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Indulal Shah - International Advisor, Sri Sathya Sai Organisations


Constant Awareness of Divine Presence

Our body is the Temple of the Living God. God is within and He is to be found within this temple and worshipped spiritually, not physically. One who truly loves God will automatically love his fellow Human beings. The inclination of the soul is always towards God for love is constantly attracted by love.

As soon as we begin the inward journey in spiritual life we become aware of the element Air: we inhale and exhale air from birth till death. Praan (vital breath) is a constituent of air. When we are emotionally disturbed, the rhythm gets upset; thus, there is a direct relationship between mind and

breathing. We should, therefore, consciously train ourselves to do rhythmic and deep breathing. With practice, we can restore emotional balance if we are upset for one reason or the other. This will result in mental peace and tranquility. Regulating the breathing process helps restore the balance of the five elements in nature.

The practice of ‘Soham Mantra’ greatly enhances peace and joy within us. Our breath goes in with the sound ‘Soh’ and comes out with the sound ‘Ham’. Naturally, we repeat the Soham Mantra each time we breathe in and out. The meaning of Soham is –“I AM THAT”: thus, we contemplate our oneness with the Supreme Principle while practicing the Mantra.

Silent Sitting is a process of Tuning in. It brings the inner consciousness to the forefront. It installs divinity as the guiding force in our life- monitoring our thoughts  and actions. Silent Sitting helps us to purify the mind. It awakens our intuition and reveals the Truth of our existence. It releases the divine spring of love within and brings peace of mind. Regular Silent Sitting and Jyoti Meditation should be followed by chanting of Soham Mantra as this will greatly enhance self-transformation.

Bhagawan Baba says: “You inhale oxygen and exhale carbon

dioxide. This conveys the message that you should acquire good qualities and give up bad tendencies. Soham proclaims the inherent divinity of man. It is in the depths of silence that the voice of God is heard.”

The Vision of a Sai Devotee should be to strengthen his Faith in the Truth that each one has DIVINITY within our Human workshop and each one of us must experience the same during this Life time. For this goal, we have by now selected or are in the process of selecting the path that can lead us to the Goal from the various DIVINE messages of Sri Sathya Sai Avatar. Baba says, “No one ignorant of the Path can reach the Goal and No one unaware of the Goal can choose the Path”.

So, the Vision of a Sai Devotee is to practice “Right Conduct”. Baba says Right Conduct depends on our Thoughts - Good and Bad. And Thoughts generate in our three main senses of Human workshop viz. Use of Eyes, Ear and Tongue and from Thought, Word and Deed. Hence, our main control has to be the proper use of Eyes, Ears and Tongue. Thus, Thought. Word and Deed are the software for Right Action. For this, the best instruments to guide and to give us strength to practice Right Conduct are Bhajan, Meditation, Gayatri Mantra. Study Circle and Good Company. ....Read more ...click here and download

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