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With love Man is God................Samuel H.Sandweiss,M.D

In May 1988, I asked Swami about playing a small role in the awakening of Russians to his presence, I asked him for permission to go to Russia to find a publisher for the Russian translation of my book.
After thinking for a moment he agreed. I made my first trip to Russia in October in 1988. At that  time, I had left the manuscript with some interested people, and eventually it found its way into publication.
There developed a growing number of Sai devotees in Russia and many heard of Swami through reading the book.Ten years later, I was formally invited to speak at the Russian National Conference to be held in May 1988.
My wife Sharon joined me. The conference was held at a campground 40 miles outside of Moscow, where approximately 300 devotees assembled. They came from all over Russia, from as far as from the Ukraine,St.Peters burg, the Ural mountain region, and places I had never hard before of.
Before the conference,Sharon and I spent three days in St.Peter burg. From the moment we were met at St.Peters burg airport to the time we left Moscow airport, loving sai devotees surrounded us.
We were driven everywhere, and always an interpreter who helped with the sharing of Swami's love. Each day in St. Peters burg we spoke twice usually at  noon to a group of 20 to 40 people at the home of devotees and in the evening to a gathering of about 300 at a large hall called "The house of Friendship."
From  St.Peters burg, we traveled to the conference in Moscow, where we spent another three days. .In the early morning devotees quietly gathered in an old and worn.
A simple candle lit in the image of Sai on the alter.From the silence of this simple amid modest setting stirred a vibration of supreme holiness.
The first emanation of holy primordial OM brought chill. Vedanta teaches that all creation emanates from this holy vibration. In it, we were all one. Our loved and yearning for Swami were the same. Swami's universal love made us recognize that we are brothers and sisters under the fatherhood of God.
This OM was the same as I have heard in my own home as have now heard in my own home, in India,in Canada,all over the United States,in Mexico,and South America,through Europe and in Australia. It was the same OM filled with the same impulses,to be good that I have witnessed.
It was the same OM , filled with the same impulse to be good, that I have witnessed all over the world. It was the same OM that shows us that our yearning for love and Unity is universal and that we are one.The OM , now energized with devotion to Swami,was awakening divine courage in the Russian brothers and sisters.
What a wonderful, to see how Swami's love gave courage to my struggling Russian family. Their long history of suffering continues  today. Laws and taxes remain oppressive,making it difficult to succeed in business.
When asked what attracts them to Sai Baba, most reply that they feel his presence and protections, and know that he is always with them. This love brings great peace of mind and purity of heart and the power to persevere through profound suffering.
When experiencing this level of Sai potency, I have become aware that Swami actually has the power to bring peace to this war-torn world. I know that one day we will all thrill to major miracles of Sai's love that will one day bring mankind back to the right path.
Swami is allowing us to play a role in his mission to re-establish dharma on a firm footing at this dark time. He is awakening entire nations to God's love. He is doing it by heart-to-heart contact at time.
Jai Sai Ram
(Sharing With Sai's Love)  Ram.Chugani

Ram Chugani
Kobe, Japan