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Bhagawan's Discourse at Super Speciality Hospital on 26-12-2004

Making true the dreams of His children who don the role of caregivers in His temple of healing, the Universal Mother responded a million fold by agreeing to visit and spend some time with them in the hospital. The arrangements for the programs to be hosted on the D - Day have been going on for the past week. The day was bright and nature was at its best when Bhagawan stepped into the premises of the flower bedecked hospital at about 4:15 p.m, on 26th December 2004, escorted to the hospital by the enthusiastic “employees”.


Swami’s last visit to the Hospital came on the tenth anniversary of the hospital. He also addressed the staff then but this visit was truly special as He spent a lot more time in the Central dome of the Temple of Healing! The highlight of the Divine visit was the loving and informal Discourse followed by Bhagawan attending a dinner session with all the Doctors!


Swami graciously consented to come to the Hospital when one of the senior surgeons repeatedly requested Him to bless the Staff in the Hospital. Though the Lord was so busy with the Christmas celebrations on the 24th and 25th of December, He made time for the yearning 360 staff members on the 26th of December at 4:15 pm.


Despite the fact that the staff are generally busy in their respective departments, they gave all their free time for planning, cleaning, decorating, cooking and practicing various items. The entire Hospital was transformed into a hive of activity! The nurses did most of the work of Floral decorations and Rangoli.   A new feeling of motivation filled the air and everyone felt energized like never before!!


All staff assembled in the beautifully decorated Central dome with its huge and imposing Chandelier, sparkling beautifully. Bhagawan arrived at the eastern or VIP entrance as it is known. As the White Mercedes Benz drove in, escorted by outriders on motorcycles who were our staff again, there was a hush and a great expectation filled our hearts! As the Lord alighted from the car, the Director, Dr. Safaya, the Joint Director, Dr. Jagadish Chandran, the Financial Controller Sri Appa Rao and the Chief Engineer Sri Viswanathan welcomed Him with roses.


As soon as the car reached the Hospital, all the staff began chanting Vedam. It was wonderful to participate in a unique devotional chant by all the Hospital members. Beloved Swami was received with the traditional “Purnakumbham” and little children who study in the school in the hospital premises, welcomed Him with traditional lamps. As the Vedic chants filled the air, the Golden moment arrived when His car(t) glided into the Central dome of the hospital.


There is no stage in the dome, so Bhagawan sat at the same level and the administrators sat behind Him. He was calm and in no hurry, so everyone enjoyed the Darshan. Responding spontaneously to the love and affection of the gathered employees, Swami went around the dome blessing everyone and slowly walked back to His chair to light the lamp. The Director, Dr A.N. Safaya then addressed the audience and thanked Swami for coming at this busy period. Dr Safaya welcomed Bhagawan and placed the gratitude of the entire hospital for allowing us to celebrate in His presence. Welcoming the Lord, he spoke about the new, unparalleled concept of Free Tertiary Care in medical specialties like Cardiac Surgery, Cardiology, Urology and Ophthalmology. 


Following this, a small music program by the employees created the atmosphere for Swami to deliver His message of Love and what a message it was!! (details of His discourse follows in our next mail). Swami, the Loving Mother was determined to pour out Her Love onto us and His short speech with sweet words of wisdom created an unforgettable impression on every one!


The staff sang three songs that were an outpouring of their hearts. Brother Ravi Kumar, an old MBA student of Swami sang two beautiful  devotional songs accompanied by brother Neeraj on Tabla, Dheeraj on Harmonium and Srinivas Rao  singing with him. All are old students. The first song was a Hindi song … Jiss Ke Sar Pe Haath Ho Tera…. (The one on whose head Your protective hand is, he can come to no harm ever…). Andari Bandhu Vayya, a famous Telugu song was very appropriate too and shows that the Lord is universal and helps all. The songs reverberated through the dome and each one felt transported to a different level of consciousness. The Nurses’ group sang a Telugu song which meant that Lord, You are our Mother & Father, continue to support us and grant us your Protection and Grace.


Thereafter, Dr. Safaya prayed that Swami should bless us all with His Divine discourse and Bhagawan consented. As He rose, He surveyed the group and said that He was unable to meet all of us together since long, but as today was Sunday all could be present. Mentioning the famous quote “Vaidyo Narayano Hari”, He praised the staff for being examples and serving the Nation by participating in this Free Hospital. (Details of Discourse in our next mail)


On concluding His Discourse, He spoke to the translator, Dr. K.R. Prasad, an eye surgeon who did an excellent job of translating the Divine Message, though it was only the second time he had this unique opportunity. Bhagawan asked him about his native place and said that He had sanctioned money for a water project so near to the Godavari area, in fact at his native place itself! Asking about his son who is a student of M.Sc. Maths at Parthi, He Graciously materialized a gold chain for the boy and asked Dr. Prasad to go over to the Hostel and put it around his neck. Remote Grace!!

Senior doctors then requested that all staff take group photos while Bhagawan continued sitting. Our hearts raced in delight as we saw Him agreeing to the request. Never has it happened before! Such a great opportunity to crowd around the Lord, though in a somewhat orderly manner and to be clicked …. A memory for ages! A Blessing for life in these times when it is hardly possible to even dream of  such chances with Swami. Doctors came first followed by the old students, now Technical officers, then other Technicians, nearly a hundred nurses, engineering staff and others.


The photo session took a while but Swami kept us laughing with witty comments such as “What photographers are these … they don’t even say smile, or ready…” It is true that when God decides to give He gives to the fullest ( Jab Baghawan Detha Hai Tho Chappad Phaad Ke Detha Hai...in translation)!! Following the photography session, Prasadam was distributed to the employees. After all the staff, even the sweepers had been photographed, He agreed to go to the Conference Hall where dinner had been laid out for all doctors with Bhagawan and the doctors had a dinner session which many claimed was the best they ever had!!


After a few minutes in the room meant for Bhagawan, that is just adjacent to the hall, He entered the Dining Hall, sat on the Sofa chair and smiled at the seated doctors. The Hall had been richly decorated with roses and tables covered with white cloth. But the highlight of the decorations was the huge backdrop….behind Bhagawan’s chair… a massive 12 foot painting of Lord Vishnu (as you will see in the photographs).


A large number of items had been laid out on the table before Him. The doctors savored these precious moments so much that they could hardly partake of the delicacies placed before them. Swami partook of a few items and some fruit. He asked the doctors to leave their cameras and eat. He sat there for nearly half an hour.


All great moments have their end and it was time for the Lord to return to the Mandir. We had enjoyed to our hearts content and had to digest and relive these lovely moments and ponder over His words of wisdom.


As He got into the small car and drove through the corridor towards the eastern door, with all the staff lined up on either side each one felt a pang of grief at the thought of separation. Such is the Lords Company. However much we have of it, we always crave for more of it. It fills us with sweetness and transports us into a sacred world beyond our work a day world of cares, desires and sorrows.


Such is the sweet story of the memorable time we had with Bhagawan at the hospital. All in all, it was a very memorable evening for all the employees of SSSIHMS Puttaparthy, which in its 13 years of service to humanity has been graced on numerous occasions by the Lord, but the latest visit was the best ever in many years of memory!!



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