Sri Sathya Sai Third World Youth Conference
July 26-28, 2007

27th July Darshan mail & excerpts from Swami's discourse sent by a devotee " Swami slowly rose from His throne...As Prof.Anil got closer to Swami, Sweet nectarine voice, "Prema Swarupulara emerged from our sweet Swami...Sathyambu nandunde Sarvambu Shristinche (the whole universe is born out of Sathya (truth)" read more

Pure, Unsullied Principle of Truth is Omnipresent and it is from this Truth that the whole of Creation emerged, said Bhagawan delivering His inaugural Divine Discourse during the Third Sri Sathya Sai World Youth Conference in Prasanthi Nilayam on 26th July 2007. Youth from more than 86 countries are participating in the three day Conference organised at the auspices of Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation, the governing body of Sri Sathya Seva Service Organisations – worldwide.

The morning of 26th July dawn in Prasanthi Nilayam seeing the exuberant, vibrant Youth from all over the globe in large numbers gearing up with final touches for presenting themselves to their beloved Master and Lord, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The Youth took out a massive rally, a procession that started from the Hill View Stadium to culminate in Sai Kulwant Hall carrying respective country flags while donning traditional costumes belonging to each nation and culture. It was a long, colourful parade, a presentation of their representation to Bhagawan who was through and through watching the entire procession lasted for over fifty minutes.

How can you be Ideal? asked Dr. Michael Goldstein, Chairman, Sri Sathya Sai World Foundation welcoming and addressing the vast congregation of Youth attending the Conference. We do not have to engage in years of austerities for the emergence of the human ideal; we have to merely acknowledge the Divinity who sits before us and within
us; take Him seriously, imbibe His Love, study His Words, emulate His example and Teachings. Become an Ideal Sai Youth by practising His precept - LOVE ALL SERVE ALL, was his simple advice to his younger colleagues.

Mr. Shitu Chudasama, the International co-ordinator for Youth Wing of Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisations - worldwide urged the Youth of the world to make efforts to understand their true nature. Citing incidents from Bhagawan’s own youthful days and from that of some of the great lives from the annals of Indian epics, he stressed the importance of leading an ideal life to fulfil the highest aim of man’s life. Sai Youth must make efforts to bring the energy enthusiasm and imagination to the Sai Organisation in respective countries; Primary goal of the Conference is to assist and facilitate the Sai Youth to look within to find God. Thanking Bhagawan profusely for His all-out involvement and encouragement through and through during the run-up to the Conference, Sri Chudasama placed a fervent prayer at His Lotus Feet on behalf of the Sai Youth to make them worthy instruments in His Mission. In conclusion, he added, Swami, life without You is a hopeless end and Life with You is an endless hope.

Man is developing knowledge and commonsense, but is lacking the sense of discrimination said, Bhagawan referring to the present day plight of humanity. It is for this reason that human values are on the decline, asserted Bhagawan. Referring to Educare, Bhagawan said, true Sadhana, spiritual practise lies in deep enquiry into one’s own heart bringing out the five divine principles, Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence. Senses are merely decorative pieces in human body. Develop deep conviction and faith in the inherent Divinity. Before concluding His Divine Discourse Bhagawan promised to explain in detail about the Principle of Love during the course of the Conference.

The Conference session continued with the first workshop session during which two eminent senior speakers, Mrs. Mallika Srinivasan, Director of Tractors and Farming Equipments Ltd. (TAFE) and Sri Sanjay Sahani, an alumnus of formerly Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and currently serving as Principal, Brindavan Campus of Sri Sathya Sai University, addressing the Youth.

The Youth have been brought into Swami’s fold at a time when their heart is open to receive His love instantly. The Youth seek to lead holistic pursuits over material life, yearn to achieve a larger purpose and strive to be better human beings. Living in the presence of Bhagawan offers the best of opportunities to achieve the same, echoed Mrs. Srinivasan. Mrs. Srinivasan’s thematic rhetoric revolved around the 5 D’s Bhagawan often refers to, namely, Devotion, Duty, Discipline, Determination and Discrimination, in detail with references.

We are living in extra ordinary times; it is the best of times and also the worst of times; it is the best of times because man will never get an easier opportunity to redeem himself at a time a Divine Incarnations walks on earth; it the worst of times because the very presence of a Divine Incarnation amidst us is a very sign of declining standards of living which have warranted His coming, said Sri Sanjay Sahani commencing his speech. Stressing on the importance of Transformation, Mr. Sahani said: We are living in an age marked as Information Age, but the need of the hour is Transformation. In the word SAI, S - stands for Spiritual Transformation, A - stands for Association Transformation and I - stands for Individual Transformation. Entwined with personal memoirs and anecdotes from devotee’s experiences Mr. Sahani urged the Youth to aspire to be a Sai Student for life.


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This was followed by a 20 minute question answer interactive session.

The highlight of the evening session was a friendly basketball match between India and Sri Lanka organised on the sidelines of the International Youth Conference, aptly titled Peace Through Basketball. The match was organised in the Sri Sathya Sai Indoor Stadium, before a packed audience. Before the commencement of the match, players, coaches and officials from both the sides were introduced to Bhagawan by the Secretary General of FIBA ASIA, Dato Yeoh Choo Hock. The match was won by India 44-40. There was interesting dance sequence by a troupe from the legendary dancer and choreographer of yester years Uday Shankar before the commencement and during the half-time break of the match.