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Darshan update- 2nd may  2006
Brindavan Ashram. Bangalore

2nd May 2006: The Brindavan ashram is gearing up for the upcoming event “Easwaramma Day” on the 6th of May 2006, groups of devotees from many Indian states are arriving here, the accommodation office is always busy and it I quite difficult to get a room inside the ashram especially these coming days. The Ramesh Hall is packed with devotees from around the globe, they start lining up already between 5-6 a.m. accordingly as per token line No. the waiting lines enter the Ramesh hall, this morning also the routine was followed. There is quite tight security in here, that is, devotees are body checked 2-3 times before entering Sai Ramesh. Even the seat cushions are bent to see if one has hidden any article etc. No doubt, all these precautions are there to enhance the security of visiting devotees and the over all or general security of Brindavan ashram.

After the token lines are settled inside the hall, devotees without the tokens are allowed to come inside and when the hall is packed the rest of the devotees sit in the outside area i.e. under the open sky.

It was quite a long wait for devotees who have been sitting in the lines since 5 a.m. however, after 3 hours and 40 minutes finally Swami entered, all the necks crane to get a glimpse of living God walking among us, Swami looked fresh and in good physical shape. After half hours bhajan session Aarthi was offered to Swami subsequently Swami retired back to TRAYEE.

In the evening the expectations were high since it was going to be a divine discourse day, it was announced yesterday that today 2nd May Swami will deliver a discourse. Swami kept His promise! Bhagavan arrived at 4 p.m. and gave a discourse which lasted for appx. 40 minutes, Swami touched many subjects e.g. Swami stated that everybody is god, the four values SATHYA [
Truth], DHARMA [Righteousness], SHANTHI [Peace] and PREMA [Love] and the important role these values play in shaping our life towards the spiritual path. Swami emphasized on a value based life. Swami also stressed that human beings should not live a mere worldly life based on the body and fulfilling all desires but human life should be based on Atmic principals since fundamentally one is Atma and therefore one is god. Swami concluded His divine discourse with the bhajan Prema muditha mana se kaho Rama Rama Ram.... after the discourse, Swami was offered the customary Aarthi Swami went back to His residence after the Aarthi. Also, prasadam was distributed among the devotees, which more or less always brings a bit of “mini disorder” in the hall since all the devotees want the prasadam but the system of distributing the prasadam never works with the overly eager or impatient devotees.

Also, today Swami didn’t come among the devotees but remained on the dais.

Swami’s physical frame is slowly and steadily recovering, Swami is recuperating by means of physiotherapy. As an avatar Himself Swami can completely heal Himself and has done so in the past. However, As Swami’s say My life is my message! One has to understand and identify with that message. It is only to make Dr’s and devotees around Swami, happy, that Swami sometimes takes these treatments or measures to restore His health. In reality Swami is above these physical ailments. Even in His previous body as Shirdi Sai Baba, Bhagawan’s physical frame underwent many physical ailments, in fact for many years Shirdi Baba’s [body] was unable to walk without the support of devotees. Swami is playing His leela also in His present form and we devotees can only pray to Swami to heal His body. Ultimately, it is His Will, His command and His Wish.
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