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    Sai Baba wallpapers - "Sai lingam Ganesha"

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Click on the image you've chosen, let it open/load completely on the screen. Right click on the image and a menu will pop up. Choose "Set as Wallpaper" or "Set Background" and the image will be set as your wallpaper/ converted to bitmap format (.BMP) and placed in your windows directory.
640x480 plus higher screen resolutions users can fit these wallpapers for desktop use with minor adjustments.

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Do you have awesome wallpaper that's obscured by all those irritating  little icons cluttering your desktop ? Well, here's how to make them all disappear, at least temporarily:

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wallpapers are for personal use on computer screens only. They may not be redistributed, offered for sale, included on CDs, or used for printed material.


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