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New believer... My story of miracles..
New believer... My story of miracles..
Dear Webmaster,

Please publish my story for all devotees to read it without disclosing my name
and mail id.

Thanks.. OM SHRI SAI RAM..


I have been following Shri Satya Sai Baba since the age of 12 (I am 26 today and
married). During my early years, I always craved for some miracle to take place
in my life so that then I could love and have faith on Baba.But it has only been
about 20 days or so that my faith and devotion for Baba has increased. I believe
this as Bhagavan's will to call me towards him lately for I did not have the
fortune to know more about Baba even till the death of His physical form in
2011.Let me write about a few incidents that made me more devoted towards Baba
since during the last couple of weeks. These incidents though may appear very
trifle for other Sai devotees to consider as miracles but for me, they have been
no less than miracles for me. I would request the administrator kindly not to
disclose my name and mail id, for I want to remain as anonymous and I believe
knowing names won't make any difference to our faith on Shri Satya Sai Baba. Its
only His Blessings that matter!
1st incident: I am pursuing my 2nd PG degree and one of my papers in the
end-term exams had gone extremely bad (really extremely!).I was almost sure of
getting compartmental in that paper. But still I kept praying to Baba to make me
get at least the pass mark in that particular paper. Baba has always been very
kind to me like to other devotees- When the results were declared, He not only
got me good grade in that paper but also made me the topper in my batch in that
overall semester-end exam. I thanked Baba for this unexpected success!

2nd incident: After the results, me and my husband had to visit my mother's
place which takes about 11 hours of journey from my husband's place. Our journey
consists of shifting vehicles from bus to trekker and then to train. For the
train journey, my husband had booked tickets online the previous night. So the
time at which the train to my place will leave for was at 1:20 p.m. That means
we have to reach the station (through journey by bus and trekker) maximum by 1:15
p.m to make it. But unfortunately, the bus through which we had to reach the
stop (from where it does not go further to that particular rail station from
where we have to board our train) ran super-slow and we got late! And not only
that, after getting down from the bus, the mini-vehicle (trekker)by which he had
to reach the station ,also had the misfortune of mechanical failure in between
the journey(when you have bad time, everything worsens the situation!). By that
time it was already 1:35 p.m. Both me and my husband became sure that our train
has definitely departed by now, or if a few minutes late also, will depart
within the next 5-10 minutes by which time we wont reach the station anyway. The
driver and conductor of our trekker had taken more than 10 minutes to bring in
the substitute trekker to take us to the station, making us even more delayed!
Still something struck my mind that time and I remembered my Baba suddenly. I
prayed to him silently please to somehow make us reach the station and to be
able to board our train. The task in front of us was next to impossible as you
see it really didn't make any sense to happen anything as by now it was 1:50
p.m. and the scheduled time for our train's departure was at 1:20 p.m. The
replacement trekker that took us reached the rail station at 2:15 p.m. Though I
had prayed to Baba for a miracle, but practically, I did not expect anything to
take place in my favour, and by the time we got down from the trekker, we had
decided to board another train that was supposed to depart at 3.00 p.m. from the
station and reach my place around 8:30 p.m. While my husband was making payments
to the trekker people, I checked the arrival departure timings of trains on the
timing board of the station. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the departure
time of the train we were supposed to board initially (which we had online
tickets of previously) as 2:30 p.m…!! Since my eyesight is a bit poor (I am
myopic) I went nearer to the timing board and checked the timings again. Yes! Our
scheduled train is supposed to arrive at the station at 2:20 p.m. and will
depart at 2:30 p.m. It was really unbelievable for us- We arrived 1 hour late to
the station and yet we made it! This was truly due to Bhagavan's blessings that
He miraculously made the train come late for our convenience..! My prayers
worked once again!- I thanked Baba again!

3rd incident: Two days after this, I had a severe pain on the back of my neck
just below the shoulders. It started around 8:30 p.m. and because of the extreme
pain it was giving me, I could not sleep the whole night. Whenever I fell
asleep, the sleep would last a maximum of only about 3 minutes after which I
woke up due to the pain itself. The whole night went as such-the pain was not
letting me sleep-waking me up every 2-3 minutes. I was on the verge of
crying-felt like crying out loudly. Then I prayed to Bhagavan- "Sairam! Sairam.!
Baba please do any one of the 2 things-either drive away the pain or make me
fall asleep so that I wont feel it (the pain)." I had murmured "Sairam..Sairam"
silently in broken voice of pain. Then I don't know what happened, maybe I fell
asleep a few seconds later only cause I do not remember feeling pain nor
remember waking up even once after that. I woke up directly at 7 a.m., opened my
eyes and felt- Goodness! waking up means after all that, I could fall asleep..
and what is this? I am not feeling even a pinch of pain on the back of my neck!!
What actually happened after I prayed..??..Baba had not only driven away my pain
(100%) but also gave me 2-3 hours of sound sleep the previous night !!..Calling
Baba's name was enough to get Prabhus' help!

4th incident: A week after my arrival ,I had severe bout of tonsilitis. Though I
suffer from pharynxitis at least once every year, I did not have tonsilitis even
once for more than 10 years. I took some medicines from a good homeopath doctor,
but even after 3 days of taking them ,I was not feeling any better. The pain was
there as anything making my eating and swallowing a very struggling affair. My
father then advised me to partake some vibhuti and told me that I will then get
cured within a day. With full faith of this, before going to bed that night, I
mixed some amount of vibhuti with the medicines and ate it. I also rubbed some
vibhuti over my enlarged tonsils and on my throat, and prayed to Bhagvan Baba to
heal me of my pain. When I woke up the next morning, the pain had simply
vanished! How can any doctor explain it as to how the medicines had not effected
my pain till 3 days, and the very pain disappeared the morning after applying
vibhuti..??..Is not that a miracle?

I cannot find any other word to describe the above incidents other than
`Miracles' that made me believe in Him more than before!

Thank you so very much Bhagavan, my heartfelt thanks to You and I bow to Your
lotus feet. Please always keep protecting and guiding me and my family with your
Divine Blessings…

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