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 Thursday , January 18, 2007 :: Volume 9, Issue 36
 (In its nineth year of publication.)

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FEATURE OF THE WEEK: How Baba does it?

Faith in Saibaba slowly leads one to believe that Baba is behind the things done or undone. This realization works easy when the things happen to one's satisfaction while it falters if things are not pleasing. The path to the complete surrender at Sadguru's lotus feet chops away the difference between the pleasant and unpleasant.

If one completely understands how Baba's intent or sankalpa translates to tangible actions to its minutest details, contentment naturally fills in the heart and as the consequence equanimity. Rare and great are such souls. Or, if one would say that somehow Baba will do it, is indicative of a blind faith in Sadguru's disposition. This is a feeling that rain or shine, it is Baba! Any trace of ignorance in this regard will be washed away in the constant company of the Sadguru. But judgments of others actions such as "what does he or she think he or she is doing? Its all Baba's doing", is blatant arrogance. One can easily understand this feeling with a little bit of contemplation. These thoughts should be nipped in the bud, as they are signs of spiritual falling.

Baba didn't materialize anything out of thin air. Baba's "miracles" happen through people and situations in our surroundings in the most inconspicuous ways. This truth is articulated in the most eloquent way by Sri Sarathbabuji as follows: "Miracles of Sai do not take place as something falling from the sky. We experience it through mercy, compassion, and protection from those around us in a natural way. We pray to Baba, "Baba! I need money". I am in difficulties". We offer naivedya to Baba and go to bed, but we do not see Baba keeping a lakh rupees under the pillow! Someone will come to us and suggest a solution to our problem. Baba Himself said, "Not a single leaf moves without my order". When the wind blows, the leaves on the tree move. When even the movement of a leaf from an inanimate tree requires Baba's order, His intent and grace, how can we think that everything is in our hands? When this awareness crops in us, the ego that makes us think, "We are doing something, we have to do it, we have to accomplish and we have accomplished because we have done something", will vanish. The realization that "He does everything. And we are not capable of doing anything" is called as "Complete Surrender". However, this should not become the dry and wry philosophy of uttering around, "Its all Baba's sankalpa, what do I have to do? He has done it". The cognizance of "complete surrender" should remain as just an inspiration, a background to the pursuit of our desires, ideals, and trials. Unless we get to completely experience the intent of Saibaba in every action, we should not use the term "complete surrender" for our convenience.


CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: A Devotee's Experience

I want to share my recent experience on how Sai will teach and set straight his devotees. I was a smoker for the last ten years. I unsuccessfully tried many times to quit. Also, I was a rash/careless driver. My wife always requested me to drive carefully and quit smoking. I really tried couple of times to quit and couldn't hold myself for more than a week. I even promised Sai that I would quit smoking and was never able to keep the promise. I realized it is impossible to quit because of the work pressure and related issues.

One day as part of my regular routine, on my way to work, I was taking my child to day-care center. It was raining and foggy. Before I realized what was happening my SUV was skidding out of control and within a fraction of time, I was over the median and towards the opposite traffic. I hit a vehicle (head-on collision) coming from the opposite side. Both the vehicles were in a very bad shape. I immediately looked back at my child (1 Year old) to see how she is and she was crying but looked fine. The only thing I uttered was the word "Sai". I then picked my daughter from the car seat and got down the vehicle to ask the other passenger on how she was doing. She said she had some pain in the foot and then next the emergency vehicle came and took her to the hospital and I thought she would be ok. After few days my insurance lawyer called me to give me a heads up that I will be getting a court notice for personal damages, I have incurred to her due to the accident. After a couple of months, I was asked to appear for a deposition and other process of the court and a court date for the case had been set. All the time and all through these processes, I was kind of depressed and was counting on Sai that He will take care of everything.

One day it occurred to me that because of the smoking habit, all these bad things were happening to me and hence I decided to quit. Miraculously I was able to stop smoking from that day onwards. It has been 9 months since I quit. Last week I got a call from the lawyer saying that the other party settled the case out of court within the insurance limit and to my surprise their medical expenses were the same as my insurance limits. They weren't asking anything for personal pain. I strongly believe all this was because of Sai. I now think that all this happened because He wanted to teach me a lesson on how important life was and how careful I have to be and also I have a wife and kids who are dependant on me. Thank you Baba for everything.

(Contributed by Venkat)



Baba! Thanks for blessing my parents with visa without any delay. We all are very much thankful to You. As promised I am thanking you by writing in this newsletter. Bless my parents with a smooth and peaceful and happy journey to Singapore as per their schedule and also a cheerful trip throughout their stay in Singapore. My entire family is Your devotee. Please bless me with a normal delivery and a healthy baby here without any trouble.

I read in Sai Satcharitha, with Sai's grace one of the devotees got permission to read Pothi (Janeshwari). I expressed if Sai's grace would be with me also. On the same day when we went to Indian Stores, I received a calendar as gift and found "Durga Devi" portrait with "Arati" of Durga. I felt Sai Baba gave a message saying that victory is near, I need to keep patience. Later on Thursday, I expressed my concern that why things are not moving forward regarding my interview for the new job. I got reply in Sai Vichaar that, things will move and I will get my desire accomplished. Om Sai.

I started doing Baba's Parayanam and completed it today. Before doing the parayana my heart was filled with lot of tension and unknown fear, which I could not share with anyone except Baba. Then I decided to do the saptaha parayanam. Luckily my husband who is not a devotee cooperated with me the whole week. Also he allowed me to put the vibuthi and everyday ate the prasadam. In the middle of the parayana, I started feeling so happy and my tensions and unwanted fear disappeared. I realized it is only God who can save us from any kind of trouble and give peace.

I would like to thank Baba for giving me a very good start in the job of my choice. It took sometime but I understand that I must follow Your message of faith and patience. Thanks a lot Baba for being with me.

A devotee
I have been trying for a job from 3 months; by Sai grace I had an Interview on Thursday. I received Shirdi prasadam and Tirupathi prasadam from my Mom in India on the same day. On Tuesday I got the news that I got the job. All this happened only because of Sai's blessings and the confidence He gave me. Please bless me perform well in the job and bless me have no problems at the work place. Be with me in my every walk of life and give me the strength to fulfill my responsibilities.

I am married for two years, and was not able to conceive. On November 23rd 2006 I was in Shirdi. I have lost my parents and He is everything to me. Today within two months after visiting Shirdi with His grace I have conceived. Sai Ma, You are everything to me, please shower Your blessings and bless me with a health child. It is very true that anything you ask in His name will be answered; only trust matters.



We already had two miscarriages Baba. Please Baba bless me with a healthy baby. Please forgive us for all the sins we have done.

I don't have a place to stay. Where should I go? Please Baba, give me one place from where nobody will say go from here.

My mother is a strong willed 78 year old lady who has never done any harm to anyone in her life. Recently she has suffered brain stroke twice and has a pacemaker in her heart. To top it all she has suffered a hip fracture and needs immediate surgery. With all her illnesses including diabetes, I am afraid Baba. Baba please make my mother alright.

I have some health problems due to which I am not able to conceive. Dear Sai devotes please pray for me.

Please take care of my father. He is very sick and suffering and going through a lot of pain. Please help him Baba and make him healthy and strong. I want to take his blessings for my son and I want to visit him with my child. He has not seen my child and I want him to see my baby.

I am having difficult time for long time now. I really want some solution to my problem soon as I cannot prolong it anymore. Please help me find solution and give me some peace and happiness.

Please shower Your blessings to my friend who is trying to conceive from a long time.

SaiBaba please take care of my daughter. She got her head injured a little by falling down yesterday. She has little pain, make her well soon.



Recently I had a great experience that Baba is there to help us always. One day we had a demo on a new project. On the day of the demo I got a problem in the project for the demo and without fixing it, the demo cannot be continued. The demo was scheduled at 2:00 pm. My project manager called me at 11:00 am to find out the status of the project. I was not able to think anything else but just pray to Baba. Just after 5 minutes the manager called again and told me that the demo was postponed. It was Baba's miracle. I know that without Baba's help it was impossible. Baba please be with us always and shower Your blessings on us.

I dont have any the words to describe my feelings whenever I experienced the miracles of Saibaba. Since last night I was so disturbed about my wife, she was not well and I am so much worried about her that I was not able to control my emotions. When I get up in the morning I was not able to think anything. As I am the devotee of Saibaba, but now I was becoming hostile to Him because I didn't feel any improvement. I thought that no one is going to help me now. I will do everything, but slowly I felt I am thinking very wrong because Saibaba has helped me every time. I begged to Him and He will not leave me as such like a father could not see his son crying, how can He see me crying and I walked out of my home and then this miracle happened. I said in my mind if You are with me Sai, then give me Your darshan and in the very next second I saw a man carrying a big poster of Saibaba. This picture was so real that it seemed that Saibaba himself had come to bless me and to give me this trust that He cannot see me crying. Our Saibaba cannot see His devotee crying for any reason. He is a father to all His devotees. I am so small and have no words to describe His kindness.

Thankyou Saibaba for helping us. I had trouble all through my pregnancy and we were worried how the delivery would be. But we kept praying Baba for safe pregnancy and delivery. As prayed, the delivery was normal and we have been blessed with a healthy baby. Thank you Sainatha for being with us and helping us in every stage of this life changing event. As promised we are publishing Your blessings on us in Sai Vichaar newsletter. Sai, please continue showering Your blessings on us ever. Always under your feet. We apologize for the delay in writing this note.



"My treasury is full, and I can give anyone, what he wants, but I have to see whether he is qualified to receive what I give".-Shri Sai Baba



Q. Comment on what Saibaba said to Dasganu Maharaj.

A. by S.Karthikeyan


Q. Saibaba said to Dasganu Maharaj, "Why do you want all this paraphernalia-coat, uparani and pheta etc, do off all that before Me, why wear them on the body?" - Comment?

A. Simplicity - no paraphernalia. This is Baba's message. I recall many devotees wanting to read Sai Satcharita (parayanam) getting worried over details, often dwelling about the number of days in which it is to be completed in, about the offerings to be made, flower arrangements to be made and so on that reading Satcharita becomes a gargantuan task often stressing the devotee and their family members. Baba has stressed the need for simplicity, suggesting that no paraphernalia is required to reach Him.

Q. Comment on what Saibaba said to Dasganu Maharaj.

A. by Vipul Desai


Q. Saibaba said to Dasganu Maharaj, "Why do you want all this paraphernalia-coat, uparani and pheta etc, do off all that before Me, why wear them on the body?" - Comment?

A. All these things create ego in person. Baba always said that if you want moksha first take out ego, be simple, don't poke your nose in others matter. You are wearing all these to show that you are superior then others.

Q. Comment on what Saibaba said to Dasganu Maharaj.

A. by Vandana


Q. Saibaba said to Dasganu Maharaj, "Why do you want all this paraphernalia-coat, uparani and pheta etc, do off all that before Me, why wear them on the body?" - Comment?

A. The God of Devotion Naradha Maharishi himself did not wear any cloth on his top. He wore a Dhoti. With veena in his hand he used to sing about the Lord. Same way, the message about God should be conveyed to all in a simple way. So Baba did not like all artificial materialistic forms and He ordered Das Ganu to convey the message in a simple manner so that it reaches to all kinds of people good or bad, rich or poor.



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Q. Saibaba said to Dasganu Maharaj, "Why do you want all this paraphernalia-coat, uparani and pheta etc, do off all that before Me, why wear them on the body?" - Comment?

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