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 Thursday , November 23, 2006 :: Volume 9, Issue 28
 (In its nineth year of publication.)

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FEATURE OF THE WEEK: Why do we need a Guru?

The knowledge of the self is so subtle and mystic that no one could by his own individual effort ever hope to attain it. So the help of another person Teacher who himself got Self - realization is absolutely necessary. What others cannot give with great labor and pains, can be easily gained with the help of such a Teacher; for he has walked on the path himself and can easily take the disciple, step by step on the ladder of spiritual progress.

Innumerable discoveries and inventions have taken place in the history of mankind. With each step towards perfection, man realizes more distinctly the greater scope for unfolding the mysteries of nature and life. Under these circumstances of materialistic advancements in life, man is getting perplexed because the gains of scientific and technological progress are making his life more and more complicated.

Extrovert attitude of a man has created the above conditions. Seldom he adopts an introvert attitude to gain the knowledge of the self. Recklessly man continues his efforts and there is neither the true knowledge nor the tranquility of mind.

It is the quality of the heart that counts in getting a real Guru. Teacher and the taught are the two positions in the field of general education. Highly educated students after completions of their studies do not get suitable opening for their career. Under-employment and un-employment are frustrating experiences. The above situation has developed due to the fact that the quest for knowledge of the self is missing.

We who believe in universal brother hood of mankind-who do not believe in caste, creed, high, low, etc get a Guru like Sainath Maharaj.'Gurudev Santasi Sada Namave'- Always bow to Gurudev and saints. Therefore whenever we come across other saints, we respectfully bow to them. However our fulcrum point of concentration is our Sadguru. We learn to see him in all objects around ourselves. He is witnessing all our activities round the clock. We do feel that he is steering all our affairs.

Our thoughts, words and actions are gradually purified to the extent that our entity is totally submerged in the personality of our Sadguru. This is the holy and spiritual blending of self with the Master. The whole process is that of purification, of removal of dirt, of identifying the glories of the self through introversion. Let the lining of purity be permanent. Thereafter an amount of dirt around us will not block our vision. It is our privilege to belong to this glorious fraternity of Sadguru Sainath Maharaj. Sadguru is taking millions of us simultaneously step by step on the ladder of spiritual progress and we can make the task easier for ourselves only through our unstinted devotion to our merciful Lord.

(Source: Shri Sai Leela Vol. 69, No. 4, July 1990)



What is the method of teaching that Baba followed? Did He install any institution or a particular way of thought for His followers to propagate? For that matter, has there been any record of Sadguru Sainath appointing anyone to continue His mission?

Inscrutable are His ways! This is the well-known phrase from Nagesh Vasudev Gunaji's English version of Shri Sai Satcharitha. It turns out to be true. During His lifetime and after, Baba showed a peculiar way of teaching and guiding His followers. He had asked some to be more disciplined, perform rituals, and undertake reading of sacred texts, while some were asked to keep quiet or just wait. Some were commended for their piety while some denounced for their orthodoxy!

Baba seemed to have answers to the innermost of the questions His followers had. He seemed to have a certain way of giving "individualized instruction" depending on one's earnestness. However, He seems to be very particular in emphasizing certain virtues in His followers. The two pice (two cents) He demanded were faith and patience. Invaluable! By calling Himself as a servant, Baba has stressed the importance of humility, because humility is a virtue that reaps rich harvest in one's pursuits. By insisting on the surrender of the self and accepting the will of the supreme over the individual, Baba stressed the existence of a unifying higher order. His views on the purpose of religions were simple, "There is only one God and the purpose of every religion is the same". In a unique way, Sai Baba of Shirdi also had asked His followers to investigate the "self". He also expounded on the obstacles for such a pursuit, native as well as acquired. Is it possible to categorize this unique way of spiritual leadership?

For some, Baba's life and teachings might look like a paradox, but in reality, His ways are as simple and natural as it could be! He did not give any set of rules to follow for His disciples. On the other hand, He was present in the minds of earnest devotees who sought His guidance on matters, big and small. For such people, in His words, He guarded them from front, back, and sides. To those who would differ with His advice, Baba said simply, "God will do good". Neither was there an insistence on a rigorous stewardship. Faith and patience are two traits common to everyone regardless of their religious, social, and financial or other status. By invoking the traits common to every human being, Sai Baba of Shirdi has indeed simplified the pursuit and the purpose life may have, which could otherwise be quite complicated given the nature of the modern day mosaic mankind has found itself in. How shall one thank Sainath of Shirdi for this? On this Thanksgiving Day, let us be happy for being so fortunate and reflect on these thoughts.

(Contributed by Sai Vichaar team)



Baba has done lots of miracle in our life. I would like to share recent miracle of baba. Our 10 months old daughter had high fever and doctor found that she had urine infection. Doctor had given prescription for further test, which are really painful for my little one. Her urine was give to the lab for further testing and I prayed to baba and promised if I hear from doctor in 2 days that her report is normal and she does not need any further test then I would share my experience on Sai vichaar. Baba answered my prayer and everything is fine. Her fever is gone and no further test required. Baba, I thank you very much for being with us all the time.

I like to thank my Saibaba for giving me the kind of job I wanted. I was very depressed about not getting a job for nearly a year and about three weeks back I was reading Sai Vichaar devotees experiences and while I was reading them I prayed to Baba, please give me a job that enables me to use my talent which I have specialized in to help people. I couldn't believe it within five minutes after my prayer I received an email that I got the job with a charity within the field I specialize in, also the fact that I received the email late in the evening which is unlikely to happen because in England office hours are usually till 6 p.m. but I received this email about nearly 8 p.m. It's true that Baba does everything when the right time comes. Thank you Om Sai Ram.

Thank you Sai, for solving my mortgage approval problem with your blessings. As you know we are very anxious regarding this matter without sleep for nights. But I have faith on your words" Why fear when I am here". Please shower Your blessing on us, be with us for further money arrangement issue of my house. Sai take care of my husband and children; bless my children to become Your devotees.

When I entered into a job as a fresher in Chennai, I was not in a good team. I was really sad because of that and was always thinking about future. My husband is in marketing field so he always used to say if it is in Hyderabad then for him it is good (because of language problem in Chennai, Tamil). But because of Sai's grace on me I got the job in Hyderabad. Now my husband also shifted to Hyderabad and we are very happy. Thank you Sai Baba. Always keep this grace on us.

Thank you very much for getting back my husband's PDA. Everything is possible only because of you.



Baba please save me. Please be with me throughout my lapro. Operation should make me to conceive a child normally. You understand, see me every second. Please forgive me for my previous mistakes.

Baba, one of my sister's son is giving MCAT exams this week. Please be with him when he takes the exams and guide him. Please help him get good marks. And also help him succeed in life. My other sister's son is sick, it started out as fever, now he has blisters around his mouth and boils in his tongue. He is a picky eater, which does not help him heal easily. Please cure him and make him a good eater.

Baba I have borrowed lot of money. My wife's wages and mine are not enough, so that after paying home loan we don't have enough to make our ends meet. Please bless both of us to fulfill our financial responsibilities and please do something so that our financial situation improves and we can pay off our loan faster and meet our commitment.

Please be with us always and guide us the right way. Please keep me at your feet. Please cure my daughter's allergies and asthma. Please take care of her.

Please help my husband Baba to get a good job. He has been applying for jobs for the past few months. Please help us Baba to settle in life.

Padmini, a social worker, a good human is in critical stage. She is in I.C.U. It all started with a small problem. Now she is in Critical stage. Kindly save ner Baba.

Please bless my husband, you know how much tough times he has been with, he has never been really happy, please have mercy on him, please Baba.

Please bless us Baba and give us courage to go through this tough time. Please help us my sister is getting married soon before anything else. We are hoping for Your blessings Baba, please bless us.

Baba I am taking TOEFL exams on 1st December, Sai please help me get a good score. Help me not to stammer in the speaking section.

Baba I really care for this girl from my heart. I request you to please grant me this wish of mine that both she and myself become very close friends.

Sai devotee
Please pray for my son Krishna and me. Our family is going through a lot of hardship and only Baba has been our savior. I had the blessing of visiting Shirdi twice during my trip to India this summer, the first time I was seated at the very end and prayed hard to Baba to give me a closer darshan. My next visit I had the privilage of entering via the Guru Sthal entrance and saw Baba from really close. Baba please save my son and protect him.

Sri Sai Babaji, I have beeen married since five years but have very restrained relations with my husband. Please Baba bless us with happy married life and also I want my son to get admitted to a very good school.

Baba, how long we need to suffer this. Please get us out of this problem safe. Baba we beg you for our peace and happiness. Please Deva, forgive us and look upon us.

Baba, You know the problems which me and my family and Reddy and his family goin through. Baba please solve the problem and give us one more chance to redeem ourself. Baba I am totally disappointed and depressed with my life, Baba please approve our change of status petition.



Pran Razdan
Last week I went to the top of my block to check the water pressure in my overhead tank. The tanks for each flat in our society in Gurgaon are mounted on the rooftop of the building on parapets about two feet high from the roof floor. I went on the parapet and opened the lid of the water tank, a solid RCC circular block of two feet diameter. The moment I lifted the lid, a lizard jumped towards me. Too nervous to control, I dropped the lid from my hand in a flash and started falling backwards. I was certain to fall on the back of my head on the parapet wall but lo and behold I almost sat on a chair with not even a scratch even. The incident did not end here. Over came the lid I had left, rolling down and fell straight on my right kneecap since I was by now sitting almost in a chair. Though I pushed the lid towards my right but was sure that my kneecap was broken under the heavy weight of the lid. But again, just a minor scratch and nothing else. I had enough swelling which came down next day and the leg was uncomfortable for a day or two. By the third day everything was back to normal. Do we need any more evidence of Sai's everlasting company?

This happened last week. I moved to a new apartment recently. In my old apartment I used to keep all my certificates including my MS certificate in an envelope and place it on the top shelf of a cupboard. While moving since I couldn't see it I missed it totally and left it there. One Friday I suddenly realized that I didn't have all those certificates with me. Sai Baba has given me so much confidence in my life that I can say for the first time ever in my life I never panicked about losing my certificates. I had total confidence in Sai Baba and felt that He would take care of it. Being disturbed I went to sleep with a great difficulty, thinking that I will go and search for it in my old apartment and asked Baba to please take care of it. Next day I first went to check in my office as to whether I left it there because I have taken it to my office once. Not finding it there I was okay with the situation thinking He is there to take care of all that. Then when I went back to my old apartment I found it over there. It was indeed a miracle because of the tensions in my life right now I didn't even remember many things. But Sai helps me always. I feel He takes care of everyone and everything. It was indeed a miracle that trusting Him so much I did not feel tensed even though this would mean I would be unable to attend a visa interview till I get those certificates. Thanks to all the Sai bandhus for sharing their wonderful experiences always which gives me a lot of courage. At last I pray to Baba again to forgive me for all my misdeeds and give me patience and faith to carry on with my life from this situation. Please help me Baba I need your help. Please give me peace of mind. It is a humble request to You that though I want something so dearly and not sure of whether I will get that or not please help me see through things clearly and help me not get any rude shocks, Please help me.

After my Masters I was desperately looking for a job in my field. I was totally frustrated and prayed to Baba to help me. My parents and sisters firmly believed that Baba would listen to our prayers. After many obstacles at every step I finally got a job in a well-reputed company, which I can say is my dream come true! My family and I very strongly believe that this is Baba's miracle. With this experience I learnt not to lose hope and have patience as Baba always listens to his devotees prayers. God bless.

I prayed to Shri Saibaba for a job in this country. He guided me through everything, even when I was going for this interview I felt Baba's presence in the room and I had a strong gut feeling that I did well in the interview and I am going to get the job. He tested me so much but ultimately gave me whole lot of happiness by giving me this job. I thank You abundantly for all Your blessings. I promised Baba that I would definitely put this miracle in Sai Vichaar. I got a call in the afternoon that I have been offered the job and they are also going to train me for the job.

I am a devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba since the age of 16. I have always felt His presence in every activity of mine. I felt He gave me solutions during the toughest moments in my life. He has always forced me to traverse the path of honesty and truth and has punished me if acted otherwise. I never would like to regret on the decisions that I have taken in my life as He has always blessed the decisions. I thank a million times for helping me meet my life partner who is caring, loving and understanding and most importantly, an ardent devotee of Shirdi Baba. He has seen me solve the problems at the professional front and Sai Baba will be the first person that I will thank when I have my doctoral degree next year. I must thank Him for giving me a coveted job in a very reputed Automobile company in Germany at a very apt time. Recently I saw Him solve many of the bureaucratic hassles. I am going to marry my dream partner the next month in the company of all our relatives and dear Shirdi Sai. I want His ceaseless love on us always and all the time.



"Wealth and prosperity are transient. Knowing this, do your duty, leaving all attachment to the things of this world and the next".-Shri Sai Baba



Q. Baba said, "What is our duty? To behave properly. That's enough!" Comment?



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Q. Baba said, "What is our duty? To behave properly. That's enough!" Comment?

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