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Sai News: Prasanthi Nilayam 8th Nov. 2005
( 80th birthday of Sai Baba  will be celebrated at
hill view stadium)

Sai Ram everyone , SBOI group has been informed that also (read Sai news from yesterday 07th Nov.)  today Swami  did not come for the morning Darshans. However, Swami came out from His abode at 10.45 am and drove straight to hill view stadium, we've been informed that 80th birthday of Swami will be celebrated in Hill view stadium; seemingly Swami was there to check on the preparations for the upcoming 80th birthday of Avatar.  The trip to Hill view stadium was a short stop, since Swami was back to his abode after half an hour. In the Evening Swami did come for  darshan at 4.20p.m and returned to His abode at 5.55 p.m. Source: www.saibabaofindia.com

Resource Hill view stadium the celebration avenue for Avatars 80th birthday:

Vidyagiri stadium or as it is known Hill View Stadium, (see left picture) college in the top left, a planetarium straight ahead. And if you didn't already knew let me 'reveal' that Sachin Tendulkar has actually played cricket here.
(picture - right)

Sri Sathya Sai Hill View Stadium

The Hill View Stadium is located behind the Higher Secondary School on the left, opposite the hill, which towers with statues of Hanuman, Krishna, Siva, Buddha, Zoroaster, Shirdi Sai Baba, Christ, and a mosque, it is an imposing view. The picture on the right is taken from the north end, looking south. Bhagawan Baba addresses the mammoth gathering from the shanthi vedika (covered podium) on the southern end of the stadium on His Birthday on 23 November every year. Among other events held here is the annual sports and cultural meet for the schools and colleges on 11 January . An international cricket match for the Sri Sathya Sai Unity Cup was held in this lush green stadium on 30 December 1997. Top cricketers from India as well as from other cricket playing nations played in this exhibition match. The stadium is not open to public except when in use.

Facets of Divine Construction - Hill-View Stadium

by Col. S.K. Bose (Rtd.) Trust Engineer

Vidyagiri or Hill-view stadium as it is known, is located on a 9-acre land and is meant for annual sports meet by students of the University. Functions of general nature and events do take place here too. This playground has an international quality cricket pitch and it is noteworthy that India 11 played an international one-day benefit cricket match.

To start with, this ground had a main stage (380 m2) with two pavilions one each side for ladies and gents (150 m2). Later on an L-shaped gallery was built on one side of the ground to provide seating for 8,000 people in ten tiers. An additional 325 m2 was added to the pavilion as part of the green room facilities for the players.

This apart, there is a natural hill view area where 2,000 people can sit and watch the games and other cultural events.

Upcoming event: Akhanda Bhajans in few days (12-13 Nov. 2005)

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