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Sai Bhajans MP3s
Chanda Kirana Kula Mandala Rama Down Load here
Manasa Bhajare Guru Charanam Down Load here
Prema Mudita Manase Kaho  Down Load here
Bhajana Bina Sukha Santhi Nahi  Down Load here
Madhava Murahara Madhura Manohara Down Load here
Bhaja Govindam Down Load here
Govinda Hare Gopala Hare  Down Load here
Rama Kodanda Rama  Down Load here
Rama Rama Rama Sita Down Load here
Sathyam Jnanam Anantham Bramha Down Load here
Govinda Krishna Jai Gopala Krishna Jai Down Load here
Jaya Panduranga Prabhu Vittala Down Load here
Sivaya Parameshwaraya Chandrasekharaya Down Load here
Chitta Chora Down Load here
Subramanyam Subramanyam Down Load here
Hari Hari Hari Hari Smarane Karo Down Load here
Ganga Jatadhara Gowri Shankara Down Load here
Govinda Gopala Prabhu Giridhari Down Load here
Shaila Girishwara Uma Maheshwara Down Load here
Bhava Bhaya Harana Down Load here
Narayana Bhaja Narayana Down Load here
Hey Shiva Shankara Down Load here
Pibare Rama Rasan Down Load here
Hare Rama Hare Rama Down Load here
Ganga Jatadhara Gowri Shankara Down Load here
Madhura Madhura Murali Ghana Shyama Down Load here
Amba Shankari Parameshwari Down Load here

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    MP3 files
Song1 Down Load here Bala Gopala Down Load here
Song2 Down Load here Bala Gopal Jai Down Load here
Song3 Down Load here Chittachora Down Load here
Song4 Down Load here Ganesha Sharanam   Down Load here
Song5 Down Load here Gangajatadhara   Down Load here
Song 6 Down Load here Jai Govinda Hare   Down Load here
Song7 Down Load here Mahagana   Down Load here
Song8 Down Load here Maha Ganapathe   Down Load here


Sai Discourses Mp3

Sai Discourses  MP3s
Prasanthi Nilayam is Mini World Down Load here
World in Prasanti Nilayam Down Load here
Top to Toe. Only Love Down Load here
Water Project in Rayalaseema Down Load here


Swami singing the Gayatri mantra (137K) once, twice, nine times, with background (mp3 files

download 2004 discourse abc

Swami's Verses Mp3

Swami's Verses  MP3s
Nenu Saini (I am Sai Baba) Down Load here
Raju is Virupaksha (Vision as Lord Shiva) Down Load here
Sathya Dharma (Truth,Right,Conduct) Down Load here
Sadananda Roopam(Embodiment of Bliss) Down Load here
Janadu pottanimpukona (O Man! Think of God) Down Load here
Vishwa shanthini chekurchu (Promote World Peace) Down Load here
Sarvavelala Sarvatra (Atma Everywhere) Down Load here
Adhunika Vidya(Modern Education) Down Load here
Aum Bhur Bhuva Suvaha (Gayatri Mantra) Down Load here
Khanda Khandanthara (Glory of India) Down Load here

Sai Prayers Mp3

Sai Prayers
Mangalaarathi Down Load here
Ashtottara Satha Namavali Down Load here
Asathoma Down Load here
Bramharpanam Down Load here
Suprabhatam Down Load here
Sarva Dharma Prayer Down Load here

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Amba Shankari Parameshwari


Bhava Bhaya Harana


Ganga Jathadhara Gowri Shankara


Hare Râma Hare Râma


Madhava Murahara Madhura Manohara Hey Giridhara Gopala


Nârâyana Bhaja Nârâyana


Râma Kodanda Râma


Subrahmanyam SubRâmanyam


Bhajana Bina Sukha Santhi Nahi


Chanda Kirana Kula Mandala Râma


Govinda Gopala Prabhu Giridhari


Govinda Krishna Jai (movie, 45.6MB download!!)

1. Amba Shankari Parameshwari Shashishekhari Amba
Sarveshvari Jagadishvari Maheshvari Amba
Amba Sundari Gunamanjari S'iva Shankari Amba
Kadambari Shvetambari Harisodari Amba

O Mother, Consort of Shankar, Giver of Bliss, Thou art the universal Mother Thou art the Cause of all and Queen of this world, O Mother Beautiful beyond words, Thou art the Repository of all traits and dearest to Lord S'iva Universal Effulgence emanates from You and being the ultimate Power, You are clad in brilliant white The Sister of Hari, O Mother of the universe, O Mother!



2. Bhava Bhaya Harana, Vanditha Charana
Jaya Radha Jaya Madhava Sai
Mangala Charana Kalimala Dahana
(Sai) Nârâyana Keshava
Jaya Radha Jaya Madhava Sai

Victory to Thee, O Lord Sai Mâdhava! The touch of Thy adorable and auspicious Lotus Feet destroys bondage and burns the impurities of this Kali age.

Mâdhava: of Madhu (sweetness, the blooming) name for Krishna as the blooming hero, the sweet Lord, of the gopis; or to Mâ, the goddess of Fortune, as the spouse of the Goddess of Fortune.
(killer of Kesi): name of Krishna as the killer of the demon Kesi who as a mad horse threatened Gokula. Also: He with the fine black hair.

Râdhârânî, Srimate: Srimate Râdhârani, girlfriend of the young Krishna, cowgirl from Vrindâvana. Stands for the pure love of and for Krishna. The cause of the madness of Lord Caitanya who completely identified Himself with her love for Him.
- Eternal companion of Krishna, personal manifestation of His inner energy of spiritual happiness. She embodies the perfect love and devotion unto the Lord.
- The Sanskrit word râdhana means: propitiating, conciliating; pleasure, satisfaction, obtaining, acquisition; the means or instrument of accomplishing anything, worship.

3. Ganga Jatadhara Gauri Shankara Girija Mana Râmana
Mrutyum Jaya Mahadeva Maheshwara Mangala Subha Charana
Nandi Vahana Naga Bhushana
(Sai) Nirupama Guna Sadana
Natana Manohara Nilakantha Sai
Niraja Dala Nayana

O Lord Shankara! Bearer of the Ganges. [Râmakatha, Ch:7b] Thou art pleasing to Goddess Girija. O Lord of Lords, Lord Maheshwara! Worshipping Thy auspicious Lotus Feet secues liberation. O Merciful Lotus-Eyed Lord with the blue-neck! Thou hast the cobra as ornament and bull Nandi as vehicle.


4. Hare Râma Hare Râma Râma Râma Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Râma Hare Râma Râma Râma Hare Hare

Sathsangatwe Nissangatwam, Nissangatwe Nirmohatwam, 
Nirmohatwe Nischalatattwam, Nischalatattwe Jivanmukti 

Good company leads to detachment, 
detachment makes one free from delusion, 
freedom from delusion leads to steadiness of mind 
and steadiness of mind confers liberation.

By Chanting the above mantra, the Lord destroys evil and grants protection.




5. Madhava Murahara Madhura Manohara Hey Giridhara Gopala
Hey Giridhara Gopala
Madhava Murahara Madhura Manohara
 Giridhara Gopala
Hey Giridhara Gopala ... Nanda Kumara Sundarakara
Brindavana Sanchara
Murali Lola Munijanapala
Giridhara Gopala
Hey Giridhara Gopala ... Kaustubha Hara Maukthikadhara
Radha Hrudaya Vihara
Bhakthodhara Bala Gopala
Giridhara Gopala
Hey Giridhara Gopala
Goparipala Gopi Lola Govardhana Giridhara
Nanda Kumara Navanetha Chora Venu Gana Vilola Giridhara Gopala
Hey Giridhara Gopala

Hail Krishna, the cowherd boy who held aloft the mountain; the One who killed the demon Mura; Lord of Lakshmi with a sweet and beautiful form; Son of Nanda with charming form, he moves through Brindavan; Lord who plays the flute and protects the Saints; He wears pearls and the Kaustubha gem, he charms Radha's heart; Sustainer of his devotees, the Child Gopal, protector of the cows; Charmer of the gopis, son of Nanda who held aloft the mountain; Gopal, stealer of butter who bestows estacy with his flute music.


6. Nârâyana Bhaja Nârâyana Nârâyana Bhaja Nârâyan
Tana Mana Ranjana Bhava Bhaya Bhanjana Asura
Nikhandana Nârâyana
Jaba Jaba Pida Padey Bhakta Para Baara Bara
Avathara Kiya
Paapa Mitakara Dhira Dikhakara Manava
Ka Oddhara Kiya
Kunja Vihari Krishna Murari Parthi Vihari Nârâyan
Matsya Kurma Varâha Narahari Vâmana
Ka Avathara Kiya
Paras'urâma Aura Râma Krishna Bana Dushto
Ka Samhaara Kiya
He Avathari Liladhari Parthi Vihari Nârâyan
Bhajana Sey Mana Ko Sajana Banakara Bhakti
Margha Dikhaladiya
Sai Bhajana Sey Bhavasagara Ko Paarana
Bhi Sikhaladiya
Patitodhari Parthi Vihari Sai Murari Nârâyan

Chant the name of Lord Nârâyana. Lord Nârâyan destroys evil and demons. He removes fear and confers peace of mind. Again and again, Lord Nârâyana has incarnated assuming various Forms, whenever devotees are in trouble. Destroying sins and infusing courage and patience, Lord Nârâyana saved humanity. Chant the name of Lord Sai Nârâyana, Who resides in Puttaparthi and in devotees hearts. O Lord Sai Nârâyana! Moving about in Puttaparthi and directing the mysterious Divine sports, Thou incarnated at Matsya (fish), Kurma (turtle), Varaha (boar), Nrisimha (half lion and half human), Vâmana (small, dwarf form), Paras'urâma, Râma, and Krishna to destroy evil-doers. Diverting the mind through the devotional singing of Sai bhajans leads everyone to the path of devotion thus showing the way to cross the ocean of life and death. Chant the name of the Lord of Puttaparthi, the uplifter of the fallen, Lord Sai Nârâyana.



7. Râma Kodanda Râma
Kodanda Râma Râma Pattabhi Râma
Râma Kalyana Râma Raghava

Râma Nidokka Mata Râma Nakokka Muta
Râma Ni Pate Pata Râma Ni Bate Bata || Râma ||

"O Râma! Your every utterance is abundle of wealth to me,
O Râma! only Your song is (the best) song, only Your path is (the best) path"

Râma Nikevaru Jodu Râma Nikanta Judu
Râma Nenu Nivadu Râma Nato Matadu || Râma ||

"O Râma! who is Your match (nobody)! look after me,
O Râma! I am Yours, talk to me"

Râma Namame Melu, Svami Chintane Chalu
Svami Namame Melu, Râma Chintane Chalu
Ni Chintane Chalu, Ni Namame Melu
Râma Namame Melu, Râma Chintane Chalu || Râma ||

"Only Râma's name is beneficial, thought of Svami is itself enough
Only Svami's name is beneficial, thought of Râma is itself enough
Your thought is itself enough, only Your name is beneficial
Only Râma's name is beneficial, thought of Râma is itself enough"


8. Subrahmanyam Subrahmanyam Shanmukha Natha Subrahmanyam
S'iva S'iva S'iva S'iva Subrahmanyam Hara Hara 
Hara Hara Subrahmanyam
S'iva S'iva Hara Hara Subrahmanyam Hara Hara
S'iva S'iva Subrahmanyam
S'iva Sharavana Subrahmanyam Guru
Sharavana Bhava Subrahmanyam
S'iva S'iva Hara Hara Subrahmanyam Hara Hara
S'iva S'iva Subrahmanyam

Worship the charming faced Lord Subrahmanyam. He is the second son of Lord S'iva and the destroyer of evil. Surrendering to Lord Subrahmanyam breaks the chain of birth and death. Worship Lord Subrahmanyam.



9. Sai Bhajana Bina Sukha Shanthi Nahi
Hari Nama Bina Ananda Nahi
Prema Bhakti Bina Uddhara Nahi
Guru Seva Bina Nirvana Nahi
Sai Bhajana Bina Sukha Shanthi Nahi
Japa Dhyana Bina Sanyoga Nahi
Prabhu Darshan Bina Sanyoga Nahi
Prabhu Darshan Bina Pragnana Nahi
Daya Dharma Bina Satkarma Nahi
Bhagawan Bina Koi Apana Nahi
Sai Nama Bina PaRâmatma Nahi

Without singing the glory of Lord Sai one cannot achieve any peace. It is not possible to realise bliss without worshipping Lord Hari. Without love and devotion how can one get liberated? It is not possible to attain the state of Nirvana (Mukti or Salvation) without serving the Divine Preceptor. Without engaging in the recitation of the Lord's name and meditating on Him, there cannot be any union with Him. The vision 'Darshan' of the Lord will endow one with Supreme Wisdom. Those deeds which are suffused with Love and Compassion are Righteous and Truthful Deeds. Except for God nobody belongs to us. The Supreme Lord is none other than Lord Sai. 




10. Chanda Kirana Kula Mandala Râma
Chanda Kirana Kula Mandana Râm
Srimad Dasaratha Nandana Râm
Kausalya Sutha Vardhana Râm
Viswamitra Priyadhana Râm

This is a prayer to Râma who descended from the same lineage as the Sun; He is the son of Dasaratha; a delight for Kausalya, His mother, a beloved treasure of Viswamitra (Guru).


 11. Govinda Gopala Prabhu Giridhari
Govinda Gopala Hrudaya Vihari
Nanda Kishora Navanita Chora
Parthi Vihara Bada Chitta Chora
Hrudaya Vihara Bada Chitta Chora

Worship Lord Govinda, Gopala, and Giridhari, the Indweller of our hearts. Chant the name of the Lord, the loving prince of Nanda, who is fond of stealing butter (stealing and winning the hearts of devotees), and now he's manifested and incarnated as the Lord of Parthi.

11a. Govinda Krishna Jai
Govinda krishna Jai Gopala Krishna Jai 
Gopala Bala Bala Radha Krishna Jai
Krishna Jai, Krishna Jai, Krishna Jai
Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Jai
Gopika Mala Hari Pyari, Mayi Mira Mana Vihari
Madana Mohana Murali Dhari Krishna Jai
Krishna Jai Krishna Jai Krishna Jai
Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Jai
Krishna Jai Râma Krishna Jai Radha Krishna Jai
Bala Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna Jai

Victory to Lord Krishna, Gopala. Victory to the Lord of the cowherders and the Lord of Radha. Victory to Lord Krishna, who wears garlands offered by the Gopis (devotees) and who is the Indweller in the heart of Mira (devotee). Victory to the enchanting Flute-Player, Lord Krishna. Victory to Thee, O Lord Krishna.


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