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 Thursday , January 11, 2007 :: Volume 9, Issue 35
 (In its nineth year of publication.)

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FEATURE OF THE WEEK: Is there no hope?

Perils of Maya, the myth, are well known, well expounded, yet least comprehensible for a spiritual seeker. The human nature is such; it falls to its own trap time and again. Desires multiply even after knowing how transient the human life is. Desires and more desires, as the mercy of Sadguru confers the wishes, the desires manifold. Souls trapped at the crossroads not knowing where to draw the line. Swami Vivekananda, one of the greatest spiritualists history has seen talks on this subject;

"There was never a mother who did not think her child was a born genius, the most extra-ordinary child that was ever born; she dotes upon her child. Her whole soul is in the child. The child grows up, perhaps becomes a drunkard, a brute, ill-treats the mother, and the more he ill-treats her, the more her love increases. The world lauds its unselfish love of the mother, little dreaming that the mother is a born slave, she cannot help that. She would a thousand times rather throw off the burden, but she cannot. So she covers herself with a mass of flowers, which she calls love. And this is Maya.

True it is that we are all slaves of Maya, born in Maya and live in Maya. Is there no way out, no hope? That we are all miserable, that this world is really a prison, that even our so-called trailing beauty are but a prison-houses, have been known for ages upon ages. There has never been a man; never been a human soul who has not felt this sometime or other, however he may talk. And the old people feel it most, because in them the accumulated experience of a whole life, because they cannot be easily cheated by the lies of the nature. Is there no way out? We find that with all this, with this terrible fact before us, in the midst of the sorrow and suffering even in this world where life and death are synonymous, ever here there is a still small voice ringing through all ages, through every country and in every heart: "This Maya is divine, made up of qualities, and very difficult to cross. Yet those that come unto Me, cross the river of life". This voice comes to men when everything seems to be lost and hope has fled, when's men's dependence on his own strength crushed down, and everything seems to melt away between his fingers, and life is a helpless ruin. Then he hears it. This is called religion".

Religion in this context may well be substituted for the doctrine of faith, to be taken for all its worth. As the true sons of the father, let us spend a few moments on contemplating the loving invitation our father Sai has extended to His religion, the one of faith and patience, of love and tolerance, of one supreme that is for all.


CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: He is the Father, Only eternal!

The relationship between Baba and His devotee is expressed in several ways. He is the mother, He the father. He is Sadguru and He is God. He can be anything to anyone, just the way one would like it. However, the difference is that the relationship is permanent and existed even before it was known or felt. Baba would often say, I will draw my devotee to me, just as a bird is drawn with strings attached to its legs. The analogy aptly refers to the agitated mind of the child that is comforted by the thought of His safe hands. Let us see the relationship beautifully expressed in the following phrases:
This relationship between the Supreme Being and the individual soul (human being) will never be allowed to be snapped. Unlike the steps taken by a father to groom his son and the latter expressing his gratitude, which acts are merely temporary, the tie between God and His devotees will be unbroken forever. The essential requirement of the latter is to shed his ego. Saint Appar has said even as a snake bites a person, ego stings him resulting in aberration in his behavior. Secondly, as a servant, he should demonstrate how he is always dependent on the Almighty. Poet Kamban has pointed out how Rama (God in the form of human being) followed Sage Viswamitra and how Lakshmana dutifully attended on Him. ``I serve Him to please Him'' were his words. Likewise a sincere devotee should declare pleading with God, ``I want only You and none else and nothing else''.

The term ``devotion'' has been described in holy works from different angles. The essence of it, in simple manner, will be that it represents perfection of humility and ardent service to God and His messengers and also extinction of one's ego and ill-will. It should not be mistaken with the display of mere emotional rapture. Then, what will be the definition of a sincere ``devotee''? This too has been stated clearly, namely that he is one who has clear understanding of his relationship with the Almighty and that the bond that exists between the two is permanent. He should hold on to the feet of one God alone without switching his loyalty to various deities. A devotee will assiduously carry out Divine commands, and will attend on spiritual guides.

(Contributed by In part reference to the "The Hindu" dated December 21, 2000)



I thank Baba for coming to my rescue to bail me out of a serious problem. Baba has appeared and advised me to be bold enough to speak truth come what may. I followed His guidance and I could not believe that the other person has actually helped me to realize a lesson for my betterment in my job. I am happy and forever follow His guidance.

Today Baba taught me one thing you are alone and you have to handle all situations which ever comes in your way, no one is with you, you were born alone so you have to do your work alone so that you will know everything. Baba thanks for telling the truth and thanks for removing all my trouble with your inspiration. I will do as per your advice ohm Sai Ram always is with me so that I'll face all truth of my life.

Thanks to Mr. Ramaa Manohar Prasad Maddipatla for sharing with us Baba's wonders during India's Independency.

Sai devotee
I have received this message repeatedly that what one endures now in this life is the result of past actions. And what one needs is faith and Baba's grace to help us cross this part of our life without major ripples. Baba has been kind to me so far. I can feel it. Thank you, Baba.

Baba, with Your grace I could get the job, thanks a lot Baba. Now help me do the job well.

Baba, today whatever I am, it is only because of You. You have always guided me. Please help me to settle the things soon. Please be with us always and take care of us all the time

We are happier because our home is right across Your temple. Please continue to shower your blessings as You always do and give us peace, joy and happiness wherever we are. Please make us feel Your presence at our housewarming function. Thanks so much for taking care of our family.

When doctor told me that I have to go for another surgery for my chron's, I prayed to Baba about it. Baba took care of it with out Surgery. Last October we went to Shiridi and had Baba's darshan. Every one in my family was worried how I will manage in Shirdi with my stomach problem, but I didn't have any problem during my stay in India. Baba took care of our journey so well. Baba, I thank you for everything You have done in our life.



Please guide me in the right direction and solve my financial problems. Please be with me always and make my mind and soul with full devotion and always surrender to Your Lotus feet.

Sai baba, I have been praying to You for long to get my sister married, she is going to be 30 this year and my mother is constantly worried about her.

Dear Baba, we are going through a tough time for the last 3 years. Whatever mistakes we have done in the past, please forgive and make us to succeed. Please bless my husband to get a job.

My daughter is not doing well in studies. She is being diagnosed as learning disabled. She goes through a lot of anxiety and pain when she fails in her class while doing math and other subjects. She is sinking into depression. The children of her age tease her because they are way ahead in their studies. Sai Ram help her to become good in her studies and become successful in life.

Please help this cycle of treatment to be successful and please help us conceive. I don't have any other resort other than your feet Baba. Please shower Your kind grace and blessings on us and bless us with a healthy child. Om Sairam.

Om Sai Ram, Please bless me to complete this new project successfully.

Baba, Kindly help me to undergo the laparoscopy safely preferably on Thursday and bless me that I can conceive soon.

Let my sister Rekah see this world with her own eyes. Bless her that she can walk. You are only hope for her. I request all Sai devotees to pray our Sai for my sister.

Sai devotee
Sai Ram, please give my husband a job. He is suffering without a job and on top of that You know how he struggles with his diabetes. Take care of him and my kids Sai.

Baba, thankyou for all the good things You have given us. You know our problems, please solve them soon and see that we do not face any problems again. Please fulfill our good wishes, give us peace, happiness and good thoughts. See that we do only good things in life and see that only good things happen to us. Please bless me, my family and this universe.

I pray You to give me strength, courage, earning capacity, good health, good memories, good character, no distraction to concentrate on my studies and also earn good name from my supervisors and all other faculty members. I also pray for good job prospects for my wife so that she can run her family here in Singapore to take care of my two daughters. Sayee, You be with them and bless my daughters with good health, mental strength so that they can support my wife for all the endevours.



I was studying for Engineering in Pune and in all my semesters I always made it a point to visit Shirdi to get Baba's blessings before my exams. Once it so happened that my friend and me were going to Shirdi, but we were halting at night in her cousin's college, which was in Loni (on the way). By mistake we had boarded a wrong bus, which was not going through Loni, when we realized it was too late to change the bus. We continued till we reached one place where the bus conductor asked us to get down as we could get Loni bus from there. It was 9 pm and was very dark. We were very frightened, but Baba was with us. We got Loni bus and it dropped us on Loni highway. From highway it was 1 to 1.5 kms walk. By that time it was 11 pm. On highway a group of 2-3 people were coming, we asked for directions and they said they are professors at college and asked us to come with them till girl's hostel. That day there was no light in campus, my friend and I were so terrified, we doubted those professors also. But by Baba's grace we reached the hostel safe and sound and in the morning left for Shirdi and completed our darshan. Even though we are frightened till core, but we had full faith in Lord Sai and He saved us from any untoward.

I was searching for a job for a long time. But though I got calls from top IT companies I got rejected in the final round. I was dejected and felt miserable. I went to some astrologers who suggested me some stones. But then I started reading Sai Satcaritha. And from the day I started reading things started to get better. I got a call from the same company where I was rejected for a different team. I went for the interview and the process of interviews started again. All the interviews were on a Thursday and I got the offer on a Thursday and my joining date was also on a Thursday. It Sai Baba's miracle which helped me get this job.

Baba has always been gracious with His blessings to His devotees. In times of trouble I always look up to Him and He is kind enough to answer my prayers. From small matters to big ones I don't know how He hears everything. One such incident was when I had almost missed a flight. Check-in time was over and I was still in auto where as my other friend had already reached the airport. There was no way I could reach there on time. I prayed to Baba. Very surprisingly my friend who had reached the airport had already called some airline staff and had my check-in done so I checked in just minutes before the flight took off. By such small incidences He restores the faith of His devotees in Him. I do act stupid and foolish sometimes, please forgive me and help me forever.



"Shama, you know nothing. I take nothing from anybody. The Masjidmayi (The presiding Deity of the Masjid) calls for the debt, the donor pays it and becomes free. Have I any home, property or family to look after? I require nothing".-Sri Saibaba to Shama



Q. What is Baba's role in India's struggle for its independence?

A. by Nainesh

Jai Sai Ram. Baba taught us not to be violent but love everyone no matter what religion, caste or even breed. As it goes Gandhi Bapu followed the same way to fight with love rather then weapons for our independence.



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Q. Saibaba said to Dasganu Maharaj, "Why do you want all this paraphernalia-coat, uparani and pheta etc, do off all that before Me, why wear them on the body?" - Comment?

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