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Sai Darshan news 19 th march: "....Before long, a little boy came walking inside the bhajan mandir, with folded hands; to everyone’s surprise, it was the same student...."read more   

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Darshan news 14th March: "Swami really surprised the devotees by coming bit earlier (2:45 p.m.) than His usual darshan time, Kulwant hall was half empty" more                 
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Darshan news 13th March: Swami blessed us all with His darshan, both, in the morning and evening. today morning Swami came at around 7 .20 a.m. in the evening Swami came
at 3:30 p.m more                  © Source: saibabaofindia group 


Detailed Darshan news 12th March: Swami came out at appx. 7:15 a.m. in the morning. The Veda chanting filled the morning atmosphere of Sai Kulwant hall with spiritual “fragrance”, the Veda chanting continued till 8:50. a.m. At 8:40 Swami called a (lucky) boy student from 1st line & created a gold more     © Source: saibabaofindia group 


Darshan news 11th March: Evening : Swami came at 3:55 more     

Detailed Darshan news 9th & 10th March - :
Yesterday evening (9th march) Swami came at 4:00 p.m.  A programme presented by senior boy students  traditionally called BurraKatha roughly translated it means traditional way of telling life History of an more              Source: saibabaofindia group 


Darshan news 7th & 8th March - Sai Darshan: This morning, Bhagawan did not come for darshan. But in the evening, He came out of Poornachandra by 3 o'clock,.... read more 

Darshan news 5th March:  Today morning 5th March, 2006 Swami came at 8:45 and took a full round of Sai Kulwant hall, as usual Swami, got down near.... read more Also, Today morning, before returning to His current residence. Swami went inside His new residence (newly constructed Sai abode, right opposite the current residence) & then went back to His old residence... read more         Source: saibabaofindia Group 

Exclusive Photographs Of Sai Baba -
Photographs of Swamy visiting Bagepally recently on 18.02.06, on the way to Puttaparthy from Whitefield Bangalore.    Source: saibabaofindia Group 

 Darshan news 3rd & 4th March: Yesterday [3rd march] Swami came and sat on His chair inside the mandir while bhajans were in progress. Swami radiated so much bliss one could almost feel the harmony & bliss He was in, His eyes gently shut & enjoying the bhajans - for devotees present in Mandir/Kulwant Hall especially with good lines, it was up close and personal darshan of embodiment of bliss! 4th March Today Swami came little before & started talking to boy students. He also took some letters from students sitting there. At 5:30 Swami signaled for the Aarti. Swami is giving a lot of interviews these days to so many people. Before shivaratri we had no clue when in the morning or evening Swami will come to bless us for His darshan and it was not always we were blessed with darshan but theses days Swami has become “punctual” :-) Morning (approximately) 7:40 a.m. Evening at 3:30.p.m.   source: saibabaofindia Group 

 Shivaratri Photographs: Images from Maha Shivaratri 2006-27th Feb. including Photos of materialization of a Shiva Lingam.



26th Feb: Sai Darshan news & Photos: Happy Shivaratri: Swami Gifted 4 cars to 4 long time devotees/Sevak today! - Happy Shivaratri everyone. Today Morning Swami came at 8:30.  A group of Brindavan Campus boys dressed in traditional dhoti played music  with instruments to the delight of everyone.  read more
26th Feb- Shivaratri:  Shivaratri darshan news & todays photos 26th Feb. click here

26th Feb: Evening darshan news + excerpts of Swami's Shivaratri discourse - ....After the poetry session og Mr. Rao Swami signaled that He desired to deliver Shivaratri discourse. At 6:45 Bhaagavan started His appx. hour long discourse about five elements - in the middle of His discourse i.e. at 7:10 Swami preferred to sit on His chair and continued with the rest of His discourse... -read more

Sai Darshan news  & excerpts of Swami's discourse from today - 23rd Feb."...The program went
on till 4:25 then Swami signaled to give discourse, so the table was arranged for Swami with microphone. Swami started His
discourse at 4:30 it went on till 5:25. nearly an hours discourse was excellent teaching for all the students present and the devotees
listening. Swam talked about control of  5 senses,( and not to concentrate on 6th sense) concentrate on good thoughts specially 
young boys more


Sai Darshan news - 22nd Feb.Today morning Swami didn't come for Darshan. In the afternoon (evening darshan) Swami came at 3.55.p.m. Swami took a full round in His car got down on verandah and more

Sai Darshan news - 21st Feb.


21st Feb. Today morning Kulwant hall was jam packed with devotees, everyday brings more devotees to Puttparthi due to upcoming festival of Shivaratri. MP-Madhya Pradesh sevadal is on duty and they are doing a fabulous job. Bhajans started at 9 a.m. and everyone thought now Swami will come at appx 9.30 with the last Bhajan going on, one could see Swami’s car parked outside His residence. Arathi started and ended but Swami didn’t come; Swami’s empty car was driven back to the garage again.

Evening Swami came at 4:30 p.m.
There is a group came from Ooty here and Swami distributed clothes to them not Himself but thru the sevadal Swami was present there afterwards Baba took all the group Ladies & Gents for interview in Bhajan Mandir for 1/2 hour. Then the darshan was concluded with bhajans at 5:30p.m as usual.


Here is a picture of handmade painting of Sai Baba by an Indian artist on sale at Leepakashi complex of AP goverment shop here in Puttparthi, We can't gaurantee but guess it was for appx. Indian  Rs 16,ooo. Next week we'll publish (online) a full page photo feature about this beautiful complex with leepakshi shop which was inagurated by Swami few months back.



Prasanthi Bulletin


February 21st, 2006

This evening, Swami came out for Darshan at 4.15 p.m. But as the car reached the Ladies side, it took a sharp turn and bypassed the Gents side and approached the interview room. But again, even before reaching the turning point, it halted. Our brothers ran and fetched some saris and showed them to Swami. They were all white saris. Swami saw and approved the selection.

The car then took a reverse and turned around to once again move along to the Ladies side. At the farther corner were seated the women folk from Ooty - the Badagas - as the community is called. They wear only white saris and drape them in a different way from the conventional style. They were overjoyed when they saw Swami approaching them in the car with the boys running behind with the saris.

Bhagawan personally supervised the distribution of the saris. The car then moved along forward, but once again bypassed the gents and went straight near the interview room. Swami went in at 4.30 p.m. A little while later, the Badaga gents and ladies were called into the Bhajan Hall. Swami also went in and spent some time interacting with them. After some time, they started singing Bhajans inside. Though the mikes were not switched on, we could hear the Bhajans that were being sung with full vigour. At 5.25 p.m., Swami took Aarti and retired for the day.

February 20th, 2006

Bhagawan gave morning Darshan today. In the evening, He was out by 3.00 p.m. and He went straight into the Bhajan Hall to interact with the final year undergraduate students who had assembled there to pray to Swami for Blessing their programme. Swami spent a few minutes inside the Bhajan Hall speaking to the boys and seeing their cards and letters. At 3.20 p.m., He came out and signalled to the boys also to come out and get ready for their presentation.

As the boys got into their places in the Kulwant Hall and set everything for starting their play, Swami Blessed the birthday boys and others seated in front. There were almost a dozen boys waiting in a line and Swami Blessed each boy with a smile and a few words too.

At 3.30 p.m. the students began their presentation. This is an annual affair, wherein the final year students both of the undergraduate and postgraduate section make a presentation in the Divine Presence towards the end of their academic year, expressing their deep sense of gratitude to their Divine Mother and Father for all the Love and Grace showered by Him on them and their families.

This evening, it was the turn of the undergraduate boys. The theme was Educare & Education. The programme was designed as a series of songs intercepted by short skits and commentaries. The first song was Hum Tere Hein Sai... In this first module, the virtue of duty as expounded by Educare was highlighted. The aspect of duty was illustrated by the example of Bharatha who comes to the forest to plead with Rama to return to Ayodhya. But when the sage Vashishta tells Bharatha that his prime duty was to obey the command of Lord Rama, he agrees to return to Ayodhya taking the sandals of Lord Rama to represent the seat of monarchy.

The next song was Enta Manchee Teepu.... The second virtue bestowed by Educare was Understanding. A student narrated the story of two brothers, one with a family and another a bachelor. Each one was so concerned about the other that they kept sharing bags of rice between them without their own knowledge. The married brother would feel that his bachelor brother had no one to take care of him in his old days. Therefore, he would carry a bag of rice from his share of the harvest and empty it into his brothers granary. The bachelor brother would feel that his married brother had so many family responsibilities and more expenditure and hence would carry a bag of rice from his share of harvest and empty the same into the married brother's granary. This was the pure love and understanding they had between themselves.

The third module began with the song Kaise Jeeyun Mein Tere Bin Tu Jo Nahin To.... The virtue highlighted was Love and Compassion. The story narrated was that of Siddhartha who saves a bird wounded by a hunter. The hunter claims his ownership over the bird but then finally Siddhartha proves his ownership over it. The one who saves life has greater authority than the one who takes it away.

Another beautiful story of compassion was about a young student from Hassan district, Karnataka who had a great ambition to become a medical doctor. However, his financial condition prevented him from taking up medical studies. To add to that he developed a serious heart ailment. Incidentally, he approached the Super Specialty Hospital in Bangalore and was treated for the ailment. He was so impressed by all the love showered on him by the doctors and the nurses that he vowed to become a doctor and serve the needy. But how could he get into the medical college?

The e-journal Heart-to-Heart of Radio Sai, wrote an article about this patient and how he was touched by the treatment in the hospital. An Australian devotee who read all about this was so struck that he flew down to Bangalore, procured the address of the patient from the Hospital and then contacted the young man and got him admission into a Medical College, promising him that he would take care of all the expenses! What an act of Love prompted by our Lord!

The subsequent module talked about Nishkama Karma. A short skit was enacted showing how a young man who was commanded by his father to get bananas for the Puja, went out to the shop to procure the same. However, on the way finding a poor hungry man, he gives away all the bananas and comes empty handed. The father gets furious, but the Pujari explains that even without performing the Puja, the family has gained the merit of the prayers because of this selfless deed of their sacred son.

Maa Prana Daivam Nija Divya Matru Roopam.... song followed. Then came the virtue of Reverence. Yudhishtira was the role model. Even on the battle field, he walked across the strip separating the two armies and bowed down to his Acharya Bheeshma. Bheehsma is thus obliged to bless him with victory though being on the enemies side. The song Marichitivemo Madilo Mammu Sainatha.... filled the air.

Each time a new module began; one student would sit on a small platform resting against the cut out of a tree facing Bhagawan, with a black robe and eyes tied with a blindfold. He represented the blind man of today who was blind to the wisdom of educare and was lost in mere education. As all the virtues are revealed one by one, finally this man throws off his black robe and unfolds the blind covering his eyes. This is symbolic of his enlightenment.

The programme concluded at 4.45 p.m. Throughout the presentation, Swami was very much involved. He was smiling, making some comments and later even spoke at length to the boys who came forward to hand over the scripts of the songs and roses, when the group singing went on. He enquired many details with some students and even materialized a ring for one.

All the boys were overjoyed with the abundant Love and Grace showered by Swami on all of them. At 4.50 p.m., Swami took Aarti and retired to PC. One may say farewell to Parthi but one can never leave the Parthivaasa, for He is always with us and in us. This feeling permeated each one's heart as we walked out of the Kulwant Hall.

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