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Shirdi Sai Baba Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde 3
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 1910, 8 December Thursday- Shirdi.

In the morning after prayer, we saw Sayin saheb as usual when he was going out. Later on we went to see him in the afternoon but had to turn back as he was washing his feet. Babasaheb Sahasrabuddhe, myself & my son and Mr. Pradhan who came this morning formed the company that went & had to return. Tatyasaheb Nulkar did not accompany us. Later on we went again, but Sayin Saheb dismissed us very soon. So we returned. He appeared very much engaged in thinking out something. At night, Sayinsaheb slept in the Chavadi & we went to see the procession. It was very nice. Pradhan mentioned above is a police officer, I believe, head constable. He was charged with extorting money & tried by the court of Sessions. He vowed to visit Sayin Maharaj if he was acquitted. He was acquitted & came to fulfill his vow. On seeing him Sayin Maharaj appeared affected & said “Why did you not stay a few days there? The poor people must have felt disappointed.” He repeated this twice. We learned afterwards that Pradhan’s friends pressed him to stay & that he did not comply with their request. He had never seen Sayinsaheb before & of course the latter could not have seen him before. The wonder is how Sayin Maharaj knew him & said what he did.

1910, 9 December Friday- Shirdi.

I & my son intended going away today. In the morning, after prayer when we went as usual to see Sayin Maharaj, he asked my son if he intended going away & added that we may go away. We thought the necessary permission had been granted & made ready to start. Baba packed all things, & engaged a spring cart & another to carry our things, & in the afternoon went to formally see the Sayin Maharaj before actually starting. On seeing me Sayinsaheb said “Do you really intend going?” I replied “I wish to go but not if you do not permit.” He said “Then you may go tomorrow or the day after. This is our house. The Wada is our house & why need any body be afraid while I am here. This is our house & you should look upon it as your own house.” I agreed to stay & countermanded all arrangements for departure. We sat down talking. Sayin Maharaj was in a very pleasant mood, & said many pleasant things but I am afraid, I did not understand him. A young man by name Shridhan Mongi came. He is very good & carefully brought up. Sayin Maharaj got him to stay on.

Mr. Pradhan is also very nice. We, i.e. I, Babasaheb Sahasrabuddhe & Pradhan went out for a long walk. My son Baba & Mr. Nulkar went out also with us but remained behind.

1910 10 December Saturday- Shirdi.

In the morning after prayer I told my son Baba never to mention anything about our going away to Sayin Maharaj. He knows all & would know when to send us away. As usual we Sayin Saheb as he was going out & later on when we went to the Masjid. Sayin Saheb was very much pleased and told the story of a former life of a young girl who was playing with him. He said she was an artist & died & was usual buried. Sayin Saheb passed that way & spent a night near her tomb. So she accompanied him. He kept her in a Babul tree and then brought her here. He said he was Kabir before & used to spin yarn. The conversation was exceedingly pleasant. In the afternoon Mr. Shridhan Paranjape of Wardha accompanied by one Mr Pandit, another doctor & a third, came. Mr Patwardhan junior of Ahmednagar was there. My son & he are old college friends. They all went to see Sayinsaheb & we all accompanied them. Sayinsaheb treated them, the same way as he treats every body, & and talked first of Teli, Marwadi ,etc. Then he talked of buildings that are being put up & added “The world is gone mad. Every man has acquired a peculiarity of evil thinking. I never put myself on an equality with any of them. So I never listen to what they say. Nay. I never reply. What should I reply.” He then distributed “Udi ” & told us to return to the wada. He singled out Patwardhan junior & told him to stay behind, as usual mentioning “tomorrow ” as the day of departure. I & Babasaheb Sahasrabuddhe returned to the wada. It appears Paranjape & his companions went to the lady Radhakrishna. Somehow Babasaheb Sahasrabuddhe went there, but apparently was not treated as he deserved to be. Bapu Saheb Jog ’s wife has been ill. She has benefited very much by what Sayinsaheb says & gives as medicine but apparently she lost patience today & wanted to go away -even Bapusaheb Jog, out of sheer helplessness agreed to let her go. Sayin Saheb, made repeated enquiries about her & when she was going. When, however, in the evening Bapusaheb Jog proposed to go formally to Sayinsaheb for asking permission, she said she felt better & did not wish to go. We wondered.


Part:  1  - 2  - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde