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Happy Shivaratri- SBOI-Darshan News & Photos
- 26th - 27th Feb-2006

Happy Shivaratri SBOI-Darshan News- 26th - 27th Feb-2006

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27th Feb:  Swami materialized  a Shiva Lingam  this morning at 8.20 a.m.  ( 6.20 a.m.) Today morning Bhagawan Shri sathya Sai Baba came out to give darshan to the devotees singing Bhajans. As the bhajans were going on Swami showed some sign of discomfort a sure sign that Swami is going to materialize Lingam -   The whole hall was in ecstasy by just the the thought that Swami is going to materialize Siva Lingam. Suddenly at around 8.20 a.m. The Lingam came out from Swami's mouth. Apparently Lingam looked milky white in color from distance while it was coming out of Swami's mouth. However it changed its hue instantaneously  to Gold.
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Today morning Swami came at 6:20. a.m. Swami gave instructions to place Prasadam vessels on both the sides & in front also. Swami usually does not give these instructions. At 6:50 leaves Prasadam was distributed. The auspicious sign of lingodbhavam were in progress i.e. Swami drank lot of water which is quite unusual from his habit of taking a small sips. This time Swami suffered for more than 11/2 hour. i.e. from 7:00. – 8.25 Shiva lingam came out at 8:25, it is in golden colour bit big size like an average size egg, apparently Swami suffered quite a lot of discomfort due to that. After the lingobhavam Swami looked very fine and completely at ease. At 8:30 Swami started His “Lingam darshan” rounds – Swami went around holding the lingam showing to all the devotees. Bhagavan took 2-3 rounds on all sides. Until all were content with the darshan of Lingam.

Again Swami was in gift mood, swami gifted another car today this time to a couple Mr. & Mrs. Paramahamsa, in charge of Deenajanodharana - 60 children orphaned whom Swami adopted. Then Swami came down and called all the 60 children Swami spoke and spent some time with them. Swami became very emotional while talking about them. Swami wanted them to chant Vedas which they did befittingly; they sang devotional songs & bhajans too. These boys also thanked (in English language) Swami for taking care of them. Swami threw chocolates at them and pictures were taken. Swami was very blissful and in good mood aptly as one of the meaning of Shiva is the blissful One. Swami gave 1house & 1lakh Indian Rupees to every boy the money will be deposited as fixed amount in bank, so that it may become a permanent source of their income, with Swami's grace these boys are getting 80-90% marks (good grades – A - A+) in public exams.
Swami showered His blessings and praised Mr. & Mrs. Paramahamsa for doing such a good seva for theses children. Swami said that this service is their sadhana (spiritual effort). Swami told with quite a lot of emotions to everyone to be good human beings. This complete scene was so touching, really, words can’t spell out the emotions and spiritual vibrations surrounding our Sai Shiva. At 9:30 Aarti was offered, after Aarti Prasadam was distributed. At 9:50 Swami left for his residence. SBOI group Post -2
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 Shivaratri Photographs: Images from Maha Shivaratri 2006-27th Feb. including Photos of materialization of a Shiva Lingam.

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 source- SBOI-group post

Sivaratri Morning 26th Feb.Darshan News

Sivaratri Evening 26th Feb.  Darshan News

Happy Shivaratri everyone. Today Morning Swami came at 8:30.  A group of Brindavan Campus boys dressed in traditional dhoti played music  with instruments to the delight of everyone. Live Vedam chanting continued purifying the spiritual atmosphere of Shivaratri. Swami took complete round in the car as usual & walked to dais and sat on His chair.   We were seated in a corner where nothing much could be seen. First four cars came into kulwant hall, then followed an announcement that swami is going to facilitate four elderly devotees for rendering their services to the organization. They are 1) Mr. M. Rama Krishna-former chairman of L&T he is involved constructions i.e. in lot of Swami' buildings Super Specialty Hospital in parthy & Whitefield, airport museum etc. 2) Mr. Kondala Rao is involved in water project in & out A.P.3) Mr. Chakravathi I.A.S – Secretary for central trust. He’s been serving Swami from 25-30 years in different posts.  4). Prof. Venkatraman – Ex V.C. currently working in Sai Global Radio as in charge.  Swami walked down the steps to the cars blessed each car with garlands standing there & blessed them on the spot. The above 4-chosen devotees came took blessings sat in front seat and proceeded outside.The 4 cars gifted by Swami to these blessed devotees really brought joy and amazement in Sai Kulwant hall. Afterwards they went up & sat on chair. Morning program in progress continued with boys singing Shiva related Devotional songs & different  astakams - lingaashtakam, bilvastakam etc. the program went on for 1 hour. Shivaratri prasadam was distributed, a box with sweet inside. It tasted so delicious.  Some calendars were also given but only to the students. After this 2 bhajans were sung and  Aarthi was offered to Bhagavan. At 10:50 Swami drove back to his residence. It was announced that afternoon  Shivaratri program will start at 2:30p.m.  – Source- Posted to SBOI BY saibabaofindia Group MEMBER

Sivaratri Evening Darshan News

 Today Evening Swami came at 4:00 p.m. everyone is in real festival mood today. Puttparthi resident and devotees from all across the world are really lucky to see and hear (and the lucky ones can even touch) Lord Shiva. Today evening White clothes were distributed to boys & digital dairy for all the students’ boys & girls. Also beautiful calendars were distributed to all devotees. Swami was sitting and watching the distribution giving good darshan to all present. A 4:45 Bhagawan went into the interview room & came out sat in His car and went back to his residence. Swami came back again at 5:15. This time Bhagawan walked on verandah with ease and without support, talking to lot of devotees sitting on the verandah. Then slowly Swami walked towards the railing. Holding the railings Swami stood there for sometime and blessed everybody by abhayaasta (raised blessing hand – why fear when I’m here). After that Swami walked towards his chair and sat on it. He called Mr. Rao - he is a Telugu poet and has written appx 15600 poems on swami. Swami instructed one boy to get Mr. Rao (Mr. Rao sits on wheel chair). His wheel chair was placed beside Swami quite a blessing. At 5:50 Swami sent a word for Mrs. Susheela – an old Sai devotee and a very famous singer ( telugu lata mangehskar). She is here to sing for Swami. Bhajans commenced and 2nd & 3rd bhajans was sung by Mrs.Susheela - Eswaramma priya tanaya, manasa bhajarey guru charanam. After the devotional songs Swami signaled Mr. Rao to read out his poetry, the devotional poetry recital started at 6:10 & ended at 6:35 .

After the poetry session Swami signaled that He desired to deliver Shivaratri discourse.
At 6:45 Bhaagavan started His appx. hour long discourse about five elements - in the middle of His discourse i.e. at 7:10 Swami preferred to sit on His chair and continued with the rest of His discourse - the discourse came to close at 7:50. Swami covered lots of spiritual subjects in His Shivaratri discourse today - 26th February 2006. Bhaagavan talked about love, unity purity & divinity. ….We all should be united. Today’s main msg was purity will come when we come out of this possessiveness i.e. Excessive desire to own or possess. He said we should all get rid of this then we will become pure (Nirmala) with purity everything follows i.e. without human intervention or effort…. Human life is highly significant “Nara Janma Durlabham”. He also stressed on the point of oneness “Principle of oneness attains this unity then only you deserve to be a Swami's devotee”. Swami ended His discourse with His favourite Bhajan “Prema mudita manase kaho rama rama rama... after the bhajan again Bhagavan gave additional talk about the power of Rama’s name. “ It is a mystery to know the power of Rama’s name. The word Rama is chanted by everyone from so many eons. Good qualities- Good Behaviour- Good Conduct leads to Ideal life. (If) you make Bhagawan happy He will definitely make you happy. This leads you to eternal life.” “Good conduct is important. Everyone should experience Supreme bliss. In the end he said not to use Digambara (without clothes, naked) for Shiva, no need to practice this type custom. He said “diku ley ambharamu ga kalavadu”. (Four directions of the universe are umbrella for him i.e. Shiva. After the discourse boys started singing bhajans after this Swami went back to His abode. Usually Swami comes back early morning while the Akhanda bhajan is still going on and sits among His devotees til the Arathi. Huge numbers of devotees keep a whole night vigil and fasting i.e. not even a glass of water however, all of them seem to be in a bliss of our Lord Shiva Sai -
– Source- Posted to SBOI BY saibabaofindia Group MEMBER

Sai Shivaratri wallpaper - 26th Feb: Exclusive 2 dimensional wallpaper with Sai Shiva - do not miss to download this wish fulfilling picture of Sathya Sai Baba.
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nirmala-bhaashitha-shobhitha lingam |
thathpraNamaami sadhaashivalingam || 1 ||
kaamadhaham karuNaakara-lingam |
thathpraNamaami sadhaashivalingam || 2 ||
budhdhivivardhana-kaaraNalingam |
thathpraNamaami sadhaashivalingam || 3 ||
phaNipathi-vaeshtitha-shoabhithalingam |
thathpraNamaami sadhaashivalingam || 4 ||
pankajahaara-sushoabhithalingam |
thathpraNamaami sadhaashivalingam || 5 ||
bhaavairbhakththibhiraeva cha lingam |
thathpraNamaami sadhaashivalingam || 6 ||
ashtadhaloapari vaeshtithalingam
sarvasamudhbhava-kaaraNalingam |
thathpraNamaami sadhaashivalingam || 7 ||
suravanapushpa-sadhaarchithalingam |
paraathparam paramaathmakalingam
thathpraNamaami sadhaashivalingam || 8 ||
|| ithi shreelingaashtakam sampoorNam ||



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