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Mehaboob Nagar Programme
Distribution of support devices and a skit entitled
 "Neti Yeshoda-Karnam Subbama"
September 23, 2007





A huge group of 5000 devotees is here from Mahbubnagar Nagar. In the evening, devotees from Mahbubnagar district of Andhra Pradesh were to present a programme, and a backdrop of their dance drama was erected at the centre of Sai Kulwant Hall. Bhagawan arrived in His chair at 3.50 pm, and after a full darshan round, went into the interview room. He emerged a few minutes later, and coming onstage, sent word for the Primary School children to come and see the drama. Then He moved down from the stage and moved around Sai Kulwant Hall till 4.40 pm in His chair, talking to many devotees and accepting their letters. At 4.45, Swami returned to the stage after a brief visit to the interview room, and the programme got underway with Bhagawan Blessing many articles of worship like Shivalingams brought up to Him by the Mahbubnagar devotees. Distribution of articles of livelihood for needy beneficiaries followed - sewing machines, computers, grinding machines and electrical kits were among the items given away. An invocatory dance then preceded the Telugu dance-drama presented by Balvikas children, "Neti Yashoda Karnam Subbamma". After their 40 minute presentation, the children came up to Bhagawan and received clothes from Him. Swami moved to the interview room, and a few minutes later, came onstage, accepted Arati, and returned to His residence.


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