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Glimpse of His omnipotence/ Gold Coin
Tulsi leaf - Gold Coin
"One day Swami on His way to the Hostel plucked a Tulsi leaf and
placed it in the palm of a student and said: 'Keep it safe. Don't
show it to anybody'. He just obeyed. But the warden insisted to see
it. When the boy opened the handkerchief in which it was tied he
found a gold coin. So he said 'Keep it safe, don't show it to
anybody'. But his friends pestered and he had to yield. When they
opened the handkerchief it was only a Tulsi leaf. The boy was
greatly disappointed. Seeing his disappointment Swami called him and
asked for the leaf. He blew at it and lo! The gold coin appeared and
Swami blessed him to keep the same with him as His gift. Nothing is
beyond His Power. His sankalpa is enough. It can change earth into
sky and sky into earth. This incident, though humorous, was but a
glimpse of His omnipotence. The students get such revelations often
which cement their faith in their protector and patron."


Gold Coin-2

"At Horsley Hills Sai Baba produced a particularly striking example of such telekinesis. One evening a party of us were sitting on the carpet in his suite; Ramanatha Reddy, the doctor, the young men, Iris and myself were there. Swami asked me the year of my birth, and when I told him, he said that he would get for me from America a coin minted there in that same year.

He began to circle his down-turned hand in the air in front of us, making perhaps half a dozen small circles, saying the while: "It's coming now ..... coming ..... here it is!"

Then he closed his hand and held it before me, smiling as if enjoying my eager expectancy. When the coin dropped from his hand to mine, I noted first that it was heavy and golden. On closer examination I found, to my delight, that it was a genuine milled American ten-dollar coin, with the year of my birth stamped beneath a profile head of the Statue of Liberty.
"Born the same year as you," Swami smiled.

What would the skeptics say about this, l wondered. Would they suggest that Baba carried around with him a stock of coins so that he would have one to match my year of birth. Such old American coins, now long out of circulation, would not be easy for him to obtain in India through normal channels.
I have no doubt whatever that this was one of Baba's many genuine apports. While he circled his hand before us, some agency under his will had dematerialised this gold coin at some place somewhere, carried it at space-annihilating velocity, and re-materialised it in Sai Baba's hand."
from Man of Miracles by Howard Murphet

Gold Coin-3

"In 1899, hundred years ago, 110 carat gold was in existence. It was extremely pure and effulgent. Gradually it has lost its value and effulgence on account of its association with different metals like silver, copper and brass. Likewise, man at the time of birth is essentially pure and sacred, but as he grows up, loses his human values due to his excessive desires and association with kith and kin." Just then Sathya Sai Baba  materialized a gold coin from year 1899 .

(Discourse, 16 October 1999)

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