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Letter From Puttaparthi

Sai Ram dear brothers and sisters

After a few days spent here in Prasanthi you can feel the love so intensively from our beloved Swami. Even when we came into the Ashram we could feel the love energy very much indeed.
There are some big groups from the USA, South Australia, Canada, Indonesia and Japan. They get special seats in the temple, so they are very fortunate. They have so much discipline and Swami has invited the group from South Australia to sing with Him inside
the holy temple. We can all learn from the discipline they are showing to us all. Smaller groups must sit as usual together with everyone else. But no matter were we are sitting we can all feel His Divine presence in our hearts. By discipline I mean - so big groups, it must be difficult to meet on time and chanting prayers before going to the temple. They are all smiling and sit very still in the temple. No one talks among them. I can feel their determination and faith in Swami. It is magnificent. We are doing the same but we are only a small group of five people, so it is easier to keep the discipline, but 50/100 persons? Anyways, It is great.

It is now difficult to give letters directly to Swami. Only very few are fortunate. Most of the devotees give their letters to the professional courier, who delivers the letters to Swami. So if you have letters to Him, send them directly to Him in Puttaparthi. Then you are sure that He will receive them.

The Ashram offers many divine lectures and I have already enjoyed the talks of Anil Kumar Kama Raju and Mr. Pr. Meyers. They are both highly recommended to listen to. You all know Mr. Anil Kumar of course. He has written to new books called: SATYOPANISAD Volume I and II. It is questions and answers from students etc. to Swami and His replies. The lectures were about the heart connection with Swami.

Swami is driving around in a car and it is not easy to talk to Him except from your heart. He will listen to you when you do that. Everything is about listen within now. He stops the car immediately if He wants too and talk a little with a devotee. Not many get interviews.
If the ladies are fortunate to get 1. line they will sit down in 3. row. So it is not easy to sit in front any longer. But Swami is His wonderful Self. You all know He has problems with His hip, but as He so often say - I am not the body. He will be cured in time before He leaves this body of Sathya Sai Baba. When I find the text where Swami has talked about His coming in the future & for us to look out and see with our own eyes; so, I will write it to you as soon as possible.
My son was fortunate to get a wonderful smile from Swami at his very first Darshan ever with Swami. Swami told him inside - finally you came. My son (13 years of age) was so happy you can imagine.

The darshan takes about 10 minutes and we all then sits quietly enjoying the bliss within. Many things have changes the last 3 years. The discipline is lacking. People are not turning of the light at nine o'clock as Swami has said we shall do and people talks a lot in the temple. But there are also many who really respects the rules inside the Ashram.
Well it isn't allowed to take pictures inside the Ashram, but I will take some for our SBOI group around the Ashram and also from a English Medium School called Sri Sai Krupa, which is just outside Puttaparthi and they teach their children Baba's teaching too. When ever you might come here they need paper, pencils and food.

When Swami appears it is like a sun turning on its full glorious light and even when He is not present one just sit down enjoying the heavenly bliss that He pours out from His heart towards us all. You can feel Him so much inside.
Sometimes He drives out into the village and then returns back to darshan. We love it every one of us. He smiles. Just to see that smile it gives so much love inside.

There is also a new film/DVD that has been released, but you may already know that. It is called The Lord in the Mountains - Kodai and it is wonderful.
Well that is all for now. I hope to write to the SBOI group soon again and hopefully I have news about the coming future and what Swami plans to do from 2007 -2012 and the last nine years of His life too.... But I want to have the source or reference.

Letter From Puttaparthi -2


May God always bless you all.
With Sai Love from Puttaparthi
Mrs. Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

Submitted to SBOI  by Heidi


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