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Sai News: Prasanthi Nilayam 7th Nov. 2005

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Sai Ram everyone , SBOI group has been informed that Swami  did not come for the  morning Darshans today.  Obviously, there was extra longing for evening darshan and it was that much more precious for devotees who didn't get morning darshan.  For every ones delight, Swami came at 3.30 and left for His abode at  around 5-25 pm. There was  a dance drama by Swami's students titled  " Rama Katha" in the evening. 

Puttaprthi has an air of celebration, everyone is looking forward for Swami's 80th birthday and lots of devotees are already here for the upcoming Akhanda Bhajans in few days (12-13 Nov. tentative).

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