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Shirdi Sai Baba Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde 6

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1911 - 17, January Tuesday Amravati.

I had court work today so there was not much time to do any thing in the morning. After prayer I came into the hall as usual & finding Baba Palekar there, sat talking with him. He visited Shirdi & made my presents to Sayin Maharaj. The latter accepted them. In the course of conversation he remarked that he had not asked for sugarcanes for the last one thousand years & now that he did so, only three were brought to him. What could he do with them? He permitted Palekar & his companions to go away at once saying they could see God in a few days.

After breakfast I went to court with Gopalrao Dole &Palekar joined us on the way. I appeared before Mr Dighe & presented the written statement of Motilal Champalal. Then I went to additional Session ’s Judges Court and inspected the misl of the appeal to be argued tomorrow. Gopalrao Dole and Durrani helped me. It is an appeal purely on evidence. Then we returned home & I lay down for a while and wrote an English letter. Later on I sat reading. Asnari came & I sat talking with him about his recent trip in company with Palekar, Brahman & Ganorkar. He said the last tried to help the Palkhi at Alandi, by putting one of his shoulders to it. Then he thought he would give the other shoulder a chance & made the change but found the Palkhi very heavy and tiring. So he reproached himself & begged to be forgiven whereupon the Palkhi at once became light & he could carry it easily. Annasaheb Patwardhan was there & told the story of a Brahman who had Bramhastra taught to him by his guru.

A man encroached on his land and he could get no redress though he carried the matter to the Madras High Court. So the Brahman, one day, in reciting & giving oblations to the sun, by accident remembered the injustice. Therefrom the trespasser felt a burning sensation, fell ill, and reached the point of death. At last a Swami came & cured him and got the Brahman to renounce the Brahmastra at the root of a Shani tree. We sat talking a long time. V.K.Kale, Godbole, Braji Gokhale & others came & joined the conversation. I told them about Babasaheb Sahasrabuddhe’s conviction “inspite of himself ” as he says. He wrote to my son Baba and sent the letter with Baba Palekar who delivered it this morning. Sayin Maharaj won as he was bound to do. The case is wonderful as Babasaheb Sahasrabuddhe is a tough customer.

1911 - 21, January, Saturday  - Amravati.

I had court work today & got up early in the morning though not feeling well. I could not sleep as usual last night. There was not time to do much in the morning. A few clients came & Gopalrao Dorle read their papers. After breakfast I & Dorle went to court and appeared before Mr Price, in the appeal adjourned to today. Pandit Rao Joshi appeared on the other side. The court decided to examine a witness in appeal though he was cancelled by the other side in the L.C. This is very unusual & I pointed out the thing to the Court. The appeal was adjourned to 11th Feb next and I returned home, & not feeling well lay down. There is a kind of lumbago in my back & I felt uneasy. So I came out & lay in the long chair reading. Shriram came & sat talking about a matter that he was fighting in the Session ’s Court. A young man who has grown long matted hair & lets them fall all round his face & be something like a veil even on the eyes, came in a cart driven by himself. I noticed him near my house under one of the trees on the roadside. He drove into my compound. So I went near him & saluted as he was dressed as a Sadhu in saffron robe. At my request he came & sat down in my verandah. Mahadeva, who is an ex-post office officer was also present. Shriram thinks the Sadhu is a detective & hinted to me accordingly. The Sadhu said that he had seen me before. I replied that I remembered nothing. He said that was true, but he remembered it. To use his expression he said “the black dog has become white.” He sat talking of my visit to England, then asked that I should build a small house for him near Kondeshwar & I replied that I had not the means at present to comply with his request. Then he asked for Ganja .We sent for it & he had a smoke. He had his bulls fed, and towards dusk went away. V.K.Kale, & Karandikar came while he was sitting & joined in the conversation. We sat talking after he went about Sayin Maharaj of Sherdi till about 8.30 P.M.
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Shirdi Diary by Shri G.S.Khaparde