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By Prof. G. Venkataraman


POSTED ON APRIL 6, 2011 AT 3:00 PM (IST)

By Prof. G. Venkataraman


Loving Sai Ram and greetings from Prashanti Nilayam.

It is now the afternoon of Wednesday, April 6, 2011, and some hours since we did three things. Firstly, we broadcast the audio of the video interview we recorded with Dr. Safaya yesterday. Next, we posted the video itself, and finally, we also posted the transcript of what Dr. Safaya said in his statement.

Here is the latest bulletin issued by Dr. Safaya:


Official Statement about Swami’s Health

Issued on April 6, 2011 at 08:00 a.m.

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba who has entered his 10th day of treatment at this hospital is in a stable state of health as he was yesterday.

There are signs of improvement in the functioning of his kidneys although he is still on dialysis. He continues to be on the ventilator for assisting his respiration.

The blood pressure and all other parameters are satisfactory. The panel of doctors treating him is keeping a constant watch over his health condition.

Signed by
Dr. A. N. Safaya
Director, SSSIHMS-PG.


Apart from this, we wish to now share with you two other video clips. Please do not miss them.

The first of these is from a Discourse Swami delivered in Brindavan in early 2002 when there was an incident, shall I say, of a person found in the Darshan line with a pistol. Subsequent to this, there was an incredible amount of media hype that scared devotees all over the world. In His Discourse, Swami roundly condemned such rumour mongering. That was before the Twitter and Facebook era. Today, it is a different ball game with not only the media people but even so-called devotees who believe that their only Dharma is to spread gossip. To those who mistakenly think so and also to those who easily believe every rumour fed to them, I say:






Here is the transcript of the above Video:

Many people including those who are sitting here have entertained many thoughts and wild imaginations. Actually, there is no truth in it. Irrespective of what anybody might say, it is the newspapers which are mainly responsible for so much restlessness. They are interested in publicizing that which is bad and not sharing that which is good. What is the purpose of a newspaper? It has to collect NEWS from four sides - North, East, West, and South - and disseminate the same. Instead of gathering authentic information, newspapers today present facts according to their feelings and imaginations.

In my opinion, any newspaper or journalist should report the event as it has occurred. What is the need to spread that news which is untruth and unauthentic? They distort the truth to present it in a sensational manner only to make money. What a shame it is to earn money in this spurious fashion!

You should report the event as it has happened, be it good or bad. Do not imagine and spread false news. Next, comes TV. Television channels too seem to be always engaged in spreading false news.

In fact, one can definitely develop friendship with those who report the truth. What is the use of talking to those who publicize untruth? Spreading untruth is a sin. If you speak untruth once, you will have to face its consequences for many births. Such being the case, you can very well imagine the fate of those who indulge in untruth hundreds of times every day. How erroneous it is to report something as being absent when it is actually present? It is not right to make a mountain of a mole and hurt the sentiments of so many from all over the globe. It is a sin to spread false news.


- Extracts from Divine Discourse delivered on January 19, 2002.




I come next to Swami’s Gurupoornima Discourse in 2003. If you recall, that was the year when, after coming back from Kodai, Swami had a big fracture in the leg and had to undergo surgery for the first time ever. That happened in Summer 2003. Later, when He returned to Prashanti, He gave a stirring Discourse on Gurupoornima Day in the course of which He gave a clear indication of what devotees must do when sudden and mysterious setbacks occur to the Body of the Divine.

. It is extremely relevant to the present situation and tells us more clearly than any human can, what ought to be done.




Here is the transcript of the above video:

Nobody needs to be worried or anxious about Swami's wellbeing. No danger can ever befall Swami. Swami will always come out of all difficulties and troubles unscathed; none need to fear or feel sorry or sad. Swami will achieve all success. However, there may be some changes at the physical level because of the food, environment, etc. These however are only temporary and not permanent. Hence, Swami expects you to be always courageous.

What is My medicine? The intense prayers of the devotees are My medicine. During this period, be it in Madras (now Chennai), Hyderabad, Bangalore, or Mumbai, devotees have intensified their prayers and spiritual activities. There are bhajans and namasmarana conducted in each and every home. Some devotees undertook penance and performed yajnas. In this manner, a number of spiritual activities were undertaken praying for the wellbeing of Swami. It is as a result of such fervent prayers that I am able to stand before you and address you today.

Neither did I want this suffering nor did I desire its cure. You wanted this body to be cured of the pain, and you achieved it through your prayers. This body is not Mine. It is yours. Hence, it is your responsibility to look after this body. I am not the deha (body); I am the Dehi (Indweller).

The body is made up of five elements

And is bound to perish sooner or later,

But the Indweller has neither birth nor death.

The Indweller has no attachment whatsoever

And is the Eternal Witness.

Truly speaking, the Indweller,

Who is in the form of the Atma,

Is verily God Himself.


                                                  (Telugu Poem)


Doctors made every possible effort to protect this body; they did their duty. I however did not think of this body at all. I demonstrate the ideal that one should not have body attachment. Not only now, for the last two years, I have been repeatedly exhorting you to give up body attachment. Gradually reduce your dehabhimana (body consciousness) and develop Atmabhimana (Atmic consciousness). You are not the body; you are the embodiments of the Atma. The physical body comes and goes. Only the body has suffering, not the Atma.

I have never used My divine power to cure Myself. If I were to use it, I would have been cured of the suffering in a trice. I don't have the selfish feeling that I should get cured. There is not even a trace of selfishness in Me. Everyone should be happy. This is My only desire.

- Extracts from Divine Discourse delivered on July 13, 2003.

Dear reader, Bhagawan has said it all, and there is little else for me to do except to call attention to the words of the Lord, every one of which appears to have been said not only with respect to earlier events, but also in anticipation of the present ones.

Thank you and Jai Sai Ram.





Please Note: As mentioned by Dr. Safaya in the Video statement on April 5, 2011, no visitor even if he or she is a very important person is allowed inside the sterile zone where Baba is recovering. This is to ensure that utmost standard of hygiene is maintained. Access to the ICU is restricted only to the following doctors approved by the Hospital:

Expert Team of Doctors:

Dr. P. Venugopal – Former Director, AIIMS, New Delhi
Dr. Ashok Seth – Escorts, New Delhi
Dr. Sandeep Dewan – Escorts, New Delhi
Dr. Amit Varma – Escorts, New Delhi
Dr. Subash Chandra – Manipal, Bangalore
Dr. Uday Muthane – Parkinson Foundation, Bangalore
Dr. Ravi Mehta – Fortis, Bangalore
Dr. Murali - Fortis, Bangalore
Dr. Arun – Vaidehi / Mallaya, Bangalore
Dr. Sashikanth – Vaidehi / Mallaya, Bangalore
Dr. Kishore Babu - Vaidehi / Mallaya, Bangalore
Dr. Maudgal – United Kingdom
Dr. Narendranath Reddy, California, USA

Medical Staff of SSSIHMS, Prasanthi Gram:


Cardiology & CTVS    
Dr. P.K.Dash
Dr. V.R.Iyer
Dr. Neelam Desai

Residents on 8 hourly rotation:
Dr. Prakash Nair
Dr. Shinde
Dr. Rita
Dr. Krishnadasan
Residents on 8 hourly rotation:
Dr. Rajan Anand
Dr. Patnaik
Dr. Ranga
And Dr. K.S.R.K. Prasad from the Department of Ophthalmology  

Devotees are requested not to pressurize the Hospital authorities to gain entry into the Hospital at this critical hour.


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