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 Thursday , October 19, 2006 :: Volume 9, Issue 23
 (In its nineth year of publication.)

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Avatars have always shown two prominent traits in their personality. One is that of a perfect man, which would mean a perfect father, perfect husband and perfect friend, all put into one. The other is the vast and unfathomable power of divinity, they at times display when it is needed. In the first role they function as Sadgurus, showing examples of a perfect human life to be emulated by others. Through their mighty divine power they help the devotees out of distress and bring about big changes in the society, many times through wars, for which they had taken the human form. Sri Sainath?s life displays both these attributes. Therefore, celebration of Baba?s birthday on the Ramnavami day is appropriate.

Except God no one and nothing in this world is perfect. All the imperfect beings and things in the world which include all species get birth because they are imperfect. Life after life they go on perfecting themselves little by little. The meaning of life is an endeavour to become perfect. Self-analysis, self-study, self-oriented actions towards that goal and prayer to Sadguru to lead us in that path is the only way to progress meaningfully in life. We pray to Sadguru Sri Sainath to lead us towards perfection.

(Shri C.B. Satpathy's message, Courtesy - Heritage of Shirdi Sai)


CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE: Bayajabai -The Personification of Love (continued from last week)

While this may seem a very inconsequential leela of Baba, a careful examination will reveal a great deal about the underlying principles of Baba's teachings. Baba said once, "My deeds are unfathomable." We should try to understand the unfathomable deeds of Baba in the light of his teachings. This attempt on our part is also a part of our endeavor along the path. But to try to seek justification for the deeds of Sri Sai Baba in astrology or the science of Vaastu is foolish.

Bayajabai and her group were all packed and ready to go to Pandaripur. Baba called her and asked her to postpone the trip. She did that without a second thought. This shows her infinite trust and devotion for Baba. This is the type of total surrender to his will that Baba has tried to teach us through his sayings, deeds and leelas. That is what we have to inculcate in ourselves and achieve as devotees of Sri Sai Baba. Shama wanted to see why Baba had suddenly cancelled the trip of Bayajabai. So he searched the calendar and thought he found the explanation, that it was an inauspicious day for travel.

There is a danger that some devotees may take Shama's words as an indication that Baba approved the use of astrological tables, calendars and charts. They may feel that Baba encouraged the devotees to see good days for travel and other such traditional superstitions. A little thought will reveal that this feeling is baseless. If the reason why Baba asked Bayajabai to postpone the trip was that the day was inauspicious, why would Baba give them udi and his blessings for departure a bare half hour previously? Would Baba not know that it is not an auspicious day for travel before he gave them the udi? Perhaps Baba had foreknowledge that his action would be misinterpreted to mean that astrology and such stupid superstitions had his imprimatur.

That is why he had forbidden Bayajabai, "Do not consult anyone in this matter." This means that Baba, indirectly, and in his inimitable style, had indicated his disapproval of the consultation of astrological calendars and charts and the following of the other superstitious practices. To think as Tatya did, that Baba had told them to postpone the trip due to his foreknowledge of the cholera epidemic striking Pandaripur, does not fit the facts. If this were the reason, Baba, as he did on many occasions with many devotees, would have told them to cancel the trip altogether. Also, if this were indeed the reason, why had Baba not placed any obstacles to the departure of Radhakrishna Ayi's party which left for Pandaripur earlier, as he did to Bayajabai's group? So why did Baba do this leela? Only Baba knows the meaning of his leelas. As the arati says, "Agaadha tavaa karani" (your acts are unfathomable); Baba's acts are beyond the grasp of mere mortals.

Bayajabai occupies a prominent place amongst the devotees of Sri Sai Baba, in the history of Baba. After serving Baba with sisterly love, Bayajabai breathed her last in 1914. Her husband, Ganapati Kote, had also died a few years earlier. It is natural for the devotees of Baba to be eager to visit the house of Bayajabai where Baba had begged food for sixty years. Bayajabai's family was staying first in a street east of the Chavadi near the present location of Ichhiraj Hotel. They later sold that house and built a new one behind the (present) Pilgrims Hotel near the Mahalakshmi Temple. Now that house has been converted to a hotel and is called the Bayajabai Guest House. Baba would beg for food in both these houses. (Concluded).

(Contributed by Courtesy Sai Patham, written by Shri Sarath Babuji)



Good day to all Sai devotees, I am happy to post that my prayers are answered by Sri Sai, one of my close friend had married few months back and been to US, and couldn't take his wife with him due to visa problem, and also at first time her visa application was rejected and she didn't get the dates again, meanwhile my friend decided to come back to India and see the matter. I came to know their problems and prayed in Sai to get everything to be settled. Within few days she got an appointment and her application was cleared. I had decided to publish the same in this column if my prayers turned true. Koti Pranam to Sai.

With the grace of our Sai, I became a mother in September. It is all because of my Sai, He helped me a lot throughout my pregnancy mentally and physically. I love my Sai very much. He is my Baba. Preeti do not worry, Sai will definitely help you out. And in a year you will give us good news that you became a mother. Always remember Baba's mantra "Shradha and Saburi" Baba will definitely fulfill all your wishes. Have faith in Him.

Thank you so much for taking care of my husband and guiding us when we went through health crisis. We seek once again Your blessings and grace and pray that he should be back to his normal self always cheerful and happy.

Thanks for helping in my job and helping my friend to get the job in the most important phase of life. Please help me in clearing the other issues that are on my head.

For the last six months my mind was disturbed and I was in tension due to taking wrong decisions. I just prayed Baba to get rid of this tension. Baba sent me to the right person who had advised me to do Satcharithra parayan for 40 days. Accordingly, I did it. By 25th day onwards I was freed from the tension and felt full pleasure. On 41st day I went to Shirdi and got 10 minutes of wonderful darshan of Baba. I have firmly decided that definitely our tensions will disappear if we really take up 40 days Sai Baba Deeksha wherein we have to do abhishekam, parayan, bajan and dhyanam every day. All the devotees or any one should take up this type of deeksha if they are in tension. Certainly they will be relieved and relaxed from any type of tension.

Sai devotee
Sairam, last year all of a suddden my lymph nodes in my neck swelled up, though I had cold, runny nose etc. the physician put me through a lot of tests and we went through a lot of emotional pain. My mother who is a staunch devotee of Shri Sai gave me the Sai Satcharitra and asked me to read. I read the book faithfully and with devotion. My biopsy results were due tomorrow and I was reading the Satcharitra, when I came across the words " from tomorrow you will be fine". I turned the page and realized that I just got a message, turned the page and read that line again. When I got my test results everthing came back normal, God's blessings. I am for ever grateful to the allmighty. As per my prayer and promise I am writing this to be published.



Dearest Baba, please take care of me like a father. Please give me, my mother and sister peace and happiness as we are still depressed and Baba please bless my sister with a child soon.

Baba, my life is full of misery. I am very unhappy, I feel very lonely, lost, confused and frustrated. I feel "why me?" Everyone says that I am a very good soul, then Baba why am I suffering so much. Sometimes my pain is so overwhelming that I lose control and go crazy. Baba, you have to help me now. Please don't let me down. Please Baba don't disown me like everyone else.

Om Sai Ram. Baba accept my sincere pranam. As You are omnipresent and You are aware of what is happening I need not elaborate on my problems and present situation. Please be with me forever. Baba my mother is very depressed nowadays as most of the time she is alone at home, please take care of her and also my father and endow them with peace, happiness and good health. As You know I am getting married so please grace us. I am also worried for my job and have really left everything to You. Peace be to all. Jai Sai Ram.

Dear Saibaba, I am struggling with a lot of problems. Please guide my son to get good marks in his final year exams and suggest him good course for further studies. I am very much depressed due to my personal problems. Baba please save me from all my problems.

Sri Sai Baba my daughter is suffering from cerebral plasticity since birth. I have tried all means of treatment and doctors inform that she will start walking as a normal child as she grows. Sai Baba, please make my wish come true that she starts walking very soon normally without any support or aid. Bless her. Secondly all this years being hard working, influenced still I am not financially stable. Sri Sai Baba, request you to please bless me making all success. I have experienced Your presence with me solving my problems. I want to shift USA permanently within six months in order to have stable financial life and better life for my family. I have full Sharadha on You that You will solve my problems even before six months. Sri Sai Baba, please shower Your blessings on all of us. Be with us.

Om Sai Ram, Thank you very much for getting a new job for my husband. I am still waiting hear something good at my office and waiting hear good news from my parents in India.

Now I am requesting You to help me to get through my NCLEX-RN exam here in LA. You know what I am going through Sai.

It's been four years I didn't go back to my motherland. And also You know everything about my problem. Please help us Saibaba.

Baba! I am appearing for a very important exam, which I have failed many times in the past. I have no hope even this time, only You can get me through this exam.

Baba as my father lost his passport in the airport, and u know how difficult is to face the situation, all our family members are worried about that. Please Baba help us from this situation. Please Baba shower grace on us and show some solution.

Now this current dispute is killing me. It is not ending and is causing tremendous pain to everyone involved. Please help us resolve it by talking.

I don't have anyone to tell my sufferings other than You. Please all of you please pray for my mother who has been diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome.

You have always blessed with things, I never imagined that could happen to me. I am grateful and blessed. All I am asking for is a "baby". Please change my husband's mind and bless me with a child.

Please bless me with a baby. You know how much I am suffering. This life is becoming so unbearable for me. Everything else has become secondary.



Baba as promised I am writing my experience. Few years back I casually expressed to Baba that I want to achieve and become someone in this life and mind you though it was a casual thought that crossed my mind when I was standing in front of his picture he still took it serious and blessed me and in the process I witnessed so much love and care from his side that only a true parent can be that way in helping their child achieve what they want to. I come from a very protected environment and haven't seen the world in its real sense but Baba put me through so many scenario's which at that time appeared to me as hardships but actually are not. It was more like training me in becoming confident and develop inner strength .Its been almost 6 years after I put forward my request to Baba and in all these years I have been through so many experiences that were very puzzling to me at that time but everything is clear to me now as he chalked out so skillfully everything even the smallest things! I am ashamed that when I was facing problems I had my doubts but I couldn't recognize that all those were part of a much bigger plan that Baba had for me. All I say is I am so very sorry Baba that I troubled you so much without understanding you truly and not recognizing that though you are not here physically but still you are very much there you know everything that goes on in ones mind and even acknowledge the causal thought and reciprocated it I am so sorry that though you gave me so much importance I failed to recognize it and at times when things weren't favorable I felt dejected and I thank you very much that still you gave me what I was after today I can proudly say that I started the journey to become that someone know I don't even need to ask your blessings as you always give them without asking. All I pray now is let me take up these new responsibilities you gave to make and me you feel proud of myself in every way.

Sai devotee
We have been trying to have a baby for a long time and we tried all the methods but nothing worked out. Whenever I went to India in last five years I was not able to go to Shirdi for some or other reasons. But last year I went to Shirdi and prayed Baba a lot and to my surprise I conceived without taking any medication and everything was going normal. I am now five months pregnant and in my last check-up, doctor said some of my blood test results were elevated and I need to have an amnio test, which is very risky for the baby. I cried a lot in front of Baba. I got a call from the doctor saying, first they will do the ultrasound and if they find anything abnormal then they will do the further tests. My husband and me both prayed Baba a lot and we hoped Baba will not leave us like that and He will definitely take care of everything. I went for the ultrasound and everything looked normal and baby is growing well. This is nothing but Baba's miracle. I hope rest of my pregnancy will be smooth with Baba's grace and we will definitely have a healthy child. So please Sai devotees have patience and Baba will definitely take care of everyone. All we need to have is patience and faith. Om Sairam.

I had prayed yesterday that if our H1B visa came through, that I would post my experience in this esteemed newsletter. We started applying for jobs as soon we moved last year. It was very expensive (traveling and lodging expenses) as we tried to get an interview and attend it. Baba got us an interview in a relatively small town but with excellent prospects. With Baba's blessings, we liked the place and the job, and the employers liked us too. We signed the contract. We knew there were months and months of paper work to be done. At each and every step, Baba sent somebody or somehow showed us the right way to do things. In January, just a couple of weeks after we signed the contract, we were to begin filling the papers. At that time, my old friend whom I had not met in more than 8 years came all the way across the country to meet us. I believe that it was Baba in disguise who came and told us the right way to enter certain details in the paperwork. This saved us many months of tension filled days. This is just one instance of how He helped us. When we were in a financial crunch, Baba blessed me with a brother whose heart is made of gold and love and concern for my well being. He gave us the money without asking a single question. Baba helped smoothen each and every step of the way. The employers took care of our visa processing. My husband is in a very noble profession. I pray to Baba, that He should always show us ways and means to serve others, when He would actually be showing us ways to serve Him. Baba has blessed on both sides with parents who would do anything to see us happy and succeed in life. May Baba shower His blessings one everyone this way. We lay ourselves in complete surrender at your Lotus Feet.



"I shall serve those who hear my stories and teachings and I will satisfy all their wishes. Even if my stories are merely listened to, all their diseases will be cured and I shall pull out my devotees from the jaws of impending dangers".-Shri Sai Baba



Q. Question of the week given below....

A. by A devotee


Q. Although He was the personification of Brahman then why did Baba say that Maya troubles even Him?

A. Baba was always trying to set an example to others. Lay man or woman understands 'Self Realization' only when it's said in simple words.

Baba chose to lead a simple human life and was trying to convey the goal of life to his devotees. The most critical hurdle in spiritual path is Maya, to overcome its clutches is reaching our goal (self-realization) so, and Baba said Maya doesn't leave anyone alone including himself. Devotees are more determined to reach their goal after knowing Maya troubles Baba too. Maya is a creation of Baba and how can it trouble Him? He was trying to explain to his devotees that if you can ignore Maya, you could safely reach the destiny. It is Baba's humility to say that Maya troubles Him.

Q. Question of the week given below....

A. by Ramaa Prasad


Q. Although He was the personification of Brahman then why did Baba say that Maya troubles even Him?

A. I am convinced that Jagadguru Shirdi Sai Baba is not only a 'Sadguru'; but also a 'Paramaguru'. That is to say that He is Lord Almighty 'Para Brahma' incarnated as Guru for leading the mankind on the clean spiritual path. Baba did say this many times. I am also convinced that He is above and beyond "Maya", which is His own creation. He is Lord Krishna, the creator of Maya, who pretended that it influenced Him. Sai Baba did say that Maya bothered Him and that it was very difficult to get out of its clutches.

As we know Baba always talked in a cryptic and symbolic language. Many learned saints and philosophers explained what Baba said about Maya bothering Him was with reference to His devotees and mankind at large. Bhagawan Sainath resides in all 'jivas' and hence the he perceives the impact of Maya that affects all of us and His above statement signifies it. He has utmost compassion and sympathy for the trials and tribulations faced by His devotees in particular and mankind in general. He said that some of His devotees seemingly at a higher spiritual level too fall prey to the play of Maya. Baba knew that the weaknesses that mask "shraddha" and "saburi" are inherent in human beings, however much their progress might be in the spiritual path. That is why He warned the saint Vijayanand, "There are thieves in the 'wada' and they will loot everything! Beware of them! Close all the doors and remain vigilant."

On the 21st of December 1911, Baba said, "Yesterday some aberration of Maya hit me on my hands and private parts. I applied oil to the affected parts and moved out for relieving myself. Later when I sat at 'dhuni' my suffering vanished." This statement reflected the experience of Darvesh a Sai devotee. Exactly in the same night Darvesh had a dream reflecting his sexual fantasy. Then he got rid of the sensation and prayed God. Even before Darvesh revealed it, Baba talked about it. The impact was remedied through 'viveka', 'viragya' and 'sanskara', which Baba referred to as oil. Moving about that Baba referred to was diverting ones attention from such thoughts and relieving one self is getting rid of the baser instincts and 'dushta sanskaras'. Sitting before 'dhuni' signifies the prayer to God. Therefore, when his devotees are subjected to 'vikaaras' due to Maya, Sadguru Sainath feels the pain of it, although Maya cannot influence Him.



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Q. What is the difference between Moksha/Liberation and Enlightenment/Brahmagyan? What is the path (Sadhana required) to either of these if they are different?

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