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SBOI- Sai Darshan news 25th & 26th April -2006 Brindavan
(Morning -evening)

25thApril: Yesterday morning the darshan hall was nearly full and  the devotees waiting to get the morning blessings of divine darshan went home without the morning darshan, since Swami didn’t come. However, Swami came in the evening at around 4.30 and remained in the darshan hall for over 40 minutes thus satisfying the heart and souls of waiting devotees.

26th April: Brindavan of Bangalore is Swami’s playground; Brindavan was also the play ground of another (previous) Avatar Sri Krishna though Lord Krishna’s Brindavan lies in the northern part of India. No doubt, Swami is the Rama, Krishna and all the previous avatars put in one single divine body namely the present Sai form. At Whitefield’s Brindavan Ashram it was a celebration day for everyone since today is the foundation day of TRAYEE, the beautiful decorations at the gates to Trayee Brindavan, announced the celebration of “BRINDAVANS ANNIVERSARY”. The weather was perfect with weather gods as commanded by our Supreme and Beloved Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Brindavan brief history- Brindavan was inaugurated by Bhagawan Baba on 25th June, 1960. It enjoys the presence of the Divine for about three months during summer every year.


Trayee Brindavan: This beautiful lotus shaped building in yellow and pink was inaugurated by Baba on 26th of April, 1984. It serves as the residence of Bhagawan Baba whenever He is in Bangalore.  April 26th is therefore “Trayee day” - the anniversary of the opening of Trayee Brindavan.. ”Trayee’ means three Vedic texts. Vedic texts are only three. But the fourth one, Sama Veda, is the music part of it. If you go by the textual content, if you go by the textual matter, Vedas are only three. The fourth, Sama Veda, is the music part of it. So that Brindavan building is called ‘Trayee’ Brindavan...”

Swami looks different when you look at Him from different angles, different times and also depending on the spiritual level one finds oneself etc., believe, that’s why the Hindu scriptures illustrate God as beyond description. Then again, Sai devotees are attached to Swami’s physical frame therefore we sit for hours to just get a glimpse of our beloved Sai, today morning was no different, many were waiting to get the divine darshan of living God. And Swami didn’t disappoint us Swami came at around 8:20 looking radiant as ever. Even though, Swami stayed for almost one hour granting His beautiful darshan nevertheless, we devotees desired for more! At around 9.20 a.m. Aarthi was offered to Swami. Also on this auspicious anniversary day Prasadam of Indian sweets was distributed to the devotees. It was also announced that there will be a special programme in the evening at 4.00 p.m. In the evening, all eyes were fixed at the stage door, the decorated stage and the chair with the golden pillow was arranged for Swami, at around Swami walked in, with His unhurried steps swami came near the railings and looked at the devotees sitting on the floor near the stage then Swami walked towards His chair and sat. The high platform of the stage provides all the devotees sitting close or far a perfect panorama and Swami is always in view. The special bhajan group was standing by and one of the members went up to the stage with today’s spiritual song program and offered it to Swami. Today’s bhajan songs in many different languages were really inspiring. After the end of the programme Swami was offered Aarthi thus concluding today’s darshan. Brindavan also experienced a heavy rain shower, as an extra blessing.

The following is Sathya Sai Baba's address in Brindavan:
Sathya Sai Baba,
'Trayee Brindavan',
Brindavan, Kadugodi,
Bangalore 560067

© Source: SBOI


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21st April: SBOI is receiving "Sai-travel" news from many sources, that is, Swami may undertake a journey or trip to Whitefield on 23rd April. SBOI cannot verify the the validity of this message/info since only Swami alone knows His travel plans.
Swami granted morning darshan, also some overseas (foreigners) devotees from the darshan rows were called in for interview today.

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Kodaikanal: Mostly Bhagawan comes out of His Sai Sruthi residence for giving darshan to devotees between 9 am-9.45 and for bhajan between 3.45 pm.-4.45 His darshan route is walk/ wheel chair down the porch also sometimes he get into the golf cart, ride down to the ladies' side, then to the gents' side, take a turn, and return in the opposite direction back to Sai Sruthi. Bhajans are in the bhajan hall next to Sai Sruthi, and Bhagawan comes there in the evenings.