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Photos & report: Sri Sathya Sai Third World Youth Conference July 26-28, 2007

29th July:
CLOSING CEREMONY OF YOUTH CONFERENCE excerpts from Swami's discourse sent by a devotee

Offering humble pranams at the lotus feet of our most beloved Bhagwan,
Dear members of our Sai Family, the much awaited Sri Sathya Sai World Youth Conference was inaugurated amidst cheers, prayers and tears (of joy) in the immediate presence of our beloved Lord. At least 5000 delegates are here for the youth conference flown to Puttaparthi from 86 different countries. The whole youth took a procession in the streets of Puttaparthi early morning chanting mantras, singing bhajans and many of them had tears in their eyes, hearful smiles and the atmosphere was just blissful.
while the streets of Puttaprthi were full with people on either side of the road, eagerly looking at the youth, the blessed ones were excited for the kind of response they were having from the co-devotes this feeling itself says how hopeful are the elders on the youth. they are the torch bearers of tomorrow's world. As Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India rightly "today's children are tomorrows citizens, by becoming mere citizens is not a big thing, but to become true citizens, beloved children of our Mother Sai is our ultimate goal. The youth are so excited and thrilled for theopportunity they are having. they are the chosen ones out of the millions all over the world .they have come here after much hardship, they are completely immersed in the Ananda Saagar(ocean of happiness) filling strength and courage to swim the Samsara Sagara(ocean of life).

I was speaking to one sai sister from SA and she was saying, there is so much change ever since she has become part of this Conference. She says, all the worldly comforts, bad company, so called night life is just waste of time and energy. With Swami its never too late. He gives ample amount of time for us to change. Swami arrived for this morning darshan around 8am as two bands played music. The youth who were outside in the procession got back to Kulwanth hall at 8:40 and in a few minutes
Swami emerged from the interview room with His most beautiful smile, like a mother proud of her children looked at all the youth gathered.
As Swami got at the center of the dias, Dr.Goldstein, the International president of Sri Sathya Sai Organisation, gave a fantastic talk highlighting the importance of conducting this youth conference especially during this time when the whole world is disturbed. Where peace is broken into pieces. He was of the opinion that time has come for the youth to carry forward the stupendous activities taken up by Sai Organisations all over the world. He urged the youth to come forward to lend their helping hand to uplift the world which in turn will uplift one's own
individual spiritual growth. After a 20 minute thought provoking talk Dr. Goldstein after taking Swami's blessings, introduced another speaker from UK, a very active member of the Sai Organisation in UK. He also spoke on the importance of youth taking over the charge. He
shared some intimate moments with Swami and the way Swami changed his life. After the talk, he went to Swami to take His blessings. Swami lovingly patted him and He stretched His hand around the neck of the man, as if to see if he has any chain around his neck. In the very next second, Swami's hand made two circles and during the third circle came a beautiful, gold chain and as all of us joined our hands, Swami slipped the chain around his neck.It was 9:45 by then. On normal days, bhajans would be finished. Dr.Goldstien and others were
seen discussing with Swami probably about the next programme. I was thinking, what next Swami? Its inaugural function of Youth Conference, and it would be so nice if you could speak or some time and there came Swami's mike. Swami slowly rose from His throne...As Prof.Anil got closer to Swami, Sweet nectarine voice, "Prema Swarupulara emerged from our sweet Swami...Sathyambu nandunde Sarvambu Shristinche(the whole universe is born out of Sathya (truth)
Sathyambu nanadanage Sarva Shristi(Every thing merges in Truth)
Sathya mahima leni stalamedi kanukonna sudda satva midiye choodarayya There is no place where there is no truth.. The world is truth. You are verily embodiment of truth. Realise this truth and you
will be happy. Man today has learnt a lot. he is acquiring many degrees. He is also acquiring common sense which is the size of a mighty mountain, but he is unable to give up discrimination. If you don't give up discrimination, then all that you have is waste of time. Be alike to every one.Showing the hand kerchief, Swami continued, This is a cloth. what was it before, thread, where from the thread came from cotton. so it was cotton, then thread and now cloth. in the same way you are not one.. you are three. The one others think you are,the one you think you are and the one YOU REALLY ARE.realise this truth and lead your life.Give up body attachment. Its the root cause for all the disturbance. You are not the body. You say this is my head, my mind, my leg, my hand.. every time my.. when you say MY LEG. you are saying the truth that you are not the leg. The name given to this body is Sathya Sai Baba. I'm not Sathya Sai Baba, its a mere name given to this body by parents. So don't identity your self with your body. Its like a dress. So long as you are in this body you can claim this. When you leave this body, its set fire on the pire. then what happens to you..Its just your body which will be burnt and not you.U always say I.. I.. I.. Strike a horizontal line to this I and it will become Cross (+). The I is gone.. Develop love for your fellow beings. Now a days man is running behind Dabbu.. dabbu (money). what for is this money? How much money does one need? Nothing will come with you after you leave this body..The easiest thing which can be attained in this world is God. Just send your love to Him and He will give what ever you need. People show no interest towards God, rather run behind worldly comforts.It was 10:15 by then, almost 30 minutes since Swami was delivering HIs divine discourse. He
continued, Its getting late now. I don't want to continue further and give you trouble ( there was a big NO from the audience). You all assemble here at 4pm and I will tell you the easiest way to reach God, in a very simple manner. So saying Swami sat on His throne
and later Prof.Anil Kumar took over the mike to make an announcement. He said, there is a Volley Ball match between Sri Lanka and India this afternoon at 4pm. The evening programme will continue as usual. Swami will go and come back after blessing the players. As the prasadam was distributed Arathi was given to Swami


As Swami promised to visit the Indoor stadium at 4pm all the roads of Puttaparthi were jam packed with people on either side. All the delegates of the conference reached the newly built Indoor stadium by 3pm. There were very few devotees and volunteers in Kulwanth hall. Swami's headed towards the indoor stadium around 4:15.It was 5pm and Swami was still in the stadium. It was 5:30 and all were expecting Swami any moment. The match
was going on in full swing, had a nail biting finish and at the end India won the match. Just 10 minutes before Swami came out, I came out to the street. Stood at my favourite spot, Late Sai Geetha's house. The little elephant (many call her Sai Lakshmi, yet not sure if Swami
gave any name to her). (2 photos attached) Junior Sai
Geetha was playing in the planetarium compound. The tiny tot, who is around 5 feet tall, like a small child was running here and there, totally ignoring the  surroundings and happenings. As Swami's car was about to come out from the stadium, Mr. Pedda Reddy, took Junior Sai Geetha out side. It was an emotional moment for me as I always used to stand by Sai Geetha
when every Swami came out for Darshans. This time, Sai Geetha(Jr), was standing right next to me, as Mr. P
edda Reddy was holding the rope around her neck, I hold her left ear, it was a very different experience, standing by an elephant, who again was just as tall as me. I was wondering how she will respond to Swami when the car gets closer. Above all the crowd, security was just uncontrollable. Swami's car got closer and closer, Pedda Reddy took the Jr closer to the road. I was holding her ears tight, the little soul, was totally unaware of what was happening, Swami's car got more closer and the driver almost stopped the car by her side and Swami bend a bit forward looked at her with a beautiful smile and the Sai Geetha Jr, gave a thumping reply by raising her trunk, and devotees watching this divine romance screamed out of joy.. Later she was taken in and I continued my JOG WITH THE DIVINE..Every time I run with Swami, He gives the same soothing look, sweet smile and watching the crowds smile, throw flowers, call out for Swami loudly, just made me cry from the bottom of my heart, thanked Swami from the bottom of my heart for letting me see Him so close and for all His love and affection He showers on we, devotees. It was 6pm by then and after running with the car till the Ganesh Gate, I went into the ashram to catch yet another glimpse of Him from Kulwanth Hall. the hall was empty by then. There were only few sevadals. As I curiously looked at Swami's car as where it will head to, the car slowly drove towards Swami's residence. Probably the prayers of the players was so intense that Swami had to extend His stay in the stadium.... With prayers and thanks giving for a beautiful day, I left the ashram hoping for a more fruitful day tomorrow.
Satish Naik from Parthi (Member