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Bhagawan's Discourse at Super Speciality Hospital on 26-12-2004



Highlights of Bhagawan's Discourse

Embodiments of Love,

For the body, health is very important. This in turn is dependent on the food and drink we partake. There is no dearth of health in this hospital. However it is very important that we should also have happiness while we pursue work here. In comparison to other hospitals our hospital gives opportunities for pursuing both health and happiness. Mana Eva Manushyanaam Kaaranam Bandha Mokshayoho – Mind is the reason for both attachment and detachment. When your mind is relaxed all other happiness follows. Arogyam Moolamuthamam – Health is the most important and noble thing. In today’s world the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe have all become polluted. Food and drink are directly responsible for the deterioration of health.

No doubt, food is an essential thing for health especially in that the food we eat affects the feelings we develop. There is no point in simply stating lofty goals if you do not take concrete measures to achieve them – at least the first steps should be taken.

A Verse in Telugu:

(Even if you have wealth and property and righteousness, you are miserable if you do not have children;

Even if you are highly academically qualified, if you do not have a job you feel miserable)

In today’s circumstances, one does not get both and if you need both you should have both Positive and Negative within. Sadly we see only negative feelings within today’s man. It becomes our bounden duty to seek and develop positive within. Our senses are getting battered by only polluted items …naturally it affects the physical health also…Vaidyo Narayano Hari….there needs to be unity of thought word and deed while we perform our duties as doctors….when there is dichotomy in thought and word or word and deed we get negative feelings within…Doctors also must cleanse their hearts with Holy and Divine feelings…in this Visaala Prapancham (wide world) one needs to develop Visaala Bhaavam (Positive feelings and Broad vision) to banish negativity ….one must distinguish between the physical heart and the HRIDAYA ( inner spiritual heart).

Generally, you do not find doctors and nurses having the same type of approach …however in our hospital all are working with a unity of purpose…no doubt the external world does affect the desires and feelings of nurses and doctors…When you are working here, do not allow outside influences to affect your mind…development of one’s own self is a natural process…to attribute one’s happiness, progress or prosperity to outside influences, one’s own knowledge in the field or the education one has; is a kind of innocence…

A Telugu Verse again:

One reads a lot...becomes a great academic in his field …yet he does not know himself;

How much ever one becomes educated he does not lose his meanness;

If you analyze, higher one gets educated, higher is the level of argumentation and lesser is the wisdom;

What is the point in struggling so much for studying …one should study that which would liberate us!!

Human life is very expansive. Then why do we give place to narrow mindedness…Past is past it will not come back…Future is not sure…Present is very important…this is not an ordinary present….this is OMNIPRESENT…one needs to develop all types of positive feelings in this Present to enjoy happiness and bliss…one needs to always discriminate between the good and bad feelings one experiences…accept only that which is elevating and gives you bliss and reject the negative feelings

There is no dearth of facilities in our Hospital…we are not expecting any commercial returns from this Hospital…you are aware that running a Hospital is a costly affair…there are many who build Hospitals for the sake of returns…we also seek returns…what type of returns…we want healthy outcomes…truly there is no other wealth than health……

Embodiments of Love….I want you to understand that the differences in the physical frames you see is not the truth…Truth is that the Atma within all of you is the Same…there may be many bulbs (bodies) but the current within is the same (like the Atma within)…when the LOVE which is within all of you is the same then where is the question of differences…it may be that you have different types of feelings towards you mother, your father, brother sister…but the Atma within is the same...when you develop this equimindedness, you will enjoy inexhaustible Bliss and Health too…

Many of you eat your food very fast….you should partake food slowly and with good feelings in your heart…we should banish all bad feelings while eating food…individuals as such do not have the digestive power…we pray “Brahmarpanam…” before we eat and the answer we get is that “Aham Vaiswanaro Bhoothva…”i.e God Himself is helping in digesting the food you eat….therefore you should eat food with good thoughts in your heart…there are three types of feelings in man …Swaartham (selfishness) Swa Artham (for personal purposes) and Paraartham (for other’s sake)…it is natural for everyone to have some selfishness…yet one should strive to develop some amount of selflessness too….

“Help Ever...Hurt Never”. .as much as possible you should try to help others…medicines have their own role in recovery of a patient but the feeling with which it is given is more important… has Will Power from top to toe…this Will Power is nothing but God’s own power….without this Divine Power, man cannot take even one step forward…many people think that it is attained by man’s efforts…it is only your imagination…what really propels you forward is God’s Power alone…God’s Grace alone allows you to move about in this world.

Embodiments of Love…develop LOVE….when you have this LOVE in your heart you can achieve anything…look at every one as Your very own…accept whatever happens as for your own good….whether you are hit on your leg…or sustain illness…accept that it is for your own good…and then try to get the remedy…In our hospital you need to take the maximum number of precautions to give health and happiness back to the patients…there may be some selfishness when you treat patients but there need to be more of service and help when you treat patients…one cannot escape a little bit of selfishness in this world…but you should also include some service and selflessness while you treat patients.

Treat everything as God’s own work. When you see the patient and administer medicine…when you give this Love of God, perform this as a Sadhana (spiritual practice)…..unless you have spiritual practices you cannot succeed in this world… much ever your efforts in this physical world…if you can add even a little bit of spiritual power to your attempts your success is assured!!….Discharge all your worldly responsibilities with this spiritual bent of mind…pray that every patient you treat should regain his/her health …more than the patient it is the doctors prayers that would give faster healing to the patient!!…

God’s Nature is filled with selfless Love….you have kept water here…it is bland in taste…but if you add some sugar it becomes sweet…the sweetness of sugar is nature’s secret…when you suck water from a tumbler using a straw does the tumbler or the straw feel the sweetness of the water….it is only the human tongue that can experience the sweetness…our stomach is like the tumbler with its sweetness…the intellect is like the straw, use the intellect to discriminate between right and wrong and accept only that which is good.

Embodiments of Love, you are performing a lot of service to this country…because there is a lack of such helpers in the world there is a lot of turbulence…one should go on helping everyone….if not anything, giving water to a thirsty person is also service…this way one can develop Paraartha also…

Embodiments of is not as if you do not know…still how many ever number of times I tell, it is only when you take the first step and start developing this feeling of love that you can work with selflessness…do everything as God’s Own work…shun selfishness at work…try and develop a selfless approach…when you treat everything as God’s work, you will surely succeed!!….whatever work you do…your heart must be full of God’s Love…think of yourself as a servant to the patient…this spirit of service gives you successful results…remove egoistic feelings from your work…add Love to every action of yours…

Embodiments of Love, I do not need to tell you more…Love is immanent in everything…however we utilize it more for selfish purposes than for societal good…there may be some amount of selfishness but one should try to fill one’s life and actions with God’s Love…some people may feel that they are not getting enough salaries but it is not salary which is going to give you happiness….it is the service and Love that you show that gives you happiness…you talk of achieving God’s Grace but (you) are eating grass…no no, you should eat GRACE alone…that will lead you to greatness!!

Today I am very happy….I have been trying to see you all at one place for so many days…today that has come true…you all work in different places, but today being a Sunday, you all were able to assemble at one place…treat everyday as a Sunday because the names of days may be different but Sun is present in every day…be happy and spread happiness…

If doctors are happy, any number of patients can be seen and sent back happily…so all doctors be happy and spread this happiness to all those you see….What is true happiness…it is in Union with God…

(Swami praised Dr Prasad for his excellent contribution in translating His Divine Discourse)

Man needs to try his best….victory or defeat is in God’s Hands.

Everywhere in this world there is shortage of nurses….they join, learn all the work and finally go away…it is not as if there is something less here…it is a misconception to think that one can earn a lot of money when one goes to foreign lands…along with the earnings there is the taxation and other expenses…even though the amount drawn is less here, it still gives lot of happiness…do not aspire for the wealth of money…..aspire for Vignyana Pragnyana and Sugnyana to get the Gynana of Ananda..

Many people do go out for the sake of money, realize the hard facts within a few months and regret their actions. But it is too late by then. Even we would be happy if you really earn more…do not waste money in such circumstances…money makes many things but does not give real bliss to the heart. One should be happy and contented with whatever one gets….Rs.2000 here is equivalent, if not more than, Rs.20000 that you can earn in other countries…it is mostly an illusion that one can earn more outside….your expenditure is in proportion to your earnings…if you are destined to earn more you will get it, come what may….do not be swayed by the attraction of higher salaries (money).

Embodiments of Love, what more joy and happiness do you want than this? Cultivate love and kinship with everyone, that will give you everlasting joy…we are never lacking in compensating our people here...we are strictly adhering to Government Scales, you may have many expenditures but definitely you will be getting equivalent compensation …just have a little bit of forbearance. Many doctors earn a lot in America, but when they come here and go back, their savings are all spent on charges. So there is always a plus and a minus in earnings…unfortunately everyone thinks of only plus and not the minus. Be happy and contented with what you have and definitely success will be yours!!

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