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Tribute - Sai Geetha Special

"Swami's beloved pet Sai Geetha merged at His lotus feet at
around 5pm (local time) on 22nd May, 2007"



Tribute - Sai Geetha Special:


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Eye witness account of : SAI GEETHA'S "FUNERAL"- Entombment

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Pictures of Sai Baba with His new pet elephant calf


Swami's beloved pet Sai Geetha merged at His lotus feet
Om Sairam dear Sai Family,
I am sure you will be shocked to read this but its true.. our Beloved
Sai Geetha is no more...with heavy heart and sorrow, I want to pass the news of Swami's beloved pet Sai Geetha merged at His lotus feet at around 5pm (local time) on 22nd May'2007.I thought it would be at least another 10 years that I would be narrating her obituary..but....
According to eye witness on 22nd May 2007, this morning
Sai Geetha went to the water tub just behind the planetarium and slipped into the water.. She was looking very weak and had sour feet. Her leg was struck in the mud and unsuccessful attempts were made the whole day to pull her out..She was almost in a semi conscious mind. It was a difficult task for the people around her, considering her heavy body and cautious enough to not to hurt her body any further. Many veterinary doctors and others were
with her and she was given saline bottles and also a team of specialist doctors from Kerala,were on the way to Parthi, but Swami had different plans.. She breathed her last breath around 5pm, thus ending a great life, a saga of love between the CREATOR and the CREATION..

Any body who entered the premises of Parthi would definitely peep through the window of the bus to have a glance of Sai Geetha.. It was just an involuntary action. I remember in my childhood days, when the bus just passed by her, we used to scream.. there is
Sai Geetha!!! Its very sad that she won't be seen any more. For devotees who are on a sight seeing visit
around the village, would definitely stop by
Sai Geetha, silently watch her in adoration, great respect and a bit jealous for winning Swami's heart....

She was of great motivation, adoration and a living example to all the devotees coming to our Lord's abode with devotion but with a little of wavering faith.. Her devotion for Swami was steady, unconditional, innocent, full of love. She exists only to love and adore Him. THAT IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF DEVOTION and this is the lesson that she drove into our minds... that the whole purpose of life is to EXIST for the Lord and there is nothing greater than that.

the saga of Love started in the year 1962 when Swami went to Muddumalai forest, where in the officials spotted a tiny baby elephant who had just lost her physical mother.. Very little did the baby knew that her Sai Ma is coming, to take her to Her home. Immediately she was named
Sai Geetha and was shifted to Parthi in a truck. Swami always looked after her so well and every need was full filled.. She was adorned with 27 types of ornaments, ranging from Golden head gear to the silver ankles..
Like a perfect mother, Swami was very particular about the way she should be dressed for important occasions. He would even check very keenly if her silver anklets were polished, and if her dress and ornaments were in tact.
There was no festival or function without beautifully decorated
Sai Geetha in Kulwanth Hall.. Swami would make sure that He fed her with various fruits. Even this day, He used to ask the boys to wheel Him towards her or let her come to the stage and feed her..Till late 2000 She would insist Swami to feed her by putting the fruits directly into her mouth and not into her trunk.. But lately she started accepting fruits when Swami very lovingly placed on her already stretched trunk..

Before the construction of the new indoor stadium, the engineers decided to demolish the shed in which
Sai Geetha was living, when this was brought to Swami's notice, He was bit concerned and only after building a makeshift house behind the planetarium with a large bath tub that Swami gave the green signal for the construction of the stadium.

Swami insisted that the
New House should be built closer to the road so that she doesn't have to walk a long distance when Swami passes by in the car.. Such was the care and concern Swami had on His darling devotee.

On a personal note, I can't forget the day when Swami inaugurated her house November 18th 2006, where I had Swami's padanamaskar.. Just after Swami left I went to her, touched her and as tears rolled down, I thanked her for the opportunity I got through her...

The days when the stadium construction was in progress were the GOLDEN DAYS for Her as She used to see Him almost every day and I made sure that I run with the car till Her house to watch the divine romance.. when ever Swami left or came to Parthi, her house was my favourite spot. Even on May 19th when Swami cut short His summer visit and drove directly
to Parthi, I was standing by Sai Geetha, watching her for more than one hour and took almost 30 pictures while she came out from her house. She took pictures with devotees and she was in fact giving various poses sometimes raising her trunk, sometimes stretching her trunk towards the devotees She moved very slowly and she seemed to be in pain while landing her left foot. the caretaker
had to force her to come out of the gate just 2 minutes before Swami's arrival. Even though she was excited to see Swami, the loud trumpet was missing.. Probably she knew she had to leave the body very shortly..
Many of us had our own reasons and conclusions for Swami's surprise return to Parthi and I am sure this is the MAIN REASON for His comeback in the mid of May, to bid a farewell to His CHOSEN pet... beloved
Sai Geetha...

According to reports, she will be buried at her place tomorrow (23rd may 2007) around 6am...

Sai Geetha, I will still stand by your house when Swami passes by.. please ask Him to stop by... even though we wont be seeing you... the memories of your presence will make us happy....

Long Live
Sai Geetha.. Where ever you are.. you taught us the purest form of Love for God, the unsullied truth.
We love you... We love you.. We love you....

With pranams at the lotus Feet of our most beloved Bhagwan

Satish Naik from Puttaparthi
(member SBOI-Group)


Sai Geetha news in media

ANANTAPUR: Fifty-four-year-old Sai Geeta, a pet elephant of Satya Sai Baba, died of illness at Puttaparthi, near here, on Tuesday.

The pachyderm, with whom the Baba is emotionally attached, did not even drink water. A host of veterinary doctors and forest officials descended on Puttaparthi to help the animal regain health but in vain.

Following the news of Sai Geeta’s illness, the Baba did not offer darshan to his devotees on Tuesday. It was customary for Sai Geeta to participate in the Rathotsavam on the first day of the birthday celebrations of Satya Sai Baba.

Sai Geeta was one of the two elephants gifted to Satya Sai Baba in 1961 by the then Kerala Governor Burgula Ramkrishna Rao.

reflection of a devotee...

"....Swami always used to go to Brindavan from Kodaikanal as Swami always felt that the heat in Parthi in the month of May was unbearable for Devotees and Swami always felt that Devotees coming for His Divine Darshan should not suffer, Swami also felt that as the Entrance Exams of the Institute and the School including the Primary school would be held in the month of May and Swami did not want any disturbance from His Side to the Boy's studies, Of course, No one but Bhagawan felt that way, But this Year, Swami came back in the heat of May to Parthi, Everyone asked the question, Now they knew the answer, Only for Sai Geetha. When Swami went to see Sai Geetha 2 days back, Swami told The people there "Paapam, Look after her", A Premonition of things to come.

Sai Geetha has merged into Swami once for all.

During the 1984 Sports meet inaugural ceremony in Parthi, Swami had just then Driven into the Wonderfully Decorated Hill View Stadium and Swami's car stopped near the Pillion Riders in the Bikes, Swami was supposed to get down and walk on the Red carpet till the Stage, Suddenly Sai Geetha Refused to move inspite of everyone doing so, she started to act funnily, everyone was at a loss of words, Swami smiled and said to a Boy to "Look under the Carpet", To everybody's astonishment, the boy took out a Huge nail from under the carpet within a Few feet of where Swami was standing, As Soon as Sai Geetha saw the nail in the Boy's hand She started moving, Swami smiled and moved on, Everybody was at a loss for words.

That Was Sai Geetha's Love for Swami. She has forever merged with Swami."


Significance of Sai Geetha elephant:

1. It was presented to Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai baba by the then Governor of Kerala, Ramakrishna Rao in 1962.

2. Sai Geeta used to wish Sathya Sai first on his birthday on November 23 every year by garlanding him.

3. It used to lead processions in Puttaparthi especially Birthday functions.

4. Once it went to Bangalore without any security to visit Satya Sai in White Fields.

5. It always send-off Baba at Puttaparthi airport.


Pictures of Sai Baba with His new pet elephant calf