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 Thursday , November 16, 2006 :: Volume 9, Issue 27
 (In its nineth year of publication.)

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"I shall consider you blessed when you will renounce all attachments, conquer lust and palate and getting rid of all impediments, serve God wholeheartedly and resort to the begging bowl".

The above is the reply given by Sai Baba to Bapusaheb Jog who asked him why even after serving Baba for so many years, his mind was not calm and composed and why he failed in his efforts for self-realization. Sai Baba always laid stress on controlling pleasures of the sense, especially those of sexual passion and tongue.

In our scriptures, great stress is laid on "non-violence" which means not to hurt anybody physically, mentally, or by speech. Sai Baba had realized that of all the above, harsh and scornful words hurt a person much more than physical or mental violence. Such cutting words are more easily forgotten and cannot be withdrawn. Consequently, they cause everlasting ill feeling. Sai Baba, therefore, not only advised his devotees, "Not to speak cuttingly to anyone so as to hurt him. He said, "let anybody speak hundreds of things against you, do not resent by giving a bitter reply. If you always tolerate such things, you will certainly be happy", and to make sure that they did follow his advice, he also said, " He who carps and cavils at others, pierces me in the heart and injures me but that suffers and endures, please me the most".

(Source: "Shri Sai Baba's Teachings and Philosophy' by Lt. Col. M.B. Nimbalkar)


CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: Sai Kitna Madhur Hai Tera Pyaar!

Sai tere bin suni hai yeh sansaar
Sai tere naam se aata hai bahaar
Sai kitna madhur hai tera pyaar

Sai tu hi hai is dil mein
tujh par basaa hai mera har vichaar
Sai kitna madhur hai tera pyaar

Sai tere dar par nahi hai koi inkaar
Tu dayalu hai aur yeh hai tera sanskaar
shradha aur saburi se karoon tujhe pe vaar
Sai kitna madhur hai tera pyaar

(Contributed by Mahesh)



I took on this class that was really difficult and I had no idea how I was going to get good marks in it. But with Sai's grace I got an A grade. It would really not have been possible without his help, I know that for sure. He is really so kind. Even though I am far from perfect He has been extremely generous to me. I have not had a single failure since I resorted to the feet of Sai Baba. Thank you Sai Baba. I love You a lot.

Pranam Baba, your newsletter is great, just when you think that you are going through a tough time you read that people are in much more difficult situations then yours. This time's newsletter was amazing and I got to learn so much from everyone's experience and prayers. I know Baba knows about His devotees needs and fulfill them always but sometimes like a naive child we ask for this and that not realizing that he is watching us and will do the needful at the right time.

Thank you so much Baba for answering our prayers and blessing us with a wonderful daughter. Thank you so much for helping me get my license. You have really taught us that Patience is Virtue and that things do take place with time. Please guide us always.

Baba, she is very stressed and in lot of problem. She helped me and I am not capable of returning that favor. Now she needs me and I am helpless. I have come to you. Please make her happy.

Sai devotee
My koti pranaams to Baba, who knows everything and who is everywhere. My husband and I want to thank Baba a million times because He gave my husband a nice job and we had said that we will write about this in Sai Vichaar. So thank you Baba, it is only because of You that he got this job. We love You and trust You and surrender to You always.

I was getting a pain on my abdominal and feeling one lump was inside. I went to doctor; he said I have hernia and asked me to go for CT Scan and ultrasound procedure. My wife prayed to Baba and mixed udhi in water and gave it me. I drank the water with udhi. Next day onwards I don't have any pain. And the CT Scan and ultra sound result was negative. I always believe Baba will take care of all problems.



Sai Baba, today I come to know that my sister has ulcer. Please Baba, please cure her disease. I am very afraid and worried for her. Please shower Your blessings on her and her family.

Saibaba - I know you are always with everyone. Please make my little khushi recover from her fracture.

Baba I am in big problem and I am not able to make any decision. Baba please guide me.

We came to USA with your grace and blessings. I pray that me and my husband and kids get green card and live a long and peaceful life in USA. I pray that Baba be with me every second I am alive and guide me.

Please show me some light out of this misery, I would like to lead a good life with my family. Help me to overcome all the problems. Show me the right path Baba. I pray to You with all honesty and humility.

I am suffocating due to pathetic job situation and problem with my sister's personal life. I have immense faith in You. Kindly bless my sister and me.

I don't see any avenues open for me. They all seem to be closed. I feel lonely and don't know where to go. Please help Baba.

Sai devotee
I hope Baba will accept my prayers this time and bless me with good news soon. Dear devotees please spare a moment and please ask Baba to bless me with a child.

My husband completes six years with H1 Visa .So please be with us to queries to be cleared and to get Green Card. And we know our situation in the family matters how much difficult crisis is going so please help us to recover from this family crisis.

Sainatha!! Please solve the problems of my sisters family and please be with both of them always and make them live together happily and give them a normal life.

Please bless me with a good job. My current job has been great but you know how hard I work and what little I get paid for all the responsibilities. Please help me and my wife work together at our marriage and help us get a good job and be peaceful in our life.

Sai devotee
It was very very difficult for me to find a job after studying for a long time. Now that I have a job it is almost a year I am not paid salary. Experience is important for me but I get very depressed that day in day out I am not getting paid. Please Baba help me to support myself.



Anything I say is less in front of Sri Sai's love and kindness. My TOEFL exam, registration, Visa and now job all are gifted by Sri Sai. In all my ventures I saw Saibaba's love for His devotees. I was in search of job for more than a year. I had to give TOEFL, registration, visa to get a job it seemed impossible for me when I started but with Baba's grace I started to achieve one by one and now my long awaited dream of getting a job in my own field is coming true. I applied for many jobs but was getting rejected, as I don't have relevant experience in their country. I was very disappointed and depressed each time spending money and traveling long distances along with my husband for interviews and getting rejected was very depressing and I felt guilty for my failures. This time I received an interview letter at last moment as I was thinking I would not be short listed they posted it on last Thursday and as usual I was more scared than happy as I thought this would also be a failure and I have to travel far as before. I prayed to Baba that Baba whatever You think is good for me just do it (but I felt bad inside that I would fail in another interview). I prayed Baba that I was really scared and I was not prepared and could not remember anything. To my surprise as I attended the interview the panel was very cooperative and they didn't ask me anything technical but only asked me some formal personality questions and today on this Thursday at the evening when I thought if I did not get a call on Thursday then I will not get the job. To my surprise I got the call at the end of the day and I was offered the job. It's a miracle; I am spell bound. Baba thank you very much for your daya on us. Please be with us always Baba. Baba I am posting this as promised. All Sai devotees have unshattered faith on lotus feet of Baba. He will take care of us.

Sai did it again!! I would like to post a recent experience as I promised to Baba. My wife had a small lump in the breast. Number of doctors had diagnosed it about a year ago and advised us that there is nothing to worry about. After a year, we showed it to one of our close relatives/friends here in Australia who is a doctor. He arranged an appointment for us with a top surgeon. The surgeon had the same opinion but advised us to go for ultrasound to make it confirmed. But there was a conflict of opinions between the surgeon and radiologist and the surgeon decided upon going for surgery and remove the lump. Now we were quite worried but as always Sai saved us!!! She had a surgery last Friday, the results came out this Friday and everything is normal. My wife is back to work and recovering well. I thank Sai from the bottom of my heart. Sairam.



"All relationships are conditional. It is only with the Sadguru that your need for unconditional love is met, and you feel secure".-Sri Sarath Babuji



Q. Why did Baba call Masjid as Dwarakamai? What is the significance of Dwarakamai?

A. by Radhakrishna

Whenever righteousness and dharma are at their low ebb and unrighteousness is on the ascent then the Lord reincarnates for establishing dharma and righteousness (Bhagavadgita). At a time when communal disharmony was rampant and raging all over the country Sainath Maharaj appeared in Shirdi for restoring peace and tranquility among the warring groups. No other place other than the old dilapidated mosque would have best suited for executing this mission. He named it Dwarakamayi and made it his abode for 60 years fulfilling the desires of his devotees both temporal and spiritual, the meaning of Dwarka being the Gate Way to the four Purusharthas viz Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha and Mayi meaning the compassionate mother. Masjid was sacred to Muslims as much as Dwaraka to Hindus. Baba was a perfect blend of both the customs and rituals of Hindus and Muslims and Dwarakamayi stands as a testimony to this. A dhuni, sacred fire was lit by Baba, aratis were sung and Fatiha was recited in Dwarakamayi.

Dwarakamayi further assumes significance in the light of the revelation made by Baba himself to Swami Sai Sharan Anand (Shri Sai the Superman, chapter II by Swami Sai Sharan Anand). Pointing to a pillar near Dhuni in Dwarakamayi Baba told Sai Sharan Anand that there was a cave and that Baba confined himself to that cave; that once his beard had grown so long that it reached the ground and swept; that he never came out of the cave unless to meet some holy and religious man. He further states that the cave referred to by Baba started from under the neem tree and extended up to and even beyond the Chawdi and this cave was the place of Baba's penance.

Baba by naming the Masjid as Dwarakamayi has indicated that he was none other than Lord Krishna himself, a conclusion that could be drawn from the events that were to happen later. Baba expressed his desire to be shifted to the Dagdi Wada few days before shedding his mortal coil and he did tell Buti that once the construction of wada was complete he would come and dwell there though Buti intended to install an idol of Muralidhar. Therefore we can vouchsafe that Baba is Lord Krishna and the abode he lived for 60 years is Dwarakamayi.



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Q. Why did Baba call Masjid as Dwarakamai? What is the significance of Dwarakamai?

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