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"That something is God"
"Even those who swear that they did not find any trace of God in the depths of space, or who aver that God is dead, or that even if alive, He has outlived His use for man, that He has ever been a handicap and a costly nuisance for man, these too have to admit that there is something inscrutable beyond the reach of reason, something which pervades the world and reveals itself in Love, Renunciation and Service. That something is God,"

Sathyam Sivam Sundaram Part 111

"MY MISSION is to grant you courage and joy, to drive away weakness and fear. Do not condemn yourselves as sinners; sin is a misnomer for what are really errors, provided you repent sincerely and resolve not to follow evil again. Pray to the Lord to give you the strength to overcome the habits which had enticed you when you were ignorant."

"Worry, greed and needless agitation and anxiety, these cause even bodily disease. Mental weakness is the biggest cause of disease. Dis-ease is a want of ease; the contented mind is the best drug."

"Be good, be joyful, be bold, be honest, be temperate, be patient. These are the rules of good health."

"I refuse to call anyone an athiest or an unbeliever, for all are the Creations of the Lord and repositories of the Grace. In everyone's heart there is a spring of love, a rock of truth. That love is God, that truth is God. Divinity is there in the depths of everyone's inner being."

"The Lord is above and beyond all limits of caste and color, of wealth and poverty; it is foolish to believe that the Lord asks for this gift or is angry when it is not offered."

"I have come to guide and bless those who undergo the discipline and practice leading to divine union. I am neither man nor woman, old or young, I am all these."

"Do not praise Me. I like you to approach Me without fear, as a right. You do not extol your father. You ask for something from him, as a right, is that not so?"

"You may be seeing Me today for the first time, but you are all old acquaintances for Me. I know you through and through. My task is the spiritual regeneration of humanity through truth and love. If you approach one step nearer to Me, I shall advance three steps towards you."

"I am happiest when a person carrying a heavy load of misery comes to Me, for he is most in need of what I have."

"It is not mentioned anywhere that the grace of God is available only for certain classes or races or grades of people. From the smallest to the biggest all are entitled to it. The Lord is everywhere, everything."

"The world can achieve prosperity and peace only through such persons whose hearts are pure and whose minds are free of prejudice and passion, lust and greed, anger and envy."

"I have not started the work for which I have come for I am still in the stage of preliminary reconnaissance. When I start my campaign the whole world will know of it and benefit by it."