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 Thursday , October 26, 2006 :: Volume 9, Issue 24
 (In its ninth year of publication.)

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FEATURE OF THE WEEK: Sai Baba and the Astrologer

Shri Rao Bahadur M.W. Pradhan in his work "Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi: A Glimpse of Indian Spirituality" depicts the following interesting incident involving Sadguru Sainath's all-pervadingness:

Once, an astrologer who had heard about Sai Baba as a saint of a very high order, came to Shirdi with the avowed objective of placing a book on astrology into the hands of Sai Baba and receiving the same as prasad from Him. The astrologer sincerely believed that such a prasad from Sai Baba (consecration by Sai Baba) would make him very proficient astrologer and thus enable him to make a fortune. But Sai Baba, when implored to give the book to the astrologer, gave it instead to Bapusaheb Butti (the well-known multi-millionaire who is credited with the construction of Butti wada in Shirdi) who was sitting close by. Bapusaheb Butti, who was a wealthy man and did not have worldly wish took the book thrusted onto his hands by Sai Baba. The astrologer was disappointed. Bapusaheb, who never cared to read anything, skipped over the book now and then for a short time only because Sai Baba gave the book to him. Gradually he began to take interest in the book and the subject of astrology. After a few years, Bapusaheb Butti became proficient in astrology and he began to help Sai devotees in their needs and was able to predict things with precision! He did all of this without any remuneration!

The above incident, Sai Baba wanted to show that, He knew that it was not the destiny of the Astrologer to be proficient in Astrology as he had aimed at; that He wanted to show what any person who was the recipient of such a Prasad would be capable of (in this case Shri Bapusaheb Butti); and that Sai Baba wanted to teach His devotees that a person's proficiency in any art or science is used best when given gratis to humanity than for any love of lucre.



Once upon a time there was a king. He was a very noble hearted and generous person. He wished well for every one in his kingdom. One-day, he decided to go undercover to meet the people and to know their problems. He did this because he knew that if he went like a king, everyone would not be able to be free with him. So, he went out in a disguise and mixed with the people enquiring about their problems. Being a smart person, he figured out the needs and necessities of different people. It helped him make the necessary changes required for the growth of each and every one in the kingdom. Even though the king appeared as an ordinary man to outside world, the king alone knew his real identity.

Sri Sai, being a siddha and samarth sadguru, came in a disguise of Maya as a common fakir. (Maya means ignorance of one's real nature of satchitananda and identifying one self with the body). The Intention behind the disguise is to heal and comfort the simple folks who are tormented by the scorching flames of the samsaara. He remained as one among them and conversed with them in their own style. Very rarely, he just gave glimpses of the universal self. It is not a surprise if one's heart melts with gratitude by looking at Sri Sai's life style. Sri Sai scrupulously followed the conventional code of conduct and advised every one to adhere to the rules of humility, charity, and compassion for living beings etc. Sai treated himself as an ordinary person and emphasized the power of Maya in our daily living. The Maya is the Adimaya of Sri Hari. It is beginningless and endless. He stressed that Maya is a powerful actress who can pull down both the renunciates and worldly people equally with her seductive powers.

He mentioned the remedy by chanting God's name as much as possible to transcend the Maya. If one establishes oneself firmly at the lotus feet of God or Guru, Maya becomes powerless before the sincere devotee. Sai conducted Nama saptah and asked his devotees to read Gita and Gurucharita etc. Sai emphasized that devotion is a constant emotion of love towards God present in every living being. The reality of Maya and the absolute reality appear very unclear and unattainable to the normal everyday person. It would be like teaching algebra to a very young kid who just started learning numbers. This can make the child to refuse learning math altogether. That is why Sai gave every one what he/she needed basing on his/her inner growth. He showed us the simplest way [by practicing (Shraddha-faith in God), (Saburi-forbearance to the situations in life without losing faith in God)] to reach God.

(Contributed by Sai devotee)



Sai devotee
I would like to share my recent experience. I wanted to appear for an exam conducted by a professional body for my career enhancement. I had ordered for the study material which cost me about $ 500 USD. As the invoice amount is more than $ 500 USD, as per the local law, the parcel got stuck at US Customs. Moreover I gave my office address which caused more trouble at customs. Customs thought that the parcel belongs to the company and not an individual and asked me to pay more customs duty. I requested the parcel company to help me in getting cleared the parcel. The parcel company agreed but asked me to pay about $ 270 USD as the process fee. Despite of hiring the services of the company, the parcel did not get cleared and was there at customs for about a month. Last Wednesday morning I prayed my Lord Saibaba to help me in getting cleared this parcel. It was a surprise to me that by Wednesday evening I got a call that the parcel got cleared from customs and will be delivered next day (Thursday). To my surprise, the parcel company charged me less amount towards process than what they said earlier. It is reconfirmed that Baba is there for me. Thank you Baba for your grace. Shower Your blessing always on us.

I read Sai Baba Jeevita Cheritha book, as I started it on Thursday I am having so much tension about job, but by Monday I got an interview call and by Baba's blessings I got news that they selected me by Wednesday itself before completing the book. After I read the book and when this happen now I feel Baba is with me all the time. Really I am very happy now and I am happy that I am a devotee of Saibaba.

Thank you for blessing me with a safe delivery. By Your grace I had a smooth pregnancy and normal delivery. Although I am posting this a little late I remember You always.

Om Sainath, Om Sai. I was going through a very rough patch in life. My husband was out of job and my son who is just four years old, got spectacles with high number. I prayed to Sainath that if my husband gets a steady job and my son's eye number reduces than I will post it in the Sai Vichaar. I did the Saptah for both my husband and son. I gave a copy of Satcharita and put him in the path of devotion. There was no hope for my husband as all his licenses had expired. But he got a well-paid job and also my son's number has come down. Only Saibaba could do this miracle.

I prayed to Baba that if I get good marks in my exam I would submit an article. I stood first in my class and I am so delighted. This week ahead is getting very tough and strenuous. I pray to Baba that he be with me and help me. Thank you Baba.



I have not been doing well at work and I am very worried that I may lose my job. I have been working hard but just not getting any results. Baba, please help me and let me get good results within this week so that I am able to keep my job. This is the last chance given to me. I need my job Baba, please help me.

Baba please cure my fear regarding my health. I should be getting it normal as before. I am sure you are there to take care of my family and me, still I am scared.

Kindly help me to conceive and have a healthy baby by next year. Several times, I experienced your blessings in the past. Please guide me in the right path as you always do and shower blessings on my family.

Baba, I am sorry for what I did today. I really did not mean to hurt my guest's feelings, it happened in a second. I want You to forgive me for this, as I really did not intend to say what I said. Please Baba see that they don't take this seriously and get hurt and see that they also forgive me.

A Sai devotee
Baba I don't want to go back. Please do something so that we may stay here forever.

Sai devotee
Om Sri Sai. Dear Baba, my husband and me are keeping utmost faith in You. Baba, please bless us with a baby boy.

Dear Sai baba, I thank You for all I have and is all Yours. I need Your bhakti and a heart full of humility and devotion to your feet. Please solve my problem that my son is facing and the people have made allegations against me out of jealously. You are the only protector and I have no where to go. Please accept me I surrender thee.

Sai Maa, I have immense faith in You. Whatever I have got is because of Your blessing. This is most important part of my career life Sai. Please help me get interviews, help me get a good residency program in IM in this year's prematch/match. Baba, You are my saviour. Help me.

Sai devotee
Baba, please cure my daughter's wrist who is suffering for last six months. You have always helped me. Please take care of her, she is in lot of pain. Baba I have full faith in You.



I say to Baba that I have faith in you but I am not sure what faith exactly is? Recently, I realized a part of faith. I am in a foreign land with a newly married wife to support. I have just joined my part-time job as I am studying here. I brought sufficient money from India but had to give it away as deposit money for our accommodation. I had sufficient money for my living before paying my university fees. I paid the amount by borrowing from a friend. I had little money left with me for my living. At this point I was worried and prayed to Baba to solve this crisis. I have two bank accounts, and one of them is kept to receive my scholarship money from the university, which I usually receive once a semester, and that too at the end of the semester. I had already received scholarship money from the previous semester and there was no money left in it as I withdrew the entire amount. When I was facing this financial crisis, I had a feeling to check this empty bank account once again through the Internet. When I opened it I was shocked to see that I had around 280 dollars in balance. Later, I came to know that I received this amount from the scholarship office due to some increment, which was drafted at a later date. But it is a miracle for me and I believe that faith in Baba means to leave the burden unto Him and be carefree. He will take care of everything.

Today is Dhanteras day in USA. I had planned to get a silver murthi of Baba. Searching online, I found some choices but was not satisfied. They were either too small or the posture was not what I had in mind. When I arrived in Edison, I visited couple of stores, but they did not have any Shirdi Saibaba murthi. When I went to the next store, the owner greeted me and asked me what I would like to see. I told him that I was looking for Baba's silver murthi. He asked me what size. I told him the size and he was very surprised. He told me that he had received a similar size murthi two days ago from India. He had placed an order for a silver murthi of Mahalaxmi goddess, but when he opened the package, he found Baba's murthi instead. I was elated because that was the style of murthi I wanted. This murthi was the only one available in that size. All other Baba murthis were approximately one-fifth the size of this one. Turns out the owner and his family are all Baba devotees. His family narrated their experiences of Baba. As I left the store after purchasing the murthi, his wife called me back to give me a udi packet from Shirdi. Thanks Baba.

Me, my wife and our little daughter were to board Mangla express from Manmad on 27th September 2006. We started from Shirdi at 4 pm while the train was scheduled at 6:20 pm. We had enough time in hand but we had no clue that the Shirdi -Manmad highway is no longer a road. It has become a long pitch and there was very severe traffic jam. We got stuck and desperately kept on calling the Manmad station for train status.., praying to Baba to make the train come late. However, the train came only ten minutes late and at that time we were 15 Km from Manmad. We missed the train. I started calculating what to do now and decided to draw money from an ATM in Manmad and buy tickets for the next train to Delhi. We finally reached Manmad at 7:45 pm and discovered to our shock that there is not a single ATM in Manmad or even facility to buy tickets by credit card. We were not carrying enough money, as we never expected this to happen. We silently prayed to Baba all the time and went on to buy general tickets to Mumbai. In less than five minutes, we got the "train not boarded" refund certificate from the stationmaster and as soon as we reached the platform, within a minute we got a train to Mumbai. We boarded the AC compartment as we had sufficient money to buy 3 AC tickets of Manmad to Mumbai. The train was going to Kalyan, which is one end of Mumbai and we had to go to Mira Road, another end in opposite direction. Baba was so kind at that hour of the night that everything fell into place after that. When we got down at Kalyan, we were to go to another platform to take train to Dadar. But, to our shock, the Dadar local came at the same platform where we got down and that too within five minutes of our getting down.

After that, we took a chance and called up my wife's uncle, who is in Railways in Mumbai to find out connecting train from Dadar to Mira Road. To our great surprise, he was himself on duty on the last train. We requested him to do whatever but take us home in his train. At Dadar, the Kalyan train stops at one end of the station and the Mira road train at another end. The Mira road train had already arrived at Dadar. We crossed the bridge with bags and baby in arms and rushing to catch the train, as it was the last train. My wife's uncle took the risk of halting the local train at Dadar for more than two minutes, which can be a major thing as no local in Mumbai stops for more than 30 seconds. But he took that risk for us and with Baba's blessings, we reached my wife's house in Mira road at 2:00 am. Next evening we took the Rajdhani to Delhi. Baba did not delay the train for us at Manmad but just see how he then helped us. We did not face any problems at all. He guided our instincts one by one and helped us reach home safe and sound. Dadar train coming on a different platform than usual and my wife's uncle being on duty on the last local train to Mira road cannot be mere coincidences.



"I look on all with an equal eye".-Shri Sai Baba



Q. Why did Baba call Masjid as Dwarakamai? What is the significance of Dwarakamai?



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Q. Why did Baba call Masjid as Dwarakamai? What is the significance of Dwarakamai?

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