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1912 16 January Tuesday

In the morning I got up as usual, prayed and commenced the daily routine with Puranamrit. It is a very celebrated Marathi work on Vedanta. Upasani reads I, Bapusaheb Jog, Bhishma & Rama Maruti listen. It is exceedingly nice and I give explanations whenever necessary. I was able to see Sayin Maharaj go out but was late in going to see him after he returned to Masjid. He not only showed no displeasure but treated me with positive kindness & I sat serving. The Midday Arti was late as Megha is ill & was not ordered to come soon. He did so at last, and by the time we returned and had our meals, it was nearly 4 P.M. Dixit read a little of Ramayana, & then we went to see Sayin Saheb at the Masjid. He did not permit us to sit long & came out himself, and finished his usual stroll in a hurry and ordered us to return to the Wada. We could not understand it but on returning to the Wada learnt that Hari, a servant of Dixit, who felt indisposed the other day, died.

We sent for Upasani who understands medicine but he could not be found. That the man was dead, there could be no doubt about. We did the usual arti in the Wada, & attended the Sheja-Arti. Sayin Maharaj was particularly gracious at the latter and sent out wonderful currents of joy & instruction.

He favoured Rama Maruti similarly. We returned very much pleased and then a little before mid-night, could perform the obsequies of the servant Hari. It was difficult to procure fuel. Bapaji managed it some how & then the body was cremated. The thing would not have been so difficult had Madhavarao Deshpande been here, but he went to Nagar in the afternoon to fetch his wife & children. The funeral took a long time. We could neither have the usual Bhajan of Bhishma ,not the Puran of Dixit.

1912 17 January Wednesday

I got up very early saw Bapusaheb Jog go out to bathe. I finished my prayers in the meantime. Then we went to the Chavadhi for Kakad Arti. Megha was too ill to attend. So Bapusaheb Jog did the arti. Sayin Baba showed his face & smiled most benignly. It is worth while spending years here to see it even once. I was overjoyed & stood gazing like mad. After we returned Narayan Rao’s son Govinda & brother Bhau went by a cart to Kopargaon en route to Hoshanjabad, and I commenced my daily routine. I wrote a few lines & then read Paramamrit with Upasani & Bapusaheb Jog. We saw Sayin Maharaj go out & again after he returned to Masjid. He gave me silent instructions but like a fool I did not understand them. On returning to the Wada, I felt disconsolate & melancholy without cause. Balvant also felt sad & said that he wished to leave Shiradi. I asked him to ask Sayin Baba & then decide. I lay down for a while after meals & then wished to listen to Dixit ’s Ramayan but Sayin Baba sent for him &he had to go. Somehow then we made no progress.

Tahasildarsaheb Prlhad Ambadas of Khandwa today asked for & obtained permission to return. There is Mr Paté of Jalgaon & LIngayat with him. They may go away tomorrow. We saw Sayin Baba during his evening stroll. He was in very good mood. At night there was the usual Bhajan of Bhishma & Dixit ’s Ramayana. During the arti in the wada, I understood the instructions given in the morning & then felt happy.

1912 18 January Thursday

There is much to record today. I got up very early, prayed & finding it yet wanting about an hour to the dawn, I lay down and got up in time to see the sunrise. I, Upasani, Bapusaheb Jog & Bhishma read Paramamrita. Tahasildarsaheb Pralhad Ambadas, Mr Paté & his companion (Lingayat) returned to their places. The latter two got permission just in time to start. We saw Sayin Baba go out & again after he returned to Masjid. He treated me very kindly & while I was serving, he told me two or three tales. He said many people came to take his money. He never resisted but let them take it way. He only noted their names & followed them. When they, got down for their meals, he killed them & brought his money back. The other story was that there was a blind man. He used to live near the Takia here. A man enticed away his wife, & eventually murded the blind man. Four hundred men assembled at the Chavadhi & condemned him. They ordered him to be decapitated. This order was carried out, by the village hangman who did the work out of some motive & not merely as a piece of duty. So the murder in the reincarnation was born as the son of the hangman.

He then commenced another tale. In the meantime a stranger Fakir came & touched Sayin Baba ’s feet. Sayin Baba felt very angry or rather showed that he was so and shook off the Fakir who showed great tenacity & persistence without losing his own equanimity. At last he went out & stood near the compound wall on the outside. Sayin Baba was angry & threw away the arti utensils and the dishes full of food brought by his worshippers. He lifted up Ram Maruti Bwa who declared afterwards that he felt very happy & as if sent off to higher regions. One Bhagya & a villager were also roughly handled by Sain Maharaj. Sitaram brought the arti and we finished the arti in the usual though a somewhat hurried way. Martand son of Mahalapat showed great presence of mind & prevented confusion by directing that the arti should be finished where it was begun. He did so when Sayin Baba moved out of his usual place. Before finishing Sayin Baba resumed his seat & all went much as usual, except that “Udi ” was distributed wholesale & not individually. He was not really angry of course and did the whole thing as a “Lila ”. The whole affair made us late & there was the feast given by Tatya Patil for the death of his father as a part of the obsequies So we did not finish our meals till about 6.30 P.M. It must have been a bit later for after it there was no time to do anything and we went to see the Sayin Maharaj come out for his stroll. He did so as usual & we saluted him as usual. There was the usual Arti in the wada. Megha was too ill to stand up & Sayin Baba foretold his end during the night. We then attended the Chavadhi procession it being the evening for it. I held the morchal as usual, and everything went on smooth. Sitaram did the arti. At night there was the Bhajan of Bhishma & Ramayan of Dixit.

P.S. I forgot to mention above that during the torrent of hard words that Sayin Maharaj poured out today he repeatedly said that he had saved my son Balvant, and then often repeated the phrase “Fakir wished to kill Dadasaheb (meaning me) but I would not permit it.” He mentioned one more name but I can not recall it now.

1912 19 January Friday

This was a very sad day. I got up very early &after finishing my prayers discovered that it yet wanted an hour or so to day break. So I lay down and was aroused for Kakad Arti by Bapusaheb Jog. Dixit Kaka told me that Megha died about 4 a.m. The Kakad Arti was done but Sayin Maharaj did not show his face clear & did not appear to open his eyes. He never threw any glances spreading grace. After we returned arrangements were made for the cremation of Megha ’s body. Sayin Baba came just as the body was being brought out and loudly lamented his death. His voice was so touching that brought tears to every eye. He followed the body up to the bend in the made road near the village & then went his usual way. Megha ’s body was taken under the Bada tree & consigned to flames there. Sayin Baba could be distinctly heard lamenting his death even at that distance & he was seen waving his hands & swaying as if in arti to say goodbye. There was a good supply of dry fuel & flames soon rose very high. Dixit Kaka, myself Bapusaheb Jog, Upasani, Dada Kelkar & all else here were there & praised the lot of Megha that his body was seen & touched by Sayin Baba on the head heart & shoulders & feet by him. After finishing the ceremonies we ought to have sat praying but Bapusaheb Jog came & I sat talking with him. When later I went to see Sayin Baba, he asked me how I spent the afternoon I was very sorry to confess that I had wasted it in talking. This was a lesson to me. I remembered how Sayin Baba foretold his death three days ago “This is the last arti of Megha,” how Megha felt that he had completed his service and was passing away, how he shed tears to think that he could not see Sathé whom he regarded as his Guru, and how he directed that the cows of Sayin Baba should be let loose. He never expressed any other wish. We all admired his life of extreme devotion & I was sorry that I did not rest in prayer but listened to meaningless talk. Bhishma & my son Balvant are not well. So there was no Bhajan. Dixit Kaka read Ramayan at night. Gupte his brother &their families left this morning for Bombay.

1912 20 January Saturday

In the morning I got up in time to say my prayers before day break and commence the routine of life here to suit every body else. The day promised to be pleasant & so it turned out. I read Paramamrit with Bapusaheb Jog Upasani & Ram Maruti. Bhishma & my son Balvant are unwell. We saw Sayin Maharaj go out & again after he returned. He sat chatting pleasantly. Presently a Jahagirdar of a village somewhere here about, came & Sayin Baba would not let him approach much less worship. Many people interceded for him in vain. Appa Kotya came & did his utmost to secure at least the usual kind of Puja for the Jahagirdar & Sayin Baba relented so far as to let him enter the Masjid and worship the pillar near the fire-place, but he would not give Udi. I thought Sayin Baba would get angry but he did not and our mid-day Arti passed off in the usual way. Bapusaheb Jog has been ordered by Sayin Baba to do all the artis at all times. I predicted this result two days before Megha passed off. After the midday meal I sat reading the newspapers.

Dixit ’s younger brother who practices at Khandwa came this morning & his Bombay agent came in the afternoon. Dixit ’s brother tried to induce Dixit to return to work in vain. He applied to Sayin Baba, but Sayin Baba left the whole matter to Dixit himself. Bapusaheb Jog has also got four guests. The husband of his wife ’s sister who is the chief Treasury officer at Sangli has come here with his whole family on his way back from the Delhi Darbar His wife wished to take Mrs Bapusaheb Jog with her but Sayin Maharaj would not permit it. We saw Sayin Saheb as he came out for his evening stroll. Then there was the Wada Arti & later on the Shej Arti. Dixit read Ramayan as usual. There was no Bhajan as Bhishma is indisposed & my son Balvant is slightly worse. There is here Mr Moreshwar Janardas Patharé with his wife. He is the victim of paralysis & have suffered much. Joshi of Wasai has come & brought some printed copies of the prayers sung here.

1912 21 January Sunday

I got up & attended the Kakad Arti. There were all the usual people except Bala Simpi. After the arti Sayin Baba followed the usual custom of using hard words against the internal enemies, by naming them as Appa Kotya, Telis, Waman Tatya etc. I read Parmamrit with Bapusaheb Jog Upasani, & Rama Maruti. The guest of Bapusaheb Jog from Sangali attended our class. His name is Limayé. We saw Sayin Baba go out & again after he returned to the Masjid. While we were at the Masjid Madhavarao Deshpande returned from Nagar. There was Dadasaheb Karandikar with him, & a gentleman of Baroda. I was very much surprised to see Karandikar. It appears he came to Nagar on a case & meeting Madhavarao Deshpande there decided to see Sayin Baba. We sat talking. Since getting into the council, he is convinced of the insincerity of Gokhale & western professions. He returned to Nagar about 4.30 P.M. The Limayes also went. Permission was refused to them at first but subsequently granted by Sayin Baba. Sadashivarao Dixit wished to go only but was told to depart tomorrow morning with his family, children & Rama Maruti. We saw Sayin Baba at the evening stroll and had Dixits Ramayan after the evening arti at the Wada.

1912 2 January Monday

In the morning I got up early & prayed, & saw Sadashiva Rao Dixit, Haralal & Ram Maruti & the ladies of the first and the children Babu & Subhadra whom we call Subhi off. They got permission to return last night. Then I began the routine of the day & read Paramrita with Bapusaheb Jog, Upasani, & Bhishma who is slightly better day. My son Balvant had two motions this morning. They will do him immense good. We saw Sayin Maharaj go out & again after he returned During the course of the worship he put two flowers in his two nostrils & put two others between his ears & the head. My attention was drawn to this by Madhavarao Deshpande. I thought this was an instruction. Sayin Baba repeated the same thing a second time & when I interpreted it a second time in my own mind, he offered the chilam to me & this confirmed me. He said something which I noted instantly & particularly wished to remember but it went clean out of my mind & no efforts made all through the day could bring it back. I am most surprized as this is the first experience of the kind. Sayin Baba also said that his order was supreme (Bala)which I understood to mean that I need not be anxious about the health of my son. By the time the mid-day arti was finished & we returned, I found Mrs Laxmi Bai Kaulgi standing in front of my lodging. I was very glad to see her. She arrived at the Masjid just as I left & saluted Sayin Maharaj. The latter showed special favour by letting her worship then. After meals I lay down for a few minutes and Dixit read Ramayan & some gatha of Nath Maharaj. Upasani was present & Mrs Laxmi Bai Kaulgi attended the class. She joined in the conversation & appeared to be well informed in Vedanta. We saw Sayin Baba at the evening stroll & again at Sheja Arti. Laxmibai sang a few songs. She is an aunt (mavasi) of RadhaKrishna Bai. At night at my request she did a little Bhajan & Dixit read Ramayan.

1912 23 January Tuesday

I got up in time for the Kakad Arti and finished my prayers a little after day break. Sayin Baba today in leaving his bed did not say even a single word, but when we saw him go out as usual, he showed a very jocose mood, noticing the absence of Kaka Dixit, said he was busy clearing his bowels. When he appeared Sayin Saheb said “you did not clear yourself but thought you would bow to me first.” We laughed all returned I read Parmamrit with Upasani & Bapusaheb Jog & Bhishma & then went to see Sayin Baba at the Masjid. He was in a reticent mood & never said a word and the midday arti passed off quietly. After it we returned & had our meals. Madhavarao has obtained permission to send Sayin Baba ’s photo & Udi to Hon Mrs Russell. I wished to write to her but did not feel myself in the mood and sat talking with a school master who has come here recently with his family to see Sayin Baba. Dixit read Ramayana & then we went to see Sayin Baba at his evening stroll. He did not say much even then. At night Bhishma for the first time in this week, had his Bhajan. Some young men of the village also came to sing Bhajan & then Dixit read Ramayan.

Mrs Laxmi Bai Kaulgi thinks of staying here always & Sayin Baba said she might do so for good. My son Balvant perspired this morning a little.

1912 24 January Wednesday

Somehow I overslept myself this morning. This made me late for everything. I had to hurry through all my usual routine. Somehow Mr Dixit was also late & every body appeared to be in the same predicament. We saw Sayin Baba go out & then read Paramamrit with Upasani, Bhishma & Bapusaheb Jog. I then went to the Masjid to see Sayin Baba. Laxmi Bai Kaulgi attended our Paramrit class & went to the Masjid after I reached. Sayin Baba called her his mother-in-law & made a joke about her saluting him. This gave me the idea that she has been accepted by him as a disciple. The midday arti passed off in the usual way rather quietly. On my return from it I found Mr Sané Mamledar of Kopargaon sitting in the verandah. He was doing revenue work in connection with the extension of Gasthan & removal of the cemetery & burning ghat. After meal I tried to write a few letters but sat talking with Mr Sané. Then Mr Dixit read Ramayan and later on I went to the Masjid to see Sayinsaheb, but as all were dismissed soon, I took Udi & stood near the Chavadhi. I met there the Mahomedan Kabripauthi gentleman who came to Amravati sometime ago with Sathaye & Asnaré. In the evening there was the Arti at the Wada and then Sheja Arti at the Chavadhi. I held the Morachal as usual.

1912 25 January Thursday

Madhavarao Deshpande woke me up in the morning & said that he had to call me more than once before I answered his call. I prayed & attended the Kakad Arti. Sayin Baba walked to the Masjid in silence On return we held our Parmamrit class with Upasani, Bapusaheb Jog, Bhishma & Mrs Kaulgi. We finished the chapter on Mahavakya Viveka. Then we saw Sayinsaheb both when he went out & after he returned to Masjid. The midday arti went off as usual & Sayinsaheb gave me smoke very often. After meals I lay down for a while & then we had Ramayan. Dixit read it, & later on went to see Sayin Baba. He was in a pleased mood. At night there was the Wada Arti, Bhishma ’s Bhajan & Dixit ’s Ramayan. I may mention the fact that in the evening at strol time Sayin Baba told me nearly the whole previous history of Mrs Laxmi Bai Kaulgi. I knew it to be correct as I knew the facts.

1912 26 January Friday

In the morning I got up very early by myself and miscalculating the time it wanted to sun-rise, I said my prayers & walked up & down in the verandah. I found that I was before time by about an hour & a half. After sunrise I began the routine of life here & went out. Then found that Dhande Baba had arrived from Poona. I naturally sat talking with him. He showed me the latest letter of Tilak. At last the coronation has come & gone without seeing him out of jail. We sat talking about him & Dr Garde who has needlessly got up some trouble just now and wishes particularly to harm me. We read a little of Paramamrita, saw Sayin Baba go out & again after he returned. I felt unwell so I lay down for a while. Dhande Baba went away about 4 P.M. We had our afternoon Ramayan read by Dixit and then went to see Sayin Baba & walked in front of the Chavadhi. At night there was the Wada Arti & Sheja-Arti, Bhishma ’s Bhajan & Ramayana of Dixit. I received some English letters today.

1912 27 January Saturday

I got up early in the morning prayed & attended the Kakad arti. Sayin Baba did not quite go to the Masjid without a word & yet he did not say much. I, Upasni, Bhishma & Bapusaheb Jog read Paramamrit, saw Sayin Saheb go out & again after he returned. The mid-day arti passed off easy and after it we had our meals as usual I lay down a while, then wrote a letter, and attended afternoon Ramayan read by Dixit. We saw Sayin Baba at his stroll & he spoke pleasantly though in a serious mood. Towards its end he spoke loud & angry and I am told that after dark he spoke louder still, making an occasion for the exhibition of his anger of the fact that Ibrahim, they stood near the Khind with his hands on the breach of the wall. Sayin Saheb's clothes were also washed by Radha Krishna Bai & he was angry with her for having done so. Balabhau Joshi went today to Poona to read for the pleaders examination. He was not present at the Wade Arti. After it Bhishma had his Bhajan in the hall & Dixit read Ramayan there. I shall sleep in the verandah. All traces of cold weather are fast disappearing here.

1912 28 January Sunday

I slept very well last night & got up in time to pray before day break & commence the routine of the day. I went about 8 a.m. to the temple of Khandoba where Upasani lives & sat talking with him. It is a nice little place. We held our Parmamrit class in the quarters of Bapusaheb Jog, as talking & discussing Vendantic subjects in the verandah of my lodgings disturbs my son Balvant.

We saw Sayin Maharaj go out & again after he returned to the Masjid. He asked me how we spent the morning & I gave him an account of what we did. He appeared to be in a pleased mood and the mid-day arti passed off easy except that Radha Krishna Bai appeared to be put out and vexed & she closed the doors So the arti things could not be got at soon. After the midday meal, I lay down for a while, then wrote a letter and attended the Puran of Ramayan by Dixit. Then we went & saw Sayin Maharaj at his evening stroll. Then there was Wada Arti, but no Bhajan as Bhishma was unwell At night Dixit read Ramayan, after we returned from Shejarti.

1912 29 January Monday

I got up very early in the morning prayed & found that I was a bit too early but I kept on & attended the Kakad Arti. On my return I began the routine of the day. About 9 A.M. I went to Bapusaheb, with him & Upasani, began the Parmamrit, but most unaccountably I felt so sleepy that I could make no progress. At last I returned to my lodgings & lay down and fell asleep so long that I did not get up till 12.30 or 1 P.M. Madhavarao Deshpande & others tried to awaken me for the Arti & called me aloud but I did not respond. At last they went to the Arti & somehow the matter reached the ears of Sayinsaheb & he said that he would awaken me. Somehow I got up as the arti was being finished and attended the closing portion of it. I felt ashamed of having slept so long. I felt drowsy during the rest of the day. Narayan Rao Bamangankar came today from Sholap. He is a nice young man & I sat talking with him. Then in the afternoon I attended the Purana of Dixit & saw Sayin Saheb at the evening stroll. I had seen him when he went out between 9 & 10 A.M. In the evening there was the Bhajan of Bhishma & afterwards the Puran of Dixit. He read Ramayan as usual.

1912 30 January Tuesday

I got up early but did not like to leave bed & begin work for fear of becoming again overcome by sleep as I was yesterday. I left bed before day break, finished by prayers and went to Bapusaheb Jog for our Parmamrit class. Upasani Shastri, Mrs Kaulgi & Bapusaheb were there & we made very good progress. We saw Sayin Baba go out & saw him again after he returned to the Masjid. He asked me how I spent the morning & I gave him an account of what we did. After the mid-day arti, I returned & we had our meal. After it I sat reading the dailies & then wrote a few letters. Later on Mr Dixit read Ramayan. Bhishma & Madhavarao Deshpande attended the reading.

Some two men of this village & the younger brother of Sitaram Denglé also came & sat talking after the reading was finished. One of them recited a Chhanda on Ramayan. Then I went to see Sayin Baba at the Masjid & he again asked how I spent the afternoon. When I mentioned my writing letters, he smiled & said “It is better moving your hands than sitting idle.” We saw him have his evening stroll, and at night attended the Sheja-Arti. There was no Bhajan tonight but reading of Bhagavat took up all its time, and Dixit read Ramayana at night.

1912 February 1 Thursday

I was somewhat late in getting up but was able to finish my prayer &.in time to attend the Parmamrit class. The work was finished today & we shall begin to revise it tomorrow I then went to the Masjid, sat with Sayin Maharaj & accompanied him out up to Sathe’s Wada. People assembled there as usual to salute him. I joined their group, saluted him and returning to Bapusaheb Jog’s quarters, commenced Panchadasi & explained the first ten verses which really contain the whole work in germinal form. Then I returned to my quarters wrote a few letters & had them sent off, and went to the Masjid to attend the mid-day Arti. It passed off all right. Mr Manekachand of Ahmednagar who has this year taken the degree of LL.B. came there & stayed here the whole day. We had our meals after we returned from the Arti. I sat reading Jnyaneshwari edited by Sakhrebwa.

Unfortunately, like the other editions, it does not solve all my difficulties. Later on Mr Dixit read Ramayan. Mr Sané Mamledar of Shirdi, and Mr Sathé, Dy Collector & Sub-divisional officer came & sat talking for sometime. We resumed our Ramayan after they went and in the evening went to the Masjid to meet Sayin Baba at his evening stroll. After the Wada Arti, we attended the Sheja- Arti, Bhishma did not have his Bhajan but read Sakharoru’s Prakrit Bagavat & at night Mr Dixit read Ramayan. Today evening when we assembled at the Masjid before Sayin Baba started on his stroll, Sayin Saheb told Mr Dixit to give two hundred Rupees to my wife who was there champooing the legs of Sayinsaheb. This order was unaccountable. Has it come to this that I have to be maintained by charity!!! I prefer death to this. Sayin Saheb I think wishes to curb & finally destroy my pride. So he is getting me used to poverty and the charity of others.

1912 February 2 Friday

I got up for the Kakad Arti, and after it ,we held our Parmamrit class but somehow fell to speak of Panchadasi and commenced to read it. It is about the best work on the subject &none can take precedence of it. I went to see Sayin Maharaj before he went out & accompanied him up to Sathe’s Wada. & afterwards attended the mid-day Arti. Today I got a letter from Amravati asking me to return to practice. I told Madhavarao Deshpande to ask Sayin Maharaj & he promised to do so. After the midday meal I lay down for a while. Then Mr Dixit read Ramayan & later on we went to see Sayin Baba go out for a stroll. We returned soon after it and at night there was Bhishma’s Bhajan & Dixit ’s Ramayan.

1912 February 3 Saturday

I was late in getting up and it appeared that there was a waive of laziness. Bapusaheb Jog was late, so was Mr Dixit and nearly every body else. After finishing my prayers I went to the Masjid but Sayin Baba told me to take Udi without entering it. I did so & proceeding to the quarters of Bapusaheb Jog, sat reading Panchadasi with him, Upasani & Mrs Kaulgi. We went on reading till midday & then went to Sayin Babas Arti. After it we had our midday meal. I had a little rest and then sat reading “Dasa-Bodha ”. Mr Dixit read Ramayan in the afternoon. Ganoba Aba, a local devotee of Sayin Baba, came to hear it. He knows a large number of verses & has many by heart.

We went & saw Sayin Baba at his stroll. Madhavarao Deshpande told me that he asked Sayin Baba about my returning to Amravati, and the latter declined the necessary permission saying he was an old man & did not like to lose his “about ”. He said that some two hundred men went to a neighbouring town & were taken up as rioters; that Madhavarao’s name was introduced into the list of rioters, for nothing and that there was trouble about it. At night there was the Wada Arti & the Sheja Arti and I attended both. Bhishma had no Bhajan but read Bhagavat instead &then there was Ramayana of Dixit.

1912 February 4 Sunday


In the morning I got up early, attended the Kakad Arti and then finished my prayer. As I was bathing two gentlemen came enquiring about Narayan Rao Bamangaonkar. They were Lingayat Shastris. The eldest being known as Shivanand Shastri. There are two ladies with them. These ladies are Brahmans. The eldest of them is called Brahmanand Bai. Some three years ago she met a Luigayat lady by name Nijanand Bai at Nasik. She was an advanced yogini and instructed Brahmanand Bai. We all saw Sayin Maharaj go out & again after he returned to the Masjid. Brahmanand Bai worshipped him and sang two Artis very exquisitely. After the midday arti I had my meal & lay down for a while. Then there was the Puran of Mr Dixit, and then we went to see Sayin Baba at his evening stroll. After the Wada arti at night Mr Dixit had his Purana & then Bhishma had his Bhajan. The ladies Brahmanandbai & her companion sang very beautifully & we all enjoyed the Bhajan very much. Shivanand Shastri also sang. The Shastris & the ladies come from Nasik. The are permanent inhabitants of the place.

1912 February 5 Monday

In the morning, just as I finished my prayers, Rajarampant Dixit came from Nagpur. He is the elder brother of Kakasaheb Dixit. He went to see Sayin Saheb. I attended our class where we read Panchadasi and a verse of Amritanubhava with Bapusaheb Jog, Upasani Shastri, Shivanand Shastri, Brahmanand Bai & others. We saw Sayin Saheb go out & went to the Masjid after he returned. He was very king to me, said a few words & in dismissing the company after Arti, called me by name, told me to shake off my sloth and look after all the ladies & children. Mrs Laxmi Bai Kaulgi was given today a piece of bread and told to go & eat with RadhaKrishna Bai. This is a great food fortune. She will be happy hereafter. I invited Shivand Shastri, Brahmanand Bai & all with them, to have their mid-day meal with us. After it I lay down for a few minutes. Then Dixit read
Ramayan & later we went to see Sayin Maharaj at his stroll. After the Wada Arti, there was the Sheja-Arti and at night Brahmananda Bai did the Bhajan very excellently. It was continued till after midnight. The subject of my going is broached today. It may be decided tomorrow.

1912 February 6 Tuesday

I got up & attended the Kakad Arti. Madhavarao Deshpande said that I would get permission to return home today. So I went with him & Bamangaonkar to Sayin Saheb about 7.30 A.m. and Sayin Saheb told us to come again in the afternoon. So We returned & I began the routine of the day. I Upasani & Bapusaheb Jog read Panchadasi saw Sayin Maharaj go out & attended the mid-day Arti. Brahmanandi Bai sang an Arti & a few Padas there. Bapusaheb Jog went today to Kopargaon to get his pension so the arti was finished. After the mid-day meal I & Bamangaonkar went to the Masjid. Kakasaheb Dixit was there. Sayin Saheb said that we might go tomorrow. Madhavarao Deshpande also came there. Sayin Saheb said that he had been considering long & thinking day & night. All were thieves, but we had to deal with them. He said he prayed to God night & day for their improvement or removal but God delays and apparently does not approve of the attitude & grant the prayer. He will wait for a month or two & then see but whether living of dead he will have what he has been praying for. He will not go to Teli or Wani & never beg of them. People are not good & devoted. They are unsettled in mind & so on.

He added that a few friends would gather together talk divine wisdom & sit & contemplate. He mentioned a few thousand Rupees but I do not remember in what connection he said it. I then returned & we had the Ramayan Puran by Dixit. Later on we went to see him come out for his stroll He was in a pleased mood. Mr Rajarampant Dixit went away today to Khandawa. Upasani Shastri lost his wife. The sad news came by letter I, Dixit & Madhavarao went to Upasani, condoled with him and brought him to the Wada. Fakir Baba appears to have asked about my going away & Sayin Baba answered that I told him that I would go tomorrow. When my wife spoke about my going, Sayin Baba said that I did not ask for permission personally, so he could not say. I happened to go there soon after & Sayin Baba said that I could not go away without taking five hundred Rupees from Dada Bhat & two hundred from some one else, & making them all over to him. At night the Wada Arti was a bit late as Bapusaheb Jog had to return from Kopargaon. Brahmanand Bai & Shivanand Shastri did Bhajan. So did Bhishma.

1912 February 7 Wednesday

I got up early, prayed, and held our Panchadasi class as usual. I did not go to Sayin Maharaj to ask for permission. We saw him go out & I went to the Masjid after he returned. I found that Sayin Maharaj was sitting & in the yard a man was exhibiting tricks taught by him to a monkey. There was also a professional singer & dancer. She had a good voice & gave religious songs. Later on came, Brahmananda Bai, her companion Sulubai & Shivanand Shastri. They did the Puja & Brahmanand Bai whom they call Mazisaheb, sang very beautifully. Sayin Saheb ordered the Pat & to be brought & when all was arranged & we stood at our posts, Mazisaheb again rendered two songs so excellently that we stood spell-bound. I think Sayinsaheb liked them. Then we did the usual Arti & returned for our midday meal. Mazisaheb & her people fed at my lodgings. After the meal Bamangaonkar & Mazisaheb with all her people went to Sayinsaheb to ask for permission to return. Mazisaheb and Salubai got the permission & went away by cart. Shivanand Shastri & Bamangaonkar were detained by Sayin Maharaj & stayed. I lay down & had a good nap. Then Mr Dixit read Ramayan & after it I read Dasabodha by myself. We all saw Sayinsaheb have his evening stroll, and after the Wada Arti, We attended the Sheja-Arti. At night Bhishma read Bhagavat and Mr Dixit read Ramayana.

1912 February 8 Thursday

I got up for Kakad Arti, & after it began the routine of the day. Narayan Rao Bamangaonkar got permission to return. So he had some-things for delivery at Amravati from my wife, & actually left by a tonga. Before he star, Ganpatrao, the son of the Karthari of my relation Mulatik of Satara came with the customary presents of Sesamum for Tilsankrant. They consist of very artistically made things out of sugared sesamum. Balvant for the first time in these three weeks, ventured out as far as the Masjid & put his head on the feet of Sayin Maharaj. He has improved so far. Ganpatrao wishes my son Balvant to go with him to Satara for Ranga Panchami. I referred him to Sayin Saheb. The midday arti went off as usual except towards the end, when Sayinsaheb exhibited anger. We spent the afternoon as usual in Dixit reading Ramayan & I reading to myself Das Bodh. We held our Panchadasi class also in the morning. We saw Sayin Saheb at his evening stroll. One Mr Kulkarni has come here from Bombay. He has a laboratory there where he tests ores etc. He said he saw me at Surat in 1907. We sat talking about old things. At Bhishma had his Bhajan & Dixit read Ramayan.

1912 February 9 Friday

I got up as usual, prayed, and attended the Panchadasi class. During it We saw Sayin Maharaj go out. After finishing the class I went to the Masjid. Sayin Baba was in very good mood. The young boy Kishya whom we call Pisya came there as usual. On seeing him Sayin Saheb that Pisya saw a Rohilla in his previous birth, that he was a very good man, that he prayed long and came as guest to Sayin Saheb’s grand father. The latter had a sister who used to live separate. That Sayin Saheb was a young boy himself then & playfully suggested that the Rohilla should marry her. This was to be and she did eventually marry her. The Rohilla lived there with his wife for a long time and ultimately went away with her, no body knew where. He died and Sayin Saheb put him into the womb of his present mother. Pisya, he said, would by very fortunate and the protector of thousands. The Midday Arti passed off as usual. During it Sayinsaheb said something to Shivanand Shastri & made signs. The Shastri unfortunately did not catch their import. Sayin Saheb made signs to Bapusaheb Jog also. Mr Oke pleader of Thana is here. I asked him to remember me to Baba Gupte & other friends. In the afternoon there was Ramayan read by Mr Dixit as usual. Then we went to see Sayin Saheb go out for his stroll and in the evening attended the Sheja Arti after the Wada Arti. At night Bhishma read Bhagavat & Dixit read Ramayana.

1912 February 10 Saturday

I attended Kakad Arti in the morning. Ganpatrao obtained permission this morning to go to Satara with my son Balvant. Madhava Rao Deshpande was with them at the time. I, Bapusaheb Jog Upasani & Mrs L Kaulgi, had our Panchadasi class & after it I went to the Masjid. Sayin Baba was in a very pleasant mood and said that his body had been severed from his legs, that he can raise up the former but not the latter. He said he had a fight with the Teli, that when he was young he raised money for family purposes and agreed to serve the creditor to repay the debt, but he found he could not work, so he applied marking nut to his eyes & another irritant (Shar) to his body and became ill. He was laid up for a year, but as soon as he recovered, he worked night and day & paid off the debt.

He sat talking very pleasantly but towards the end of the mid-day Arti, began to exhibit signs of impatience. Mr Gadre pleader of Nassik is here. I met him in Dixit’s Wada & sat talking with him. I knew him before. Mr Dixit read Ramayan in the afternoon & at night. Bhishma had Bhajan in the evening. Ganpat Rao & my son Balvant went today to Amravati. From there they will proceed to Satara. We naturally miss them much.

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