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18th Nov 2006,
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"Sai Gita, her destiny is to be a human person".

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The symbolic significance of Ganesha's elephant head has to be properly understood. The elephant has profound intelligence. For example, yesterday Sai Geetha, (Bhagavan's elephant) came running when it heart the sound of Swami's car approaching. Though many cars were following Swami's Car, Sai-Geetha could unmistakably identify Swami's car from an uncanny recognition of the sound of the car. That is why it is termed "Gaja Thelivi' (elephantine intelligence). One having a sharp brain is descrived as having the intelligence of an elephant. I has "Medha Sakthi' Moreover, the elephant has large ears and it can hear even minute sounds. Sravanam or hearing the glory of the Lord is the first step in spiritual Sadhana for which ears should be sharp. After hearing one has to ruminate over this and put it into practice (which are termed as Sravana, Manana and Nidhidhyasana). The elephant takes the praise and blame equally (Dooshana and Bhooshana). When it hears something bad, it moves its body this way and that way and shakes off the unwanted things while it retains good things quietly. - Sai Baba

Source: From Bhagavan's Discourse in the Poornachandra Auditorium on September 9, 1994 Sanathan Sarathi Vol. 37, No.10, October 1994, pages 263-267


".....Shiva’s choice of an elephant’s head is to show us that we should be intelligent in our choice. Sai Geeta seems to be smarter than us as she pines incessantly for Swami’s presence. In the olden days when Swami used to go to Brindavan for the summer, Sai Geeta would shed tears and not eat until she was brought to Brindavan. Recently when the place was being cleared for the indoor stadium in Parthi, the engineers realised that Sai Geeta’s shed would have to be relocated. They went with a proposal to build a shed near gokulam but Swami insisted that Sai Geeta would feel bad and hence she should be relocated nearer to the mandir!".... Source: (From a talk given in the assembly at the Brindavan Campus of Swami's Institute on the 10th of June 2006 by Dr. T. Ravi Kumar, a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry).

Sai Geeta Passes Away
Eyewitness Account

Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s pet elephant, Sai Geeta, passed away late yesterday (22 May) afternoon. It is believed that she died old age complicated by a foot ailment.

Known to millions of Sai devotees throughout the world and regular visitors to Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram at Puttaparthy, Sai Geeta was only a few months old when she was given to Swami. Over the years, the elephant became an integral part of life at the ashram, endearing herself to Swami and His numerous devotees.

She developed a deep attachment for the Avatar over the years and was often seen shedding tears when He had to go away to His other ashrams in Kodaikkanal and Whitefield.

Swami returned to Puttaparthy last Friday after three weeks in Kodaikkanal. Sai Geeta was as overjoyed as were human devotees on His return.

Swami left the ashram after being quickly driven through the Kulwant Hall to the stadium at 7.30 this morning. Following in an auto rickshaw, I arrived at the grounds of the stadium to find thousands of villagers and devotees trying to approach Swami’s car. Armed police and seva dals formed a cordon to prevent the crowds from entering the stadium grounds.

Working through the night, workers had dug her tomb in the floor of the magnificent new enclosure specially built for her only months ago at the entrance to the new indoor sports stadium for students of Sai Baba's educational institutions. She was interred there this afternoon in the presence of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and thousands of His devotees and students.

Years ago, Swami said that when Sai Geeta left this life, she would reincarnate as a human being, in the natural progression of the soul within all forms of life from the lowest to the highest.

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