dixit.

1912 7 January Sunday

In the morning I got up early and attended the Kakad Arti. Sayin Maharaj looked exceedingly pleased and gave yogic glances. I passed the whole day in a sort of ecstasy. After morning, I, Bapusaheb Jog & Upasani commenced Ranganath Yogavashishta. Then we saw Sayin Maharaj go out & in the interval sat talking with the young Mohamedans that come to the Masjid. One of them recited some verses. The mid-day Arti was late. Sayin Baba commenced a very good tale. He said he had a very good well. The water in it was sky blue and its supply was inexhaustible. Four motas would not empty it, and the fruit grown with the water was inordinately He did not continue the story beyond the point. In the afternoon Dixit read two chapters of Ramayana. Upasani, myself, Ram Maruti and Dixit were present. Then we went to Sayin Baba & attended his stroll. As it was getting dark, he got or rather showed as if, he got angry with the wood-cutter women. At night there was Bhishmas Bhajan & Dixits Ramayan.

P.S. I received today a letter which bears all the indications of it being written by a detective. It speaks about the release of Tilak & has what appears to be a bogus enclosure. A Parsi gentleman came here today with his ladies & intends going away tomorrow.

1912 8 January Monday

I got up early in the morning and feeling it too early, went again to sleep and then overslept my usual moment of leaving bed. So things got set forward and in that way affected the routine of the whole day. After prayer I sat reading Yogavashishta of Ranganath with Bapusaheb Jog, Upasani, Rama Maruti & Madhavarao Deshpande. We saw Sayin Maharaj go out &again saw him after he returned. During the mid-day service, after the arti Sayin Maharaj exhibited sudden & great anger and abused violently. It appears, as if, Plague is likely to reappear here & Sayin Maharaj is endeavouring to prevent its reappearance. After meals, we sat talking. I read a little of Ramayana & then arrived Mr Sané Mamaledar of Kopargaon with Mr Joshi who is a Deputy Collector of Dhulia.

Later on we went to Sayin Maharaj after reading a chapter of Ramayana. We waited there long enough to see him at & after his usual stroll, & then attended the Sheja Arti. At night there was the usual Bhajan & Ramayan.

1912 9 January Tuesday

I got up early in the morning, attended the Kakad Arti and after finishing the prayer had my bath. Then with Bapusaheb Jog, Upasani & Rama Maruti, read Yogavashishta. We saw Sayin Maharaj go out & then again after he returned to Masjid. There was a gentleman named Pimple from Amalved with a companion. After the midday arti, we had our meals & I sat reading the letters received by today ’s mail. There are also three newspapers. So there was a good deal to read. Dixit read the Ramayana about 5 P.M. & later on we went to the Masjid and saluted him when he came out for his stroll. At night there was the usual Bhajan of Bhishma & Dixits Ramayan.

1912 10 January Wednesday

I got up very early in the morning and finished my prayer &all before day break. Then I Upasani, Bhishma & Bapusaheb Jog read Ranganathi Yogavashistha and later on I went to see Sayin Maharaj both when he went out &after he returned to the Masjid. A Marwadi came there & told his dream. He said he received a lot of silver & finally got bars of gold & woke up while he was in the act of counting them. Sayin Saheb that the dream indicated the death of some great man.

I felt very sleepy while I was at the Masjid. I tried my utmost to keep awake but not withstanding all my efforts, my eyes kept closing every few minutes. I returned to my lodging after the mid-day arti & after food lay down for some time. Then Mr Dixit read Ramayana & we sat listening. In the evening we went to the Masjid to see Sayin Saheb stroll out as usual & later on we attended the Sheja-Arti. Bhaté, & Balakram were both absent. So the duty of holding the pea-cock fan (morchal) fell to me & I enjoyed holding it very much. At night there was the usual Bhajan of Bhishma & Ramayana of Dixit.

1912 11 January Thursday

I got up very early, prayed & attended the Kakad Arti. At the usual time I Upasani & BapuSaheb Jog read Yogavashishtha of Ranganath We saw Sayin Maharaj go out & again after he returned. He was in very good mood & every thing passed off in good style. After the midday meal I lay down for a while & then Dixit read Ramayan. He also read a guor strotra guor strotra by Eknath. Towards evening we went as usual to see Sayin Maharaj come out for his stroll. He did so. Radha Krishna Bai had set up the phonograph. On hearing its noise Sayin Magaraj got very angry & used hard words & we returned thinking. At night there was the usual Bhajan of Bhishma & Dixits Puran. There was Rahata Bazar today & Bandu went to it but could purchase nothing beyond vegetables.

1912 12 January Friday


I got up early in the morning, said my prayers ,and began the usual routine of the day when Narayan Rao ’s son Gondya & brother Bhausaheb came. They arrived at Amravati from Hoshangabad sometime ago & not finding me & my wife there, came here to see us. We were naturally very glad to see each other & sat talking. We began our Yogavashistha somewhat late as Bapusaheb Jog was away. We saw Sayin Maharaj go out & again after he returned to Masjid. He was very gracious & repeatedly gave me smoke out of his pipe. It solved many of my doubts, and I felt delighted. After the midday arti we had our meals & I had a few minutes rest. Dixit was delayed longer than usual at the Masjid. So we began Ramayan later than usual & we could not finish a chapter as it was both long & difficult. Then we saw Sayin Maharaj at the Masjid. He had music.

There were two dancing girls we sang & danced. Later on there were the Sheja-Arti. Sayin Maharaj was very kind to Balvant, sent for him & let him spend the whole of the afternoon with him.

1912 13 January Saturday

I got up early in the morning &attended the Kakad. Sayin Maharaj did not say a word today & did not even throw the glances which he usually does. The Tahasildar of Khandwa has come here. We saw him when we were reading Ranganathi Yogavashistha. The book does not appear to sustain the impression it makes at first. We saw Sayin Maharaj go out and again he returned. Yesterdays singing women were there. They sang a bit got sweets-meats for their reward and then went away. The midday arti passed very pleasantly. Megha is not yet quite well. Bapaji brother of Madhavarao Deshpande was invited to breakfast with his wife. The Tahasildar of Khandwa appears to be a cultured man, has read Yogavashishta. He says he has been brought to grief by designing persons for his devotional tendencies. After a little afternoon rest, Dixit read Bhavarth Ramayan. The chapter is a summary of Yogavashistha and is very interesting. We saw Sayin Maharaj again as he strolled out. His mood was changed and one would think that he was angry which he really was not. At night there was Bhajan & Ramayan as usual.

1912 14 January Sunday

I got up early in the morning finished my prayer &s at to read Ranganathi Yogavashistha with Bapusaheb Jog, Upasani & Ram Maruti. We continued it after seeing Sayin Baba go out. I went to the Masjid after he returned & found that he was arranging for a bath. So I returned and wrote two letters & went again. He was very kind to me & gave Tilgal brought for him by Bapusaheb Jog. He gave it to Balvant also. The midday arti was a little late as Megha is not well and it being Til Sankranti the Parosas were late. By the time & we returned and had our midday meal it was 4 P.M. Then Dixit read Ramayan, but we did not make much progress. In the afternoon when I went Sayin Baba did not admit any body so I took a turn by Bapusaheb Jog ’s quarters and went in time for evening namaskar. The Tahasildar of Khandwa is still here & gradually falling into the routine of the place. One Mr Gupte has come with his brother & family. He says he is distantly related to my friend Baba Gupte of Thana. I sat talking with him. In the evening there was Sheja Arti, Bhishma ’s Bhajan and Dixits Ramayana. We all celebrated the Sankranti on a small scale.

1912 15 January Monday

I got up early in the morning prayed and attended the Kakad arti which was a little later than usual as Megha having been unwell could not get up in time to blow the conch-shell. Sayin Maharaj did not say a word as he got up & left the Chavadhi. The Tilgul of which I ate a little yesterday appears to have affected me injuriously. Upasani Shastri & Bapusaheb Jog did not come soon. So I sat writing letters. When Sayin Maharaj went out he asked me how I spent the morning, which was a mild rebuke for not having read & contemplated. I went to see him again when he returned & he was very kind. He commenced a long story and kept on as if speaking to me, but I felt sleepy all the time & did not understand any thing of the story. I was told afterwards that the story was a very thinly veiled recital of the events that actually happened in the life of Gupte. So he said. The mid-day arti was late and it was 3 P.M. by the time we returned and had our meals. I lay down a bit & then attended Dixits Puran. Later on we went to the Masjid but were told to salute from a distance, which we accordingly did. Sayin Baba came for his stroll & we saluted as usual. Dixit had an illumination of Masjid yesterday & repeated it today also. At night there was the usual Bhajan of Bhishma & Purana of Dixit.

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Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde