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October 29th, 2006

“Spiritual Sadhana is to Transcend the Mind”


Sai Ram

With Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This month of October, there is another article in the Telugu Sanathana Sarathi, in which Bhagavan spoke about His own Advent under the title:

“Avatharinchenu Achuthudu Avaniyandu”

“God Has Descended on Earth”

At the same time, my friends, we also have the English translation available on the website. The website is: www.saiwisdom.com. There you will find all the articles in the English versions.

What I would like to draw your attention to is that Swami’s compositions are very interesting. His poems are highly relevant. They are not only great from the literary point of view, they are also very important for practical application and implementation in our daily lives.

So about a thousand poems have been collected from the Sai literature and they are all arranged schematically, and the plan is to publish them periodically in the Telugu original, and also have the translation available in English simultaneously. You will have the English version even earlier than Telugu publication. So this is just for your information. I say, once again, www.saiwisdom.com will give you all the English versions, thanks to brother, Lakhi, and his team, who are arranging this facility for the readers.

Well, this morning I was thinking, ‘What I should talk to you about?’ One question was raised by a friend yesterday. What she asked me was: “Why don’t I experience God? How far is God from me? Why don’t I experience Him? Why?” That is the question she raised. It’s a relevant question indeed.

My friends, we may belong to different religions. We may follow different paths. But, there is only one thing that separates everyone from God--anyone, anywhere, anytime. . .only one thing that separates anyone from God. What is it that separates you from God? That is what we call the mind or ego. Mind is the only barrier that separates any person from God. This has been explained in different ways, by different schools of philosophy. Baba says this in a beautiful style--what we call Sanathana Dharma or Hindu philosophy.

Hindu philosophy is not a proper translation of this Sanathana Dharma. When I say Hindu, is it branded as a religion? No! Hinduism is not a religion. Hinduism is a way of life, Hinduism is an attitude, and Hinduism is a practice of religion in daily life. It is not religious; it is not academic. It is life; it is living every moment. That is what Hinduism or what you call Sanathana Dharma is. Sanathana Dharma explains in this way: What you think and what you see does not really exist, while what you do not see and what you say is not there, actually exists. I think I am clear. I repeat, once again: What I see does not exist, while what I do not see actually exists.

Eddi Kaladhanuchuntimo Addi Ledu

Edi Ledanuchuntimo Adi Kaladoooo

Vunnadokate Dhaivambhu Ennatiki

Lenidaiyyanu Lokambhu

This is what Bhagavan says:

Eddi Kaladhanuchuntimo Addi Ledu

That what you say exists is not the reality, what you see is not the reality.

Why? Because all that is seen is bound to change, and that which changes cannot be the ultimate reality. That which transforms cannot stand for Truth. Truth is changeless, Truth is permanent, Truth is ever-existent, in all three periods of time. But what you see goes on changing. So how can you say it stands for Truth. No!

Eddi Kaladhanuchuntimo Addi Ledu

That what you say it is present is not present. It is non-existent.

Edi Ledanuchuntimo Adi Kaladoooo

That what you deny, that what you say does not exist, is reality.

I see! A simple example: The foundation of a building is not seen, but I cannot say that this building has no foundation, can I? No! Though the foundation is not seen, I cannot deny its presence. So the building, which is seen, has got a foundation, which is unseen. So reality is hidden; reality is not seen; reality is not conspicuous. It is non-adherent.

Therefore, we can go on changing all that appears. You cannot change the main principle, the reality. In short, the Truth cannot be changed. Anything else can be manipulated--all that you see, all that you hear, all that you touch. It means all that is subjected to the experiences of the senses, all those experiences of the senses, are changeable, convertible, subjected to transformation. But That (Truth) which is beyond the senses cannot be changed and cannot be transformed because it is ever-existent. It is called “Sat”. The Truth is Sat, meaning existence.

Existence is non-transferable as it is everywhere; it is unchangeable. That which is changeable is called illusion, delusion, maya or Prakrithi. So maya, illusion or Prakrithi have got these main fundamental features--they go on changing. All that I see is not the reality (the ultimate Truth) because, for example, yesterday it was quite warm and sunny, while now, there is a slight drizzle; and tomorrow, it will be very, very hot. So who knows? The climate goes on changing.

So all that you see is not static; it is not the One (Truth or reality) which is constant. No! It goes on changing. Therefore, it is illusion or delusion. People may speak of maya in different styles, but Baba said, “Maya or Prakrithi or illusion is that which is changeable, something which goes on changing; whereas the Truth or the reality, Sat, is changeless.”

Trikalabadhyam Sathyam.

Which is not divisible, which is not transferable, which will not change, that is “Sat” or existence.

Now, Baba gives some examples in this connection, which I would like to draw your attention to this morning. They are quite interesting.

“Swami, how to control this maya or illusion? How to control this?”

First, we should know that illusion is present. When you enjoy this illusion, then we cannot say anything to you. When you consider this a reality, nothing can be done. First, let us be aware that this is all illusion. All that I see is illusion. All that is perceived by the five senses constitutes an illusion or delusion.

Now, a question is put to Bhagavan. “Swami, how do we transcend or go beyond maya? What is the origin of maya?“

Many people jocularly say, “Yesterday, somebody was standing in the queue and another person in the line was pushing him. ‘Why did you push me,’ he asked?”

This man said: “Do not worry, do not worry. It’s all maya.” (Laughter)

It’s all maya (Laughter) People can use maya for fun. Why not? Therefore, all that goes on tends to be maya. Therefore, we should understand what it is, and then we will be able to transcend it. And see, Baba gives a number of examples in this connection.

What is the origin of maya? Where is it?

Somebody complained: “Swami, I am suffering because of this maya, illusion. Well, I do not want it. See that I am free from this maya. “

Baba immediately said: “Is maya painful to you? Is maya hurting you? Show me where maya is?”

“We want to kill maya because maya is hurting us.” We say, “Maya is killing us. Such a painful, hurting thing should not exist. So let us kill this maya.”

Then Baba laughed and said, “Maya is not separate from Madhava.”

Madhava is God. Madhava is a name of God. What is the meaning of Madhava?

Ma = maya or illusion

Dhava = the one who has put on Himself this vesture.

Just as I put on this shirt, God has put on Himself this shirt of maya. Ma = maya, Dhava = the One who has put on Himself that vesture. Dharinchuta: God has put on this vesture of maya. So where is maya? Wherever there is Madhava, there is maya.

How do you say that?

See our experience here. We think Swami is coming this way, but He goes that way. (Laughter) We think He is going to the stadium, but He goes straight into the interview room. It is all very strange; you cannot predict Him. He will delude you like anything. But, this is also a matter of fun; this is also a matter of joy, to watch Swami doing that. You run to find out the car is turning just in the opposite direction! These police people do not know where Swami’s car is going; even they do not know! Sometimes they ask, “Where Swami is going?” I tell them, “You find out and let me know!” (Laughter)

So this maya or illusion is under the control of God only. It is not under your control. A man who has drowned cannot save another man. He is already finished. How do you expect him to save another fellow? Impossible! A blind man cannot guide another blind person. Both are equally blind. Therefore, maya cannot be removed by any other extra agency. Illusion cannot be dispelled by anybody. It is only by God’s grace, because it is God who has put on Himself this vesture, this dress of illusion or delusion. Therefore, He has the name Madhava.

“Swami, when God has got this maya under His control, how can I get out of it?”

How can I get out of it? It is a serious problem. As we are not able to get out of human-created problems, how can we come out of the God-created problems of maya? How can I do that?

Baba gave this example. You can certainly come out of this maya by the grace of God. Swami explains further: When you go to a rich man’s house, the rich man has a lot of property and so much money at home. Naturally, rich people maintain Alsatian dogs, or some have bulldogs. There’ll be signs: “Beware of dogs! Beware of dogs!” Naturally, dogs are scary; the moment you go there, the dog jumps on you, ready to attack. What should you do then? If you run, it will chase you; if you stand there, you are frightened. A shake-dance starts! So, what is to be done then?

Shout loudly, “Oh friend! Where are you? I have come to see you. What happened? Instead of seeing you, I am seeing your dog. I have not come to meet your dog! I have come to meet you!” Shout loudly, and then your friend will come down. That rich man will come down, and he will just ask the dog to back off. When he commands, “Go back”, it will immediately go, and then you can follow your friend.

Similarly, God is the Master, while the pet dog is maya. When the Master says, this maya will go away. Whereas if you say, “Go away!”, no, no, it will be on you, over you, around you, and if possible, reach into you (bite!). The only way is to shout.

Baba advises, “Shout”—meaning, sing His glory, do Namasmarana.

Maya Maanusha Vesha Leeladhara

Kesava Madhava Jayadeva Madhusudhana

Maya Manusha Vesha Leeladhara

“So, when you shout for His help, naturally, maya will leave you--you will not be pained, you will not be hurt by maya.” That is one thing Baba has said.

“Swami, I am very much pained by this maya. How is it that You have this maya and yet You are not affected. Why? Why is man affected by maya? Why not God?”

Baba gives this example. It is the cat that carries the kitten from place to place with the help of its teeth, without hurting the kitten. The same cat, with the help of its sharp teeth, will finish off the rat. The teeth will kill the rat, while the same teeth don’t kill the kitten. The same teeth.

Similarly, the maya of God will not affect Him, whereas His maya will affect us. That is the difference. I am the rat here in this example; but, when I pray to Him, I become the kitten and He will carry me. When I do not pray, I am a rat, and will become the prey (to maya). I become the prey. But when I pray, I become the kitten and can be transported to a safe place. This is what Bhagavan says, so far as maya influence is concerned.

Another question: “Swami, will maya go once and for all, or will it appear now and then like clouds, like American weather. In America, they give a weather report morning and evening, every hour. There will be showers in California and showers in Texas. I see! Is it something like the American weather report? Will maya be appearing again? Once it goes, will it come again?

Baba said, “It depends upon your awareness. If you are aware all the time, there will be no trace of maya at all. What is that awareness? That awareness is vidya, wisdom, or jnana, which is knowledge or awareness. There will be no chance of getting into the trap of maya or illusion again. The moment you come out of maya, you will not get into the trap again, provided you have this awareness, this vidya or jnana.”

When once you are aware of your true nature, then you cannot be in the trap of illusion. That is what Baba has said. Further Swami said, “There is one thing that, once it comes, it will never go. What is it?” What is that one, which when it comes, it will never go? What is it? That is jnana. Jnana is that one. The moment it comes, it will never go away. Do you understand? Therefore, Swami wants us to be aware of the reality, so that we will not be trapped by this illusion or delusion.

Swami gave another example. We have put a question.

“Swami, there are some saints like Vishwamithra. Vishwamithra was a saint, and Durvasa was a saint. They are known for their anger, their temper. When saints do not have control over their temper, how about we human beings? Saints partake only of vegetables and green leaves. That is all. Whereas, we take South Indian hot, hot sambar and all that. How are we to control our anger and temper, when those saints are not able to control their temper, eating such simple foods?”

This is the question put to Him. Really, we are fortunate for the simple reason that we are in front of God and we can get all our doubts cleared by Him. It is not possible otherwise.

If you ask me what it was that first attracted me towards Swami, my answer is simple and straight. It is this availability of Swami with ready answers. Whenever we go to Him with a question, He is ready with an immediate answer. He does not say, “Meet Me tomorrow.” It is answered then and there itself.

Therefore, my friends, remember that once maya goes, it will never come back. So, to answer this question, such sages and saints are not completely free from maya because temper or anger is a quality of maya.

You must have seen buses, the Road Transport Corporation (RTC) buses, particularly here in Puttaparthi. They are excellent buses. Yes. If they start, they do not stop; but when they stop, they do not start! (Laughter) Such determination. Some of the buses also run along the road in a slanting position. (Laughter) It helps you to be more spiritual. (Laughter) Pray to God so that you do not fall out! (Laughter) You will find not much difference between the road and the bus, as both are full of dust! (Laughter) There is dust outside, and there is dust inside. Oh, yes! Totally full of dust.

Antharbhahitsa Thatsarvam Dust Aya Namah! (Laughter)

There is dust outside, there is dust inside.

Now, Swami gave this example: When you sit comfortably in a bus, and the bus is speeding ahead, proceeding along speedily, you find so much dust behind the bus. Ha-ha, such dust! Wow! So much, so much dust that you cannot see any people. The roads are so nicely made that there will almost be a dust storm! (Laughter) So you cannot see anybody behind you. Now you are going ahead with speed, so the dust is behind you. But if the bus stops, what will happen? All the dust will come into the bus (without paying any charge, of course)! (Laughter) While the bus is on the run, the dust is far behind. But when the bus stops, it all comes into the bus.

So long as you go ahead with your sadhana, repeating God’s name, so long as you continue to study the scripture (swadyaya) and meditation, maya will be behind you. When you stop the ‘bus’ of sadhana or spiritual practice, the dust of illusion will get into it. That is what Baba has told, so far as this maya is concerned. See what beautiful examples He gives, which relate to our daily lives here.

Then another question: “Why not let me be happy with maya? Why not? Why should I get out of it? Why can I not continue my life in maya or illusion? Why not?”

Here is the answer: You are having dual experiences. So long as you are within the trap of maya, you have pain and pleasure, gain and the loss; you have all the shocks; you have all frustrations, depressions, and mental agony. All these feelings are there because of this maya. But once you get out of it, you will be in the eternal state of bliss. So, to come out of maya or illusion is absolutely necessary for your own interest. It is in your own interest. Why? So that you can be blissful.

There used to be one Muslim saint by the name of Analhak Mansoor. Mansoor is the name of that saint. This Mansoor saint always used to repeat, “Analhak, Analhak, Analhak.” Analhak was the sentence, the mantra that Mansoor used to repeat. Every time: “Analhak, Analhak.”

What does it mean?

“Aham Brahmasmi.”

I am God.

Well, somebody carried this news to the king: “This fellow repeats the God song.”

And the king said, “Does he say that? When there is only one God, how can there be another God?”

Rivalry between two gods, you know. So, the king, who thinks that he is God, was highly irritated. “Bring that Mansoor to my presence!” And they brought him.

Then the King asked him, “Array! Who are you?”

He said, “I am God. “

“Oh! Oh! That is all you say?”


Then the King ordered, “Put him in prison.” So he was put in prison.

Later the king went to the prison, and again asked, “Who are you?”

“God in prison. (Laughter) I am still God, but in prison.”

“Oh! I see!” Then, the king made him come out of the prison, and amputated his legs, cut them off! “Who are you?”

“I am God.”

“I see!” Hands were also amputated.

Still, he called himself God: “Analhak, Analhak.” So he was killed and burnt; but the ash started moving into the air, repeating, “Analhak, Analhak. I am God. I am God.”

So physically he was no more, but his ashes went on repeating, “I am God. I am God.” It means that Mansoor was full of that awareness; Mansoor was full of that consciousness. Mansoor was fully convinced of his Divinity; and therefore, he was not affected by any physical torture.

So also, Lord Jesus Christ, when He was on the cross, did not cry in agony. He didn’t admonish anybody, He didn’t reprimand anybody, He did not blame anybody. Why? Lord Jesus had gone beyond the level of the body. Why?

Going beyond the level of the body is a sign of coming out of illusion. It is only illusion that makes me feel that I am the body, that makes me feel I am the mind. Once you go beyond that, yes, you have crossed illusion or delusion. Verbally, we may say that; orally, we may tell that; from the books, we may quote profusely; but we have to make every attempt to live accordingly, to see that we grow above these considerations. That is what maya is.

Is mind maya? Yes. The mind is maya. How can you say that? Mind is necessary to be successful here in this world. Mind is very necessary. If I go to the college and say, “After all, you are not the mind”, the students will say, “Never mind, sir, we do not want you.” (Laughter)

In the classroom, I should exercise my mind; as a student, you should utilise your mind; in the office, yes, you should be very sharp enough. While teaching, the doctor cannot say, “I am not the body.” He has to teach another body there.

Therefore, while at work, at the functional level, that is different. But, at the core, you are not the body. It means at the functional level. Current is the fan. . .yes, because it is revolving. But, at the core, it is not the current. Fan is different from the current.

Similarly, at the basic level, at the fundamental level, it is altogether different. Therefore, Bhagavan says, “You can feel that you are not the body within, while, functionally, you act as if you are the body.”

So, similarly, is the mind. The mind is also a sign of illusion. How do you say that?

Mind is very peculiar; mind is very funny. The name of the local river is Chitravathi. Chitra means ‘peculiar’, chitra means ‘strange’, chitra means ‘mysterious’. Chitravathi…the human mind. It has water sometimes; it is dry many times.

(Showing his own head:) Chitravathi is here . . . full of vairagya, detachment, at one time, while full of attachment another time. Yes! When things are working to our favour – wow! – you are King of kings. When things turn against you, well, the whole world is miserable, according to you. You consider that the whole world is miserable because your wish is not fulfilled. The mind is so funny. One has to understand the mind. To be successful in this world, mind is essential. However, to experience God, you have to go beyond the mind. This is the difference between psychology and spirituality.

Psychology is the study of the mind; spirituality is the study of the spirit. Spirituality is the experience of the spirit; psychology is the study of the mind. Your psychology and my psychology are different. The way you think and the way I think is different. But you and I are One at the level of the spirit. So, spiritually, we are One, while psychologically, we are different.

Therefore, the western countries, the whole west, stands # 1 at the level of psychology. The mind has blossomed and has manifested in many dimensions, which has led to progress in the fields of science, technology, and agriculture, giving more human comfort and convenience. You can make use of rockets and land on the moon; you can grow more food; and you all have air conditioners, calculators, and computers. This is all due to the excellence of the mind; this is the blossoming, the manifestation of the mind. This is the achievement of the mind, the attainment of the mind, the success of the mind. It starts there with western psychology, western achievements; western accomplishments, which provide all comforts and conveniences. That is what the mind can do.

But spirituality is above that. When the mind is withdrawn, when the mind is annihilated, when the mind is non-functional, then comes the spiritual experience. How do you say that?

There are a number of devotees. Let me apply this to Swami and Swami’s devotees. There are a number of people who have a smiling face. If you just go and ask them, “Oh, you seem to be very happy.”

“Yes! “

“Did you get any interview? “


“Did Swami take any letter from you?”


“Did you get first row?”

“I never tried for it.”

“Oh, oh! Then, why are you happy?” (Laughter)

“Why not? I have every right to be happy.” It means that person has gone beyond the mind. Therefore, he is happy wherever he is.

Somebody came to me and asked, “Anil Kumar, can you arrange first line for me?”

I told him, “I can arrange first line, but you will have tire darshan, car tire darshan (CD). (Laughter) If you get the third line, fourth line you have driver darshan. (DD) (Laughter) From CD to DD. If you go a little beyond, further back, you can have Swami darshan. Not till then. So, if you want first row, come on…have tire darshan, that’s all.”

But there are some people who feel extremely happy and totally contented. Here, let me tell you, my friends, what Baba has said. It is not my own. I never tell anything of my own. I do not do that. I just repeat what Baba says, whether you and I like it or not.

Baba said, “Those coming from long distances, particularly from foreign countries, always remain in a state of bliss. They are always happy.” But Swami didn’t stop there. He added, “Whereas you fellows, you are always dissatisfied; you are always disgruntled.”

And further, Swami went on: “The foreigners are coming from long distances. When they see Me, they are very cheerful. When I laugh, they are very happy. When I wave My hand, they are ecstatic, blissful. When I talk to them, all their friends come and touch them because, ‘Swami spoke to you.’ They want that current of vibration to reach them; whereas you fellows are never satisfied. You do not have anything (no state of bliss). You are like a frog near the lotus flower. (Laughter) You are right under the street lamp, yet living in the shadow; whereas those coming from long distances, they receive the light. But you remain in the shadow.” That is what Baba said.

Truth is always bitter, but we have to accept Truth. Just watch their faces—the foreigners are so brilliant, so happy. It is only expectation that makes a man put on a castor oil face – expectation, yes! Swami sits there for one hour, taking letters from everybody and listening to all our bhajans; but still, we put on a long face. What does it mean?

“I do not get an interview.” (Laughter)

“I do not get a chance to give my letter.”

I do not get a chance to extend my neck, and put my head into the car of Swami (like a giraffe!).” (Laughter)

How to help such people? Is it possible to help such people to get out of that maya?

The very darshan of Swami. . .I always tell my friends this, whether you agree with me or not (I do not know). If I am receptive, if I am sensitive, the darshan of Swami will do as much a miracle as an interview. If Swami looks at you, it will do as much a miracle as a conversation with Him. If Swami talks to you, it will do as much a miracle as receiving a gift like a chain or a ring.

If you are immune, a bad conductor of heat, even if He gives you tons of gold, you will remain static, a wooden piece. Because the very Name. . .well, take for example Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. If he heard the name of Rama or Krishna, he would immediately get up; he was so happy. The very Name made him ecstatic and he would go into the state of samadhi, simply by the very utterance of the Name of God.

So we have to make our heart fertile, soft, sweet, receptive, and sensitive, so that we will be able to enjoy the very darshan of Bhagavan Baba, so that we will be energised by singing His glory, joining bhajans in chorus. This is what is required.

Therefore, my friends, what makes me unhappy here is my mind. What made me unhappy in the world was my mind. So in both cases, it is the mind which makes me unhappy.

“Well, I would not feel so badly and offended if Swami didn’t talk to me. But I feel very badly because He talked to you. Very badly. I do not mind if He does not talk to me. That’s okay. Chaltahai. But if He talks to you. . .Amma! I feel like starving tonight!” (Laughter)

This is the play of the mind. Somebody commented like this. It is on record; if you want, I can show you.

Those people Swami talks to are spoiled because of ego. They go on saying, “You know what Swami told me?” Why am I interested in what He told you? And how I am to be sure that you are reporting it all? (Laughter) Do you share all that He spoke to you? (He must have asked you to shut up, but you don’t tell me that.) (Laughter) So you do not share all that happened.

When I was State President of Andhra Pradesh Sathya Sai Organisation, at one time, Swami used to talk to me morning and evening. All devotees were in praise of Anil Kumar: “How fortunate you are!” How can I tell the truth about what Swami spoke to me? (Laughter) I cannot risk my reputation! (Laughter)

“Aah! Swami spoke to you in the morning and evening.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I said, crying inside. (Laughter) Why? What did He speak to me?

It was the year when the World Council decided to award shields and cups to the best State in service activity. The State which was outstanding in service activity would be awarded a silver cup and a special shield. It was declared that Andhra Pradesh was the best State. So, it was said that, as State President, I should go and receive the cup and the shield. I put on my suit, ready to receive this. (Laughter)

Swami started talking in the morning. He said, “Are you going to receive the cup?”

“Yes, Swami.”

“What a fool you are!” (Laughter) What a fool you are? That is the first Divine romance. (Laughter)

In the afternoon, again, He spoke to me. “You know why Andhra Pradesh stood first? You know?”

“I don’t know, Swami.”

“But, still, you want to receive the cup. (Laughter) Chi! Are you not shameful that you do not know for what reason you have to receive the cup?”

Abbah! Everybody is thinking that Swami is speaking to you (nicely). Swami is speaking to you, Anil Kumar! (Laughter)

Next morning, again, He spoke to me. “Did you have a visit to that Sai Center? Did you visit those Sai centers that have done lot of activities in the State?”

“No, Swami.”

“Oh, oh! You have not gone there, you don’t know what has happened, and yet you are ready to receive the cup? (Laughter) What a shame it is!” This was the interview, both morning and evening. (Laughter)

Next day He said, “Did you go to other States?”

“No, Swami.”

“So, you don’t know what other States have done either. You don’t know what your State has done, but you are here to receive the cup!” (Laughter)

And, in the evening, He said, “Why didn’t you get up in the World Council meeting? Why don’t you say, ‘I don’t want the cup.’ Why can’t you say that?” (Laughter)

And, next morning, He said, “You speak a lot, but you remain silent there in the Council meeting, because you want to receive the cup.” (Laughter)

Wah, wah, wah, wah! There cannot be greater maya than this: people thinking that I am a lucky man because Swami talked to me. (Laughter) Well, I am not that lucky. (Laughter) It is not a joke.

So my friends, in the world, I am already disturbed because of the mind, and in front of God also, I continue to be disturbed because of the mind. It is the mind that disturbs me, whether I am here or outside.

Some people are very curious, so they ask, “Where are you staying?”

“I am staying with Swami.”

“Oh, oh! Your temperament doesn’t look so. (Laughter) Your life doesn’t reflect that. Your attitude doesn’t speak that, because you shout at everybody. You shout at everybody! You are never peaceful. You were never happy. People want to avoid you because you are of that level. How can you say that you are living with God?”

When you say that you are living with God, how should you be? You should be godly. The one who lives with God should be godly. Anything that is very close to the fire will be hot. If it is not hot, it is ice cold. Yet still you say, “I am near the fire.” It is not fire or ice either; there must be something wrong with the mind. Therefore, when you are close to the fire, you should be hot. Similarly, when you are close to the ice, you should be cold.

Similarly, when you are close to the God, you should be godly: You should be cheerful, you should be happy, you should be smiling, you should be willing, you should be cooperative, you should be respectful, you should be worshipful. But, if you miss these qualities and you say, “I am with God”—certainly not.

Physically, you may be with God, but mentally, you are not. Therefore, my friends, whether I am here or outside, I should be able to go beyond the mind. Go beyond the mind. . . .why? Because it is the mind that is making my life very, very unhappy. So, psychology is the way of life; psychology is the key to the success in life; psychology is a path towards life; but spirituality is beyond the mind--beyond the mind.

So, what is the way to grow beyond the mind? That is the next question.

“Swami, what is the way to grow beyond the mind?”

Baba said: “There is no way because you are That. Suppose, if I ask you, ‘Where is Anil Kumar’? What is the way to go to Anil Kumar? What would you say? Array! When you are Anil Kumar, what is the fun of saying, ‘What is the way to Anil Kumar?’ “

We met you during darshan time. You are all right. We never thought that one could become mad within an hour of time.

So I am That. There is no question of going anywhere. So, when you are not the mind, where is the question of going or reaching that state?”

“Swami, I do not understand. Could you explain further?”

Baba explains this. “How do you know that there is mind? You go on thinking there is mind. So mind is never idle.”

Mind is never idle. You sit here. . .’Oh! Los Angeles, How nice it is.’ Okay! ‘New York, how fine!’ Bombay, Calcutta, Madras. . .your mind will go everywhere…’And what is the preparation in the North Indian Canteen? (Laughter) Is today pizza day or not?’ (Laughter)

This is mind. It goes on thinking about the family, about the children, about the kitchen, about the job, opponents, friends, right from childhood. Particularly, in meditation, these thoughts will come, because nobody else will disturb you.” (Laughter)

Meditation . . . He goes on thinking all those things right from childhood -- action rewind, cassette rewind--that is his meditation.

Baba said, “Don’t waste your time like that. By thinking of your past, by thinking of your friends and enemies, right from childhood, all in the name of meditation, it is a waste of time. Better you do some work. Better you do some service with full concentration. Do not waste time in the name of meditation, thinking of everybody right from your childhood!”

Therefore, what is fine to say is that there is mind and there is thought. Wherever there is thought, there is mind. Yes, in dreams also. We talk in dreams. Why? Because we do not know how to be silent! I am too talkative; I go on talking, and so I talk in the dreams too! I go on fighting here, so I fight in my dreams too -- more convenient there! (Laughter) Because, I may lose in fighting with you here, but in my dreams, I can finish you off! Yes -- challenge, come-on! Oh! I see.

There are some people who go on speaking about their dream experiences.

One gentleman was speaking, “Swami has taken me to heaven and paradise” and all that.

Some students joked, “Swami, You should have left him there! Why have You brought him back? (Laughter) You have taken him to paradise, to heaven. We are not jealous of him; we only pray that You should have dropped him off there, (Laughter) because he is creating hell here! (Laughter) He is creating hell here after his return from heaven. (Laughter) So, please, take him, but do not bring him back. Leave his luggage there! “(Laughter)

Therefore, my friends, in dreams, the mind is still functional. In the waking state, mind is functional too because it goes on thinking, planning, maneuvering, manipulating and dominating, full of complexity, friendly relationships, and relationships that are negative, all of which are thoughts. That is the mind. Okay!

But, there is a third stage, deep sleep. What kind of sleep do I have? Okay! That is what is called sushupti, deep sleep. In deep sleep, there is no mind.

But how do you know? Suppose you had a nice sleep last night. I ask you, “How did you sleep last night?”

“Oh, excellent.”

“I see. Did you get any money there?”

“I slept well. What money?”

“Oh, oh! You say that you had a very good sleep. Is it beautiful or handsome, tall or short, or black or fair, or what? What is the complexion of good sleep?” Chut, no!

That which cannot be expressed is the state beyond the mind. I repeat once again: That which is expressed is the experience of the mind, while the experience beyond the mind is only experienced; it cannot be expressed.

So, how was last night’s good sleep? Good sleep is good sleep, that’s all.

Some people say, “We had a beautiful darshan this morning.”

“I see. Yesterday was not beautiful?” No, no! There is no meaning at all.

Some people say, “Sir, we had beautiful darshan this morning.”

Oh, I see. Immediate question: “How long have you been here?”

“Sir, I’ve been here for the last week.”

“Why did you say this morning only you had beautiful darshan?”

Beautiful darshans do not depend upon how beautiful you are. When your mind is disturbed, you will never say, “I had a beautiful darshan.” When your mind is calm, composed, equanimous, you say, “I had a good darshan.” So, good darshan or not depends upon the condition of your mind; it actually has nothing to do with the darshan. Therefore, my friends, it is absolutely necessary to go beyond the mind, so that you will enjoy that blissful state, the non-dual, eternal state, the blemish-less immortal state, samadhi.

Therefore, Bhagavan says, “It is necessary to grow beyond maya.” So maya or illusion is the mind only. Growing beyond the mind means transcending maya, getting out of the trap of illusion. This is what is essential on the spiritual path. Unfortunately, we do not realise it. We do not realise it because we have a claim.

It is a very funny thing…this claim. Many people have left so many things: They left their big jobs; they left their salary; they left their palatial buildings. But once they are in charge of the verandah, they feel very great! Array, array! You were such a big officer and you left that job; now you are in charge of the verandah, but you feel so egoistic about it. What does it mean? It is not the job that makes you feel egoistic. It is not the place that makes you feel egoistic. It is your mind that makes you feel egoistic. You have given up that out there, but you have attached to this. That is the mind. See what a funny thing it is!

A man, who left his big building, does not want to leave that particular stone on which he sits every day.

“This is my stone.”

“Oh, oh! It is your stone. Are you a stone? How can that be your stone? Many people sat on that same stone, many people before you. You are only one—there are many in the queue.” See that. That is mind. I do not blame anybody. Mind is like that.

If any fellow says, “Sir, do not sit here. I feel so badly if you sit there because I usually sit there.” I see. When you usually sit there, and you are shifted from this place to another place, take it casually. Usually we sit, but we should take it casually when we are shifted. My friends, it is not my fault; it is not your fault. It is the nature of the mind. The mind gets stuck to many things.

Let’s suppose that I am in charge of this hall--I feel this is my hall, my fence, mine, and mine. Oh, oh! Suddenly, some other man is appointed in my place. I feel so badly because my mind is become attached to this hall. Or, when I stay in a particular residence for ten years, and when I have to vacate that house, my mind feels it. Another example: On the day of my retirement, I feel so badly. Why? It is the quality of the mind to get stuck to any place, to any person, to any position. But once you transcend the mind, you do not mind giving up anything. You don’t mind dropping anything because you have gone beyond the mind.

What made Mahatma Gandhi go away from Delhi, now Kali moment, when the whole nation was celebrating Independence Day? Gandhiji went to settle the difference, the conflict, the fight that was going on between Muslims and Hindus there…now Kali moment. That’s what made him go there.

Therefore, my friends, it is time to be serious about it. Why am I not happy here? Have I been able to go beyond the mind? Am I craving for recognition? Am I craving for reputation? Am I craving for name and fame? Am I craving for position? Am I craving for possession? Am I craving for contacts? What is it I am doing here?

Once I understand these things, I will know whether I am within the mind or beyond the mind. There is only one sign: When people praise you and you are not elated, when people condemn you and you are not depressed, you have gone beyond the mind. You have gone beyond the mind when you are not disturbed by praise or blame.

Keerti Apakeerti Okkamurthigane,

Bhaavinchute Bhakthi Padamu.

Bhagavan says, “Keerti Apakeerti”, which means repute and disrepute.

If you consider repute and disrepute equally, that is with equal-mindedness, then you hare gone beyond the mind. That is the test. Whether Swami looks at you or not, whether Swami talks to you or not, if you are not disturbed, if you are still very happy, then you hare gone beyond the mind. You are in Swami, Swami is in you and you are Swami. That is all. That kind of state, growing beyond the mind, we should crave for that. We should pray for that.

“Swami, bless me with that state. Let me be able to rise above the mind, so that I will be in the eternal, blissful state.” That is the actual realistic spiritual approach; that is what we are supposed to do -- go beyond the mind.

In life, we have so many activities that we attend to . . .taking a bath, brushing our teeth…all natural things that we have to do for physical well-being. In life, we do a job for our living, which is also natural, and furthermore, in life we do certain things which are necessary for the moment. Like when I am sick, I should go to the hospital and take some medicine.

So one is called swabhavika, natural activity. The second one is naithika, incidental activity. If you fall sick, you go to the doctor and take some medicine. Swabhavika is natural; naithika is instrumental or accidental. The third one is what you call sakama. Sakama means for your maintenance. You do a job. You cannot do a job free-of-charge because there are children who depend on you. Your family has to be maintained. Sakama. So, to repeat, there are three activities:

Swabhavika -- natural

Naithika -- accidental

Sakama -- for your living

The fourth one is nishkama, selfless, with no expectations. You expect nothing in return. This nishkama karma is selfless activity. What is the selfless activity that we should do? Transcending the mind, growing beyond the mind, is a selfless activity. We are supposed to do that. How do you know that you are acting selflessly? How do you know that?

A selfless man will never look for recognition. A selfless man will never look for name and fame. A selfless man will always be for righteousness, dharma. He is always in a state of peace, shanti. And he always stands for justice or nyaya. That is what he is. He is always with the spirit of awareness, Atmabhava, in the state of awareness.

Therefore my friends, this morning our sincere theme is to go to this line of sadhana, to go along this line of sadhana or spiritual practice. What is it again? To transcend the mind…to transcend the mind. For that, we have to know the mind: know the functioning of the mind, know the nature of the mind, and know the advantages of transcending the mind. The bottom line on this spiritual path is to transcend the mind.

May Bhagavan help us in this highest spiritual sadhana. God bless you! Thank you very much. (Applause)

Anil Kumar closed his talk by singing the bhajan, “Bhaja Govindam Bhaja Govindam”.


Asato Maa Sad Gamaya

Tamaso Maa Jyotir Gamaya

Mrtyormaa Amrtam Gamaya

Om Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


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