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Swami is in Chennai-  Our beloved lord has set his foot in Chennai at around 2-20 PM.

Sairam dear Sai Family,
Swami left Prasanthi Nilayam at 12:25pm for Chennai. The roads of Prasanthi Nilayam were packed with devotees, local and overseas, to have a glimpse of our beloved Lord before He leaves for Chennai for the 2nd Ati Rudra Maha Yajna in less than a year time.

The flight which was supposed to take Swami landed in Prasanthi Airport around 11:30 and there were people all over.

Swami travelled in His usual TOYOTA PORTE car to the airport. The car went very slowly, took about 40 minutes to reach airport which is approx.10 minute drive. One would imagine how slow the car was and it was a TREAT to watch Swami. Once, twice were not enough.Swami was all smiling.. the devotees who saw Swami, ran to the opposite side and went a little beyond the car and cross the road again to swami's side. Many including me were doing this and Swami was equally enjoyin the play... It was just wonderful to see Swami.

As usual Sai Geetha was ready to greet Swami and she was uncontrollable when Swami's car got close to her.. the students of Eswaramma high school stood in a line and were seen chanting Sai Gayatri. Swami blessed them raising His hand and next to them were senior boys, Swami gave a beautiful smile to them as well. Swami was keenly watching the new indoor stadium as brother Sathyajit, who was driving swami's car pointed to some thing...

Swami was seen saying something to some people and the crowd was uncontrollable the moment Swami got close to them, there were was a big scream of joy and the very next moment they run more furthur and be ready for the car to pass by. Many were about to fall and Swami was looking at them and many times, had facial expression, just as we have when we say OOPS!!

As the car came to the bypass road (airport road) the crowd was double in number.. I thought, there wouldn't be any one beyond Late Janaki ramayya's samdhi but to my surprise, there were hundreds of devotees...

HAPPY JOURNEY TO SWAMI was written with sand on the road on the airport road.

as the car was approaching the airport the numbers doubled and also seen were few local school kids....

Swami's car directly drove in the airport and near the flight.. A navy blue flight form PARAMOUNT AIRWAYS was ready to take Swami and His handpicked beloved ones...

after about 15 minutes or so... Swami's plane flew to Chennai... which will be the centre of attraction for the next 2 weeks...

With a prayer, to Swami, to let us all enjoy the fruits of the Yajna and with a humble prayer to Swami to bless us all to be His darling children.....

Satish Naik...  Submitted to SBOI Group by Member Satish Naik


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Darshan News + latest photos " ...1 p.m. Swami is on His way to the Puttaparthi airport to board a plane which will fly Swami to Chennai to attend ATHI RUDRA MAHA YAGNA. Sathya Sai Baba is arriving in the Chennai city after a gap of 10 years...The plane took off for Chennai after an hour. ...." Read more 









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