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Letter From Puttaparthi -2

Sai Ram dear brothers and sisters

We live in God..... It is so true.... so wonderful.... with these words I would like to start today’s letter. One must always remember the true essence of the avowal “We live in God…”

Dear devotees, if you find any error etc, please forgive me. There are many of you who might have heard from actual sources about the following statement, if yes, then please send in your input, this may help me to compile the complete words & statements of Swami. This is my humble request to one and all.

Yesterday afternoon the Japanese group performed before Swami a play and in the end they sang  beautiful bhajans in Japanese. It was a lovely experience for us devotees as spectators sitting in the Sai Kulwant hall to watch and listen to Japanese groups’ excellent performance. Many Japanese devotees overwhelmed with emotions and love were shedding the tears of love after the programs conclusion. Swami also gave prasad to everyone.

The promised statements.

About 1 and a half year ago Swami had given two interviews to different devotees on this subject. A Sai devotee friend of mine has talked to one of the lucky devotee who was actually present in the interview room. Baba told them that at present the golden “level”... golden light is parallel with our world. In 2007 the Golden Light will take over and by year 2012 it will be all-embracing. Peace will rule the Earth. The lucky few can already experience it by seeing Swami in others and more will follow very soon. In His last nine years as Sathya Sai Baba He will be the King of the whole world and we will be able to see Him everywhere at the same time.
Swami once said: I am the example to follow and now you are my example to be followed. By transformation of heart, it is my devotees that make the world a better place, to be.

Very soon , I’ll post some more Spiritual inputs from Puttaparthi.

May God always be with you and bless you all
With Sai Love from Puttaparthi
Mrs. Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

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Submitted to SBOI- Group  by Heidi


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