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Swami - The Ultimate Surgeon

We are the Children of Swami.  But at times we loose our faith on
Swami when we are succumbed with trouble and sorrow.  We get
irritated with Swami, we cry at Swami and of course, we even scold
Swami.  We forget that Swami is no one but the supreme Doctor.  There
is no difference between Swami and Surgeon.  Doctor works on our
physical body while Swami works on our Karma and cure the Karmic ailments.

When we go to the Doctor, he first examines us physically and
depending upon the ailment makes us to undergo certain tests and
according to the outcome, we are advised to undergo either oral
treatment or surgery or diet etc.  The strict adherence of doctor's
advise would help the patient to recover from the ailment at the
earliest.  Similarly, Swami enters into our heart, our life and gives
us wonderful darshans, accept our letters, provide us with meaningful
interviews etc.  Once he enters into our life completely his test and
treatment starts.  This should be the time when we all need to be
alert and careful.  His treatment for the karmic ailments varies
between people to people according to their karmic levels.  We should
be confident and patient enough to allow Swami to work in his own way
to get rid of all our karmic problems.  We should be aware that
nothing would go wrong as our life is in the hands of the Divine Doctor. 

Our diet should be namasmarana and our prescription should be
patience.  When Doctor prescribes bitter tablets and cut our body
with sharp knife to do the surgery, we never blame him for putting us
through the ordeal.  Similarly, when Swami does the same with our
karmic body, we should allow him to do the same.  The treatment of
Swami is for our liberation from this karmic world.  Swami is here
not to please us by manifesting pendants and rings and other
talisman.  Swami is here for the mankind to get out of the cycle of
birth and death.  We are all carrying a huge gunny bag of ill and
good karmas that we have earned in our previous births.  It would
take time to get rid of all those karmas to attain the liberation. 
When a lamp covered with glass guard, it obviously gets dirty with
the black smoke from the lamp.  If we do not clean the glass then and
there, it would be difficult to clean the same at a later date.  It
would take more time to clean and make the glass to glow.  Our karma
is the lamp and our mind is the glass.  Since we do not cleanse our
mind properly, the karma is accumulating and Swami has taken up the
job of cleansing our mind.

Just as when the treatment is discontinued in between would cause
side effects in our physical body, getting impatient and leaving
Swami will also cause delay in our liberation.  Because of His Divine
Blessings, we are all fortunate enough to live in the same era when
our Swami is in this world in physical form.  Though millions and
millions of people are living in this world, all of them are not
aware of Swami. Only few of us are blessed to have the darshan,
sparshan and sambashan with Swami.  Let us all utilise this rare
opportunity and get liberated from this physical mundane world and
reach his Divine Holy Feet and enjoy the eternity.

yours  in Sai

Submitted by Usha Sridhar


Sai Baba The Doctor - Surgeon
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A pilgrim to Puttaparthi suddenly developed acute appendicitis. At the time, there was no hospital there nor was there a surgeon, so Sai Baba was asked to come to the room where the patient lay groaning. He waved his hand in the air and produced a surgical knife out of nowhere. A second wave materialized vibhuti which he used as an anaesthetic. With these aids he performed the operation to remove the inflamed appendix. Then the surgical knife vanished into thin air. He applied the vibhuti on the wound which healed immediately, leaving only a small scar.