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Sai Darshan news - 22nd Feb. Today morning Swami didn't come for Darshan. .Today morning Swami didn't come for Darshan. In the afternoon (evening darshan) Swami came at 3.55.p.m. Swami took a full round in His car got down on verandah and more

Sai Darshan news - 21st Feb. .... Bhajans started at 9 a.m. and everyone thought now Swami will come at appx 9.30 with the last Bhajan going on, one could see Swami’s car parked outside His more 


Sai Darshan news - 19th Feb 2006: Today morning 19th Feb. the kulwant hall was packed with devotees

to get Swami’s darshan after His return here in more 


Sai travel news: Swami has left Whitefield ashram 18th Feb.

14th -15th-16th Feb. Whitefield Darshan News

Feb 13th: Whitefield Darshan News

Feb 12th: Whitefield Darshan News

Brindavan Blossoms 8th February 2006, Wednesday – Sri Sri Ravishankar visits Brindavan


- Feb. 10 & 11th: - Whitefield News

 Feb 9th: Whitefield Darshan News -  Feb 8th: Evening darshan at Whitefield    Brindavan Blossoms 8th February 2006, Wednesday – Sri Sri Ravishankar visits Brindavan

Feb. 7th: - Sai Darshan News - Whitefield -  Feb. 6th: - Sai Darshan News - Whitefield -
  Feb. 5th: - Sai Darshan News  -  Feb. 4th: Whitefield News. -   Feb. 3rd  news from Whitefield.  - February 2nd:news


Sai travel news: Swami has left Whitefield ashram and according to reliable source

He is expected to arrive in Puttaparthi appx 4:30 p.m. we'll update you with arrival photos and details later.



14th -15th-16th Feb. Whitefield Darshan News

click on the pic. to see

ashram gate pic. this week

16 th Feb. Today  morning Swami didn’t took a long round among devotees, only the few sitting blocks near the dais were extra blessed with close up darshan of Swami. Rest of the devotees enjoyed Swami’s darshan from far. After a small round among the men side devotees near the dais, Swami came back on the dais for few bhajans and unexpectedly signalled the boys thereafter Swami left the dais before Arathi on His mobile throne.


15th Swami really surprised everyone by coming early and signalled the boys to take His mobile throne among the devotees. Whitefield darshan are always full of surprise since one can sit in the last row or sitting block but that doesn’t mean one can’t have the opportunity to get close darshan. Swami even gives close darshan to the last lines i.e. devotees sitting outside Sai Ramesh Hall.  Guess, all devotees will agree that one’s chance of getting a close up darshan of Swami in comparison to Puttaparthi really gets multiplied here in Brindavan ashram.


Evening darshan were just amazing also in the evening Swami decided to give joy to devotees by coming among the devotees on His mobile throne. The devotees were going completely wild since Swami took a double round today. Seval dal simply gave up controlling the devotees. Swami was all smile it was one of those rare darshan where nearly all the devotees got close up darshan and in all the sitting blocks of Sai Ramesh Hall.


  14th Feb. The Yajana ended today with Swami’s coming to the kalyan mantap blessing all present there He also gifted new clothes to priests performing the Yajana rituals. Swami stood beside the Yajana homa (fire), Swami’s face was radiating with the glow of flames which were quite high, virtually touching the ceiling. Bhagavan also materialized a sutra. After the Yajana it was announced that there will be prasadam distributed to all the devotees. A plastic dish filled with food and desert etc a steaming hot feast was distributed to devotees lined up to receive prasadam.

 Evening darshan was filled with sweetness of Bhajans singers’ voice. Swami stood up holding the railing and after few bhajans sat down on His mobile throne. After the Arathi Swami walked back to His residence.

More news from 15th & 16th Feb.

February 16th: Swami still in whitefield, update from whitefield

This morning bhajans started 9.30am

Sai Baba walked in through the curtained entrance at 9.43am He stood for a while giving darshan on stage to everyone present. Sitting down he listerned to 1 bhajan and then signalled at 9.45am he wanted to come down to give darshan. He was wheeled to the gents' elevator and came down and went straight to the centre of the gent's side. On the way he collected letters, spoke to few devotees and he came right up to the end of the hall, and turned to the centre aisle.

He was nearer the ladies's side for a while. He stopped to speak to a lady devotee, I think from Russia and spoke awhile and blessed the ladies forehead then went nearer to the gents side till the first lane of the ladie's side.

On the lst VIP Block of ladies side nearer the out entrance, he spoke to devotees and came straight up to gents 2nd Block and turn up to take the gents elevator up at 10.00am. Sai Baba sat for 5 mins for the Bhajans and then signalled to be wheeled back to his residence.

A young European man was seen running towards his residence, probably he was the lucky one to get an interview this morning. Arathi was at 10.20am. by Julie Cheong


February 16th:  from whitefield

Morning 15th February

Sai Baba walked in through the curtained entrance at 8.30am. He stood for a while giving darshan on stage to everyone present (very few people as it was a surprise ). He listerned to few bhajans and then signalled at 8.40am he wanted to come down to give darshan. He was wheeled to the elevator and came down taking the gent's side elevator and went straight to the centre of the gent's side. On the way a devotee spoke to him for a while and another stopped him in the centre of the lane, and he came right up to the end of the hall, and turned to the centre aisle. He was nearer the ladies's side for a while, then went nearer to the gents side till the first lane of the gent's side and took the elevator up. He sat for a while for bhajan and then called for arathi. At 8.50am he stood up and gave blessings and once ABHAYA HASTAM before leaving through the curtained exit.


There was indications he was going somewhere this morning. As at 9.30am, Sai Baba was giving interview to some Indian ladies before I left.


Feb 13th: Whitefield Darshan News

Today morning the bhajans started at 9:30 a.m. after 20 minutes Swami came and stood beside railings for 1 bhajans. At appx. 10:10a.m. Arathi was given to Bhagavan, Swami stood up during the entire Arathi. At one point during the Arathi Swami nearly bended down on the railing and looked charmingly down at the bhajans singers. After the Arathi Swami walked the long distance to His abode. Yajana is still going on, mostly there is a long line up on the ladies side to come inside the Kalayna Mantap and listen to the chanting but not many men devotees. – Source SBOI-

Today evening Swami came at 5:10 p.m. Swami stood up for 1 bhajan after that Swami sat down on His mobile throne. However it was not before Swami’s mobile throne was moved on Swami’s order towards the stage-lift on the men’s side. It was quite an exciting moment for all the devotees since it gave all a hope of close up darshan and perhaps a chance to present letter to Swami. Sevadal had a tough time controlling the devotees. Swami also came & gave close up darshan on to the ladies side. Swami took the stage-lift up on His mobile throne from ladies side. After that Swami was offered Arathi. Source- SBOI

Feb 12th: Whitefield Darshan News

12th Feb. Morning Darshan: Swami came out at appx. 09.25 a.m. Also today Swami walked out of the curtain entrance walked towards the railing, holding it as support. Swami stood up for 2½ bhajans today giving bliss to all devotees present. Swami also joyfully put his handkerchief on the railing today. Swami looked quite cheerful and relaxed.  Swami blessed (twice) the devotees sitting in Ramesh Hall during the Arathi after the artahi 2-3 sevadal (men) came up on the dais and got pada-namaskar. Most of the devotees rushed after the darshan to the kalyan mantap where the Yajana is going on. There are all together 10 priests sitting and chanting the sacred mantras the microphone is passed on one by one to each of them so that devotees can hear the mantras thru the  loud speakers. The atmosphere is charged with divine vibrations and one gets the feeling of being cleansed by the Vedic mantras. Source- SBOI ( )

Evening- 12th Feb.

Today evening Swami came out at appx 5.05p.m. as usual Swami stood up with the railings support for sometime, at least for 2 bhajans Swami was up and all the devotees at the back too could get wonderful darshan. Also, today evening many boy students sang poetry at least that’s what it sounded like and paid tribute with pearls of verbal expressions to the good Lord; after that all the students stood around Swami and took photographs. Swami walked back to His residence accompanied by the students. Yajana is still going on. We anticipate that Swami will be staying in Whitefield for some days so if you are planning a trip to India we suggest that you check out where is Swami? before you book your air travel, taxi and hotel. May God bless your visit. – Source- SBOI



come again to read about evening darshan news


Feb. 10th & 11th: - Whitefield News

Many devotees have informed SBOI that there is a special Yajana going on in Whitefield at the moment, initiated by Swami Himself. The sacred yajna by priests is being performed not in Sai Ramesh Hall or Darshan hall but in the smaller hall i.e.  Kalayna Mantap opposite the darshan hall, nearby the gate to Sai Baba's residential rooms. The yajana will continue for 4 days. today 11th Feb. Swami gave wonderful morning darshan.  Evening Darshan at 3.p.m. the token lines started going inside the Ramesh Hall at 4 .p.m. the token lines were inside. Of course devotees who come after the token lines try to find the best place but it is quite difficult to find any good or close to dais “seats” at 4.30 p.m. sevadal at ladies side distributed water to all the thirsty ladies devotees. At 5 bhajans were in progress all eyes were locked on to the curtain entrance where Swami normally makes His entrée. Swami didn’t disappoint those thirsty eyes; Swami came walking at 5.05 p.m. entering thru right side of the curtain, he walked holding on to the railing with His hands. Swami stood up for 1 ½ bhajans and talked to the boys (students I guess) on his left side and it seemed most of His divine looks today were towards ladies side, perhaps ladies are praying harder :-). After that Swami sat down in His wheel chair thru out the bhajans. Bhajans ended at 5.35. At the arthi time Swami stood up Himself by holding the railing. Swami walked back towards the curtain entrance, the boy on the right side was holding baba’s hand the boy on the left tried several times to hold baba’s hand to give Him support but Swami refused by his hands gesture. Also, today Swami was seen walking back all the way to his residence which is quite a long way. - Western canteen is closed even though there are many westerners. After & before darshan it is very dusty on the main road due to traffic and dry sandy dust on the road sides. However, one forgets all the inconveniences and gets charged with divine energy and vibrations one experience during Swami’s darshan. For all those who want to know how the weather is .. it is very pleasant, take a light sweater for morning token lines since it can get chilly. Sairam – Source: SBOI team-member. We'll keep you updated come back again for today's darshan and pictures

- detailed news later.

with all the details today  


10th Feb

In the evening Bhajans started at 5 pm. Sai Baba walked in through the curtained entrance at 5.20 pm and held onto the railings and give blessings. Then he sat through the Bhajans and stood up for the whole duration for the aarthi and left walking out through the curtained exit at 5.55 pm.

The weather is very cold and misty in the mornings here in whitefield. Bhajans started at 9.30 am, Sai Baba was wheeled in to the stage at 9.45 am. He sat for 10 mins enjoying the Bhajans and stood up for the whole duration of the aarathi and left through the curtained exit. Provided by Julie Cheong

Feb 9th:  Whitefield Darshan News

Evening Bhajans started at 5:00 pm. Swami walked in by the curtained entrance at 5.23 pm. He gave blessings while holding on to the railings and then sat down. Bhajans continued till 5.50 pm. Swami then stood up for arathi, giving blessings for the whole duration of arathi. He walked out through the curtained exit at 6pm.

Bhajans started at 9.30 am. devotee were waiting for Sai Baba to give darshan. Sai Baba pleased his devotees and came walking in through the curtained entrance at 10.25 am. He stood and held onto the railings for 5 minutes and rightaway called for aarathi and he walked to the curtained exit. Our Lord pleased everyone even with his 5 minutes darshan. Presented by Julie Cheong.

Feb 8th: Evening darshan at Whitefield

 Today evening bhajans started at 5.00 pm. At 5.20 pm Pundit Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living fame walked into the VIP enclosure followed by his entourage. Sai Baba walked in at 5.25 pm, held on the railings and gave blessings for 5 mins and sat down. Bhajans continued till 5.50 pm, Swami took aarathi standing up the whole duration, giving blessings and just before he left he gave blessings 6 times with his Abhaya Hastam and some ladies were so touched that they wept. Then Swami left by walking through the curtained exit.

Bhajans started as usual at 9.30 am. Sai Baba walked in through the curtained entrance at 9.45 am. Straight away he held onto the railings with one hand while the other hand beating to the rhythm of the song for a few minutes. He then sat down till 10.00 am. He stood up for the whole duration of aarathi. He gave very good blessings to the ladies side this morning before walking out at 10.08 am. Presented by Julie Cheong.

Brindavan Blossoms 8th February 2006, Wednesday – Sri Sri Ravishankar visits Brindavan

In the morning, Swami came out at around 9:45 AM. He walked up to the front of the stage, where he stood holding the railings for support enjoying the bhajans for a few minutes. He continually indicated that the naal wasn't being played all that loud. He also asked by gesturing whether the boys didn't have breakfast or not. At this slightest cue, the whole hall resounded with rejuvenated clapping and loud singing. At 10:30 AM, He got up for aarathi.

It was an interesting sight to see the boy who climbed up to offer a rose to Swami, at first very happy that he could be so close to Swami, gazing at Him for a long time, because Swami looked everywhere except at him and the rose which he was holding in front of Him, and then later, rapidly getting anxious as it dawned on him that Swami may not take the rose after all! After the aarathi, Swami turned the other way to go back; the poor boy had to run over to the other side and offer the rose to Swami, which of course, He took with a mingled expression of surprise and mischief.

In the evening as we assembled in the Sai Ramesh Hall, we noticed that a nice chair was placed behind where the aarathi boys sit. This place is used to seat VIPs only on function days generally when Bhagawan gives a discourse. Enquiries revealed that it was meant for His holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who was coming for Swami's darshan.

The bhajans started at 5:00 PM. At around 5:15 PM, the founder of the Art of Living Foundation arrived along with five to six disciples. They carried a huge basket of fruits and had in their hand invitations to the Art of living Silver Jubilee celebrations. All of them were clad in white. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar had his head covered and was wearing a simple white dhoti and a long white cloth with red jarri border wrapped around his body.

As they came to the place where the chair was kept, one of the disciples took out a long cloth like a bed spread and covered the chair. Sri Sri Ravishankar then sat on the chair.

After a few minutes, Swami arrived, on the stage, walking. He stood near the front railing and smiled at the boys and indicating the throat and signaled 'is nice'. In the morning Swami had indicated that the bhajans following was anemic. So boys were singing with greater fervor and this was recognition of the effort!

Swami stood for a couple of bhajans and then sat down on Porte chair.

As the bhajans continued Swami indicated a couple of times that the tabla shruthi was not okay. On being changed He signaled that it was alright. Then He indicated that the naal was not being heard…. At 5:45 PM, Swami got up. Aarathi was offered and Swami went in walking.

All this while, Swami had not even glanced towards the place where the aarathi boys sat. After aarathi was over, Seva Dal elder Sri Venkatraman and others led Sri Sri Ravi Shankar inside through the main gate.

As Swami walked towards the door inside, one of the AVC brothers prayed to Swami to sit down. "Where?", "Swami the chair is behind you please sit down". Swami lovingly told him "No, that is not my place. My place is in your heart!"

Meanwhile Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was approaching Swami with his head covered and hands folded. Swami held his hand and spoke a couple of words. Swami then walked all the way to the interview room flanked by Sri Sri Ravishankar and the brahmacharis accompanying him on one side and our brothers and elders on the other side.

As Swami went inside the interview room He called two Italian devotees for interview. Swami took them inside the personal interview room and spoke to them for one hour as Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji and his followers waited, patiently. Bhagawan then called the Swamiji and his group into the drawing room. He also called Mr.Parida (and his family), Chairman AP Electricity Power Transmission Corporation and Mr. Kandaswamy and his family. Swami gave all of them a long group interview.

When finally the Swamiji and his group came out at 7.45 PM, there were visibly happy. The Swamiji had come to personally invite Swami for the silver jubilee celebration of the Art of living foundation which is being celebrated on a very grand scale in Jakkur air field from the 17-19 of February. Newspaper reports also say that the 50th birthday of the holiness is being celebrated concurrently. After giving interviews to all those called, Swami went upstairs only at 7:55 PM!

Latest Sai Baba photographs from Whitefield - Sai Chinese New Year Celebrations

Feb. 7th: - Sai Darshan News - Whitefield

Swami didn't come for morning darshan today. However,  in the evening devotees  enjoyed

the blissful darshan moments which transpire when one is in close proximity of the physical form of
Avatar Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Also there were rumours that Swami might leave for Chennai. We however, smilingly accept these rumours only as buzz! We'll keep you updated. - SBOI
Come again for more darshan details of today later

Feb. 6th: - Darshan News

February 6th: Lunar New Year celebrations in Whitefield.

Bhajans started at 5 pm in the evening. Sathya Sai Baba walked in by the curtained entrance at 5.25 pm. He gave blessings while holding on to the railings and then sat down. Bhajans continued till 6.10 pm. Swami then stood up for aarathi, giving blessings for the whole duration of aarathi. He then sat down and waved several times before being wheeled out. So far there are no indications that Swami is leaving here for Puttaparthi. It seems that He enjoys the Bhajans here, sitting for longer periods than usual. At least thats my observation. Julie Cheong

The Ramesh Hall was beautifully decorated in Red to usher in the Lunar New Year. Bhajans started by the Lunar New Year Group at 9.30am, comprising mainly devotees from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. At 9.40am The Lion Dance Troupe ushered Swami into the Ramesh Hall. Swami was wheeled up and down the centre aisle. He moved slowly upwards nearer the gents' side , then U-turn and downwards nearer the ladies' side. He stopped to talk for a few minutes to a male devotee who presented something to Swami to see. He gave darshan to the Ladies and Gents of the Lunar New Year groups who were sitting in the first block. He took the elevator on the men's side up to the stage. All in all, darshan was 20 minutes. Chinese Bhajans started and thereafter the Group presented Swami with presents like Chinese Tea, Chinese Cake "Leng Kor", Mandarin Oranges, Chinese Scrolls and Sweets and Red Packets. Swami was making a lot of queries on the Chinese Scrolls. These Items signify Prosperity, Peace, Harmony, Good Health for the Coming Year. A Play on Chinese traditions was presented. Bhajans continued till 11.05am and Swami took the aarathi sitting down and left. Red Packets with goodies were distributed as Prasadam. We wish everyone A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS LUNAR NEW YEAR.

(The writer was not a member of the Lunar New Year Group) Presented by Julie Cheong.

2nd account by sonya ki

Sai Ram all
Yesterday morning on the 9th day of the Chinese New Year, our heavenly Father came out amidst the colorful, exuberant parade of costumed dancing dragons and children.

Swami came through the women's side of Sai Ramesh hall and journeyed down the centre aisle to the utter delight of His devotees, taking letters, talking and touching the lucky ones. He came back down the centre aisle and crossed over to the men's side, showering them with His nectarine presence. Then He came back thru the front row to women's side and onto the lift. He sat out on the verandah thoroughly enjoying the Chinese New Year Program.

The program included some beautiful bhajans sung in Chinese. The men and women also presented Sai Avatar with gifts symbolizing the positive qualities of the New Year. For instance, on one occasion they gave 2 mandarin oranges to Swami, representing wealth. Also a pair of scrolls which Swami studied and an album which the divine Lord spent a long time about a good 10 minutes poring over. Later I found out they were photos of the Tsunami. Swami happily accepted all the gifts offered.

The children put on a small performance which Lord Sai appeared to enjoy very much.
More bhajans were sung as Swami lavished His love on all the devotees present. We were all walking on air after this supremely happy festival.

Yesterday afternoon Darshan, our Lord sat out on the veranda for about an hour we were all swimming in Bliss. These have been absolutely heavenly days with our Swami.

Yesterday evening I went for dinner at the Sai Renaissance hotel and chatted with a lady devotee from Vermont, a little while later a young man from Italy joined our table . During the course of our conversation, he mentioned a female devotee in Italy named, Lodovico eLella Coperchini, He witnessed her house in Italy a little stone Ganesha idol drinking milk. He said, she placed the milk in front of Ganesha and right before his eyes, Ganesha sucked up the milk with His trunk!!!! she also had photos manifesting vibhuti and a little silver box that constantly filled up with vibhuti.

I saw the garland lady the same evening, she has promised me one of her garlands tonight!!!! Sai Ram!!!! More later.
Lots of prema
sonya ki

source:groups-saibabanews -



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Feb. 5th:  - Darshan News


Sairam dear members of the Sai family,

Today is a Sunday on a cold, foggy & misty morning at Brindavan Whitefield.....

Its 6 am and already the lines outside the ashram gate begin to swell as most people want to make the most of this holiday for the darshan of our beloved swami.

Its 8.30 am the SAIRAMESH hall is almost full, with every inch of space occupied,the sevadal volunteers are busy making additional space to fit in more devotees by asking all to sit closer. The time is 9:30am when we hear the music start, followed by the chanting of

OM... OM......OM.......

followed by bhajan on LORD GANESH after which its the turn of the ladies singers alternately to sing.

Amid singing of the bhajans all eyes are on stage for the entry of SWAMI, however till about 10:25am there is no sign of the stage lights coming on signalling the arrival of swami. At 10:30am a vip devotee, who happens to be a former chief minister, former primeminister and father of the chief minister of Karnataka Mr Devegowda enters the hall and is seated in the vip section of the hall.

Just as everyone feels that today we may not get darshan as its almost 10:35 am- the stage lights are just switched on & within 5 minutes we see movement behind the curtain on the stage...Lo & behold...our dear Swami walks through the curtain till the railing bringing relief to the parched eyes of all the people in the jampacked hall.

Standing for about a minute before sitting on his sofa and enjoying the bhajans for about 20 minutes swami gets up a little ,prompting the lady singer to stop,but swami signals her to continue the bhajans.Strange are the ways of the lord in keeping his devotees happy,swami signals to come down dose'nt sit on the sofa but walks till the elevator on the gents side comes down and walks to a devotee blessing even Mr Devegowda for a while.

Supported on both sides of his arms swami prefers to walk amongst his students seated in the front,blessing them along the way towards the ladies side, taking letters from quite a few too..he moves towards the entrance on the ladies side followed by his close devotees wheeling the empty chair ...... but swami prefers to instead walk!! it looks as though swami may go back from there itself but he prefers to walk back to the elevator on the ladies side, is brought up and walks to the centre of the stage,the empty chair is soon brought up behind swami and he sits down on the stage enjoying the bhajans,blessing us again.

He was beginning to leave when a bhajan on nanda gopala starts swami sits again this time amid loud clapping ,we all are transported back to Vrundavan ,during the time of lord Krishna playing his pranks with his gopis and friends.this is followed by a bhajan on lord Shiva taking us to kailash parvat amidst the singing,swami is engrossed totally enjoying the last bhajan.Its 11:30 am swami gets up and stands up against the railing blessing all again. AARTI is taken and amidst loud singing of the aarti our beloved swami hesitatingly walks back to the curtained door..... followed by vip devotees...retireing for the morning.. truly a wonderfull walking darshan experience..... sent by sanjay


Bhajans started at 9.30am. The Sunday Crowd was big and waited restlessly before Sai Baba showed up at 10.40am. Sai Baba walked in through the curtained entrance and stood for a while holding the railings and sat for the Bhajans till 11am.

At 11am, Sai Baba decided to give 'WALKING DARSHAN". He took the gents' side elevator and walked to the 1st block gents' side, spoke to some devotees and collected letters. He walked all the way to the lst block ladies side and went back on stage using the ladies side elevator. He sat again for Bhajans for another 15 minutes before standing for the aarathi. He walked out via the usual exit.

It seems the Lunar New Year Bhajans would be held on 6th Feb. It's rumoured that Sai Baba may return to Puttaparthi after this function. Let's wait and see and LOVE HIS UNCERTAINTY. presented by Julie Cheong.

February 5th News today evening in Whitefield, there was Bhajans full day. Swami walked in at 5.25 pm and stood at the railings for a while. Shortly after, Swami's arrival students asked him to bless a picture. The students started recitation and singing. They sang with so much love and devotion for Swami. At 6.10 pm the Governor of Karnataka walked in and sat at the VIP enclosure. The students' presentation finished at 6.20 pm. Swami stood up for arathi and walked out of the stage at 6.25 pm. Oranges were appropriately distributed as prasadam (During the Lunar New Year, in the Chinese tradition, Oranges are also distributed, as a token of prosperity)


read more news from 5th Feb. at SBOI group post:


Feb. 4th: Whitefield News.

Saturday morning the bhajans started at 9.30 am.Swami was wheeled in at 10.25am. He sat through the Bhajans till 11.05 am. Swami stood up for arathi and gave blessings and walked out to the curtained exit. All in all, it was really nice to have 1 1/2 hrs of Bhajans cum darshan. In the evening Bhajans started at 5 pm and continued till 6 pm. Swami walked in at 5.25 pm and sat through the Bhajans. He stood up holding on the railings for arathi. Apples were distributed as prasadam. Swami left walking out. presented by Julie Cheong.


Feb. 3rd  news from Whitefield.
Last few mornings, here in Whitefield the weather is very cold. A jacket is required for those arriving here. Today Friday morning Swami did not come for darshan and Bhajans. Bhajans started at 9.30am -10.00am. Devotees of Asian Countries, from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia etc... are here to celebrate the Lunar New Year with Swami. It seems that they are arranging to sing Bhajans for Swami. Bhajans started at 5 pm. Swami walked in through the curtain entrance at 5.40 pm. He stood at the railings and gave blessings and then sat down till 6.10 pm and took aarathi standing up. Swami waved many times to the crowd (I hope he is not indicating he is leaving for Parthi.) Prasadam was distributed after the aarathi. Let's see tomorrow's morning darshan. presented by Julie Cheong.

Very strong indications that Swami might travel back to Puttaparthi on the 4th Feb. Nevertheless

 we must love His uncertainty!

Previous Darshans...

February 2nd:


February 2nd:
Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba,
Brindavan Ashram,
Kadugodi Post,
Bangalore - 56067

Sairam this morning it was very cold and misty in and around the ashram till about 9 am the ashram and Sai RAMESH hall was covered by mist .very unusual for this part of the year at this place. Probably due to the divine presence of Baba at Brindavan. the hall is full and the music starts at 9.30 am. The stage lights are on and bhajans also start .in about 5 minutes Baba enters the stage walking, stands on the support of the railing and sits down in his sofa in about a minute. Baba looks very happy at the bhajans and is immersed in trance he claps and taps his hand on his lap in between blessing all present in the hall. After about half an hour Aarthi is taken and Baba blesses those who offer him roses by putting them back in their pockets and tapping their backs. And blessing them .he walks back till the door. Some VIP devotees follow Baba behind the stage the CM and his deputy both in waiting came to seek Babas blessings. Provided by Sanjay.

Bhajans started today 2/2/06 at 9.30am and Baba came at 9.38am and he walked in from the curtained entrance on stage. He stood up and gave blessings for a while and sat through out the Bhajans till 10.05am and took arathi standing and then walked out through the curtained exit. Provided by Julie Cheong.

Swami's blessings at Whitefield

  2 February 2006
    Kumaraswamy assures BJP leadership things working to plan
New Delhi: Karnataka Chief Minister-designate H D Kumaraswamy is in regular touch with BJP leadership here and has assured them ''thing are moving according to the plan'' for the BJP-J D (S) coalition to take over the state government tomorrow.
    Top BJP sources said that Mr Kumarawamy, accompanied by BJP legislature Party leader B S Yediyurappa, called on Satya Sai Baba at Whitefield to seek his 'blessings' for the new coalition and was with the the religious luminary for over an hour.
    Mr Kumaraswamy is planning to take his supporters to former Prime Minister Mr Deve Gowda before the swearing in.
    ''We see no problems for the coalition including the petition pending before the Court,'' the party sources said.

Previous Darshans...

Sai Ram All
Yesterday afternoon's Darshan was just Paradise, Swami came out beaming bliss. Again he allowed this young man, Mr. Poppet to give an excellent lecture. He is not a student though as previously stated. Mr. Poppet spoke with enthusiasm and intense energy, delivering a powerful message. I was only able to catch fragments of what was said, due to his rich accent, fast pace, and intermingling of Hindi and English in his talk.
He referred to himself as the puppet and Swami as the puppeteer. He spoke at length about the different levels of consciousness, rising above body consciousness and encouraged us to take up the responsibility of becoming good devotees putting into action Bhagavan's teachings. In addition, Mr. Poppet said according to Swami the true reason why people become ill,  is because they are not connected to the Source and that Swami is the source of all bliss and peace.
He also mentioned that people pass remarks about Baba not being able to walk when in fact He is running the whole world.
I will stop here, perhaps these talks will be printed in full for all to enjoy.
Our Lord blessed us with exceptionally close Darshan this morning, token #2!!
He sat out on the verandah as we serenaded Him like joyful angels. Then this afternoon, He walked onto the verandah and again lavished His Krishna Presence on us for about an hour. We feel so blessed and happy.
Sending all my brothers and sisters, Swami Smiles, Love and Sweetness multiplied ad infinitum. :))))) 
Lots of Prema
sonya ki 

slip-up: On 28th Jan. we wrote that north and western canteen are closed: Kindly note the canteens in Puttaparthi are not closed but open and serving food. A snap:


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