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A Flight with Divinity...Bhagawan's Kodai Trip 2007


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April 26, 2007 - Om Sairam to dearest Sai Family
Amidst cheers, prayers and tears, Swami left for Kodai Kanal this morning as thousands gathered on either side of the road, to greet a warm farewell to the Dearest Son of this holy Puttaparthi…

Swami had already prolonged His stay for about 15 days and all of us were expecting Swami would go to Kodai any time..
There was news running around that Swami might leave this morning (26 th April) and governement owned Indian airlines flight landed in the Sathya Sai Airport around 8:30am confirming Swami’s departure from Puttaparthi.
The selected Students, teachers and other dignitaries were already assembled in the Airport… There was a separate lift placed for Swami to get into the plane and in no time Swami’s flight took off,around 10:30am, as thousands waved from the ground…

Puttaparthi, was fortunate to have Swami a bit longer than He used to …. Courtesy of the marriage and some other functions…Devotees thronged in large numbers, ignoring the scorching sun….

Puttaparthi will now wear a deserted look, SANNATA as they call in hindi.. All the big overseas groups, South Africans, Americans, Russians, all will be gone.. It will be a quite time for other wise busy Puttaparthi…

All the deserving and desiring beggars will be gone (many of them have already worked overtime as Swami prolonged His visit..)… and for all the flower vendors, rickshaw drivers it will be a tough time.

The past 12 months… witnessed a NEW Swami, a big revolution in all our lives.. Two big events that occurred were the two Yagnas in Parthi and Chennai.. We got to witness about 20 discourses in this 12 months.. there is also a sea change in our Sai Family.. Love is blossoming, hatred is declining… jealousy is running away from us… yet we all know there is a long way to go and our Swami will definitely make sure that we reach our Goal..

With prayers to our beloved Sai Ma to help us lead a more spiritually fruitful life I end this small offering at the lotus feet…….
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