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Letter From Puttaparthi -3

Sai Ram dear brothers and sisters.

Thank you for all your wonderful emails which I have received from you all. This is the last letter on this trip I am able to send to you. I have attached a wonderful picture from my Danish friend Steen Piculell who has been able to take this wonderful picture of Swami during a sports day a couple of years ago. He gave me permission to share this wonderful picture with you all. This will be a little gift from my heart and from his heart to you.

On Sunday the 23rd of July we had a wonderful darshan all of us present there. We were blessed by His appearance for two-three hours and the love that was ever-present is indescribable. We enjoyed His company and a very skilled bhajan group from Bangalore were playing the whole time. So we had both darshan and bhajan for two whole hours. Everyone had a smile on their face after darshan. His present is so magnificent and very clear in our hearts. Everyday here we experienced that everything is about the inner connection with the Lord and I can say to you that we in our group experienced a lot of interviews. He has been looking at us and smiled at us. What else can we want! Nothing. His present in our hearts is the most fantastic experience of them all. The way He guides us and takes care of us is simply unique.

The bhajan group was so talented and I was very touched on hearing them sing for Swami. Swami enjoyed it very much. Afterwards there was a lot of pictures that were taken by the group. Swami patiently and smiling stood there with them all and one could just 'see' His all embracing love flowing out towards them.

Today was also a wonderful darshan. Swami drove in His car so everyone could enjoy the close darshan at Kulwant hall today. Swami also took some letters from the men's side.

Swami skip some darshans in the morning - well not everyday but occasionally He will not come. Though the devotees  eagerly look forward to see Him, but one can still get His darshan in our heart. I did... He "talked" to me very clearly and showed Himself to me telling me what to do with a question I had at that time. He then gave me so much love inside that I almost started to cry with the overwhelming feeling of divine love. That's was His way to show me that it was real what was going on. SO I had a wonderful darshan without His physical appearance. It is the same I do in Denmark.

I will soon be leaving Puttaparthi and return home to Denmark.

May God always be with you and bless you all
With Sai Love from Puttaparthi
Mrs. Heidi Elisabeth Hansen

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Submitted to SBOI- Group  by Heidi


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