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<<---- Current Sai News

Om Sairam dearest Sai Family,

The Ten Day Dasara festival came to an end in a grand way in the Abode of Highest peace, Puttaparthi. The Poorna Chandra Auditorium was full by 7:30am and the priests were already in their duties getting ready for the Porrnaahuti. At 9am there was some alertness among the people on the stage giving us a feeling that Swami would be on stage any moment. In no time our Lord, out of immense grace, with His beautiful smile, with the brightness of thousand suns filling the atmosphere with the Divine fragrance, seated in a different wheel chair, which had a good height probably for a better view for all the thousands assembled to see our Lord, came on the dais.  all the priests gathered around Him, to seek His blessings and padanamaskar. Once Swami came into the picture, our Prashanthi Veda group headed by Sri Veda Narayana took over the proceedings and only then the whole Poornachandra Auditorium came alive and the chantings touched the roof.

Amidst Veda Chants, Swami slowly moved to the west end of the dais, getting closer to the ladies’ side. The ladies’ were in big numbers and once our Lord got closer to their side, their happiness knew no bounds. Seeing our Lord, so close and  from a good height, is always a beautiful experience.. Swami then reached in the corner of the stage, near the Gautam Buddha statue  the head priest and his wife, offered Arathi to Swami after which Swami came back to the eastern end of the dais and was watching the proceedings. Later, Swami moved to the Yagna kunda and offered a plate full of offerings in the sacrificial fire. Swami then sprinkled Turmeric rice on the priests and the holy water was blessed before the priests took them around the auditorium to sprinkle on the devotees. Swami meanwhile blessed the Prasad and in no time at around 10am Arathi was given to Swami and the morning Darshan came to an end without the divine discourse.


This afternoon Kulwanth hall was full and many devotees had to stand outside. Swami played His WAITING game. The whole week had been like this, and WAITING for Swami is always a unique experience. In WAITING for Him there is no frustration, Waiting for Him is DIVINE and DEVOTIONAL. Probably, to make all of us think more of God , Swami plays this Divine game and there is none who don’t think of Him during this Waiting period and as the Waiting goes on the contemplation increases and it is another boon from Swami for the busy Kaliyuga, to do little bit of Namasmarana and ignite the GOD in us..

The waiting ended around 5;10 Pm When Swami decided to grant His divine darshan. Swami was seated on the dais as the Veda chanting was in full swing. Swami called about 50 boys one by one, some offering a letter, some roses and some were birthday boys with plates and Swami collected some Akshitalu (rice grains mixed in turmeric) from their plates and sprinkled on their heads blessing them.

At 6:30 pm as everyone thought the beautiful dassara will end without a divine discourse, Swami asked for the mike..

Seated in His chair, Swami gave a hour long discourse full of Atma gnana, the topic of the discourse as Swami said was realization of TRUTH and apart from that Swami also gave suggestions about cell phone usage, unity, patience.. Here are few excerpts from His divine discourse..

The whole world revolves around Karma and action must necessarily be good. Man should be in a good condition as to check what Karma is good. Do actions without any expectations. Referring to Him, Swami said, to uphold Sathya and Dharma Sathya Narayana has incarnated. People consider Him ordinary. What ever He says is only truth. Everything is created in Sathya (the truth) and merges in Sathya. Truth is present everywhere. Man is not mindful about truth.

Ayudha Puja ceremony

Speaking about Him again Swami said, This body is 83 years. Many people say Swami has forgotten us.. I remember everything. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE FORGETFUL NESS.I have decided to speak on the truth. The TIME HAS COME for the world to know the truth. Sathya has no differences. All are children of Sathya. All are equal to Me.You might have noticed I smile at every one. I have no anger but some times I pretend to be angry to correct people. All are one. The SHAKTHI in every one is same and that is ATMA. You can see many bulbs here but the current is one. The world may be different but it is all ATMA.


  God will do anything to make devotees happy. I have no desires. The only Desire I have is LOKA SAMASTHA SUKHINO BHAVANTHU, (May all the beings in all the worlds be happy).The divinity is same in pleasure and pain. I have no other desires. I have incarnated to make all happy. Iam not simple NARAYANA, Iam SATHYA NARAYANA. It is necessary for all to understand His nature. There is no one in this world who are not recipients of HIS love..

There are no differences for Him though there are differences in worship. Mingle as brothers and sisters.All are His children.God is only Father. We all are  His children.All are one be alike to everyone.  What is POORNAHUTHI. It is TOTAL SACRIFICE. IAM SACRIFICE. Children as they grow older will understand My teachings. Till then you keep you mind in control.


 Every one has cell phone today. Cell phone is supposed to be for convenience. But they are being MISUSED. Cell phone leads you in Bad talks and let you do bad actions. They are misused. You give number to one person and that number gets distributed to every one. Boys and girls are wasting their valuable time by talking over cell phones. They are actually over using them. This body is 83 years old. I have not used  phone till now.I haven’t talked to any one over phone till now. Swami ended saying people who have not bought cell phone better don't buy.

Swami ended His hour long discourse with Hari Bhajana Bina Bhajan and Arathi was given to Swami around 7:30 pm thus ending yet another beautiful dasara at our Lords Abode

With Pranams at the lotus feet of our Lord.

Submitted by member of  SBOI-Group     *******************************Join Group Sai Baba Of India - "SBOI" SBOI-Group **********************

(all the contents are based on memory and as the sound was not clear enough in Kulwanth hall there might be some errors which are not intentional and I surrender at the Lotus feet of our beloved Lord... Pls check the SSSBPT website for the official copy of the discourse...)


Read more darshan details and excerpts of Dasara discourse

And finally the grand day arrived! Today was Vijayadasami, the 90th death anniversary of Shirdi Baba, the final day of the Dasara celebrations and also the concluding Poornahuti ceremony of the Veda Purusha Saptaha Jnana Yajna. It is very rare that humanity does anything without expectation of a reward. Even the stotrams (stanzas in praises of the Lord) or the suprabhatam (waking up prayer to the Lord) have the last portion dedicated to what is called the Phalashruthi which states what are the benefits one would accrue by reciting them! In the similar fashion, the Poornahuthi day of the grand yajnam can be considered as its Phalashruthi for it is on this day that the heart thrills and the eyes get a feast - the reward for the meticulous and sincere attendance of the week long prayer.

The previous evening it had been announced that Swami would make the Poornahuthi Poornam (complete and sweet!) at 10am today. So most of the devotees chose to go straight to the Poornachandra auditorium rather than wait in Kulwant hall. But the truly greedy ones for His darshan (and who can blame them for being so for isn't our Lord so attractive and wonderful to see that the eyes experience what only the tongue was cursed to feel - thirst!) sat in the Kulwant hall hoping that He comes there first and then goes to the auditorium.

It was about 9:15am when Swami arrived out of Yajur mandir. The little Gita was waiting to be fed by the Lord and Swami fed apples to her. Then to slake the thirst of the eyes we talked about earlier, Swami moved towards the Kulwant hall on a magnificent "throne chair", golden in its colour and tall in its height. It became very evident that He had come only to give joy to those waiting in the hall as He took a small round and then quickly hurried towards the auditorium.

Now everyone too rushed there and in a few minutes the Kulwant hall wore a deserted look with the only people there being the spillover crowd from the auditorium! Just past 9.30 Bhagawan arrived onstage, and interacting briefly with the priests, moved to the Western end of the stage. Along the way, all the teachers and students clad in orange and cream had a good darshan and formed a sort of backdrop for the Lord in orange! At the western end of the stage, Swami blessed garlands to be placed on the mound of kumkum and turmeric that represents the supreme and receives devotion during the conduct of the yajna. The water to be sprinkled on all as a sign of divine blessing and benediction too was blessed and Swami received Aarthi. The priests then sought permission to go to the mandir and fetch the necessary tools to perform the poornahuthi. Swami permitted them and moved backstage.

The priests literally rushed to the bhajan hall where the wooden tools and materials were placed. A long wooden pole with a channel through which ghee (clarified butter) would flow to feed the flames of the yajna fire was the main among them all. They returned in a procession and Swami too came onstage as soon as they arrived. He then moved to the centre, and the priests chanted mantras to complete the final offerings into the sacrificial fire. The mop of lovely hair around His head marked Swami in the group of saffron bodies that surrounded the equally saffron flame. Swami on the throne looked so magnificent and heavenly as the flames lapped up higher and higher as if attempting to look at Him in all His grandeur. An orange bundle containing all the final offerings to the fire was opened before Swami. Swami inspected it and then blessed it to be placed into the Yajnakundam. As that was done, a burst of joyful applause filled the entire auditorium. Swami then moved around the stage and blessed all there with His proximity. The priests then gathered around Him once again after a brief visit to the western end of the hall.

Swami blessed the priests and the wife of the chief-priest with clothes, and they all went backstage, changed into the new clothes and returned. As they gathered around, the head priest and Swami both asked for all the chantings to cease. All the priests now chanted at a very high pitch and high decibel levels as Swami sat through intensely looking at all of them. Then the head priest sang out some hymn and Swami was very touched with his rendition. After that, Swami received Aarthi at about 10:15 am and retired for the morning into Yajur Mandir.

Bhagawan arrived for darshan in the car at 5.30 this evening. The devotees have all got so much used to the chair that the car was indeed a novel experience! Once He came onstage, Swami noticed Nepalese students seated in the front with huge kumkum marks embedded with rice grains on their foreheads. Swami asked them as to what was that mark all about. The 40 odd students went up to Swami and sought His blessings for the traditional Durga Pooja practice that is common in Nepal. Swami blessed all of them and accepted letters He spoke to a few of them too A wonderful thing has to be mentioned here. The Nepalese students from the Institute, music college and school get together during

the summer vacation to carry out seva activities in their region. The most impressive aspect of this service is that all the finance is obtained from the "spiritual savings" if we can call them so) of these students. They put a ceiling on desires and many of them wash their own clothes and save the dhobi fees. Such savings are directed towards the service. As Swami says, charity gets meaning when it involves sacrifice. The 100 Rs given by a millionaire pales into insignificance before the single rupee saved by hard effort! The photos of the previous years service activities were shown to Swami and Swami was appreciative of them After He blessed all those students, He heard the vedam chants for a while.

Then, Sri. T. G. Krishnamurthy, former Sai Organisation State President of Tamil Nadu, was asked to speak. After his half-hour speech, Prof. G. Venkataraman, former Vice-Chancellor of the Sai University, spoke for twenty minutes. The professor outlined as to how the world that does not root itself in Swami's teachings of Love undergoes one bust after another like the dotcom bubble and the housing bubble. Sensing that Swami wanted to deliver His divine message, the professor concluded his talk. Bhagawan then indicated that He would deliver His Vijaya Dasami message and His microphone was brought up.

The discourse today would become one of epic proportions in terms of its' significance in reminding humanity and rendering a wake up call to it.

Many people pass through pleasure and pain. When it is pleasure we say it is good luck and in the other case we say that it is misfortune. But it is all karma. Yad Bhavam Tad Bhavathi. As is the feeling, so is the experience. The whole world revolves around action. And so the actions must be sacred. What is Dusshera? It is nothing but the result of 10 days of action. The Poornahuthi can be considered as the culmination of the actions of the 10 senses. (5 karmendriyas and 5 Jnanendriyas.) In this world action is inevitable.

In the Navarathri the divine mother is worshipped. The first is Devi Shakti who gives the might to perform all the actions. Basing on this, Lakshmi confers all that is needed. And Saraswati fosters the knowledge. The worship of these three is called Navarathri. Tridalam Trigunakaram Trinetram cha Triyayudham. (three petalled, embodying the three gunas, three eyed and having the three ayudhas) applies for the Devi too. The inner significance of Navarathri is to get the Navavidha Shakti. (The nine forms of strength)

For all this Dharma is important. One has to always discriminate. The Buddhi is very important and is embodied as Vishnu. Like the current in everything, the intellect pervades the body. Whether good or bad, you have to face the consequences. It is only their actions that makes us hold people like the Pandavas in high regard. So, all must do sacred actions. Lakshmi is made out of the letters la, ksh ,ma and i. She is forever seated in Narayana's heart. Lord narayana is eternal and so is she. Siting there she confers blessings on all humanity. Lord Narayana is not Lakshmi Narayana but Sathyanarayana.

Sathyanarayana smiles and walks in human form in our midst. Just as Lakshminarayana is Garudavahana Sathyanarayana is sarpavahana. He looks like a normal human but his power is immense. He appears as if he does not know anything. But Sathya is the essence of Sathyanarayana. He stresses on the principle of truth always. From truth comes righteousness or dharma. Sathyanarayana is the combination of sathya and dharma and he has incarnated to establish them. Vishnu himself says that Sathayanarayana raju is very important. He is no ordinary one. People may consider him so but what he says is the truth and the absolute truth. That means that he says what is in his heart and does what he speaks about. The entire creation has come from truth and to truth it will return. There is no place without truth and that is the pure truth. Man is not careful. He thinks that Sathyanarayana is telling lies or that he is joking. Sathyanarayana may speak smilingly or jokingly but it is the truth. Even those who are close also do not believe this. They neglect his words and take it in a very easy and light manner. All that Sathyanarayana says will manifest in the future. Those who are incapable of thinking of the future alone think of them as lies. You will soon see the manifestation of this truth. The age of this body is 83 years. Till today I have not forgotten anything. I may appear forgetful but there is nothing that is forgetfulness in my life. I am the eternal witness. And today that sakshi (witness) is being neglected. I have chosen to speak it today and I have never done so before. As the time is fast approaching, I have to reveal all this. People have spoken their thoughts in the past few days. That is not the truth. But nothing wrong in it since they have spoken of their thoughts and feelings. People have to recognize the truth. Truth has no hatred enmity anger or differences. I have no difference. You consider others with differences. All are equal; all the children of Sathya.

Whoever comes and speaks to me I always smile. I am never angry with anyone. Even when I appear angry, it is a pretention to correct you. The students here wonder that they get they disappointed, dejected and comment on others but how is it that swami maintains composure. All are one; the Shakthi in all is the same- that is the Atma shakti. There is only Atmanarayana. There may be many names and forms but God is one. You see bulbs here. But all the lights go out when the current is gone. God is the Atmic current. God has been doing a lot for the bliss of his devotees. But he has no likes or dislikes; he has no desires. God has only one desire and that is "Loka samastha sukhino bhavanthu". Each one faces the consequences of one's karma. And so some will have to face sorrow and misery. I do not have even one desire. I have incarnated for your happiness. But to make anyone happy is not my desire. Bulbs are many and you see that the intensity of their lights vary- some are bright and some are dim. But the current is the same and no one can find fault with the current. The lord is the current. Joys and sorrows are of your own making.

Sathyanarayana has also been called Vishnu that is explained in detail in the vishnupurana. Vishnu moves in the world as Sathyanarayana. Sathya is his hallmark. Why did I not speak for 10 days? All spoke in their own ways. It is to declare the truth that I speak. I love those that love me, those that hate me, the demons - everyone. But people do not understand this. They say Swami is not talking with me. Is he angry? I have only hunger for devotees and not anger towards them. God is the embodiment of love and Navaratri is celebrated to demonstrate this principle of truth. People worship in different ways that they choose. But there is no difference for Bhagawan. All are embodiments of love and must mingle as brothers and sisters. Remember that men are more valuable than all the wealth of the world. Have faith in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. Have love and treat Everone well. People stay away from you till they are able to glimpse your love once love is there they will come instantly. All those who spoke based it on their experiences and feelings. That is not wrong. But there are very few who have known the path of truth.

Be the same to all. Have no differences. All are one. Though they look different at one moment you will realize that all are brothers and sisters at the next. All are one be alike to everyone. Love all that is my message.

In a tree there are buds. Some of them flower immediately and become fruits while others take time. One must wait for that fragrance and sweetness. Today is Poornahuti. What is it? It is complete thyaga (sacrifice). Swami is complete thyaga always. Poornamadah poornamidam poornath poornam udhachyathe. This is full. That is full. And if you remove fullness from fullness it still remains full. Children are like buds and may not understand that depth now. As they grow and mature they will understand.


One more thing every child has a small cellphone today. It leads to misuse, bad thoughts of connection between boys and girls. If you do not want bad thoughts do not have bad connections. Do not use a phone much. It may look and feel nice and savvy but will lead to misuse. For 83 years I have never used a phone. The devotees may cry and die but I will not pick up a phone. I have not spoken on a phone but I have the right to advice you. You are all children and so act as children must. Be careful. If you are careless the world will be careless towards you. You may say that I am speaking well and good. But others may take the wrong meaning. So do not give scope for misinterpretation. It is okay will elders but people who are young completely misunderstand and so you miss the understanding. If given a choice throw the cellphone in the well. Do not buy them; if you do so have connections with the right people. Using the cellphone to gossip and carry tales about others is not good. If you do not use the phone and speak for a while you will think " Ayyo I have not spoken to so and so" and get worried. Be very careful and get a good name.

Swami concluded His discourse with the bhajan, "Hari bhajan Bina Sukh Shanti nahi". Needless to say everyone followed with gusto and vigour. Blessing prasadam to be distributed, Swami received Aarthi and retired at almost 7:50pm!
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