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All the updates & Photos - Happy Birthday Sai Baba - 23 November


th -26th Dec: Christmas Photos, Video & Updates
Christmas with our beloved Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The alumni of the University and Higher Secondary School campuses at Prasanthi Nilayam and Brindavan have been gathering on 1 January for the last few years. This time, they had arranged a workshop for the alumni in the Poornachandra auditorium, with presentations on how to interface better with their alma mater and with the Sai Organisation. Bhagawan indicated last night that He would grace the proceedings, so all the alumni were seated in the Poornachandra by 8.30 am. Swami went to the Mandir where the Bhajans began at 9 o'clock, and accepting Arati at 9.15, came to the Poornachandra where He was welcomed with Vedic chants. The nearly 500 strong gathering was given an introduction to the speakers by Sri Chakravarthy, former Registrar of the University and current Secretary of the Central Trust. Former Vice Chancellor Sri S. V. Giri and the All India President of Sai Organisations Sri V. Srinivasan were the two speakers for the morning. Following their speeches, Bhagawan addressed the alumni, with translation by Prof. Anil Kumar. Bhagawan's 30 minute Discourse was followed by a 20 minute interactive session, in which the alumni got some points clarified by Swami directly. Prasadam was distributed, and Bhagawan left for His residence after Arati at 11.30 am. The alumni continued their workshop with presentations by some of their own number. In the evening, many of the alumni sat in the Bhajan Hall for the five o'clock bhajans. When Swami came to the Bhajan Hall at 5.15, He moved down the aisle and took a round of the verandah, returning to the Bhajan Hall to accept Arati at 5.50 pm.
Monday, December 29, 2008

This morning, the devotees from Indonesia who did the overseas sevadal duty were seated in the Bhajan hall, and the bhajans started at 9 o'clock from Sai Kulwant hall. A few minutes later, Bhagawan came to the bhajan hall and blessed the Indonesia group with vibhuti prasadam, padanamaskar and group photographs. After spending around an hour with the 200-strong group, Swami went into the interview room and thence onstage to accept Arati before returning to His residence.

In the evening, youth from Rajasthan were to present a play. Bhagawan arrived for darshan at 4.30 pm and came onstage and their programme began. The 40 minute drama was on Baba Ramdev, a legendary figure of the 14th century and a folk deity of Rajasthan. After their presentation, Bhagawan blessed the group with group photographs. Bhajans by the students began and prasadam was distributed. Fifteen minutes later, Swami accepted Arati and retired for the day.


Friday, December 26, 2008 Boxing Day : Children's Choir and Skit:   This evening, children from overseas presented songs and a musical play on the works of Jesus. After His darshan round at 4.30 pm, Swami came to the stage from the interview room at 5.10. and began the programme. Half an hour of songs were followed by the half-hour musical play. As they concluded, Bhagawan came down from the stage and blessed the participants with clothes and a group photograph. He then gifted photo-frames to the children who sang. The conductor and accompanists were also blessed with clothes. Swami interacted with the group for nearly half an hour before He went back onstage to accept Arati. Before He returned to His residence at 6.50, He blessed Mr. John Behner, the Christmas co-ordinator, also with clothes and raised both His hands in blessing all the devotees.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

This Christmas morning, the devotees from overseas gathered in the Sai Kulwant Hall and carolled after Nagarsankirtan as scenes from early morning darshans from Christmases past were projected on two screens atop the Mandir. Later, Bhagawan arrived in Sai Kulwant Hall at 8.35 in a white robe seated on His golden chair led by a procession of children from overseas dressed as the characters in the Nativity. When He reached the verandah, He blessed the cakes arrayed there and came onstage to begin the programme. The University brass band was the first to perform. After 10 minutes of Christmas-themed music from them, the violins of the Primary

 Christmas Day: Procession, Brass Band Programme, Violin Orchestra & Carols

December 25, 2008:Morning

School took over. As the young boys finished their performance with 'Jingle Bells', young 'Santa's came up to Swami to get their gift bags blessed. Swami threw a few toffees to the boys nearby, and the Santas completed the job, running around the hall. Christmas songs by the students began next. The 40 minute song bouquet was interspersed with a commentary in the form of a dialogue between two of Christ's apostles and a young boy. Two more 'Santa's arrived to throw toffees, and more traditional prasadam was distributed too. After Arati at 10 o'clock, Swami blessed students who came up with pictures of the Senior Students Hostel, Christmas day being the Hostel anniversary day too. More students with cards and birthday trays were blessed too before Swami left for His residence 10 minutes later.

Christmas Evening: Speeches and Divine Discourse

December 25, 2008:Evening

In the evening, Bhagawan arrived at 4.40 pm. The programme got underway once He came onstage with an introduction and thanksgiving by Mr. John Behner from Latin America. Two overseas speakers were blessed to present talks - Ms. Gisele Sebastian from Germany and Mr. Ted Henry from the USA. Following their moving talks, Bhagawan delivered His Divine Discourse at 5.45 pm. After His Discourse, Swami asked the students to sing a couple of Bhajans, following which He accepted Arati and returned to His residence at 7 pm.


christmas_yuletide_noel_sai_baba.Wednesday, December 24, 2008

This evening, the Christmas eve celebrations began with Bhagawan arriving at 4.30 pm in His chair. After a full round of the Sai Kulwant Hall, Swami came onstage after a brief visit to the interview room. The conductor of the Western choir came up to Bhagawan for blessings, and their hour-long programme began. When they finished all the songs in their printed schedule, Swami asked them to sing more songs, so they sang some traditional carols like 'Silent Night' and then began an encore of selected songs from

Christmas Evening: Speeches and Divine Discourse

December 25, 2008:Evening

their programme. Prasadam was distributed and Swami called up the conductor to bless her with a chain before accepting Arati. He then asked the students to sing bhajans. After the first couple of bhajans, He asked them to sing 'Sarva Dharma Priya Deva'. A couple of multi-religious bhajans followed before Swami accepted Arati once again and returned to His residence in the car after spending more than 2 hours in Sai Kulwant Hall.


Monday, December 22, 2008
This evening's bhajan session was for over 100 minutes. Bhagawan arrived after the Bhajans began at 5 pm, and moved to the interview room. After a series of interviews, He came to the Bhajan Hall and almost immediately accepted Arati at 6.45 pm.
Sunday, December 21, 2008

Three thousand devotees from Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh had gathered at Prasanthi Nilayam. Yesterday, they had a procession in the streets of Puttaparthi outside the Ashram. This evening, they had a chance to present their programmes in Sai Kulwant Hall. Bhagawan arrived at around 5.40 pm in His chair, and when He reached the stage, He asked the leader of the group to speak a few words of introduction. Following his Telugu speech, a 50 minute drama was presented by the youth and Balvikas children, on the transformative quality of Balvikas. The devotees sang some songs for fifteen minutes after the drama while chocolates were distributed to the participants and Bhagawan went down for group photographs with the children. Once He came back onstage, Bhagawan accepted Arati at 7.15 pm and returned to His residence.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

This evening, when Bhagawan arrived in Sai Kulwant Hall at five o'clock, He moved in His chair to where the youth from MP and Chhattisgarh were seated and moved among them. He said He wanted to give group photographs for the participants in yesterday's drama. Since they could not arrange themselves where they were seated, the students vacated an area in the centre of Sai Kulwant Hall and the photo session went on there. Swami blessed two of the group with clothes and they also received their photos then and there. Moving to the Bhajan Hall where the Bhajans were going on, Bhagawan moved down the aisle in His chair and gave sarees to a lady and three of the bhajan singers there before He accepted Arati at six o'clock.

Below: Bhagawan interacting with the Devotees 18th Dec 08

Click here for: 12 photos & detailed darshan news: Thursday, December 18, 2008 Swami with - Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh devotees


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Since Saturday, when Bhagawan had enquired about the sports events of the students, they have been eagerly awaiting a visit from Him at the Indoor Stadium complex. Today, that visit materialised. Last evening Bhagawan came for darshan at 4.15 pm and this morning at 8.10 am, moving in a full darshan round of Sai Kulwant Hall in His chair. 
Swami_visits_indoor_stadium_17dec08Click here for: 40 New Photos & detailed darshan news:: Swami visits Indoor stadium and MP programme

This evening, at four o'clock, Swami went to the Indoor Stadium directly from His residence and watched parts of tennis, volleyball and basketball intra-mural matches there. He returned to Sai Kulwant Hall at five o'clock, and after a brief visit to the interview room, came onstage for a performance by the youth from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Fifteen minutes of traditional Karma dance from Chhattisgarh was followed by a Hindi adaptation of Bhagawan's play 'Cheppinattu Chestara' (Do you do as you say). The half hour drama was followed by fifteen minutes of songs by Sri Abhas Joshi, a former Balvikas student and a top three finalist of a singing competition on national television. Bhagawan accepted Arati and returned to His residence blessing all the participants with Abhayahasta at 6.30 pm.

Photo slide show: Cultural Programme by Devotees from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh
'Karma Dance', Folk Dances of Chhatisgarh, ' Do Deeds Follow Words',
a Hindi Skit and Bhajans by Sri Abhas Joshi

December 17, 2008


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sri Ashok Chavan, the new Maharashtra CM, had an audience with Swami this morning. A couple of days ago, former Union Home Minister Sri Shivraj Patil had also come for Bhagawan's darshan. This evening, the students presented a card detailing their Sports activities as the Bhajans went on, and after Arati Swami had a brief interaction with the students and teachers in the Bhajan hall, enquiring about the different events before returning to His residence in the car at 5.45 pm.
Friday, December 12, 2008

Devotees from Anakapalli had come to Prasanthi Nilayam as a group, and this evening they had the opportunity to sit near the Sai Kulwant hall stage and lead the evening bhajans. They run a Deena Janodharana Pathakam there for orphans and single mothers, and the children were also seated in the front. Bhagawan arrived for darshan in the chair at 4.45 pm, and interacted with some of the group before coming onstage and beginning their bhajans. He sat there while prasadam was distributed and had another short interaction with some group members after Arati at 5.50 pm before retiring for the day.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family, By Swami's grace all is well in this holy land Puttaparthi. This morning  want to share a very sweet street darshan of our Lord. This morning just after 10am Swami decided to go out for His street darshan which are always blissful and a very good chance for all devotees to get a close look at our Lord and experience the divine bliss. Swami after coming out preferred to go the stadium. He went in from the Chaitanya Jyothi Museum entrance which is right next to Swami's primary school. Swami blessed me to get inside the premises. Swami's car was heading towards the dais in the hill view stadium. Once the car came inside the school premises, Swami's car was going very slowly and it was very quiet around the car as well. Very few devotees around, and the sevadals who run with big ropes on both sides were not around. It was a beautiful experience to run with our Lord for those few hundred meters side by side. I was entering the hill view stadium for the first time after the memorable golden chariot darshan. The car was now passing from the same way. I thanked my stars for the divine boon for letting me in. It was just a divine feeling to compare that GOLDEN day and the same GOLDEN Lord, and running on the same path. Swami was all smiles. The stadium was very calm, with very few people around. all the colorful decorations the huge screens, were not seen. The dais which was extended for the yagna was now being removed by handful of workers. Swami slowly watched all the developments, smiling at the workers with full of love. The car was now right in front of the dais. the car which was already slow, slowed down bit more for Swami to take a closer look at the dais which looked normal now. I was right next to Swami now. Could see clearly the tiniest pore on HIS beautiful face, which was glowing like the bright morning sun, His Lotus feet resting on a tiny nice foot rest in the car. Looking at His tiny hands, which were smoother than silk, I thought those are the hands which have donthousands of divine materializations those are the HANDS which gave food to the hungry, shelter to the needy, medication to the poorest of the poor, those HANDS are those which gave immense strength and courage for the man kind to fight the so called PROBLEMS and WORRIES and those hands are those which said WHY FEAR WHEN I AM HERE...

 looking at all these I was running with the car, many times, Swami sweetly smiled back at me.. Brothers and sisters, I want to share a very personal heart to heart conversation. Just a reminder of how Swami is there in every action, in every thought and every second of our life.. Just four days ago, my wife Shanthi's pregnancy report came as positive. Me along with the whole family was so excited about that and I immediately felt like running up to Swami and seek His blessings which were already there and I expressed my wish to my family. My grandmother, who was blessed to see Swami since His childhood days, said "Gone are the days my dear Satish, today, you have to be a BIG man to go to Swami and share all the good news and seek guidance". I laughed at her and told, for Swami we all are BIG and it is just a matter of time.. Thinking it was the right occasion, while the car was just passing by the dais and was heading towards the main road via Eswaramma school gate, I prayed to Swami from inside, Swami my wife Shanthi, is carrying her baby in her womb, this baby be Yours, let her be a divine child and let the baby be your humble instrument in this avatar and your loving Prema Sai Avatar which the man kind will be witnessing in a very short time. As I was offering this prayer, Swami suddenly looked at me with a sweet smile and raised His left hand to bless me. Brothers and sisters, this incident is enough to show that all our prayers reach Swami whether you say it loud or from your heart.. and He is always there to respond. I couldn't believe when He suddenly looked at me and blessed me just an live example to show that Swami is all knowing and all caring. Even while typing this email, I can clearly see our our Sweet Lord's instant reaction to my prayer and for a while, I thought, did I say it loudly? This incident no doubt is Swami's grace and what a good fortune Swami!!!! As the car came on the main road, instead of taking a left turn towards ashram Swami took a right turn heading towards Gopuram I went after the car and the car now came on the airport road, just passed by the samadhi of Sri Janakiramayya the chosen brother of Swami....and now the car gained more speed. Swami after reaching the petrol station took a right turn and now the car was on the road which leads to the ashram western-gate. the road was very quiet with no devotees. no one in that area knew about Swami's arrival. On the way there came a Shepard. He was playing alone with his stick on the road not knowing the arrival of the Lord, suddenly he saw the tiny porte car heading and in few seconds he realised that it was none other than Swami who was coming and immediately he threw away the stick and bowed down and Swami was all smiles.. then came a herd of cows. There was one cow which was walking like a king to cross the road. Swami's car slowed down and waited for the mother cow to cross the road. If it was a minister in this particular situation he would probably have jailed the cow herder and also the cow. I am not writing this to criticize any one but just want to show how down to earth our Swami is loving all and caring all. As the car passed by there came some farmers who were drying the paddy crop on the road. Any one visiting India would have noticed this and It is a very common scene any where in India . Many farmers didn’t know the arrival of their beloved and before they realised the car passed by. Many women set aside their work and bowed down to Swami. Swami's car drove on the paddy grains. How blessed are those farmers whose hard earned crop was blessed by none other than our Swami Himself and not to forget the lucky souls who will be partakin those grains. We chant Brahamarpanam before we eat but this kind of food is already, blessed by Swami physically and it will only reach to those lucky ones whom He chooses to.. Swami's car then drove into the ashram from the western gate thus ending a beautiful quiet street darshan passing by the stadium, into the busy road and then into quiet scenic paddy fields and back to the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.. Prasanthi Nilayam...
( Submitted to SBOI-Group Join Group Sai Baba Of India - "SBOI")

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This evening, while the Bhajans went on, Bhagawan moved down the Bhajan Hall aisle and went out through the rear door. On the verandah, He blessed the faculty members of the Department of Economics of Sri Sathya Sai University, who presented a card to Him about their upcoming conference. The national conference begins on Thursday, December 4, at the Prasanthi Nilayam campus and has the theme 'Economics and Energy'.


All the updates & Photos - Happy Birthday Sai Baba - 23 November







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