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27th Feb - Sai darshan news materialization of a Shiva Lingam:

Saiarm to Most Beloved Sai Family all over the world
It was a memorable day to all of us here in Parthi. Last night the atmosphere in Kulwanth Hall was electrifying, Bhajans all night. The hall was almost full. After staying there till 12 I left to take rest and get ready for tomorrow(27). When I woke up this morning I never thought  this day would turn out to be a memorable one, the day probably I was waiting for hundreds of birth.. The day when Swamy would give birth to the ATMA LINGAM.
Swamy came out around 6:20am bit early. By then the hall was packed and equal number of devotees waiting out side. Swamy took a round to the gents side also and took letters from few devotees. Swamy was cheerful and had no signs of weakness or LINGODBHAVAM… As the car stopped in the verandah, He got off from His car and walked to the dias as a student was holding His right hand. Every thing looked normal then. Swamy ordered boys to give away VISTARAKULU (Leaf plates used for serving food during marriages and mass gatherings). Heavy vessels of rice (tamarind rice and sweet rice ) were brought in the hall. It was just 7 then. All the devotees were making space for them selves so that the students can come in between the lines and serve food. Swamy asked for water and even then we all thought it was just normal even though He doesn’t asks for water very often when He comes to the dias. He drank the water and seemed bit unusual, as on other occasions when He drinks water, it looks as if He has just touched the glass to His lips and doesn’t look like drinking at all. But this time He consumed good quantity of the water and suddenly the Lingodbhavam symptoms were seen. All of us devotees assembled still thought it was normal. After few minutes  it looked like He was actually doing it.
It was seven and the excitement was mounting up. By now the students and VIPs were on their feet.There was so much commotion. The bhajans were now SHIVA CENTRIC and all the familiar bhajans sung during Lingodbhavam started. All the devotees were expecting, the Lingam may come in any moment…. May be in a minute… May be five minutes…. All the devotees were excited happy and thanking their stars for making it possible for them to witness this DIVINE BOON.. Swamy seemed normal and all of us thought the Lingodbhavam would be a smooth sailing for Him unlike the 2004 Lingodbhavam where He made all of us frightened.
Every thing was looking normal.. Swamy continued drinking water….. 1 glass.. 2 glass..4.. 5… Now His body started to look bit uncomfortable.. All of us assembled there thought “Oh No… Swamy.. Not again… Please help your self”Sometimes He raised slightly from the chair… and sat… He bent His head… By now all the fans were pointed to Swamy… His hair dancing… reminding the Cosmic dance of Shiva…. Swamy called a professor and said something… He ran back to the bhajan singers… suddenly the bhajan stopped… and OM NAMAH SHIVAYA.. mantra was chanted. All of us joined them… The atmosphere in the Kulwanth hall was raising pressures… All of us were sweating as If the Lingam were coming from our stomach….. We could see the pain to Swamy’s body….. I was praying… Swamy help your self…. .. Nothing should happen even to your BODY…. By now.. Sathyajit was close to Swamy, talking to Swamy…. Swamy was telling Him something…. The pain clearly visible now….  Sathyajit was rubbing Swamy’s back….. Swamy was slightly bending to His left… Now He leaned bit forward.. there was His discourse table before Him…. Now He leaned bit more forward.. Now His chin just a few inchesfrom the table…. Now the devotees were really worried…. Many of us in tears.. the whole atmosphere was like that.. The OM NAMAH SHIVAYA  mantra…. Swamy’s struggle…. there were loud shouts… many broke down and started crying  like a child….. some chanting Gayatri Mantra…. Some keeping mum and witnessing the Lingodbhavam…..Some murmering.. why is Swamy doing this….. One man even commented.. after seven it is DUR MOHOORATAM(UNAUSPICIOUS TIME)
It was 7:40 by now..  and it was 40 minutes since Swamy’s BODY was struggling….Now He signaled another boy.. His index finger pointing His right shoulder. The boy started pressing Swamy’s right shoulder, another boy joined Him and now there were three boys, rubbing Swamy’s shoulder mildly.. Swamy was still leaning to His left… and He was getting weaker and weaker… and His hands were shivering while He was trying to wipe His sweating face. He could hardly do any thing… Now the bhajans started… Mrutunjaya Nama Om….. Om namah Shivaya….. Swamy was still drinking water emptying glasses as soon as they were filled..
Exactly at 8:20  the auspicious moment arrived amidst tears and cheers… Swamy took a Golden Oval shaped Lingam….. All of us breathed a sigh of relief….. though bit unhappy yet were thanking our stars and Swamy for letting us witness this ONCE IN A LIFE TIME …
Personally I was close to the dias hardly 30 meters from Swamy and had a mixed feelings witnessing the  LORD OF THE LORDS CREATING THE UNIVERSE FROM HIS MOUTH….. After about 5 minutes, one professor came running infront of the dias and asked the boys to make way as Swamy was coming amidst them… I thought this it a golden opportunity… and in no time, I saw my self in the first row and Swamy will be passing right infront of me in few minutes….As I was thinking Here He comes… He was helped in His mobile Thorne, He was holding the Golden Linga in His right Hand high so that all of us can see it….His face glowing like a child, no pain what so ever.. I was astonished for a while, “Did I just see the Same Swamy’s BODY struggling… and here He comes with the world’s most beautiful smile.. He was actually coming in between us… I was still wonder struck as what’s happening… When I woke up this morning, I just prayed Swamy to atleast let me in …. But He made me witness the Lingodbhavam and now He is coming close to me with the same Linga… He will be right Infront of me in seconds…. And it will be for the first time that I will be seeing the  ATMA LINGA right infront of my eyes….. Swamy was getting closer and closer, His gorgeous, Divine Charismatic face getting clearer and clearer to my sight… Its been almost a month that Iam seeing Swamy so close and what an opportunity, Iam seeing Swamy with the Linga….. I saw the students touching His feet and He was stretching His left hand and students were touching His hand and even kissing… As He was getting closer to me I had no idea what to do.. If I had to speak what should I say….. After witnessing this DIVINE BOON all my worldly desires drained into a bottomless pit… I had no desires, no proposals to put infront of Swamy and no complaintswhat so ever and THAT IS SWAMY…. As we get close to Him He will lock our worldly mind…just to focus our total senses towards Him, towards God…. Now He was just a hand away from me.. He is looking into my eyes…. I had no words.. My heart crying…my hands and feet sweating…. Don’t know for how many births my Atma was longing for this Divine opportunity…. Sai Shiva with Linga…. I wanted to say something to Swamy…… He was smiling at me… Beautiful smile…. I said CHALA SANTHOSAM SWAMY (veryhappy Swamy), very happy for letting me in , very happy to witness the Lingodbhavam.. very very happy for letting me to see you so close… very very happy for making me turn inward….  By now He was right infront of me and Luckily my left hand reached His left divine lotus feet and touched His left hand…… It was just amazing…I remembered my first padanamaskar.. in the year 2000 on Onam day.. when He was walking I touched His right Divine Lotus Feet with my right hand then and now my left hand touching His left Divine Lotus Feet thus making a complete PADANAMASKAR which took almost 6 years…..  While typing this message, tears are flowing from my eyes… I still can’t believe what has happened… I have no idea how and why I was given this divine opportunity….  Some body has nicely said.. When Swamy’s blessings rains it pours….. I had done nothing very special the previous night.. I was not awake the whole night.. nor did I  fast… I chanted Shiva mantra but not continuously.. and I am sure I have not  done any thing  so special in this birth that would have  impressed God so immensly…. I don’t know what I have done in my previous births.. But one thing is for sure…He does this to let us realize our duties and transform us into ATMA SWAROOPAS…
It was such a great day for all of us.After 10 minutes Mr.Sanjay Sahani announced that Swamy would felicitate Mrs&Mr.Paramahamsa, the care takers of Sathya Sai orphan School run by Swamy.
Swamy gave a short talk seated on the chair and facing towards the ladies side.. He in His discourse appreciated the self less service of Mr.Mrs.Parama Hamsa and said all these boys are orphans and I(Swamy) have deposited 1Lakh (100 thousand rupees) on each student’s name in the bank and has also provided houses to them. He also promised to give them job and look after them till the end…He said, “Swamy is your mother and father… I will give you all that I have….” While saying this, Swamy’s voice sounded as if He broke down, and my  friend confirmed that He did broke down. He is Lord of the Lords, but He comes down to Human Level some times, to under stand our pain and agony and there is so much feeling for the fellow beings in this episode, and a good lesson for all of us to feel other’s pain and sorrow…..
Swamy I have no idea as how I should express my gratitude… Sata Koti Pranams to You My Beloved Sai Ma…..
Sai Mata Pita Deena Bandu Sakha … Tere Charanomein Sai Mere Koti Pranam
Jai Sai Ram
satish Naik
Brahmanapalli Thanda village
source: saibabaofindia-group
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26th Feb 2006, Sunday - Holy Sivaratri - Evening Session

It was 4:00 PM, when Bhagawan made His entry into the Kulwant Hall. He took
a full round in the car as He usually does and then went into the interview
room. After a while a number of trays with blue colour boxes started coming
outside in the hands of students. All these were placed on the dais, ready
for distribution. Meanwhile, another team of students who had rushed to
Poornachandra Auditorium just before Bhagawan’s arrival returned with big
carton boxes full of white safari cloth for students.

All the cloth pieces were placed on the dais. Few minutes later Swami came
out and was wheeled onto the centre of the dais. Swami immediately
instructed the students to go ahead and distribute the safaris to all the
students. Both college and school students were the lucky recipients of this
Blessing from Bhagawan. After a while the blue colour boxes were also
distributed to the students. This contained a small calculator that made
some sort of music when started. This we came to know since all boys started
opening their boxes and switching on the calculators!

All the while Swami sat and kept watching the distribution. Now and then, He
called the boys and gave them some guidelines for distribution. By 4:35 PM,
He was wheeled in again. After around 10 minutes, very surprisingly, we
found Swami getting into the car and driving away to PC. We all were eagerly
waiting for His Divine Message but here was Swami leaving us in suspense.
After some time, Swami again came out into the car and went somewhere
outside for a short while. Once again, He was back to PC. Then at 5:15 PM,
Bhagawan returned to the Sai Kulwant Hall.

He was wheeled onto the dais for a few minutes and then in again. But after
a few minutes we saw Him walking on the inner VIP Portico adjacent to the
Bhajan Hall, talking to a number of devotees. He then went again towards the
interview room and finally at 5:25 PM, Swami came onto the dais walking. He
stood holding the railings for some time giving joy to one and all. For a
moment He raised His right Hand and gave Abhaya Hasta Blessings to all.
Immediately there was loud applause.

At 5:30 PM, Swami was seated on His Chair. Mr. A.V.S. Raju, Founder-Chairman
of Nagarjuna Construction Company Limited, was also wheeled in and made to
sit next to Swami. Swami spoke to him and we knew that he was about to read
his poems to us. The Vedic hymn Mantra Pushpam was being chanted and to our
joy, Swami also started chanting along with the students.

Around 5:45 PM, Swami gave some instructions to brother Nitin. A few minutes
later the famous playback singer P. Susheela came onto the scene. Swami
spoke to the Music boys giving them some instructions. We thought that it
was going to be some musical programme by her. But who can understand
Swami’s ways? Swami asked our boys to start with a Ganesha Bhajan followed
by some other Bhajan. Then, Swami asked Smt. P. Susheela to sing two
Bhajans. She sang Esawramba Priya Tanaya Sai Narayana and Manasa Bhajare
Guru Charanam. After these two Bhajans the boys continued the Bhajans. But
Swami had other plans.

At 6:10 PM, suddenly, Swami asked them to stop singing Bhajans. He
instructed Mr. A.V.S. Raju to share some of his poems with the audience.
This went on till 6:35 PM when he was asked to conclude. Subsequently, we
were almost sure that Swami would ask us to continue singing Bhajans but
instead Swami asked for the Discourse mikes to be arranged. Bhagawan stood
up and to the delight of all, commenced His Sivaratri Divine Message at 6:30

The whole Universe is in Him. Can you build a temple for Him? When He
resides in all beings, what name can you give Him? When all the oceans find
refuge in Him, can you give Him a bath? He is not merely Iswara; He is the
Iswara of the whole Universe. Prapancha is a combination of the five
elements. ‘Pra’ means expression or manifestation or blossoming.
stands for the five elements.

There are the five elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether. There are
also the five senses – Shabda (sound), Sparsha (touch), Rupa (sight), Rasa
(taste) and Gandha (smell). The five life breaths are Prana, Apana, Vyana,
Udana and Samana. The Lord is the basis for the expression of all these. Is
any among these permanent? No, only Brahma Tatva is eternal. What is Brahma
– that which represents these five.

Man worships a specific form. This is not permanent. We worship with narrow
feelings and forget the Cosmic Principle. The Universe is the form of God.
Anda, Pinda and Brahmanda. Anda consists of the material world, Pinda
consists of the fulfilment of one’s birth and both these occur in Brahmanda.

Love is the foundation of the Universe. There can exist neither Nature nor
world without Love. The world is sustained by the Love that is distributed
in the five elements. Forgetting Love, following any mode of worship is in
vain. The five elements express their power through the human life.

Prana (life) – why is it given? Human birth is the rarest of all. Man is
Divine but running after Kama (desire). God created all – wife, children and
friends. It is the duty of man to respect each one accordingly. The wife
should be considered as Divine. Children also represent Divinity. Enemies
are also Brahmaswarupa. Even those who fought with God were finally given
mergence in the almighty.

There is no place where there is no God. All eyes and ears are His. Nobody
recognizes this Truth. People wonder how God can hear – where are His ears?
We must understand that sound itself is God, light itself is God. Therefore,
there is nothing that God does not know. God’s creation is highly sacred.

Human delusion is on account of attachment to one’s body. Manava –
stands for Maya, ‘Na’ stands for no or not and ‘Va’ stands for
living or
conducting oneself. Therefore, we must conduct ourselves such that we do not
allow Maya to overpower us.

Good and bad are all in your thoughts. Correct your thoughts. If there is
any element of hatred, feel ashamed of it. If you are attracted by anybody,
it is because of attachment. Understand that it is God who attracts. All
forms are His. You have none but one true enemy and that is your own mind.

You are the origin of everything. You are all Embodiments of Love. None of
you is separate. There is no second at all. Nothing like a 6th element. Your
Love represents the Divine Form. Brahma is not away from you. To think that
He is away is Brama. Action (Karma) is also Divine. Never accuse or
criticize God. All is God.

It was 7.10 p.m. and Swami sat down on the sofa and continued.

All is Sivam, all is Vishnu, all is Divine. This is the Sivaratri message
for all. From a tiny granule to a gigantic tree, Divinity resides in all.
There is no need to search for God. You are verily God. You are verily
Vishnu and Shiva. It is only your feelings that create a difference.
Sometimes you get angry. The same anger gets transformed into love later.
Yesterday’s anger becomes today’s love. They are not

1 + 1 = 2, 2 + 2 = 4, 4 + 4 = 8 but 5 + 5 is not equal to 10.
5 + 5 = 1 only. Rest all are zeroes.

Ekam Sat Viprah Bahuda Vadanti. There is no second at all. This unity is
God. Know this Truth. Jeeva and Deva are not different. Your shadow is not
different from you. Bliss is your own reflection. Only when we understand
this oneness, can we experience Divinity.

1&0 = 10, add a 0 = 100, add another 0 = 1000, add another 0 = 10000, add
yet one more 0 = 100000

If you remove the One, nothing is left. Just zeroes. So too in life, we say:

My wife, child, land,

‘My’ is like 1 and all the rest are like zeroes. Nothing remains at the
The whole world is a zero that comes out from God who is the Hero.

Doubts and imaginations rob us of our Bliss. Never entertain any doubts. It
is like poison. You get doubts about your wife, children…..all this is
useless. Why don’t you doubt yourself? Then you will feel so ashamed. Even
if doubts come, brush them aside. You can develop strong faith only when you
remove all doubts. Doubts can be dangerous and can sometimes prove fatal.

A car can ride well only if all the four tyres are in good condition. Even
if one tyre gets punctured you can meet with an accident. In our life,
Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha are the four tyres. None of them should get
punctured. Students, body is the chariot. Mind is the steering. You must
control the steering. Until the mind is annihilated, you need to control it
very well. This will lead you to Moksha and your life will be fulfilled.

When you ride a bicycle, balance is very important. So too in life, balance
is very important. Being born as a human being, if you slip into the
existence of an animal, it would be so embarrassing. This is the teaching of
Shiva. You are a human being. You are not an insect, not a bird or an
animal. You can never deny the Atma. Do not claim everything as yours. Ma in
Manava stands for mine. Get rid of this Ma Ma Ma – mine, mine, mine.

Your goal is to attain Divinity. For this you need Sanmati (good mind).
Unity leads to purity, purity leads to Divinity. All must have this unity.
We all are humans; brothers and sisters. Students of Satya Sai College must
always be united. Only if you are united, you deserve to be called Sai
Devotees, else there will be no purity of Sai in you.

Love God and it will transform your hate towards others also into love.
Therefore, develop Love.

It was 7:30 PM. Bhagawan concluded His Divine Sivaratri Message with the
Bhajan, Prema Mudita Mana Se Kaho…..After the Bhajan, He once again

The name of Rama has been helping humanity since ages. This is the power of
Rama Nama. Everybody chants the name of Rama. Be it in a village or a city,
valley or the mountain top. People of all religions should begin with
chanting the name of Rama. Rama means that which attracts – Ra Ra

Then Swami narrated the story of King Krishna Devaraya and his minister
Tenali Ramakrishna. Once Tenali Ramakrishna constructed a sentence
containing five words which meant the same but in different languages. It
was ‘Ye Aao Ra Ba Va?’ Actually it was a question asked by a farmers
‘which cow is it father-in-law?’ in Telugu. But when split up it could
mean ‘Ye’ –come- in Marathi, ‘Aao’ –come- in Hindi, ‘Ra’
–come- in Telugu,
‘Ba’ –come- in Kannada, ‘Va’ –come- in Tamil. The lesson from the
story was
that words should be used very carefully.

Understand small things and then you will be able to understand the bigger
things too. All students should develop good qualities, and live an ideal
life. Then, Swami will be very happy. Those who make Me happy, I will make
them very happy. Gat a good name wherever you go. Conduct yourself as befits
a Sai student. This is the message of Sivaratri.

When all of you enjoy supreme Bliss, it is Sivaratri for Me. My Blessings to
all of you…. Sing the glory of God all night. Do Naama Smarana whole
heartedly. Then you will attain Divinity. Am I giving you trouble? (Boys
immediately replied – No Swami.)

It was 7:50 PM and Bhajans began with the nightingale of Parthi - Ravikumar
singing Jaya Shankara. Just two lines were over and Swami again stopped
them. He said:

Do not sing the word ‘Digambara’ in the Bhajans. Laymen understand this
to mean ‘naked’. But the true meaning is that God has His attire as
eight directions ‘Diks’. Thus He is called Digambara. But avoid this

Bhajans continued. At 8:00 PM, Bhagawan retired for the day. It was such a
hectic day for Swami. Morning to evening, He kept giving and giving
tirelessly! The mikes for Bhajans were on till 9:30 PM. Later an
announcement was made as per instructions of Bhagawan by Prof. Anil Kumar.
He announced that Aarti would be at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning and Prasadam
(Puliyora and Sakarpongal) would be distributed thereafter.

Wishing you once again a very happy Sivaratri..


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