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Darshan at Brindavan, 20th May Afternoon

It all started at 3.45pm with Chanting of Sai Gayathri:
" Om Saieeswaraaya Vidamahe
   Satya devaaya dheemahi
   tannah sarvah prachodayat "

After that Bhajans started at 4.00 pm
Swamy came to the stage at 4.15 pm.

At around 4.25pm few students came and sang a sloka:
" Dhatum Yagnaaya Dhatum Yagnapate".

Today was the special day for Kerala SAI YOUTH organization. Three
people (Manoj, Divya, and one more person) were blessed by Swamy and
they shared their experiences and how Swamy gave them wonderful
opportunity to serve the destitute people.

Few points from their small lectures:

1. " Iron filings are not attracted by the magnet when they have the
rust. similarly people have to remove the rust from their minds and
engage in the selfless love and pure dedication which can be
obtained easily by practicing and engaging in the service of

2.Three H's:
H- Head of Sankaracharya
H- Heart of Buddha
H- Hands of Janaka

3. SAI means:
S- Social Transformation.
A- Association Transformation.
I - Individual Transformation.

4. Life is not a problem to be lived, but a harmony to be enjoyed.

5. Develop Self Confidence and Self Sacrifice.
A story related to Lord Krishna and Arjuna was narrated here.

Arjuna who was a wonderful archer, found obsessed with himself and
lost his confidence when he saw the his relatives and friends as
enemies in the battlefield. He lost all his confidence and thought
of quitting up his job. Then shri Krishna has to invoke he self
confidence in him, drove his chariot and there evolved the
Bhagavad-Gita which is the gift to the mankind to know the
purpose of life. Krishna had an oath not to take any weapon in the
battle. If he wished he could have finished the battle in no time.
But why he has invoke the self confidence in Arjuna, why he has to
drive his chariot being a lord? it is all the humbleness of the lord
to help his devotees, be with them every second and aid them in the
path to liberation.

Oh my Sai children, let us pray to this lord shri satya sai Bhagawan,
who has given this wonderful human birth and be in the sai family
and utilize this life to know the real purpose of life and try to
use your knowledge acquired for the benefit of the people who are in
need and follow the path of selfless service and dedicated purity.

6. There were few points marking the difference between Spirituality
and Religionism. And the speaker related Bhagawan as the spiritual
leader. he said that spirituality is the thing which brings harmony
and aids in the realizing the real purpose of the life.

After this few songs were sung  and Aarti was given and Swamy left
the place at 5.15 pm granting his physical darshan for an hour.

Source: SBOI

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