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Sayings Of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Sai Baba Quotes


It is not enough that you love Me.

You must see that I love you.


Give up;

do not grasp in clench fists.


do not bind and get bound.

Man Loves, because He is Love,

He seeks Joy, for he is Joy.

He thirsts for God; for he is composed of God and he cannot exist without Him.


Contentment is Heaven.

Grief is Hell.

You are all separate beads strung together on that one thread - God.

There is God everywhere and there is no second entity anywhere.

All life is One,

My Dear Son,

Be alike to Everyone.

Serve man until you see God in all men.

Do not forget God,

do not believe in the world,

do not fear death.


There is no prayer more fruitful than service.

The Acts of Si are always selfless, sacred and beneficial.

Truth is more fundamental than an atom.

Every activity in the world is God - directed, Godward moving.

As close as you are to God,

so close God is to you.


The mother is the pillar of the home, of society, of the nation, and so of humanity itself.

Life is a journey form "I" to "We".

Hands that help are holier than lips that pray.

Fire is hidden in wood and God in Man.

Realise the Brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God by your selfless service.


God is the mather and father of the world.

Our parents are the mother and father of this body.

Every cell in the human body is God;

Everyone has God as the source.

What is the unmistakable mark of a wise man?

It is Love, Love for all Humanity.

When heart speaks to heart, It is Love that is transmitted.


What one meets in life is Destiny,

How one meetes it is Self-Effort.

Have faith in the Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God.

Man's Heart is the Temple Divine:

Don't inflame it with ideals of Mine and Thine.

Love in His Form,

Service is His Mission.


It is only in the Depth of Silence that the Voice of God can be heard.

The Heart with compassion is the temple of God.

Soft sweet speech is the expression of genuine Love.

Even death is sweeter than the bondage of ignorance.

You are in the Light,

The Light is in you,

You are the Light.


Love all, serve all.

Work is Worship,

Duty is God.

Love not lust is the essence of a happy life.

Life is the best teacher,

Nature is the best preacher.

Truth is the all-protecting God.

There is no mightier Guardian than Truth.


Faith in ourselves and faith in God - thhat is the secret of greatness, for God is Love.

The Pure Heart is the inner purpose of all Sadhana.

The loot is education and the fruit is virtue.

My mission is to grant you courage and joy, to drive away weakness and fear.

Do not condemn yourselves as sinners.

Sin is a misnomer for what are really errors.

I shall pardon all your errors, provided you repent sincerely and resolve not to follow evil again.


I am the Atma that dwells in all living beings,

I am the beginning, the midle and the end of all things.

All that you see in the cosmos - the moving and stationary objects - is a manifestation of the Atma.

Anger is the worst exhibition of the ego.

One who has the true spirit of sacrifice gives to others without any hestation or reservation, smilingly and gladly, even his dearest and highest possession.

The whole of mankind belongs to one religion,

The religion is man.

For all men God is the Father,

As he children of one God,all men are brothers.


No religion has a separate God showering Grace upon those who profess to abide by their faith alone! It is the destiny of man to journey from Humaness to Divinity.

When you feel that you canot do good, as least desist from doing evil.

That itself is meritorious service.

Each religion teaches man the righteous path,

He has only to know it and march along.

If the vision is straight, what can division do.

Just as all limbs and organs are interconnected by Consciousness, so that when a thorn pricks the foot the eyes start shedding tears, so too, all countries of the world are interconnected so that no country or community can suffer pain, without affecting all others.



Remember the wheel of couse and consequence, of deed and destiny and the wheel of Dharma that rights them all.


Listen to the primeval pranava "AUM" resounding in your heart as well as in the heart of the universe.


Cut the "I" feeling clean across and let your ego die on the cross to endow on you eternity.


Off all bitterness in the sacred fire and emerge Grand, Great and Godly.



Be like the star which never wavers from the crescent but is fixed in steady faith.

Do not give room for differences based on language, religioon, caste or natioonality.

Develop the feeling that all are children of God.

You may worship God in any form of your choice, but always bear in mind that God is One. Cultivate love and promote unity and harmony among all.

The Soul (Atma) does not die; only the body dies.

When man knows this, death loses its sting;

death is not feared;

death is but a welcome voyage into the known harbour.


Blesses are those who pray for others, for in so doing they become aware of the unity of all life.

More than all other forms of love,

man's first efforts should be to fix his love on the Lord.

Have confidence in yourself and strive to understand well the nature of God's love.

To secure that love is the sacred goal of human life.

With faith man can achieve anything.

Faith is the foundation for the realisation of God.


The world is the temple of the Universal soul.

Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is the Master of this House;

a silent listener in every conversation, and unseen guest at every meal.

There are some who live in a perpetual hullabaloo, in a tornado of noise.

Whether they are in an exhibition, or a fair, or a hotel or a temple of the Prashanti Nilayam, they wag their tongues, and will not stop. These will not proceed for on the Godward road.


Before you



Is it necessary?

Is it true?

Is it kind?

Will it hurt anyone?

Will it improve upon the silence?

Silence is not a matter of resolve!

It is always there.

Silence is the endless flow of pure God into you in the world.

Know than I am always with you, prompting you and guiding you.

Live always in that constant Presence.


Make your Heart a Mansion of Peace.

Live in God make others live in God.

Patience is all the strength man needs.

Silence is the sppech of the Spiritual Seeker.

Love seeks no rewards,

Love is its own reward.

God gave you time, space, cause, material, idea, skill, chance and fortune, Why should you feel as if you are the doer?


No one can judge another, for, when another is judged you are yourself condemned.

There is no living beings without the spark of love; even a mad man loves something or somebody.

Bear all and do nothing,

Hear all and say nothings,

Give all and take nothing,

Serve all and be nothing.

So long as we do not understand that divinity exists in all, we canot even be human, How then can we be Divine?


Help ever

Hurt never.

Only in fear of sin can you experience peace and no-violence.

Cultivate the habit of remembering the Lord with every breath; then only you can remember Him with the last breath.

You must possess the Head of Sankara;

You must possess the Heart of Buddha;

You must possess The Hands of Janaka.


Human Values:


Right Conduct




You have been born for one purpose - to die. That is to say, to kill the "I".

All this literature, all this effort, all this spiritual exercise, all this teaching is just to hold a mirror before you, so that you may see yourself.

Knowledge without Action is useless.

Action without Knowledge is foolishness.

Make the Mind the Servant of God, not the Slave of Senses.


Your body is the Temple of God.

Love is one;

its transcend caste;

colour and creed;

if it has to be genuine.

"OM" is the Arrow and God is the Target.

My Birthday is the Date- when Divinity blossoms in your Heart.

Laziness is ruse and dust;

Realization is rest and best.

Resolve to carry on the guest of your own Reality.

Anger is like an intoxicant; it reduces the man and degrades him to the level of an animal.

God is simple, everything else is complex.


However high you may rise in social status, however huge may be your bank account, if your parants are neglected in distress, your life has been a tragic waste.

My language, my role, may career, my purpose can be understood in a general way only by sitting through the entire film, watching earnestly and vigilantly and trying to get at the meaning of every word and act withh patient attention.

Do not get attached to worldly things and pursuits.

Be, in the world but, do not let then world be in you.

Make your house a small mandir for yourself, meditate in your own shrine room, sing bhajans with your children.


Miracles are not part of My Personality but only a token of My Love.

Only through justice and righteous living, God's grace can be won.

Wealth, scholarship and power cannot earn it.

I am "Sathyasya Sathyam"


"Truth of Truths".

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